See the world and make a million doing it!
 I  *   M   *   A   *   G  *    I   *  N  *   E....

Traveling the world,
Finding native artists in Faraway places
upgrading their ethnic, native designs
so the items are UTILITARIAN to westerners,

THE DESIGNER/TRADER understands money He knows the secret of wealth rests on the LAW that 1 hr of salary in Europe/USA = 50 hrs of work in ricarica!)
Money means different things in different places. Today, EUROPEANS have the strongest coin, the EURO. If you make a hand knit sweater in USA, Europeans pay 500$ for it, to them that's dinner out. To the artisan in a third world country, it's a month of food. Or six months.

A highly USEFUL TRADE BRIDGE   will be what you are going to BUILD between  two different economies. Maybe your country can give mine a lot of money and maybe my 'stuff' seems cheap to YOU. Or Visa Versa. 
Our American Artisanry & hand made fashions or decor seem very cheap to EUROPE so TODAY maybe we export to Europe!
That could turn around. It used to be that we went to BALI as sumptuous art was inexpensive and we sold it in NYC for huge money. Things change. EXPORTING may work for us better when the Dollar is weak.

THE SHARP TRADER knows what country the dollar's weak in and what is utilitarian which people in the EURO country might need daily. IKEA did that. Made bank! IMPORT EXPORT is a mix of Money-savvy & startling Design, magical decor, sexy fashion, impressive  jewelry, toys and other fun stuff that just attracts people so much they have to buy it even when they don't need it!

Looks like you are now taking the free training offered by the two creators of BAZAAR FOLKLORICO on the SUNSET STRIP in WEST HOLLYWOOD, ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ
                                                                                                                           Anita Sands Hernandez and her CHILDREN &

  and her biz partner, Jules Buccieri


They have created THE MAP for YOU TO TRADE --- THE MERCANTILE PAGE, and l00 other pages
& after reading them all, you will become an international traveler, shopper, buyer, reseller and millionaire as well as
a collector of  FOLKLORE...and an
ANTHROPOLOGIST with firsthand knowledge of primitive tribes like the Sioux, Navajo, as well as elitist tribes, jetset billionaires. How eclectic is that!
One main trick of this career is never to rent the store by yourself. Get ten artisans to rent share. Or fifty or one hundred. Always wholesale a line or two. Even out of a retail shop.

The farmers in a small, rural town can do FOLK ART, they can do FOLK PAINTING
This is highly prized in EUROPE. Euros are fatter than dollars

Wholesale 3rd world Artisanry
to boutiques, department stores, teaching
street art 
CREATE your team to REFINE/ upgrade designs.
Agent for artists, wholesale to DESIGNERs in the DECORATOR area of town.  Delegate work to your young relatives who join you in this chumcluster biz. Maybe they'd carry  merchandise to swap meets and farmers' markets, everyone profiting. Celebrate sales by winging off together to a new artisan
village in AFRICA,
or CHINA, BACK ROADS OF ASIA and especially VIETNAM! They deserve it!

To begin your business, invite VENTURE CAPITAL. Billionaires litter the landscape, HERE IS HOW TO FIND ONE. And how to propose the business.

You can  start without a dime of start up money, with a team of partners Start locally, wholesaling the art work of  local artists. Handicrafters. When you make some money, expand to do IMPORT/ EXPORT  and you will become a MILLIONAIRE, (also, do good for starving artists in your town & starving natives in villages in the third world.

To start with no cash investment, find typically AMERICAN ARTICLES that are rare in EUROPE, esteemed and which they'll pay BIG FAT EUROS FOR AMERICAN INDIAN ARTICLES --- BRING THE BIGGEST PAYDAY OF ALL.

FUNDERS, VENTURE CAPITALISTS, CEOs & BILLIONAIRES WILL TAKE INTEREST and DONATE or EVEN INVEST IN YOUR BIZ! Attracting the POWER PEOPLE is easy. Write a PROSPECTUS which takes an hour, and then before you hand it to a prospective INVESTOR, say: "Real estate is a corpse past its death rattle. The Stock Market is no longer speculative as we know it's collapsing, without yields. Invest in live, talented PEOPLE whom you will find wherever you look. Invest in ideas like A TRADING COMPANY. Run a living room group in your town, USING CRAIGS LIST to attract artists, designers, young kids with the urge to travel and do importing. Set up something like the OLD DUTCH, EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY.



You and your team need to BRAINSTORM up the most trendy, new articles that people really need and use and must frequently BUY.  UTILITARIAN items. Not fripperies.

* HOW TO ATTRACT CEOS to your TEAM and your IDEA




Once you get your trade circle created, you'll join the many PEOPLE who are profiting from international trade. Many are artisans in faraway corners of the foreign countries you always wanted to visit. Knowing people, of all kinds, are the secret of making millions today. BUILD A CHUM CLUSTER. Maybe your elderly relatives have old-fashioned ARTS & CRAFTS TALENT? They could travel with you and teach some typically American handicraft, like WEATHER VANE MAKING.... to an artisan in Africa.

Maybe the young artists around you who know what's hip and salable also might love to travel to Africa, Asia, the Philippines, Latin America and teach art forms to starving bring back that exotic merchandise to wholesale outlets in big cities that you control.

The solid success of chain stores  like COST PLUS, PIER ONE and Ports of Call in the last three decades, have proven to us that the economy has an endless appetite for handmade, exotic arts and crafts.

The formula for doing it entails LOVING PEOPLE. You first create living room groups to meet with/ track, SCOUT OUT those TALENTED fired up PEOPLE who know style, fashion, who design, paint, crochet, sew, knit, know carpentry or do metal working  (* LIVE LINK) . 

A few good
                  men are needed to do import/ export. At the village in
                  the third world.
I am a one man Peace Corps when I simply design artisanry.

Those first world city-kid DESIGNERS (hip, modern, savvy, found at Art Schools,) are the key to inspire/motivate and give third world villagers free artisanry/design training, upgrading their hokey work so it's elegant, hip, desirable by western standards.

We maybe use our own nephews and other relatives in this communal biz but art schools have the real deal. Always put out feelers to find VENTURE CAPITAL to create a wholesale BIZ out of our homes, no high rents, no employees, just our personal chumcluster team. So the capital is just to send trainers to the artisans and upgrade designs.

It is possible to use LIVING ROOM GROUPS to create linkage i..huge networking...n our home town. That's how you find and build a chumcluster. GROUPS bring networking possibilities and FUND RAISING ABILITY, (venture capital, Shares in a limited partnership). You have our pro-bono l00 classroom seminars at your disposal, that's free. (I did the import/export business BAZAAR FOLKLORICO on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood during the 60's. My employee went on to become a multi millionaire in that very biz.  His website on COMPASSIONATE CAPITALISM, SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY (which I run) is totally FREE SEMINARS for ALL is THE MASTER JULES.

You can create many businesses without being part of them. Do as I do, teach your students how to create a PROSPECTUS,) which takes an hour on a PC.....then that person starts his own chumcluster biz based on gorgeous merchandise that he/she scouts down. His team will either create, fabricate abroad and import,  or make the merchandise there....and then sell it to the RITZY BOUTIQUES in cities around him.

Our FREE CYBER classroom is UP at this URL and your chumcluster group can read it. IMPORT/EXPORT TRAINING by BAZAAR FOLKLORICO SHOPS,  is offering the free, pro bono HOW 2-DO COTTAGE INDUSTRIES  SEMINAR as teams, or scout Artisanry in third world where things are PAID LOW. ..then how to wholesale merchandise to boutiques, dept stores in PALM BEACH, MIAMI, NYC, HOUSTON,  Denver, Beverly Hills, PARIS & LONDON where things are PAID HIGH.

Bring in your elderly relatives. (We're talking ole grannies) Frequently they know Old time Country crafts. All U need is one SMART SAVVY KID to upgrade your grannie's designs and then carry them on to some THIRD WORLD ARTISAN in a starving country. You find knitters, seamstresses, dyers, weavers in villages off the back roads of Bali, Thailand, The Philippines, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, then WHOLESALE to TRENDY boutiques in Switzerland, Germany New York, Houston where handmade = big $

Seek Thai silverworkers, the best, Taxco Mexico, gem setters. Read GEMS.  Find asians who do beading, Africans with wild textiles. See Atlanta's famed MARLA MALETT who has a museum of a store. That type of tribal Artisanry where a weaving costs 10$ in Africa or China & sells for 500$ or 1000$. While you're in Africa, locate the dealers in bronze BENIN heads  Replicas cost l00$ You turn around and sell them for thousands.

If you're in a small town, you and a pal with an SUV  drive the finished merchandise to Denver or Houston once a month to wholesale to DECORATORS' AREA...or to posh ritzy boutiques. You'd be surprised how a few dozen hand knit sweaters, crocheted dresses, weavings, pillow covers, boxes, baskets add up money wise when you sell them to posh boutiques or Department stores.

If you can find an article that NOBODY ELSE has, and just sell that one thing, you'll do well. I have never found a comfortable nightie in my life as they all have seams, belts, placards, arms that bind, and worst of all, lace that itches. If you made a line of nighties called "NO ITCHY LACE" You'd sell out.

CONSIDER FOOD PRODUCTS. Often small villages have very inexpensive berries. As jam, they travel to the big city FARMERS MARKETS. NYC pays 8$ a jar of jam. ONE JAR. SMALL JAR too! So maybe one of you does the STREET FARMERS MARKET on weekends?

By the way, those FARMERS MARKETS in the BURBS are a GREAT way for our young vendor girls,  (espec. if a superb beauty) to meet the ultra posh, oligarchs, the uberwealthy and MARRY UP ( Read the HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE WEBSITE is ours too  LUCK*IN*LOVE*COM  ) A real hoot, that website! But solid ideas on how beauty in a woman is like billions in a man. Rare, highly esteemed.

 Do street fairs in NYC! FUN. EASY! FUN, FRIEND-FULL and AMUSING. ANOTHER idea is to do wholesaling to the BIG GUYS: Saks, Barneys, LORD & TAYLOR in NYC, NEIMAN MARCUS in DALLAS/HOUSTON.  That NO ITCH NIGHTGOWN would sell at all the above department stores.

If you want to get into the fashion trade, study the new designer hotties, JAMES COVIELLO and cottage industry ENTREPRENEUR (who rose to billionaire,) TORY BURCH. Google her fashion pages; you'll see very high prices for simple frocks. It will inspire you. She makes clothing in all the third world countries.

You want to see the world? Lucky you. Got  rural roots? Again, lucky you. Seamstresses in third world or on a farm in some American village both cost 25$ a day. A million dollars worth of BIZ can be created out of foreign goods, (Embroidered cotton clothing, costume jewelry or real.) And selling abroad, much can be earned with American Indian items or FARM PRODUCTS: baskets, textiles, hammocks, honey bees, syrup, wild rice, any darn thing you have goin' for you. The job RECESSION DEMANDS we have a backup career ready. Our group wants folks who are BRIGHT, who KNOW PC's, who are READY for a COTTAGE INDUSTRY, Ready for a cash only job, where you are the CEO. You already have all the tools, PC, DESK, OFFICE, COFFEE POT and TELEPHONE. AND those pals, those grannies who do arts'n' crafts!You are ready to use your imagination in a career and do something artistic and VIVID. Don't always think that "A JOB" is automatically the best thing. I'm not saying DUMP A JOB that has HMO's PENSIONS, 4k a month, *unless it's MINING FOR COAL but ponder creating a cottage industry that can bill a million a year. Wexner who created THE GAP started with $5000 and a little mall store. Sam Walton started with one Hardware store. Couple who did BANANA REPUBLIC started with $1.500 and a small Marin County California store. READ CEO by Kurtzig found for a buck at Sandra Kurtzig opened a garage biz, sold it for 444 million bucks. Use our secret method for buying books cheaply.

These days there is a distinct possibility that inflation, joblessness trend, flight of factories to third world, the secret trend of many countries abandoning the dollar, for the EURO and student loan interest real estate interest going higher, higher every day....providing a weak economy with FACTORY OWNERS pulling IRA's and ROTHS... a chance that you and your family could be put in economic danger. RECESSION OR DEPRESSION! JUST as a back up position, think of starting a cottage industry of some kind. Our website is built on the teachings of multi-millionaire PROSPERITY GURU, THE MASTER JULES, and there we describe dozens of GUERILLA CAPITALISM IDEAS that our L.A. Calif group has seen make millions. We wrote it up. EMAIL This ad to
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HOW TO PROMOTE your product with free adveritising, jack up sales, make a ripple
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Send this FILE to your pals who maybe could use an INSPIRING,MOTIVATING impetus toward JOINING YOU IN A LIVING ROOM GROUP, then creating a lucrative cottage industry or something to add a little CASH to all your lives! Create the living room group, Put flyers up around the neighborhood. USE THE FILE ON WRITING A PROSPECTUS so that 1 in every 3 people you give the DEAL MEMO to --will buy in, fund your business idea!

How never to need a doctor, rejuvenate our energy, stay young, avoid huge cash expenditures on HMO's! THE HOLISTIC SECRETS OF MOVIE STARS. REJUVENATION 101

Any questions at all, write us here, signed the PROSPERITY 101 SEMINARS, a l00% FREE CYBER TRAINING. We want to start the OLE TIMES arts n'crafts group in every city of the world, reaching back into every village without wells, generators, schools, clinics. To give them those hallmarks of civilization.

Study the intricate labyrinth of our class rooms, so full of TIPS, TRICKS, HONEST ONES. For instance, the HOW TO LANGUAGE  FOR POWER philosophy & CLASSROOM. Takes five minutes. Great  IDEAS like Ferinstance: When you WHOLESALE to BOUTIQUEs, never let them pay you later. Bring the clothes the day that they CAN pay. If they want to pay you in a week. Take the merchandise in your arms and say WHAT DAY? If they insist on your leaving one as a sample, MAKE THEM SIGN a contract you carry with you saying its value is X and if they cannot return it, on that day, they will pay that amt.

Let's start a FUN CHURCH BASEMENT GROUP with a free dinner, -- a potluck party, no admission charged.  Everyone brings a tasty dish to the table. Wine if they want. We find motivating speakers to give stunning lectures on the HEADTRIP OF PROSPERITY. (THE MASTER JULES taught the headtrip of money and it's an easy lesson to pass on..) Our parties will be well attended, due to the free feast and folks will want to come back to future meetings. Paries provide NETWORKING opportunities so that you can CREATE A CHUMCLUSTER out of your new friends and of course your relatives. BESIDES TEACHING "HOW TO EXPORT COUNTRY arts n' crafts and ARTISANRY that EUROPEANS VALUE so we get EUROS, we will be talking about the frugal lifestyle,  TIPS for LIVING CHEAP, COUNTRY  LIVING,   So think, who do you know who's an artisan? How about gals with fashion savvy, people  who have taste. Handcrafters. You want to find every small boutique in your town, every artisan who supplies them  get the whole group together and talk about IMPORT EXPORT as a business. And organize local swap meets and Artisanry Faires.




Well, CAVEAT EMPTOR. Those are the blemishes on the pay no taxes til you're in the Black  idea and hey, it's OK. You can BE STREET LEGAL. You  may not be ready for those GUERILLA CAPITALISM ASPECTS. So leave them out of the quotient. You can do all the above tips and pay taxes. In fact, I like that idea too. If I could get off my 70 year old tired butt, I'd do the whole thing again, legal beagle.  I'd love to re-open the Bazaar Folklorico. I kept the 100 lb. stained glass double sided electric sign all these years. Big GOLD SUN on a ruby background.

But these days I have another career. I am a freebie school teacher writer. Pay no taxes. But then I earn no money. So please read the next section of the training, reviewing the ravishing artforms, the media at the classrooms over at the MERCHANDISE that's TRENDY now, a  TRAINING INDEX. Run thru them. These are hot saleable items you want to find and offer. Send the URLS to pals and pick your team. Put ads at craigs list and expand your team. put flyers, Craigs List ads up, saying "ARTISTS, COME TO OUR POTLUCK DINNER." You can become a millionaire in one year, a billionaire in ten. Start with the first step. A GROUP.

Anita Sands Hernandez from  Los Angeles, 818-774-1939 or 

Anita's website is LUCK IN and :