The way to GETTING luck and prosperity yourself, is creating luck and prosperity for others. BE BENT on that and the money will come, because trade, commerce and capitalism work. It's the law of 'Right' Increase. God is behind that law and God is real. And He is You. And you are the fingers on God's hand and you can do His work. What's more, you will love yourself better if you create wealth for others and Self Love is God's primary attribute, His second being Love of his brothers/sisters/ children. No wish at all to hand over money to the IRS so THE GOV kills third worlders to the tune of millions of men, women and children a year.

I know that you would create peace, joy, bliss and wealth for others, if you really thought this out: What if you had twenty four hours left to live? What would be Your Legacy? It would be SOMETHING right? That CD of your garage rock band? Those paintings around the house? That finished Novel that didn't sell? That REAL ESTATE CHARITY you created? YES MAYBE THAT. Or something as unique and useful. And I"ll bet the second you found what you wanted to share, you'd quickly be writing it down, doing the sharing, verbalizing certain things you've learned in life, sharing some precious information designed to make kids, people around you get the big picture and survive better. SO THAT IS what I AM DOING now at the end of my life, on this page here. Creating a  MONEY WISDOM WEBSITE FOR YOU. And an AMBITION FIRE UP Secrets SEMINAR, for you.

I am leaving maps and I know that once you read them, apply them, YOU will LEAVE others that follow that same treasure map. An info-mational LEGACY, wouldn't you say? And that's what we're trying to imagine here, -- how all of us could give the starving relatives we have in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, our best shot. UNICEF tells us that today in 2008, 26,000 Babies die daily suffering starvation. YOU CAN CREATE AN INTERNATIONAL CHARITY TO RAISE FUNDS WITH FUN PARTIES. Read the VULTURE SANDWICH WEBSITE.  Once you see how easy it is, how profitable, you'll see that ANYONE can share our entire legacy with a lot of people, fast, even those in starving third world villages.

There is no better way to start than CRAIGS LIST! Today I put ads in china, the caribbean, peru, philippines, all over, saying "JOIN us in internat'l trade. Do you know people who make beautiful stuff with their hands, artisanry maybe costing centavos there, but worth dollars in Switzerland, Germany, Paris, Houston NYC.? Those who answered me were put on my three EMAIL LISTs: ARTISTS, EXPORTERS and IMPORTERS. I mostly write articles, put them on websites so I invite them to study for FREE at  the IMPORT/ EXPORT TRAINING ONLINE. A series of seminars

IF you had ten minutes left to live, write it down right now, what could you do for the planet? For your kids, your family? For the starving babies in Africa? JUST FORWARD THIS FILE to everyone on your email list. That would be enough.

I don't think your big information legacy with your dying gasp would be "Kids, VOTE the straight REPUBLICAN ticket and keep aliens out of our Southern Border. Now, for some, it might be "VOTE DEMOCRAT and keep the UNION going", or some West L.A. liberals might say "eschew politics altogether and CREATE A LEARNING ANNEX of some kind only make it FREE to homeless men in the barrio! I LIKE THAT ONE! So egalitarian those Santa Monica lefties.

For some the dying gasp might be "Learn to quote the Bible, Learn about JESUS OR Moses or Mohammed." Not me.  My dying gasp would be, Son, feed your brothers and sisters, some starving, oppressed family in Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, India where US GOV has positioned a TYRANNICAL DESPOT to rule. Also, make some cash yourself as the boats always go both ways full and get out from under the government and church entirely and never buy into folks who tell you that you should salute them. Yeah, render unto Caesar what is Caesars but as Caesar charged you to build the roads and now charges you to drive on them, SCREW CAESAR!

The letters in the word LEGACY do not spell out LOVE YOUR GOV. They spell out or form some good acronyms. I've been playing with them to see what LEGACY I would like to give. Pick any path you like--

LEARNING Loving, Listening.
EDUCATING, Eradicating

SOMEWHERE in those letters, words, VERBS and NOUNS, there is a path that you can share with folks lower down the Informational TREE. And now, with the advent of the INTERNET, one can entertain thought of an activity, a hobby, maybe a few minutes a day, where we can share the legacy.

The basic legacy you want to share gives a third world person a roof, hot and cold running water, soap, food, heat and seeds for the garden and orchard. Those are the basics. Problem is, a LOT of your family /brothers/sisters in Asia, India, Latin America have none of that.

So that little last bit of sharing needs doing. Sharing our knowledge. What we were taught. AND OUR MARKETPLACE.

Following this path, we will discover in ourselves some talents we have that could create a MERCANTILE OUTFIT for yourself, your relatives and friends to join in........ creating a cottage industry. Creating prosperity at this end, too. In spite of the fact that our end is incredibly well-off, we could get more well-off doing this sharing. If you recall, the way the BRITS GOT RICH in 1500 was bringing hand made china from the Orient, selling it in Europe, then finding something CHINESE wanted and carrying it back. Selling it to them for more pottery! And you know how rich BRIT TRADERS GOT? Just always remember, 'the boat goes both ways full.' concept.

When we get rich, we get to discard our own headaches. Our tensions, Our sorrows. Like, We're all pretty tired of making our boss rich, aren't we? Or are our feelings even deeper than that! Some of us wish that we could strangle him as he writes his own paycheck at fifty million a year yet he pulled the 401-K participation from all workers,  terminated the UNION then he fired us all, so we're all now left jobless, despondent and hungry,  ready to be evicted. Sound familiar? IF not, go rent movie "WALL STREET."

Because the boss, the gov, the CEOS did some juggling of letters,  J for JOBLESSNESS, D for DEPRESSION E for ENRON, and now WE need a SOLUTION for the world they juggle and the books they juggled! If you're lively and well educated but the workplace died out from under you, we have the ANSWER! JUGGLE BACK!

The unemployment rate jumped to 6.4 % well, that's the figure they tell us!  We hear that number but in truth, it's more like 20% Worse for ethnics. Unemployment levels climbing made it harder and harder to get an interview, didn't it? We have a FIX for that.

I know people filling out resumes, attending job interviews YEARS ON END. What can you do? The answer is, join with your relatives and friends and create a business of some kind, creating jobs for hundreds. HOW? Well,

1.) NEW AGE DHARMIC CAREERS, that is careers that do good. Buddha used that word. He always said, 'make certain that your profession is dharmic,' meaning brings God's energy into play.

2.) SPRIGHTLY DESIREABLE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS- Fun things, cafes, handicrafts, the arts, bazaars, swap meets, theatre. MOONLIGHTING!

3.) Garage businesses. Read Sandra Kurtzig's  book "CEO". She started her biz in her garage, made 22 mil first year, in a few, short yrs took it public, then sold the business for a raging  444 million!   Then she wrote the book "CEO" which you can get at I saw it there and it's a buck! Surf over there and pick up a copy! (SECRETS on how to use ABES to order at BOTTOM DOLLAR.)

4.) International trade with the aid of CRAIGS LIST ads to find artisans, group members, designers, scouts, exporters, artists, commerce minded people in Asia, Africa, South America, Caribbean, Oceanic villages who will and can TREK to those incredible artisans who live hundreds of miles from a trade route.  CRAIGS LIST allows you to do that! When you have some English speaking art and design major gal in TIMBUCKTU ready to trek into the jungle to find your native earrings, send you a shipment of them, and you double her money/investment so that she can buy double amount next time. (Or Guatemala or CHINA maybe with embroideries,) And you sell them to boutiques and swapmeets for ten times what she paid, and then you two play ball for a few yrs, increasing the selection of TIMBUCKTU CRAFTS, seems to me, you make bank, so do a lot of ubangis in deep dark Africa and that chic little gal in the capital city, and all of you are getting your yummies in VOGUE MAGAZINE and becoming the new CHIC jewelers in LONDON, PARIS AND NEW YORK. seems fun to me!  And when you have a lot of seamstresses in SEOUL KOREA (the only city in the world that can duplicate PARIS in couture), and you take that STELLA MC CARTNEY shirt dress and copy it, calling it NEARLY STELLA, to wholesale at fifty bucks, not Stella's two thousand.....or do a dress line inspired by warming trends, suitable for GLOBAL WARMING called NEARLY NUDE where every shmata is vaporous, thin fine cotton, a little beading, crochet touches, gorgeous, sumptuous but light as a feather, and your label makes it to THE NEW YORK COLLECTIONS. And hey, you're HAVING FUN!

In Hollywood and NEW YORK, HOUSTON and SAN FRANCISCO and DENVER, a lot of folks in the NEW AGE  decided to do the DHARMIC career thing..They made farms and health retreats, they trained one another to heal, do FENG SHUI, do massage. Get addicts off their stuff. Today they make a hundred to 200$ an hour. True, they service the rich and that's odious but it's clean work and somebody's gotta do it..Our seminars teach all you need to know about  Massage therapy, house cleaning, and the tricks for doing it for TOP DOLLAR. Or about selling nature's herbs, diagnosing clients health from their iris of eye, or training the staff to do holistic cooking, organic gardening. Or just teaching people to GET ONLINE, surf, use EBAY, make Address books in their browser, get a better browser. Study "HOW to RUN MY OWN WEBSITE & WEB TECH 101

Tired of calling companies for interviews ? Tired of sending resume and cover letter? and paying for all those stamps and travelling to all those interviews?

CREATING a COTTAGE INDUSTRY is the way to say ADIOS to all that. It's a perfect time to start your own cottage industry, a new age business. We will send you an URL (a website addie) that will help you set up your own, local business. All we do is give you the training. We give it to you. We do not charge. We send you only the specific files you ask for, free, files on how to organize, depending on which biz you choose. Read below.

These are the  benefits for a single reading of the GUERILLA CAPITALISM WEBPAGE....there are no dues, no cash is required, no registering, no signing in, just SURF ON IN. All classes are free, so dip into the hundreds of cyber seminars online that will get you and pals up and running, give you the vision, the sense of mission, the sense of what COMMERCE really can be.

*ANY BUSINESS works, How about a fast food cafe? READ CAFE TIPS.   How about a little garage-based FOOD CO-OP?

* ANY of those businesses can turn into a group venture, a  classroom, a CAPITALIST  ASSOCIATION REALIZING EDUCATION for its members. You send your kid daily to the tomato farm to pick up a dozen crates, isn't that educational? You teach your daughter to make tomato sauce with vegetables, spices and put it into quart containers --isn't that educational? Your other daughter chops and toasts nuts and turns it into fudge and cookies, you pay for her college education, isnt' that educational? Then you send them all to the FARMERS' MARKET on SUNDAYS. VERY EDUCATIONAL! And so much gelt, you can pay for college for all of them! See why we call it a LEGACY?

* TRAINING TALENTED ARTISTS, INTELLECTUALS, PARENTS and CHILDREN to WORK OUT OF THE HOME and teach other parents to do the same is a LEGACY. Nobody has to depend on good ole reliable President Bush, or DOW or ENRON for a job when that happens.

 * COTTAGE INDUSTRIES are More flexible than "real jobs" and work from anywhere you want. You can spend more time with your family. You can move to the mountains of the SIERRA and run an internet business. THe fudge and cookies are shipped to HOUSTON and BEVERLY HILLS. Or do THIRD WORLD IMPORT/ EXPORT! Big Bucks there.

* WHAT comes IN UNDER THE TABLE goes out the same way. (UNDER THE shhhhh TABLE). Pay rent, utilities car payments with cash. SHOP with cash. Who needs banks? Who NEEDS THE IRS breathing down our neck asking 'howdja get that speedboat and fishing rods??"  Who needs 75,000$ worth of STUDENT LOANS that only hang around your neck making you miserable, tied to the workplace in jobs you hate? Preventing your leaving Mom & Dad's home. Preventing your marrying or buying property!

WHO NEEDS  THE IRS/ GOV/ CIA/ IMF when all FUND the war, the landmines and rockets blowing up babies in every region of the world where there are starving people rebelling against Idi Amin types who the blinkin' CIA put there in power. Screw all that! Be financially clean of conscience and  start planning your dream business which incorporates those people with blown up arms, legs courtesy of YOUR CIA.  Also get yourself some vacations, a home and a car and get your kids a college education ....And get their kids one while you're at it. TRADE can do all that!

* BE A WINNER! Regain your self-confidence after being rejected in fruitless job searches. Join our trillion dollar industry. We have helped thousands of new startup business. We can help you ! Start reading the articles at the LEGACY PROJECT website. Read up at the FINANCE index. The FRUGAL LIVING index. Imagine, this concentrated, focused a PROSPERITY EDUCATION online, free. You stumbled on GOLD. BOOKMARK THIS.  Signed, ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ (Aquarius!) astrology at earthlink dot net.