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Suppose you have a load of artwork, fashions, clothing, merchandise that you're heavily invested in, and you want to start a vogue, a fashion, a tidal wave of consumers POUNDING on your door. (Malcolm Gladwell describes this phenomenon in "THE TIPPING POINT" a NY TIMES LIST best seller.

FAME/ GLORY/ SALES are all about how you strategize a campaign or spend your advertising dollar. Consider HOT PRODUCTS of recent vintage? IPODS, Rubber gumdrop shoes. They got hot thru  TV ADS. But not the HULA HOOP, PET ROCK and BLUE JEANS they were before the INTERNET. HOW DID the Manufacturers get them so HOT? NOVELTY, USEFULNESS and fun is primary but then some print advertising. But mostly it was folks seeing this article in use on a neighbor or friend. WORD OF MOUTH.

TODAY buyers can see the product in use on UTUBE, on the internet. Mysteriously, netsurfers find anything interesting or hot! The rumor gets out.

IF YOU HAVE A PRODUCT that cost you big bucks, you have to turn it over quickly and triple your investment (and count the hours it takes as they should be paid,) and hopefully you'll be tripling your investment in merchandise three times  a year. If you can't get that turnover factor and merchandise is sitting around in boxes, you will lose money. TEN GRAND of merchandise sitting in garage getting musty is more than just no business .. it's LOSS. Even if you sell it at a swap meet before year is over. Think of it this way. The successful merchant says "MY LINE costs me a thousand to make in January and by FEB I sold it all, and now I have three thousand. THE FEBRUARY LINE costs 3,000 to make, I sell it all by MAY, I now have 9,000. By the end of year, that one thousand dollars made me 50 thousand. That's incremental growth. It doesn't just double every time, it's more than that. MY UTUBE VIDEO did it all."

Now, in my personal SENIOR opinion, the best business out there is selling information or words as the product costs you nothing (but time) to create this product. ARTICLES cost nothing. Books or pamphlets cost you a little to make, maybe 2 or 3$ a book. At that point, websites with price tag pages and instant paypal or credit cards are the way to go. Or KINDLE type self-publishing.

Friends ask me why I don't do just that and put a PRICE TAG on  my LIFE 101 SERIES  of web seminars on themes like Guerilla Capitalism, COTTAGE INDUSTRIES, HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE, etc,  (the THEME is always how to employ everyone in our town, create chumcluster businesses & get everyone  solvent, help everyone escape the recession, educate their children for bottom dollar and then help third world countries MAKE the same MONEY by doing import/ export with starving villages.

The reason why I do not charge is that above the profit motive is the help people fast and now -- my motive. I want readers who are stuck facing the recession, here or abroad, --- folks who are jobless, about to be homeless,-- to have this information FREE, fast and then be inspired to use it, today! I am counting on this recession to put an outboard motor under each of us so we can discard the oars and stop sinking.

I do not paticularly want to print my seminars out with costly printer shops, paper, costly laser ink-- also wearing out my ancient 1012 Laser printer. I am reluctant to then submit these bundles to publishers with stamps that cost megabucks. (Nor can I --I'll confess --- as ink for a laser printer is 40$ a cartridge, paper 30$ a box of a thousand sheets, stamps cost hundreds, xeroxing more hundreds.) The Master Jules died years ago and nobody pays me to keep his PROSPERITY teachings / writings alive. I used to get 2$ a page to transcribe his audio tapes. But he sadly passed so  I fan a very small non profit pilot light here, with nothing but astrology charts at 15$ a reading to keep me alive.

Anyway, I figure sooner or later the right publisher will spot THE IMPORT/ EXPORT SEMINAR online and ask to publish it. It doesn't cost me anything to create 1,000 webpages. But every so often I do try to think of merchandise that I could create for my sons to sell. They have high energy. I'm a senior. So, I wrote up my  "INVENTIONS"  My kids will find them in my PC after I kick, I suppose. I love that lamp idea in particular.

My background in import/export and selling merchandise dates back to the 60's. I launched a shop built from my own concepts and unwittingly created a multi millionaire in this field, my aprentice, my student. I opened a store. My employee was invited in by me. He had just been fired from a Wall street firm. His wife was my best friend. I said, 'let's do import/export,' and we opened the BAZAAR FOLKLORICO on the Sunset Strip. My start up money. about 12k. I lived in Mexico shipping the merchandise to the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood but soon I was unable to carry out my design/ manufacture or Shop role, do all that traveling in Mexico cuz I was incumbered by a restrictive Spanish Basque husband and inundated with four babies. The ex stock broker left the store  in pique after Andre and Dory Previn's Puebla TILE bathroom/ kitchen order took a whole year...and Julio started his own shop JULES BUCCIERI corner Melrose and Robertson & made many millions, bought real estate did even better. He is today the MASTER JULES and I do his webpages on THE SECRET OF PROSPERITY! Ironic, no?

So I know merchandising, I have good ideas. Those who are young and energetic can make millions carrying them out. Jules gave away a million bucks in a few years time. He was that rich! A Brilliant man. I just didn't calculate how much attention four babies would take and the avidity with which a Mexican Husband would stop me from doing my trade rounds. But Hey, miscalculations, even the slightest, are what sink navies.

Anyway,  when you get into the area of selling merchandise you will (as manufacturer, have costs. Even if you go to other manufacturers, say you want to produce say... as an example,  cotton t shirts, you'll have huge costs.)

In GEORGIA, Missisippi, Texas or ALABAMA where cotton is long and cotton t-shirts are superb quality --they are costly. 6$ each by the hundred. In CHINA or INDONESIA maybe  t shirts cost 2$, but of uncertain quality. Not uncertain. THEY SCRATCH THE BODY! The two places manufacture different qualities....and the ASIAN VENDOR will take your money for the BEST quality but ship you 2nd rate thin thinnest quality cotton, or scratchiest and stiff you! First wash they're a limp mess or worse than a hairshirt.

So your choice is, do you fly to ASIA? Check quality? Then you get the best ones. Or say you want the cheaper quality and you order a thousand t shirts at 2$ each and you want to MOVE those suckers FAST to turn 2k plus air fare into 4k and turn it around again and get 8k and do all this in ONE YEAR. That's how you. GET YOUR MONEY BACK but clients do NOT come back.

So you need a high concept and high quality PRODUCT. Takes moola. Then the wit and smartness and design? That depends on what you will write on the shirts. How many people love OBAMA? A LOT. So you put his name on it like " I HEART OBAMA" and hope he doesn't create some horrible tax law to pay the banksters making your merchandise obsolete overnight!

SO NEXT thing you need is a high concept AD CAMPAIGN. You want to make your product a hot fad. Suppose that you had a product and you wanted to start a stampede to your store, your internet website, your front door and you wanted to HYPE YOUR PRODUCT and get the message across. Do you advertise in your local newspaper at 25$ a line? A newspaper seen once by a hundred thousand people?

Do you advertise in a magazine which people keep on their shelf. 25,000 people see it. l000$ for an ad. But the freebie way is best for a new product. So let's forget for a second your product is a t shirt. What if it were an herbal product for bursitis and gout pain. High concept.

The basic  idea is, you write a single chatty letter about the thrilling product and send it to l00 websites, even if you do it thru the LETTERS FROM VIEWERS section because net surfers google for the theme/question, say
HOW TO CURE DIABETES or HOW TO PREVENT ARTHRITIS and they will GOOGLE  certain search terms, which you want to include in the article and in your META TEXT.

So here's what I noted relative to FREE ADVERTISING. THE INTERNET is a big, warm, clean swimming pool, JUMP IN! Throw your text at websites. Talk about yourself. You know how cats leave a message on the corner of the hedge for the next cat? Do that!

IT WORKS. Know how I know? Recently I had ocasion to pass on some text I read on HOW TO CURE a very obscure and terrifying disease, way too obscure to really be interesting to the mainstream, MORGELLONS. A holistic friend sent me a FAIRY TALE EMAIL.. on a bottle of ALFALFA TABLETs accidentally falling in a bathtub (pushed by the guy's cat,) and suddenly his morgellons skin disease cures. LO AND BEHOLD The fur falls off him.

I sent text version of the LETTER out to my holistic list and my newage L.A galpal shot back, 'what site did that come from? I want to give it to my oriental healer." I didn't remember where I got it. Someone sent it to me,
I think. They'd found it. But I wanted to find it for her so I took a line of text out of the original article and put it in quotes, as there were like six words in a row ---something about how his cat dumped the pills in
th water,' I had to get it exactly word for word. VOILA!  I GOOGLED UP that man's personal LETTER at l00 different sites! GOOGLE FOUND  SEVERAL HUNDRED websites where the same damn letter was posted about the cat and the capsules and the fur coming off had been taken up, printed.!!!!! THAT MAN must sell alfalfa tablets and he must have sent that letter out, himself.

I THOUGHT. What if I had a video like ZEITGEIST which made its maker 60 million bucks as they advertised it this way on the whole net!! Or I had a cureall herb or a magical PET ROCK or some HULA HOOP product and I wanted to spur its sales NOT THAT THE CAT OWNER had faked his cure, but if he were an alfalfa pill
producer, hey, he might have been. Who's to say?

These are a few of the listings on morgellons, there were hundreds of sites that had picked up that ONE LETTER! A little online letter......l00's of sites! WOW, talk about a TIPPING POINT! You google that phrase, you'll get: 
an url too long to 'turn alive.'  by my criteria ---



and a little celeb action here, as a rock star is sick with the disease..

and several hundred more on the internet. TO me this means that someone SOWED the seedlings of this letter-article all over tarnation. TO SELL ALFALFA TABLETS. I know it was a set up but now I'm planning to weed my garden of this common weed, mash it and put it on my SUN SPOTS though I've another cure plantago and aloe vera together. Works in two days flat. I'm not just a believer in herbs, I'm an experimenter and I stumbled on this formula! Took off a HUGE BROWN OLD AGE MARK ON MY FACE an inch long..

Anyway back to the concept here, THE TIPPING POINT. THE real PROBLEM with the "POST LETTERS ONLINE" superb merchandising strategy is that one in a million people has this purple fur disease MORGELLONS but the "LETTER' on websites is still a great idea, no? So SOW your letters on sites! Check those sites, above! They're just pop forums.. But that's how they did the BLAIR WITCH project, at  a few popular sites. Just put news about it online. That Movie went platinum fast!

NOW, if I were younger and still lived in Mexico with seamstresses galore who work at 3$ a day, are enchanted with 4$, ecstatic with 5$ a day, I'd make NIGHTIES.  CLICK on that article there, see my reasons and read why NIGHTIES would be profitable. THE DESIGN of the nightie must be high concept. You can't get a nightie today anywhere in the marketplace that doesn't itch from LACE OVERDOSE. So I designed the perfect nightie.  GO TAKE A LOOK!

AFTER you have designed the product, made your first hundred,  target and locate the people who are likely to buy your product. If it's a garment, you want WalMart at one end, if you have ten  thousand nighties or Saks if you can make two hundred. If it's an herb well, you need to get it past the FDA, that's hard!  But this alfalfa tablet guy probably was already in healthfood stores across America and felt that his publicity campaign would get even the ACNE crowd dropping alfalfa in their tub.

But think of a high concept product, service, perhaps a remedy for a more ubiquitous disease than Morgellons. All of us seniors have aching bones. We have fear of diabetes as we all love sodas, pie, jam, sugar. But we can't eat it, so what about BABY CAKES BAKED GOODS THAT HAVE NO SUGAR, NO FLOUR. Or Walnut Fudge made without sugar, with crushed dates. HIGH CONCEPT and FUDGE is everybody's secret religion!

Which brings up an ingredient search being required. For nighties, it's polyester charmeuse satin from CHINA but do compare it to real SILK charmeuse. Also from CHINA. That's your area of enquiry. Easy, online these days. With fudge, it's CHEAP CHOCOLATE SOURCES in MEXICO, down near VERACRUZ. I used to have a gal pal down there in MEX D.F. who sent food to NEW YORK's famous ROSA MEXICANA CAFES. There are all kinds of chocolate makers down in MEX. Search ingredients that are cheaper abroad than STATE SIDE BOUGHT.

There are other market sectors in holism and diseases than PURPLE FUR that grows out of your skin. MORGELLONS disease. MAKE THE MORGYMORGELLEN DOLL like a teddy bear. SELL THAT. There are other market  sectors in adult toys like the the hula hoop, pet rock and there are even hotter market sectors in clothing for the 'mate seeking 18-40 marketplace, the single biggest market sector that exists.'

If you have a novel garment that when worn will attract attention, love, courtship and marriage, go online with it. So now I get to the T SHIRT IDEA, which my friend in INDIANA had, a T- shirt saying  "I TWITTER and I'm TIFFANY GOLDBLATT and yes, that is my real name." The point of it is that everybody who sees you at the mall runs home and goes to your twitter account to see what you're saying today. I shake my head at the concept and told her she was an idiot, my Indiana friend, cuz hey, what does this product do? Hopefully make Miss Nobody Tiffany into an instant celebrity? I don't think so! THE CHANCE that a t shirt will do that for anybody is hopeless. I told the woman, "get another t shirt idea. Imagine that you believe that women will actually walk through the Mall looking like an advertising automobile and all the men who like her body will go home and enter the keystrokes Tiffany at Twitter. (HOOKERS should actually try that trick. "I'M MABEL AND I'm ABLE. call 555-2211" You know...cops can't arrest you for wearing a tshirt, right? Just when they phone you up later and you deliniate services and costs!"

I went on "a much more interesting use of the t shirt would be RADICAL PROGRESSIVE MESSAGES, like DUMP THE FED. "America has the BEST POLITICIANS MONEY CAN BUY" "Beware of the Undue Influence of the Military Industrial establishment" IKE's last words to America. These show you have brains. They WILL attract opposite sex sweethearts like crazy. A guy wears that shirt, man I TALK TO HIM!

Oh heck, T SHIRTS as merchandise with radical sentiments are all over the net right now. Rightwingers even have them in the 19$ to 22$ each range, price wise, I just went and looked. "BAN GUNS ONLY CRIMINALS WILL HAVE THEM." Lock the wetbacks out, who needs lettuce in a BigMac?" That type of thing.

I tried to convince my friend to not do twitty t shirts. I reminded her that the nature of one's initial merchandising choices is everything. The decision you make as to what you manufacture and how you hustle it are your two key moves. Make them carefully. Allow input. Mine even. I'm good at handicapping business trends. And noisy about it.

(I'm the girl who wrote NBC tonight saying how dumb is your marketing strategy  to put a LAW AND ORDER re-run on just when ABC is launching their new COP SHOW "UNUSUALS" with AMBER TAMBLYN from JOAN OF ARCADIA  (the best NBC SHOW which you dolts cancelled) in the same time slot and cuz you put on an old show, I'm watching ABC tonight &, getting addicted to and loving the new  show better than LAW AND ORDER *(&#))@ reruns! And now I will always watch the new one and goodbye to LAW AND ORDER RERUNS, now that you created a conflict in your viewer's preferences. You handed this ABC show over to us, you shot yourself in the foot.)

I'm a hot little handicapper. so pay mind, you heah? CHOOSE your product carefully before you invest in it. Launch it with YOU-TUBE so you hit the Gladwell TIPPING POINT in 3 months!