God is the most creative force we ever saw. If a man were down here on earth with that God mind, he'd be the greatest capitalist, artist, tycoon, political leader, orator, inspirer of and provider for mankind that you ever saw. Every once and so often a human gets the secret and is all of those things.

How do we get  FIRE IN THE BELLY just like that? Easy! You surrender yourself to the mind of God which is all creative fire, 24/7. And it's here, in our metaphysical universe, available to you. In fact, it's hard not to have it. Look at babies, totally focused, delighting, entranced, passionate about what captures their attention. Why doesn't that passionate joy focus happen to you? Because you choose to stay stuck in robot human thoughts, addictions and habitual stupor-producing actions springing from addiction and fear. You created this thick layer of clouds and now the sunlight can't get through.

No biggie. Just quit making clouds. Stop it. The solution is a total no brainer. Stop creating cloud cover and stop living in HELL. Stop the opaque blockage you created and then, HEAVEN is automatic. Heaven is what's there when you stop the insanity! You go right into the mind of GOD.

In one SHOT you can arrive at heavenly creativity because DIVINE FIRE is a reality, it is out there and if there's anything you love, it's inside of you. Tell me, what do you love? Reading the great teachers and passing on the teaching? Writing stories, plays, words, poetry? Listening to and playing Music? Growing flowers, trees, gardening, landscaping? Fixer upper houses? Caring for babies? That thing you love is your interior sunlight.

Do that thing that creates sunlight which you're passionate about, daily in your work period, 24/7. Do it even if nobody pays you for it. Do it because STARTING in your passion ignites the spark, which in turn ignites the pilot light which in turn ignites the blaze. When you get GOOD at this art form, whether music, writing or even internet activism, you become passionate and lose sight of time. You do it because you love it, because you're good at it, and what you write ignites fire in others. Soon people are going to hear the perfection of that music, lyric, article against the war, that indictment of fascism, and be entertained by the pathos and wit you poured into that writing and come looking for you and pay you. That is guaranteed. The important thing was to tune into the fire within, find the passion and practice it daily, honing your excellence. .

THAT creative fire is blazing inside you just like the sun upstairs which burns 24/7, pouring divine fire down on this spoiled, cosseted, ingrate planet that was so amply endowed and so special and dear to evolution. We are the CRADLE of hope for the universe, the evolutionary miracle and what do we do? A millenium of bloody wars and phony death crusades topped off by oil resource wars to get petroleum, the fumes of which choke life off the planet. Go figure!

Look at the people! Those who aren't addicted to hating MUSLIMS and wanting our soldiers to kill YOUNG ARAB MEN are also AUTOMATIC STRESSERS, addicted to porn,  lotteries, gambling, celebrity worshp, bologna, ice cream, viagra and hillbilly heroin. Just look at your internet spam, you'll see what they're trying to sell you, drugs, porn, Rolexes and nude photos of celebs.

That sick consciousness is growing like a mushroom spore across the country. People let the ugliness root and grow in their own heart instead of planting the seed of passion for art, creating something beautiful.

What you want to do is recognize signs of the decaying mushroom spore anywhere it comes into your life and eliminate it from your house and mind. Then the passion for the good things will grow in the vacant space.

Look for that SUN FIRE. IT's a non-ceasing, non-varying sunlight, it's love and that fire is not only upstairs but in you, especially, inside here. (touching chest, heart, and head.) That higher You doesn't need porn or a Rolex or a celeb magazine. It needs to bust out as a creative God force person.

We look for the fire every second and we eliminate the sensual addictions that put us into comfy sleep just as ruthlessly as we identify any cold, icy 'self-first' thinking. Eliminate the mind of self. That's the one that says I can use people as sensorial objects. I can use this quart of ice cream. Eliminate the Cold You that won't help anyone further down the tree, as you think 'they probably deserve it.' Eliminate the YOU who paranoically thinks "I won't let that best friend I have who's temporarily jobless live with me, as they will probably take me for big money."

Eliminate all the Usual Suspects, suspicious-thought-wise. The paranoia, suspicion, misanthropy, fear and lack and the subtle ones like aversion, non-confront. (i.e. something you look at reminds you that it could be you one day so you turn away.)

We maybe can't eliminate them l00%; they tend to sprout but when they show up, we quickly, attentively and neatly weed them out, eliminate these thoughts as being the director of our life! If one voice says 'hate, mistrust, doubt, fear,' say ten things that counter-effect it. "That person is a great pianist, he'll teach me. That person is a loyal friend, he is going to share dishes, gardening chores, freeing up time for me to pursue my writing the great American novel. We can help one another. And we do have laughs together."

The Usual Suspect suspicious thoughts go like this: "I don't trust them, I will get irritated with them. Or the phony addictions, "I want, I like, this would feel good, taste good, this would NOT feel good." And, "I don't like how that feels so I'm going to go out there, eat this, smoke that. I should do this silly thing to amuse myself, I should go with that silly person. Or, I'm going to ignore the work that is my passion, what else can I do today? How can I jack off? Do I want to do that silly old drudgery of my main work and passion? Maybe I should not do that." And on and on, yammer yammer, blah blah blah.

That's the mind of self, the one you want to not pay attention to. The one that's distracting. The one issue that's the opposite of the truth, the vision, the heavenly fire.

In other words, there are two diametrically opposed thought systems: the thought system of the ego, which is 'this I want and like and identification with self---and the thought system which is your true consciousness, what we call the mind of God. Or the holy spirit. And spirit is fire you know. It is an actual element, and it requires air or good thought as fuel.  We have all kinds of words that point to that, like 'fired up,' a good one. I read the Course on Miracles, good air, I get fired up. So reading, good books, which fire you up, good thoughts, that is one way to have the God force, that fire in the belly. It can spark it. But it's up to you to keep the spark alive because sparks do go out.

STUDENT: What about that inner voice of conscience? Isn't that God?

JULES: In a healthy person yes. But neurotics are filled with voices of conscience, too. Voices told the serial killer to do it. The Mad Monk Savanarola's conscience told him to burn all the paintings in Florence and crack all the nasty, naked, marble statues.

The conservative right wing a few years ago came out with an edict that all poor people who need aid should have their children taken away from them and put in orphanages. Newt Gingrich  put that idea out during the Reagan years when ketsup was a vegetable so kids didn't need a second vegie at lunch, Doesn't 'newt' mean lizard? That's reptile thinking, too. So we don't trust a loud conscience in a reptile.

What we want to do is hear that true God voice within more clearly. It may be the inner voice, the conscience saying 'don't eat that ice cream, if you start with a bowl you won't finish; it will get the ice cream addiction started up again.' Or 'don't do this theft or cheating on a partner' and warning you and cautioning you.' That voice may indeed be coming from your real self. Let's clarify what the real self is.

The real self is this place in which you absolutely are quiet and where you open yourself to being purely loving and seeing nothing out there except your brother. You are in a state where you can see that every being in the universe is you and that you are they. You anticipate the wound if you cheat on them hence you refrain. You feel their pain beforehand as there's nothing out there except you. And therefore you have absolute pure, unconditional, unadulterated empathy, compassion, love for everything in the universe and you develop 'ahimsa.' the desire not to cause pain. That's the place in which the mind of God is truly operational in you as an individualized form on this planet.

OBVIOUSLY that is a very hard place to fake. ON ACID you are there immediately but we can't live our lives on acid. In a church where you've just sung the songs of God with your brethern, you go out into the sunlight and there your fellow worshippers are, well, with that comfy clicque of us, us us, it's real easy to be there joined at the hip. Then you go to the supermarket and see some white trash lady with ten children it's 'us and them' again and all the white trash are there shopping and looking weird and despicable.

So take it from that place on the church steps in the sunlight, still hearing the chords of 'Amazing Grace' living in the glowing abstraction of 'all are one' that you just heard the preacher extoll and take it down the steps to the supermarket. The attitude of being one with the mind of God has a primary symptom:  'we are all one' thinking! And that is one you want to inculcate so you can backtrack into being in the mind of God.

There is a book that refers to that mindstate, "The Door of Everything,."  The author says you have to have the three ascension attitudes. The attitude of praise, love and gratitude.

Praise means I honor you as the highest being and praise you as the highest being. I love you as the highest being because I realize that I am you. I'm one with you. Love is a unifying principle which means oneness. The only reason you could love anything else completely is because it's all you. There's nothing else but you. And you love it because it's the true nature of being which is to love. And to be loved. And gratitude is that you thank and you are grateful for the knowledge and understanding and the realization and the revelation that you know who you are. And you know who God is. And you know who everything and everyone is in the universe. You know it's a creation. So therefore, the difference between you and the manifest universe is that you're the creator! And guess what, you do create.

Yes! Out there is the creation called your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your job, your serving humanity through that creative work. You created your relationships, your food, your drink, your clothes, the art on your walls, the way the room is with candles and music at night, when your friends come over. The food you take pains with and serve beautifully. The flowers on the table. Everything. Those are creations. Who is the creator? You and all the OTHER you's that exists in the universe up to the greatest creator who created all the planets and all the universes and all the infinite things that are in the universe were created by The Creator. And it just so happens that The Creator and you AS creator are one.

There is no separation. That abstraction has to be cherished -- that knowledge, that insight, that observation--that clarity is the only thing that we can stay with to keep us centered in the reality that I and my father are one, that I am the mind of God and the mind of God is me.

That's not very easy to do when you think and identify yourself as being a finite point, with your name, your height, your blue eyes, a Californian, addicted to cigarettes, jobless, broke, with this rented room,.that top ramen noodles in the cupboard. Those Fritos in your hand, that bowl of Hagan Daz for breakfast, those frozen steaks for lunch, headed toward cancer and heart attack.

You get told you're creating death you say, oh I don't want Cancer -- my life's been about screenwriting or music, or websites and X, Y and Z are my goals and they will make me rich and famous. Yeah, well the reality of your universe is, you're toxic, low energy and not headed toward much success in music or film. You are headed toward burn-out. Take the 3$ you spend on ciggies a day and spend it on salad, maybe you can come outta this swan dive but you better get a plan chum cuz the one you are living isn't working.

QUESTION: But I affirm that I am headed toward wealth and fame and I affirm it daily.

ANSWER: That is being identified with an ego that's talking to itself and talking to others, saying things that look terrific on paper but the second you eat ice cream for breakfast and zone out, that divine fire, that spirit is opaqued with creamy crud. You, with your own little hatchet, separate yourself from and become different from the mind of God. You put the fire out! You weren't aware that a bowl of fresh peaches with a tablespoon of real cream no more, a token wallop used as a peach-enhancer...that breakfast is an exhilarant. Take the whole quart of cream and call that normal, you missed the boat, the heavenly fire boat.

QUESTION: But I was following my impulse to have Hagan Daz, it came from deep within me.

ANSWER: When you can make the distinction between the little self which is the one that wants ice cream and doesn't want raw peaches for breakfast and separate it from the MASTER PLAN GOD YOU. When you can separate or distinguish the you who has multiple sensorial addictions that make you as fired up as a rock. .. and who doesn't adore power energy food....and distinguish between the YOU who plans grand works of art that you cannot deliver cuz you're hunched over the keyboard in a sugar stupor --- when you can distinguish between advancing the action and ruthless self sabotage, ---then, you can climb out of the insanity. You gotta see the NOT GOD self before you can arrive at the GOD SELF. You have to be able to catch sight of it. See who's doing the mischief. Locate the brigand, jail him a little.Put him on probation. In Rehab.

You will quickly learn to walk the talk and identify what activity  separates you from the mind of God, divine, creative fire mind. Anything that throws you into stupor is not it. By following the map, soon you can get to the Universal mind, the father principle --the abstraction called the creator but which manifests in your life as your being on fire every second of the day and working at your passion until you go to sleep.

Imagine yourself in an ecstasy of creativity, LOVING what you do, who you take care of, who shows up, being the most enthusiastic, maybe even most manic guy on the block. Yes, maybe people will call you manic as you're in this perpetual enthusiasm. Only you do not come down from your cloud. Ever. Streisand used to tell me she sang in the stairwells of the tenament where she lived and her voice exalted her. No pay but she sang for hours, in bliss, knowing she had the most magical voice ever heard. Until she knew she could go on auditions.

Then, when you identify with anything other than that divine fire, you will sure notice it and say 'oh my God, I am in a low state. Why? Did I have that plate of ice cream which makes me nod out and get very unfiery? Who knew cow's milk could have that effect? Now you know it!

Or you will notice when you get all blue because you think you are in need, when you think you need to accomplish something, when you think you are in lack, and limitation -- and you will catch yourself thinking antidotal thoughts. Like 'what a crock. I have plenty! I am starting from here with these talents, this work schedule. The longest trip begins with one step.I can get anywhere from here.' Even if that here is singing in a stairwell.

When you think anything that is less than being the creator of everything, then you have made separation and you are not whole, you're not complete, you're not powerful. You're not the mind of God. so that's why I always now refer to being in that GOD mind. I was made aware of it through a book "Dialogues on Awakening" which is so clear about the distinction of the mind of God as being whole and complete and not separate in any way shape or form, that this becomes the terminology. We will learn that when we live in the mind of God we have eliminated the mind of self.
(REST IS NOT EDITED so it's very hard to read!  I'll have it edited one of these years, i.e. made intelligible.) What's above is a special preview for you of his magnificent,early work, CHAPTER FIVE is very early in the game, there were 200 chapters that came later, untyped up, still on audio tapes.

**UNEDITED PORTION, straight off the audio tape***
I have set the mind of self, the individualized thoughts, the patterns, the habit that I have grown up with, the thing that I believed that I was --- before ---I have set it to one side. It was a mind which believed that I was separate, alone, unpopular, -- that I was in need -- that I had to be fearful -- that I had to be in survival consciousness.

That mind believed that I had to go my own way, dump some very beautiful ladies because I feared maybe they were needful. That nervous in the service mind I had believed that I should worry about my fiscal responsibilities to ladies, my salary, my job, my career. I thought that I was me and she was SHE and never the twain shall meet. My mind was racing ahead to a big job with a multi million dollar salary so I had to be free to move.

All those thoughts, concepts and beliefs were the very things that separated me, that kept me in bondage, that held me down, that kept me apart from my true nature which is that I was able to find people that put me in ecstasy due to my Godly good taste, and I created her in my life, I created everything in my immediate Universe and there was no separation between me and this beautiful woman who wanted to be my friend just as there was no fear or separation between me and that gray dolphin who swims beside me or between me every morning in the bay.... I created them being there in my usual daily activity as a God. I was ready for them so they came. One should respect one's creation but of course, God is top dog as it were.

God in the highest sense of that word, meaning the creator of the whole universe and the creator of the whole universe is much more dynamic and big and real than anything called the universe. The universe is just a creation, GOD is way bigger than that. So when you tune into GOD, you're going straight to the top. Pope John Paul tells us that when he prays, he immerses himself in God. He invites Him in. Or invites himself in to God. Wow! Inculcate that mind set, you too can be the creator of universes. You can be very audacious when you know that fact. Like Pope John was very audacious going back to Communist Poland and going to the shipyards and telling Lech Walensa and the dockworkers to go on strike and put and end to Poland being a Russian satellite, then a dozen other countries!

Your creation, not revolution, maybe but that job, that friend, that car or that beautiful lover ---is just another audacious creation, a reflection of your GOD mind. Like --out of my God mind I thought up a good job and out of my God mind, I thought up a nice convertible car and out of God mind I thought of zillions of students learning what I was privileged to be reading and studying, out here in California and I created this book and put it online. The book is just a "How to Get into the God Business" Manual. In my God mind I could see billions of young people creating the things that they were passionate about, this stuff which we call art, knowledge, political activism or even worlds and infinite billions of living things on the world. They could do it easily if they just knew what they were sitting on.

I'm talking about you who read this right now. You are sitting on passion and talent. You can be in the God mind and create audacious creations. Groups, laws, artforms but the creations are dwarfed by the creator having the power. The power resides in the creator, in the mind of the creator, in the reality and the energy and the existence, the being called the creator. Not in the creation So that's the paradox,  the enigma of the universe. The enigma is that once you have been created, you tend to get engrossed in one creation or the other, and separate yourself from the Throne and think you're not this ongoing King creator anymore which cannot be.

You've always been this being and you will never be anything else but this being and once you know that, then you become all these attributes of God, all His ways of being, the vision to see what an affirmation can do.What praise can do. How these two practically can go off andcreate universes all by themselves. So you lavish praise and affirmation. Or love and gratitude, love and healing folks of a sense of separateness and this glass, sharp angst. Love being the whole principle of how we live as social beings.

Why would we love everything and everybody? Why would we love things we hate? Why would we love that which makes us angry? Why would we love that which hurts us? Because we know that there's nobody out there except us to be in love with, because whoever got hurt and whoever got angry and whoever was killed and deprived was an illusion because there was nothing happening behind it except the being of God. And the illusion of negativity, separation, hurt, pain and suffering were all created because we thought and believed that we were something else, that we were separated and endangered.

We thought we needed to battle to survive and needed to dominate, to win and have others lose and we needed to be right and have others wrong, and we needed to make ourselves be secure in spite of somebody else's needs. And when we do that scrimmage of fists, we invariably black our own eyes. We dot ourselves with karmic signs like tshirts, saying 'kick me I'm bad. I deserve something bad to happen to me.' and we do that out of our own God guilt. A sense of sin commision.

But karma started with that totally stupid game of selfishness, smallness and beliefs in separation or differences that a garbage man living under the bridge with a bottle of wine is different than someone who lives in Bel-Air with five billion dollars and is a movie producer.

When you have bought into distinction, you have separated yourself from reality because there isn't any difference, underneath that skin, flesh, behind the reality. Behind the mind, behind your intelligence and development is the same being. A conscious being whether it's conscious or not at the moment.

The question is -- what must be your action? What's the proper action? How should you live your life? What's the next thing to do? The question is what should be the proper action so that everything is good and all the moves in your life produce what you want and not what you don't want. However, here's where it gets dicey. That planning of activity is a question that's coming from the mind of separation. When you come from the mind of God, all you see is that every action that is taking place and everything that is going on in the universe is the action of being open and vulnerable to being in a love state with everything and everyone.

The need and the cry and the desire for love is the need for oneness. The need and the cry and the desire for perfect harmony and peace. Therefore, when you're a conscious being who knows that to be the truth, then you live as an avatar, then you live as a Christ, then you live as a Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed. Then you love as one who is conscious and says 'I will only do good. I will only love. I will love. I do love. I am love. I only see love. I am only willing to serve others. I am willing to do the highest good at every moment. I am willing to see what's needed and wanted and produce that result. I see my goals and my visions as one with the Father.

What are the goals and visions of the father? Harmony, peace, prosperity, abundance, perfection, absolute kingdom of heaven on earth. All the terminology and all the metaphors that have come down from those saints like Jesus said, 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else shall be added unto you. What does that mean?

It means the answer to the question that you asked, 'what should your action be?' It means that your action should be to seek the place of absolute love and harmony with yourself. See and seek the place of absolute love and harmony and peace and joy and prosperity for everyone else. Do that and see only that and only live that, and only speak that, and only work from that and never do anything else.

All pain and suffering, all those other things that are occurring in the universe, are the result of not doing the harmonious things. Because when we seek first this harmony, peace, love, this place of absolute oneness with the father which is who we really are, then all else shall be added unto you. What does it mean, 'all else?' It means all the other things: the abundance, beauty, the kingdom of heaven, the garden of Eden, the beautiful body, consciousness, urge to study, then have the knowledge and talent, and the beautiful ways and places to express that knowledge and talent. Then you will have the relationships you want and the house you want and the beach you want to play on, and the body you want to play in and all the other perfection that you want. You see it as being your reality because there's nothing else to create except that, and there's nothing being created except that you're a living God.

So what comes first, the chicken or the egg? What comes first is the mind of God. What comes first is the consciousness and being of God which is perfect energy and power that creates everything. What comes after that is the creation of beauty, harmony, peace and perfection and joy and ecstasy and bliss.

You say 'that's all great BUT there's the follow through of right action. That's all I was just talking about. You didn't see the clear picture of the apple falling from the tree which is that cause leads to effect. You're the cause and all the actions that follow are the effects that you're able to create through your understanding and your knowledge that you are God in the universe.

When you know that your word is law in the universe, because you're God in the universe, your word is law in the universe. If you think need, fear, poverty, you'll create need fear and poverty. If you think and your word is 'I will create abundance, love and harmony, you will create love, abundance and harmony.' Not because your mind tells you that, but because your mind IS that, because your words are that, because your actions are that, because the reflection of your body, posture, attitude, your word, your relationship, the way you treat others, the way you treat yourself, the way you go after each day's work, the way you think about it, the way you feel about it, is abundance.

There is never a negative thought, feeling, word, attitude, but only these perfect, positive, beautiful expressions called Godly expressions. The characteristics of God in the Course on Miracles are these: you're trustworthy, faithful, patient, tolerant, generous, joyful, kind and open-minded.

The three ascension attitudes are praise, love and gratitude. To live permanently in those attitudes,  people go Vegie, do mantras, meditation, read the Books that CHRIST read, they go to Agape Church, read the modern, spiritual great books, they pray, and actually invite the God mind into their finite mind. They invite God to take over, and then they start to be God intoxicated and start to want to do good works,  miracles in fact, audacious creations would be another word for it.

What we do is increase the space at the same time as the pulse. The basic seed goodness was always there. You always had the motivation always toward good, no matter what you see good in. For one guy it's money, for another it's surfing for a third it's cleaning up the world.

Even the most violent Hitler was good. He did not see the mistakes he was making. He did not see the whole picture but seeing the whole picture that you are God and one with the Father, and one with all peoples, you have nothing else you could ever do except to produce good. So when somebody makes you upset and angry, and you lash out at them, you repent, you vow, 'I won't do that again,' and bingo, you change.

You may go back to that victim and apologize and you certainly forgive yourself for any disharmony that was created. Any time that you have made a mistake and been in poverty and haven't had the means to take care of yourself, and somebody came  along and took care of you, then you get up and do what he did for you, you do for another. You pay it forward.

And it's always this constant reflection of these wonderful things, about the golden rule, 'do ye unto others as you would have them do unto you', you know? And the more you live this mode of serving the universe for the greatest good of all, the more you increase an actual space in your head that God can inhabit. The more you increase the pulse of your universe and the audacity of the miracles you're working on and then you kind of hit a stride and the abundance starts pouring in.

Hidden in this is something I say a lot. When I don't know who am, I serve you, when I know who I am, I am you. Can you see how that applies?

In terms of your own individual life, what you have to do is see where you have been making mistakes, where you have been in this realm of not seeing yourself as God in the universe and not serving evolution, the planet and your fellow man. What have you been doing that has not been serving God, world, and others? What have you been doing that hasn't produced the abundance that you should have? I see a lot of people tripped out on coffee, minds whirring, lips flapping, reading celebrity magazines, watching celebrity tv like moths after flame, or primitives licking glittering baubles.

What have you been doing that has produced the way you are, which is in opposition to the way God would be if he were walking in your shoes? When you see that, then you eliminate the negative, you accentuate the positive and you don't mess with Mr. Inbetween. You are constantly a crowning glory, a light unto the world, a beam of light shining on the world, and it's all summed up in these affirmations that we have, like the one that comes from the disciple that says, 'the sons of men are one; I am one with them. I seek to love not hate. I seek to heal not hurt. I seek to serve and not exact to service. Let pain bring its due reward of light and love. Light always means wisdom, knowledge, understanding. Let pain bring you knowledge, wisdom and understanding and love and bring to light."

(REST IS NOT EDITED EITHER so it's ALSO very hard to read! In a week I'll have it edited. Made intelligible.) What's above is a special preview for you of his magnificent,early work, CHAPTER FIVE is very early in the game. Some more of his teachings are at the MASTER JULES SITE


In other words, bring to your knowledge, understanding and wisdom; bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the times. Let vision come. Let your sight, vision expand. Let vision come, that you're the creator, that you can have anything you want, and insight, that you see into everything immediately. That's the working of your intuition. That you can look and see and sum up everything instantaneously. Your third eye is totally open. What does it mean, your third eye is open? You see everything intuitively, automatically. You're not deluded by anything, circumstances or people. Let visions come and insight. Then it says 'let the future stand revealed.' The future is immediately's all now. Everything that you'll create, cause and effect, is all one. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate. What does it mean inner union. It means inner harmony, inner peace, love, oneness with the father. Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages--outer conflicts be gone. In other words, you'll never be in conflict with the external world, no matter what anybody does to you. Your lover leaves
you, you don't have enough money, you don't see yourself being fulfilled in your talents, you don't see how you've been acknowledged or appreciated in the world, you do away with that. Let inner union demonstrate. And these outer conflicts be gone. Let love prevail. Let all men love, so the final thing is always the same admonition, 'let love prevail; let all men love.' When you let love prevail, when you love yourself, and you love everything you see, exactly what is needed and wanted, you will see exactly what actions to do and what to give and how to be. And so you work on yourself, you work on yourself you work on
your posture, you work on your diet, you work on being perfect all the time because those are the extensions of God. He only does what are the simplest things to do, and in the physical realm, which is the most limiting realm of all, because we are non-physical beings, we have to take the physical and perfect it and magically make it as smooth a trip as possible, to make it as completely an harmonious kingdom of heaven on earth as possible. And that's what we're doing here, in the first place,
creating -- because that's our job. Our job is to create this smooth beautiful kingdom of heaven that everyone is in harmony, everyone is in love, everyone gives to everyone, everyone builds everyone else's house, everyone serves and grows everyone else's garden, everyone serves each other and builds for each other and loves each other and studies with each other and plays music with each other and dances with each other and goes to the beach together and swims in the ocean with the dolphins together. This is the kingdom of the heaven on earth and we're avoiding it by saying, well I'm afraid of sharks and I'm afraid of  big fish that look like sharks and I'm afraid of that and I don't know how to play music and he's better than I, and I admire Clark Gable, he's a great movie star but I can never be like that..and na-na-na- do you understand? That's the mind of the ego
that's constantly talking about separation. Well, we can't do anything about the people in Haiti and they all have AIDS and I'm afraid of going there. And how about the people in Africa, and they're all ignorant blacks, and they're no-good, and they'll never be any good and nothing will ever change. And na-na-na- and all of that stuff that's in our minds about our own self and I can't make any money and I'm getting older and I never made it and nobody every appreciated me. Instead of  that, did anyone ever go to school and learn to play music? Did anyone ever think about how to plow the ground and put seeds in there and grow watermelon? Did anyone see how to help and teach anybody else how to clean their body and brush their teeth and floss? Did anyone see how to have good posture and not put garbage foods in their system? And clog their colons up and be filled with poisons that created AIDS and cancer and so forth? Did anyone see that all the fear and all those emotional negativities, hate and anger created all the sickness and disease and pain in the body and the malfunctioning and all the hospitals and prisons and violence and poverty was created by all these thoughts and fears of limitation and separation? No, nobody ever saw that this was how simple it was. That was all created by a mind thinking and talking, an 'I' talking to itself, tyrannizing itself, with negative thoughts that created everything negative. And the opposite is true. That a mind thinking with the mind of God, seeing only love and peace and beauty created all the beauty, love and peace and the gardens and the houses and the architecture and the swimming pools and the beaches that are clean and so-forth. And knowing there's nothing to fear, that sharks aren't out there to eat you, they're in a natural way. When harmony comes, sharks will be in harmony. When you come in harmony, you will not be eaten by a shark. When you're in harmony you will not be hurt by some violent killer. There's nothing you can tell me about negativity that's true. There is nothing that you can tell me about beauty and harmony and God that's not true. Because it's true in the domain in which you entertain the reality of it. If you resist somebody who wants to hurt you, you may get hurt. If you resist being rich and abundant, you will end up in the gutter on 7th Avenue as a wino, complaining that your parents never did anything for you. Whatever you resist will persist. So if you resist seeing that you're the creator of your poverty consciousness, or your problems in your life or the pain in your body or the very body that you have, if you resist seeing that you're the creator of it all, what will persist is the way it is. And the negativity will get worse and as the Course On Miracles says, there's only one secret that the ego keeps from you and that is its deep, darkest secret.. is that the ego only has one  motivation. To kill you. Why? Because the only way an ego could possibly survive is if it kills you. Because if your real self survives, what are you going to do? You are going to kill the ego. Why are you going to kill the ego? Because you're going to kill something that doesn't have any reality that only has a negative purpose, that isn't there or real at all. It's not real, the ego. Fear is not real. Negativity is not real. Those were creations of a mind that separated itself from the truth. So therefore, the ego was created as an excuse or a replica, a God that you needed to have in your life to survive because you never saw that you were God or that you had God with you at all times. So you made a something to protect you, that is called 'the ego.' How were you going to protect yourself from the guy next door who was going to take your food? That's what you thought, instead of, you could give all your food next door and share it with him and he would love you because you loved him. So the ego was created as an excuse for not having God in your life. And you were never separated from God. It was only a thought, it was only a thing that you believed for a moment and you accepted that and that belief created all the separation and that separation allowed you to create all of these images, these false idols, to protect you from nothing. Fear, limitation, worry, doubt, anxiety, aggressiveness, anger, selfishness, etc. were all created as an excuse, a lie, a lack of insight because you never knew that you actually were one with the father and were the father. 'I and my father are one' is not a metaphor. It's a literal reality.

It's not crude. The thing about the rapist is, there isn't anything crude in the world. And when we see every being, even the rapist and the violent, angry Hitler and take them into our home and actually open up to them, open our arms to the rapist and our heart to a Hitler in a way which there was no doubt about it, that they would see 'oh my God, this is love. This is real love. This is real taking in. When this person allows me to have anything I want. ' I've said to many people, if you want to handle a violent person when they come into your house and invade your home, serve cookies. Let's say somebody comes in my door. If somebody walks through your door and he's a thief, what I would do immediately is say 'everything is yours and say 'all this is yours. Everything in this house is yours. You can take it away. In fact, you can live here. Take it. It's all yours. If he attacks you unjustly or sees you not as you really are. If you realize they don't see you, then you just see them. I know that you're right, this is your place, I love you, I respect you, I will do whatever it is. Tell me whatever you want me to do. I will prepare myself and be out. And that's it. You just give them absolute love and total humility. If you need to give them any more insight or explanation, you even give them that. You give somebody everything they want what happens? You resolve and dissolve any animosities, strain or negativity between you. When they come in and attack, that's the only form they know to love you. You are looking at illusion and calling it attack. That illusion the same illusion that Hitler did when he killed 6 million Jews, was an illusion of attack. It was not against 6 million Jews, it was just his illusion.

It's not that you are irresponsible when you don't have your home? It's just that you are cause in the matter and you can change being poor to being cause in the matter of having whatever you need. And you're just as capable as me. We're all as capable as each other. You're just as capable as those landlords that walked in on you and want to kick you out of your house. So now you just take being irresponsible and you change it to being responsible. What is the change? The change is that  now I know that I was cause in the matter of being broke. Now I'm cause in the matter of being abundant. So when you're cause in the matter, it means you function with the mind of God. As you were before, you're always functioning with the mind of God. But when you're asleep and thinking that you're in need and in fear and in poverty, it's because you have been asleep, wasting your time rather than being awake and using your time, every minute of it as advantageously to create the good that you want. And how you do that is, you start with praise love and gratitude, you start with assuming the position, the pose as Madonna says in the song, the pose and the attitude is 'I am one with the father  and I am the father, I am the mind of God and I created it all in the first place, so I can create it all now.' I created all my negativity and pain, now I'll create all my pleasure all my ecstasy. It's just a shift, a shift in consciousness, a shift in seeing, a shift in being. So remember that being creates the dialogue in the head and the feeling and everything follows. Even your feelings follow your words. Your feelings follow your attitudes. And then from your feelings follows creation. So to keep on repeating the same old metaphysical story is hopeless but to start to be the responsible being that you are and how you have been beautifully supported to come to this space where you are today you must  have praise, love and gratitude. For everything that's happened to you negatively and positively and especially for God coming into your life as quickly as it did.

'I want' must be translated into 'I have.' And you can't stay with a single moment of 'I want.' You must only keep on creating 'having' so it's one moment of a promise to have, to the next moment of sitting at the typewriter or going out to have the job, or to have the apartment, or to have your things moved, is all have, have, have. There is no 'want, want, want. ' Wanting is a waste of every moment that you could be using to have.

When anybody is angry, tell them, 'whatever it takes to resolve your anger I agree with you, you're absolutely right. I love you. What can I do to help you any way I can help you, I will do my best.' Don't ever be upset by anything that is negative. See it as an opportunity to be a new being, to give love, to be kind, to react in a way, to be so mature that you handle things in a professional way. Don't go off seeing some kind of escape route. The only escape route is love. That's the real escape. Love yourself and love everyone. See everyone as God. Everyone. The reason you don't argue with people is that the immediate knowledge of who they are and where they are existing..if they're existing in their ego and in their selfishness and in their survival, what you do is bring them out of that by giving them love. And by showing them love, expressing love, they immediately get off their own survival and you bring them up to a higher level in their own life where you actually give them an opportunity, a glimpse, a moment of beauty in their own life. When you give them love they can only give you love. Period. I mean, when you really give them love, openness, acquiescence, acknowledgement, appreciation. So you see you have no failure. You have nothing to worry about. As you're being healed, I am being healed. As you heal the world, you will be healed. As we teach others. Remember those five lines in the Course of Miracles "I am only here to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him who sent me. I don't have to worry about what to say or do. I have no concern for wherever He wishes me to be, knowing He goes there with me. I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.' Just remember those five lines. Those are profound words but they're so abstract to the average person because they think in this linear, literal way about survival and 'I want, and this is the way it is, and you're doing this to me, and why shouldn't I screw you as you have no right here because you didn't pay me the money and na-na-na.' But when you see yourself as God, you see yourself giving and giving more. I pay people to help them. You notice that? I pay people so I can help them. People come to my house and give me a massage and I teach them more than they gave to me, or equal amounts. They give me their healing then I teach them something out of the book, then I pay them $200 for being in my house. You understand?

Now what do I get out of that? I get to never have to work, never have to worry. Abundance comes to me, pours out of heaven. Money falls on my head. I don't know where it comes from but every day, something happens that is a miracle. Ten thousand here and fifty thousand there, and so forth. If I had followed people's advice to put the screws to the people who owe me--but I go in with love. Even now I've trained Kevin, when you send a letter and you put hard facts to somebody, you give them the truth that isn't it absolutely joyously wonderful when you can see and know and follow God's love. God's knowledge. God's light. When we can actually realize this works, this is the truth. We don't have to look any further. There's no place to go and we're not going any place and we can be right here, in this moment and see and know that I am the Mind of the God. I am one with the Father. There's nothing for me to do except love you and realize that I am so grateful and so thankful and so in praise and so in love for everything that's given to me and that I must even get over my guilt that I am so well taken care of and others are in such need and poverty. I must even eliminate that because that kind of guilt is a separation. That I see myself as being totally. If Jesus or Buddha saw himself within the relationship to the wino in the gutter or the Haitian rioting in Haiti today or the Somalian staring or the Ethiopian babies with bloated bellies. If they saw themselves in comparison, they would have such guilt. But they don't see themselves in comparison. They see the illusion of the bloated belly. They see the illusion of starvation and poverty. They are enlightened, in the light, seeing Love and God behind all that and that the whole physical realm of me killing a thousand ants a day which are walking across my kitchen sink -- is an illusion. I don't want to kill any ants. Those ants are like me, but all I do is realize those little ant bodies are not the reality. The consciousness that's in them never suffers and never goes anywhere and it's always here and nothing ever disappears. The flower falls off and another flower grows. But the flower is not the truth. It's the energy, the beauty of God expressing itself through the flower, through the ant, through our bodies, through our relationships. This is the abstraction that it is impossible for the mind of man to see. It is only the mind of God that can see the essential union and oneness and non separation and wholeness of everything. And then, when we operate from that level, we constantly acknowledge and thank for the beauty and blessings and being of God that is inside of us, that is us, that is talking through this voice box, through these words, through this knowledge, through this experience. Then, we constantly think and acknowledge and bless ourselves and everyone else for the myriad blessings and the incredible experience and opportunities that we have to share and serve each other.

In your defenselessness, your safety lies. And the first lesson the Course In Miracles says in terms of that lesson, "If I defend myself I'm attacked. And in my defenselessness my safety lies."

SIDE TWO: The truth about love being a total expression of your being in every situation action and circumstance that you may find yourself in, the most important reality outside of that of course is going to be what then do you do, live, how do you live in the world. In one sense, out of the disincarnate state where an entity, a master is not living with the  body is missing the point that there are all these incredible things to do for the body and in the body to enable one to escape the pain, impingements, stress and tightness and limitations of a physical body. So therefore, mastery on the physical level, which is the illusion, dream level of course...just the changing, transient thing that we create, then what we should create in a form and in in a feeling and in in an experience of ecstasy for the body can only come from some kind of mastery from this universal equation of perfect love must come perfect love from body, for mind for breathing, for posture, well-being, diet, power, energy. And ecstasy, physical prowess, talent, and accomplishment, the ecstasy being the participation in the act of playing music, in the act of swimming, in the act of dancing, painting or writing. You have an amazing, ecstatic experience from the sheer participation of blowing a saxaphone and blowing it fantastically, as a virtuoso or artist that would you bring you to the level of mastery, the most extraordinary ecstasy. That's the possibility then of being a professional with training and discipline in the art of breathing, yoga, posture, music, dance, body control, talents of your fingers, your feet, your muscles, finally your state of consciousness. How high you get is certainly shown by the example of rebirthing. if you breathe for a solid hour, circular with no starting or stopping, but a constant breathing in and out for an hour you achieve a high state of consciousness where you're awareness and your ability to see, your insightfulness and your actual power over your body and the energy that's pulsating through you and the healing power that's streaming out of your hands, body and heart is just achieved by the mere art of breathing for a long time. READ THE MIRACLES YOU WILL DO.