NOVELTY and EXCITEMENT in a PRODUCT always garner PUBLICITY and when those three factors get together, you will invariably have HIGH SALES and HIGH PROFITS. You want to invent something so ludicrous, high concept, fun, useful or imaginative that it sells in a TORRENT. The PET ROCK was that way once. The HULA HOOP was a planet wide sensation. Hasbro cleaned up. Before I settled in to 'settling for the city' when I first got online, I used to sigh over the sights at the  'rural gentleman farmers list'  and find fabulous articles like WILD INVENTIONS FARMERS HAVE FOR STUFF that do NOT EXIST in the MARKETPLACE. http://journeytoforever.org/farm_library/device/devices3b.html  These items were mickey moused by farmers and you or I could micky mouse any one of them ourselves. But if they were in the marketplace, most of us feel the coming recession (it's Summer 2011 as I say this,) will require such gizmos as these for basic survival. So that happens to be one of the most fascinating articles that I have ever read! Now, while I do not have ideas as FINE as those, in my case nobody's made my brainchildren yet so let me share them with you. Carry out their manufacturing and send me 3%.

BACK SUPPORT PILLOW- I wish I could include a drawing of an invention I once had, the "Lumbar Cucumber", a pillow with a belt...but I do not know how to use my scanner so have no ability to send drawings to folks and I draw and cartoon very well. But imagine a huge pillow shaped like a pickle and with the same little dots printed onto the fabric, the pickle warts, right? Imagine that you wear this big pickle in the small of your back when you're sitting a long time, at work, in a chair, in a car, traveling, in a theatre. The pickle is suspended on a velcro tipped belt so that is can be placed at the small of the back and locked in place and it won't roll out of the car when you get out, or fall on the theatre floor. Guaranteed this invention will keep your aching lower back supported when you sit down. That's why chiropractors tell you to use a pillow at your desk chair or roll a towel for sacrum support to get the same effect but this is better as a 'back pickle' always gets a laugh. I invented it out of sheer NECESSITY because I am seated a long time daily, doing natal horoscopes. Typing two days for 50$. I need to use a back support everywhere ---  at first I used the chiropractor's remedy, a rolled up BEACH TOWEL, a sausage shaped roll. However, those suckers cost 12$ each and  I kept leaving my rolled up beach towels in theater seats after the movie. So I invented the VELCRO tipped ribbon on both ends of a pickle pillow. Pretty neat, huh? Back stores all over the USA and EUROPE would love them, manufacture them in Africa or China. Stuff them somewhere where pillow stuffing is cheap THE NAME IS LUMBAR CUCUMBER! Don't forget to send me my 3%!


THE BAD BACK / SENIOR WRITER/GAMER PC LOUNGER with PC, great for 8 hour shifts of an author, researcher, TYPIST/ WRITER WORKER OR GAMER- Imagine a recliner lounge with a PC MONITOR and keyboard  cantilvered on a swing arm. Or on a special invention called a PC-CLINER one that Steven Hawking could use if arm support were tilted up. A BARCALOUNGER with a slide in MOTHERBOARD connected to the internet. A parapalegic would love it So maybe we call it a HAWKING CHAIR. But it's for any senior who's typing/ writing/ activism-ing at the keyboard or... a lot of us just have BAD BACKS.  This comfy lounge has an IRON FOOT PEDESTAL so that it can't slide, tilt or tip. It only has to hold the  PC MONITOR which is tilted toward you and downward. The MOTHERBOARD can be off on the DESK. THE MONITOR is mounted firmly in brackets on that swing arm. The keyboard is on another lighter weight swing arm but it's not mounted. You simply place it there. Seniors now can do the INTERNET THING, comfortably. And at a moment's notice, the arm swings away and you can get out of your recliner chair go nuke a pizza, shoot some tube, come back and get back to work. DESKS are cruel for seniors! Their backs cannot take hours sitting up. Even young GAMERS can't handle HOURS on a  couch. The position tires out the arms of the gamer. THE PC LOUNGER is the answer to all these problems. T

HERE is a SCHEMATIC DRAWING I found ONLINE of a conventional PC DESK intended for the BED RIDDEN. THE WEIGHTED BASE TO THE TABLE   and how it slides in once writer is tucked into bed. Experimental models of the HAWKING CHAIR would help us decide if a tilted PC on a lounder wouldn't be more comfortable for eight hour stretches.


While we're on subject of ERGONOMIC FURNITURE, imagine a ROOMY but totally FLAT Stretch-out lounge slightly padded so you don't have to put a sheet on floor/ dirty carpet when you want to watch TV and at same time exercise? Make a great 'overnight' guest bed if you add a quilt, top sheet, pillow. Couches are too soft for good exercise. Often too narrow. This would have top surface smaller than a twin bed, only need to be as tall as you are, but fairly FIRM!.

Next, THE INSOUCIANT DOOR MAT! Imagine A friendly little coconut fiber DOORMAT -- custom-made with edgy words like 'YOU BETTER HAVE A WARRANT" woven in. Make them in the Philippines, a buck each, make a million as currently doormats are 15$ or so.

THE * LIGHT * YOUR WAY TO * SUCCESS LAMP * A novel lamp as it's half dayrunner, half bulletin board, but also a functioning desk lamp. I call it  THE "BUSY LIFE LAMP." "It will light your way to SUCCESS". That's what you tell the clients via a TAG that is hanging from the shade when you sell it. It's got a great gimmick that will make it a best seller all around the country.  The Life Lamp goes on a table that is at a desk worker's elbow, hence it is tall, and its shade is even with the eye level of the desk worker. It illuminates the computer keyboard, work surface, drawers of desk, the perpendicular desk surface (of the table it's set upon). LAMP requires a narrow foot, as there are likely to be many objects on the desk. So it is 8" square. The key point of its design is that it ROTATES upon a base so that its four sides can be exposed to the worker. Why? Because its four sides will be made of bulletin board material that will take PINS.  It will be used as a memo board. Stick-ums (those little pieces  of paper people stick on walls ) really don't work. They're unreliable, fall down and get lost, and most of all, you can't stick them on much near your work area. They simply do not STAY STUCK to most surfaces. You could use tacks on a bulletin board work, but who has space for a bulletin board at one's desk/writing/work area? The rotating bulletin board lamp has PLACES FOR YOUR POST-ITS. There are now four acessible surfaces divided into four life areas and they turn easily to face you. We give the buyer stickers so he can choose how he wants to label each side. TO DO NOW: CALLS TO RETURN: CALLS TO MAKE: BIZ CARDS: ERRANDS TO RUN:  BILLS PAYABLE & DUE NOW and STUFF TO BUY NOW,  or AT STORE GET: and fiinally GREAT IDEAS: But some just simply "MEMO: etc. You print them up by the thousands, on sticky paper, and cello-wrap 'em and enclose them with the lamp package. PATENT this sucker so no one else can copy it. Send me my 3%.

THE MULCHER VULTURE -Imagine doubling your production  in the garden in spite of the beating heat of SUMMERS in the new Epoch of GLOBAL WARMING.. MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS WITH THE MULCHER VULTURE INVENTION. Garden work in summer should entail plenty of mulching. It should involve YOUR becoming a MULCHER VULTURE. That's when (like the notorious bird that waits til stuff is dead,) you make use of lifeless plants. By JUNE 1st,  all of our gardens are full of dead, brown, toasted annuals and bulb tops. You can leave them right where they are to use them, but to get quick, black rich compost, get down on a mat, on your  knees and lift that rich soil that is wasted out on the pathway -- up on to the flower or vegetable beds  which are hopefully raised by lumber, dry stack concrete pieces. Slap some manure or  soil on TOP of that DEAD stuff.  THE TWO ROT together and produce good soil. And you know what? That IS good black soil on your path as all your top soil erodes under or thru the dry stack or lumber edging into your paths, It's inevitable and what's more it's the blackest top soil, it's great stuff.. So lay it on all the dead plants, hose & WET IT, so  it's not cement-y, so path turns pliable. Kneel on a mat, as ground is hard. Knees get injured. What you will use is a flat, short handled shovel tool, actually none exists in the marketplace ergo you could make a mint with a  MULCHER VULTURE, a flat shovel same size as a trowel, same weight but flat shovel blade at least 8" broad, not narrow at the tip as this one is.  Package it  with a KNEE MAT like a baseball BASE, urethane rubber maybe, in the same pckg. Gardening gloves also.  And put a big, happy VULTURE on the cardboard package art, grinning at you saying "LOVE THOSE DEAD LEAVES." or "I don't get FED til it's DEAD!" As you lift soil up on to the raised bed, note that in  summer, are dead spring plants, all brown or greenish  brown. Bundle the dead stuff up, no ends hanging over, lay the soil on top of them, bury them and include weeds by pulling out every weed you can reach, laying it in there upside down. The whole bundle will rot, composting what's beneath. All that dead greenery becomes soil quickly. ALL SUMMER long be a MULCHER VULTURE.-Your gardens will start to rebloom immediately. My spring blooming plants get that first spoonful they revive, come back and turn into biennials or perennials! Wear knickers you don't care about as you'll never get mud stains out of the knees! OH YES, how to make a million dollars.  FORGE a MULCHER VULTURE sample, at a local GARDENING  TOOL FACTORY. Make them in SOUTH KOREA for a buck a piece. Wholesale to HOME DEPOT type stores  with the mat and gloves and ART cardboard. Everyone hangs the VULTURE art work in their mudroom, garage, back porch or frames it as that cardboard piece inside should read 'TODAY I'm GOING TO BE A MULCHER VULTURE."

spade for transplanting and fork                         path lifter

The gardener will slide the PATH LIFTER shovel under the debris in the path. The Sharp edge helps the arms to burrow under the debris, worms, dead leaves. So maybe a slight angle of TILT instead of straight off the handle. A 5 degrees turn up off the straight handle would do it.I think I spot that here. 5 degrees.

* * * * * * * *
THE PAPER MACHE BOX FOR FLOPPIE DISKS. WHEN you go to OFFICE or FURNITURE stores with your lamp or PC GAMER's RECLINER, it's good to have a second PRODUCT also for  the HOME OFFICE: I pick up all the boxes at supermarket that are five inches by five inches. Gravy, enchilada powder, every kind of POWDER sold in supermarket has envelopes which are sold in market with gravy box holders. WIth say two dozen envelopes in them. They are thrown away when they open a new box of gravy. I TAKE a few empty boxes off shelves, only if they're nearly empty, stuff the rest into the other box on the shelf, throw the box into bottom part of my shopping cart. In parking lot, don't forget to remove it! I papier mache the DISPLAY BOX! Living in MEXICO I saw how easy this was at Gemma Tacogna's cottage factory. Or Jeanne Valentine's, both of which I visited as I knew both dames. I go home, cover them with squnched up bumpy, wet newspaper torn and CRUMPLED big time,  let dry, then stretched out a bit and pasted on, DRY, I vinyl house paint first coat, then do colors/ designs then varnish them. Or use postage stamps that you soak off mail. Whatever you chose, varnish with acrylic clear varnish Then I rub in antiquing, rub it off, It looks like a RENAISSANCE artifact. SEE ABOVE ARTICLE.  Or I DO NEWSPAPER COMIC STRIPS, or witty POLITICAL CARTOONS from the Editor's page. Or maps. Always let  dry, then a day later, varnish. My PC FLOPPIES go in them! MY ORGANIZER BOXES are pre built for me by LAWRY's ENCHILADA SAUCE  MIX! AT THE FACTORY. If I were selling them to an "HOME OFFICE LIFE ORGANIZER STORE" AT THE MALL, I could paper mache up a dozen a day. I might be a barrio mother with four kids on the floor, no welfare as all welfare stopped thanks to BILL CLINTON but I could make a product for MY LOCAL LIFE ORGANIZER STORE. MAYBE I could even learn to electrify & MAKE THE LIGHT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS LAMPS (above), Get squares, glue on the cork board, electrify. OR create both lamps and organizer boxes. But that's probably better for a professional carpenter.


a reading
                                                          hat, soft,
                                                          woven, brim so
                                                          lamp can't put
                                                          light in your
                                                          eyesGET A READING HAT at a thrift and you will want to manufacture them for everyone. A late nite reader has the light behind your head on night stand NOT to beam into your eyes. BTW, CROCHET READING HATS YOU MAKE A FORTUNE. SOFT, SILK LIKE LIGHT WEIGHT. They shade eyes from bedside table lamps $ $ $ $ $ You will make a million with THE BED READER'S SOFT BRIMMED HAT. If you sit in bed against a lot of pillows, reading novels all night as I DO, you need a soft hat, with a 3" brim so that the light behind your shoulder on bedside table doesn't get in your eyes. Lights are usually above your right shoulder or left... at head top level. That shiny bright RAY has to be stopped! And it has to be silky, No wool, no straw. This is not a cap or a beanie. It needs a 3" BRIM of soft material. Okay,  try to find one. THEY DO NOT EXIST. I found one in 50 yrs of reading. Lost it, for two days, was desperate. THEN FOUND IT AGAIN. They go in washing machine. INVENT a true reading hat, soft, silky. Got a stack of Louis L'Amours to read.

NO BELT, no nothing, the lighter the better!
something soft that makes shade
as these new
curly lightbulbs are murder on the eyes.



I once found a tire iron hidden in the ivy on my front garden path. An actual burglar had come toward the house and seen signs of life. I hang wind chimes up and down that path, he'd hit one of the bigger ones with his forehead and he'd thought I'd heard him. So he tossed his 'nightstick' --the numero uno favorite tool of window jammers and fled. That gave me an idea. To avoid slinky garden-creeping, home-targeting burglars when YOU go out to a party or are on vacation, we used to leave the radio on but wouldn't you prefer to jerry rig some version of the I AM HOME SUCKA FLICKER KIT invention which is a square flickering  light? The MINIATURE version can be as small as an L.E. D. flashlight that goes on/off while something moves it back and forth an inch either way. From outside the house at nite, it looks like a TV is on in that room. (and Cheaper in wattage than a real tv. left on)

The POSH VERSION is a screen like ETCH A SKETCH size, with a low energy suck but not truly TVv which requires a lot of wattage to draw in a show... This version you hang on a wall. It FLICKERS like a tv SEEMS TO... if  you're in street. The room appears to be inhabited by folks watching the UNTOUCHABLES) At least thru your curtains it does. And you leave the radio on! Or maybe it has a RADIO.

FISH FARMING KIT! Cassandra the Futurist (me!) predicts that "THE FAMINE IS COMING"  Beef going to 5$ an lb, Chicken to 2$. All America will want to grow their own meat. Farm TILAPIA. Nobody can grow bunnies. Nobody can KILL A BUNNY or a chicken. Americans generally do not have the stomach for it. But we can do FISH FARMING IN YOUR BACKYARD WITH THREE  LITTLE PLASTIC KIDDIE POOLS The guy who makes this kit will make so much MONEY. Order Baby Tilapias thru the mail like we used to order those  SEA MONKEYS!   More on this at bottom of page, PORTAL to the COUNTRY FARMING website.)

DUSTY BOOKS NO MORE! A great product would be BOOK SHELF DUST COVER. It's a solid 8mm. sheet of clear plastic, 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide -- that hangs from top of shelf over the face. Is totally transparant, non reflective! A strip of tape holds it to top of bookshelf. Or thumb tacks. It will have tiny 1/4 oz weights dappling the bottom hem to keep it from flapping. When it gets dusty, you wash? How? With two clothes pins and a garden hose. You hang it off clothes line or garden branch and spray it, detergent in old spray bottle. Sun dry. Replace. Books immaculate! Cuz I've had to clean l0,000 books one by one. NO FUN!

FASHION INVENTIONS THAT YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH ! < CLICK ON THAT ONE, Then consider THE MARSUPIAL MOM SWEATER. I know a gal who buys used cashmere sweaters from 2nd hand dealers, rag pickers and such. Yes there are rag businesses around. READ "THE RAGPICKER" she goes through his pile of a thousand sweaters, takes them home, embroiders or appliques over the moth spots, beads and jewels them up, sparkley they go for a hundred bucks.. I told her that for folks with orphaned kittens, or just kitties that have a headcold, or orphaned birds or mice or whatever, the "MARSUPIAL MOM" sweater would sell out. It is not jeweled, just a comfy, old warm cashmere sweater with the pocket right over heart, one that you can wear around the house and while working at the desk but the concept is that it has a big baggy POCKET put on it, deep enough for a kitten to hang in ---  his own, little private hammock so he can snooze warmly against mommy's heart beat and warmth. Embroider "Shhhh, KITTIE SNOOZING" n the pocket or "BABY ON BOARD" or "LEMME SLEEP DAMNIT!" with an embroidered cat face. Or a “HEART SHAPED POCKET and it says ‘I LUV MY KITTY” Advertise the garment on cat lists, boards, pet mags.  Do it as a sweat shirt in cotton. Now for seagull rescuers at the BP OIL SPILL, a much bigger, plastic lined pocket. With tiny sea water aquarium for minnows.

NEW AGE INVENTIONS - Anything that helps you get to your unconscious. A HYPNO LIGHT that goes in circles like a whirl, A MANDALA that goes with a BLACK LIGHT so it glows strange in the dark with a pamphlet on how to hypnotize anyone to give up booze, smokes, chocolate or overeating. Or worse! A pamphlet on CLEARING someone's AURA and MIND thru FREUDIAN Gestalt, Primal or EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK goes in the mix. This will be a good seller in this DEPRESSION age that we face as there is a lot of rising JOB insecurity, poverty, acting out, anger, rage and even worse. So  we need to popularize any new age device that makes people calm and wise until they're as prevelant as the PET ROCK ...that was a neat fad and a cute one. A pet rock box or cage on your desk drew interest. But taking people into a trance to go down their secret staircase into their wiring and make changes, that’s something new age and serious.

THE CALIFORNIA DREAM ALARM. One day we'll all have dream alarms. You're snoring away and suddenly you hear the thing say in a quiet voice, "you are dreaming, a wonderful dream and you are remembering what you are dreaming and now you will wake up and record it here on your dream alarm! (PUSH and a little sound byte chip records you. I once had a mini tape recorder, maybe it could combine with a recording device and a ten second session. Or  the thing tells us, "you can grab your dream pad with the dream light as you lift the dream pen and you will write your dream down." So as an accompanying product, a  light-up writing pad or even a full size keyboard with LITE-UP KEYS on the bed beside us, ready to jot that dream! So we need a long long extension so the computer reaches to the keyboard on bed. Or here's one better. Make the whole thing an IPOD app! Now, if you can touch type in your sleep like some of us can,  you jot features of the dream down and press Save. You go right back to sleep as you barely broke the REM barrier. In ten minutes the damn clock wakes you again, same voice, then in twenty, then in an hour and they keep doing that all night unless you double punch the button in which case the clock goes to sleep too. Now the obvious point is, once your unconscious realizes you're geting the full message, it'll start giving you Freudian sized Oscar winning dreams!


WESTERN STATES are entering a huge drought. Our lakes are dried to sand lately. Our governor Jerry Brown allows 3 days a week to water, but is about to ban all watering the garden. We are very worried here. Already our streets are lined with houses with dead trees, bushes and no lawn at all, just brown stubble. But by law, I can take  a bath then use that gray water (it's not but it's called that,) for the gardens, front, back, driveway and curbside That is...if I could get a half length of old garden hose to syphon it out the window!

  • Step 1: Siphoning Water From a Bathtub Into Your Garden. After you've filled up the tub from a bath or shower, drag in the garden hose. Leave the other end connected to the spigot outside. Put the end in the tub area ON the actual TUB SPIGOT USING THE SIPHON- screw in adapter nozzle. GOOGLE  WORD SIPHON RIGHT NOW with words BATH TUB + GARDEN 10-21$
  • Step 2: ONCE YOU Rack the Tub. YOUR BUDDY IN YARD, outside gently turns the water on. Your goal is to fill the hose up with water. THEN YOUR PAL OUTSIDE DISCONNECTS the hose and lays it down. It must be lower than bathroom hose. Or you fill it from bath tub, that's the other possibility

Here's a product that nobody can find in the marketplace, one that you can take to market, put online, mail order.
This will be a huge money maker in drought states. It is a tub/ bath SYPHON!  or SIPHON. "TUB 2 ROSEBUSH"
For water to go from your family's baths straight-2-the GARDEN. A family of 5
uses thousands of gallons of bath/ shower water a month, hugely costly. Why
not get double use? My tub is near a window, I'll bet yours is too, if we
PLUG the TUB during showers, TOO & use a hose we can create a SUCTION
and get  the water to go out the window into garden bed so we don't ever have to
water that side of the house we save money coming and going! SAVE h20 TOO!
We all need a little window just at the height of tub and tile meeting with
direct access to the outdoors for that hose to thread through. The kit, the
HOSE, the weight to keep one end under water, and the MOUTHPIECE which has
to adjust to fit over various faucets, (as that is how the suction is built
up, you fill the hose with water before you dunk it into the tub and weigh
it down and start draining.)
http://www.masterjules.net/cistern.htm  and MORE ON FARMER LORE ABOUT WATER:

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