THE IDEAL NIGHTGOWN. You could make a million  BUCKS if you could make the perfect nightgown. SOFT, NO ITCHY SEAMS INSIDE. The thing that feels best against the body is softest cotton lawn, or one better, silk charmeuse. But in WINTER, we want l00% cotton flannel. If I were going to buy my ideal nightgown, it would have no itchy lace at neck wrist or hem because all of it is felt as itch to the skin. The perfect nightie would be a little loose, not perfectly fitted, no arm seams so that there is no pull over the body. This isn't a cocktail dress you want to stand straight in. You want to throw yourself on the soft, silky sheets and feel only soft fabric against you. Nobody wants a waist band, that's why nightie wearers reject pajamas which entail constrictive tight areas, itchy seams, areas that grab you in places you don't want to be grabbed or press against you with rigid seams that stand up. And here's something. COTTON BUTTONHOLES shrink massively first time in washer so buyers want larger buttonholes and flat, generous buttons. Try putting a button the size of a PEA thru a shrunk button hole! You'll be cursing!

The perfect nightie would be silk charmeuse satin, poly is ok these days as nobody can afford silk. Anyway we wash nighties after three wearings so...who can wash silk? Nobody! I think it makes it hard and also takes the supple shine away. The ancient chinese used to dry clean silk by burying it in hot sand or something.


The ideal nightgown would be my favorite color, blue, or your favorite color. Lilac. So the manufacturer should not attempt to do sinuous sensuous sleepytime design in brightly offensive colors. Beige and white are standbys, but the pastels work best. Sure, Black and red, have their fans, the Catholic church and Satan himself. Red, I read, signals men 'I am sexy' I think it says I am trashy.. Soft lilac or Blue says 'I am spiritual, gentle, I am a good mother.' Madonna colors. But above all, NO ITCHY pressy, tighty, areas, no LACE or ruffles. I cannot find a design online with NO LACE. So imagine these 'cleaned up.'

Nightgowns that LOOK TERRIFIC, encrusted with lace, do not FEEL terrific. That's why the manufacturer would do well to state in front, his intent not to disrupt body comfort by calling your label "NO ITCHY LACE". They don't exist. The proof is, I searched through hundreds of graphics of nighties and couldn't find one without lace! It's funny but the thing that is the most beautiful to the eye is the least comfortable and sensuous to the body. 

So the ITCH FREE, sensuous, silky, charmeuse nightie is the aim. --a cloud of silk that you can slide over your head delighting as the silk falls on you and then fall into bed. And it must be so thin that you can feel the thread count of the sheets through it.

Go to the best department store in your town. Ask to see the Christian Dior nighties of charmeuse satin. Put one on. Let that inspire you. Copy its design but avoid the lace DIOR loves. LACE is like blondes. Beautiful to look at but unsatisfyingly irritating every second you're near them.

Start manufacturing charmeuse satin nighties. You'll probably have to get samples of silk charmeuse sent you from CHINA, the manufacturers are glad to send you a meter, you pay postage. The order has to be 1,000 meters minimum. But if each takes a meter and a half, you could make a whole line of affordable nighties and you'd sell out because you'd just have built a better mouse trap. Man trap. Whatever.

FLANNEL COTTON NIGHTIES exist online, but they're badly designed. The cheapest one I found was 27$ delivered with S&H included. Made in Pakistan. So tough it would stand up like an armored tank tent. Seams inside itched as they'd taken BRILLO PADS apart to make thread. I washed it five times, buttonholes were miniscule and shrank to SEALED SHUT. Buttons, small like peas, (nasty)  couldn't get buttons thru 'em. DAMN PAKIS? No wonder they let Osama LIVE THERE!

In the old days, we had the almost PERFECT cotton FLANNEL nighties from LANZ. (STILL, WAY TOO MUCH ITCHY LACE.) Anyone who manufactured anything like them today would make money. Because the LANZ NIGHTIE does not exist anymore.  Look thru lingerie dept. All nylon, acrylic, phony fabrics. Who climbs into a plastic bag to sleep? Look online. Real flannel nighties start at sixty bucks. THIS WOULD BE A GOOD BUSINESS. Meanwhile, I'm tearing apart my most HOLY flannel sheet to make my own. Light little patches on the HOLES. THE ART OF PATCHING. Flannel sheets are always a good investment as even flaking apart, their yards of softness are useful. Little light flannel patches on a nightie would be charming.

charming patches