SUCCESS AND FAME seem within reach. I understand the thinking fame
                    is not that hard if you follow these rules:of a young person. You have faith, certainty that just hitting the streets and proposing your deal, BIG CEOS will invite you into their offices and reach into their pockets and invest or support you, hire you, fund the dream. But when you do that, you want to have ALL THE TOOLS possible for penetrating the marketplace. Feet on the street, a nice car, formatted presentations and publicity,   If you are POOR, a presentable car may be difficult but Craigs list and a little bargaining will do the job. I bought an old Honda for 300$, drove it for 13 yrs with no costly, annual registration, no tags, no license and no insurance driving only by day when I could see a Unit if it was 100 cars back...while I raised four babies as a single mother, and I know a car is do-able. I also know that as a woman, the whole success target can be hard to hit unless you are very pretty and stylish. Men have an easier time. An izod shirt, khakis and shined shoes and you can go in any door. Women need costly daytime suits, high heels, stockings and a costly purse yet there still seems to be a definite glass ceiling. It isn't just a rumor. So poor, humble or female, take advantage of these success magnifiers so that you can create that first SPARK. LATER, when you're a big hit, the fact that you're just a sweet little girl makes VIPS applaud, makes people love you more, admire you more than they might a man who perhaps made it with less struggle. FOR A GAL, going in, it's way way more difficult to be taken seriously. So you need to floor it with all eight valves from the gitgo.

a.) HIT THE STREET! The number one rule of 'making it' is just putting your feet on the  street. Dressed to the nines, with a brief case full of promo material. Getting out into the business district is useful for meeting people, networking and hearing the industry gossip which is super important. The more you're hitting the street, the better statistic you have of creating a team, befriending local merchants, getting known. For script selling, you have to create those appointments at the studios. Read, HOW TO PRODUCE even if you WROTE IT!

b.) Bring your clippings! The fastest way to get reporters to write you up is by starting the FREE CHURCH BASEMENT "COTTAGE INDUSTRY in MERCANTILISM" Study Group. You put this meeting on Craigs list, you will attract students fast and it will be well attended. Assign everybody the MONEY SECRETS INDEX PAGE. You can post it, rewrite it even, I give the whole Seminar to you. All of these seminars, actually. BAZAAR FOLKLORICO IMPORTS free seminar is online so your students can read how to do Import/Export of artisanry, fashion. Get them surfing while they're waiting for the first actual meeting and networking potluck, So that they're prepared. They will have digested the ideas and had a few of their own. Reporters are always invited to come to meetings. You will get fab and immediate press as this idea is NEW BORN AND FRESH. Then out of those clippings create your press kit. UNDER PLASTIC. In a 'book.' Show that you're already getting famous, and that means reaching out to local papers with trim Photo Display books with your write ups. Create assemblages of more than newsprint & photos; throw in bios, resumes, pictures of the team, the merchandise of your own chumcluster, the designs. Kinkos up some good stuff in color.

c.) Network through your current job but also at local cafes. Eat out more, talk to strangers. Learn the art of befriending all ages, not just your co-entrepreneurs but seniors. Your whole team does the friendly connecting, drawing in new guests at lectures. Always carry your business card and the invitations to the group meeting. Create the phone machine with message so everybody can dial in and hear your voice. Also create the website, MY LIST OF CHEAP ONES...There are webhosts that cost 3$ a month, nearly half if you get 3 websites. Networking is easy as you are out there, in a major recession, giving tips about survival. Seek your artist designer types which means going to a lot  galleries, the downtown trade mart and trade shows. Carry biz cards and press kits full time. That means a briefcase or portfolio with a shoulder strap rather than handles, though I've seen an Apple lap top give beautiful photo displays which show what you're doing. CONSIDER living room groups. They can get quite a following as they offer fun activities, a TRUTH GROUP is a big hit, or PROSPERITY GROUP.

d.) LOOK IMPORTANT. A.) Stylish clothing, expensive shoes. I once bought Gucci shoes at a Beverly Hills garage sale, 5 bucks.  Little Gucci gold hardware on them. B.) Bring a team with you. Rather than it just being YOU, your idea, your project, the amazing, sparkling folks you come in with will effectively show that you have or ARE a POWER GROUP and have assembled 'believers' already. The fact that 2 or 3 people work on ONE project is already an amazing thing. This was Bill Gates number one trick but it wasn't a trick, it was real. His work attracted many men and they traveled as a group from their garage workshop to various cities to meet the BIG GUYS. Get all the bio work on him that you can find as books and online.  If it's SO, show that you are the boss of that group. And if it's SO, show that each member has an amazing talent. one is a CPA/ bookeeper. Another is a webmaster, designer. This aids in your being taken seriously.

e.) BUSINESS DECORUM. * No smoking or drinking anything wilder than cardboard package wine. This biz meeting may be in a cafe but it isn't a party. A bunch of kids excited about opening a FOOD COOP or AN EXPORTING BIZ or a Mexican FOLKLORICO cafe and having a restaurant in it, and artisanry bazaar, and all you artisans getting all freaky looped on margaritas does not impress a potential investor; it scares 'em off.

f.) BE TIDY ABOUT MONEY ARRANGEMENTS. Contracts must set up who invests how much out of your chumcluster and how repayment is scheduled and computed. A business lunch is GO DUTCH unless the rich guy insists otherwise. You do not pick up tabs for rich CEOs. You can be persuaded to give up the idea of paying for your own team's meal if he is graceful and insists.. If you have ten people on your team, and there's one CEO, a food outing may not be a good idea. If CEO insists, everyone of your team must be pre rehearsed to say that they already ate, and maybe they order an ice cream or piece of pie and coffee. No more than that unless you can all afford to pay your check. HOWEVER, get this: It would be very impressive for your business team to already have their group credit card and your BOOKEEPER KID pulls it out and pays. But that's if you have some cash. You don't want to blow the last of your bankroll on a lunch! Especially if that CEO later doesn't sign you up.

G. Use Twitter, Facebook and your own website to the max. Get tutors. There isn't a college kid out there who doesn't know every inch of the SOCIAL NETWORK's possibilities.

H. Research the lives of people who did it. Study the bios of the great ones. David Horowitz wrote up the lives of Rockefeller and Ford.  Read up on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and read a great autobio,  CEO by Sandra Kurtzig. She took a garage business to 444 million dollars which back in the 70's was like 2 billion is today. Search for titles used for a dollar each at

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