Queen of Frugal LIVING, ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ tells us how it's done! TWENTY FIVE BASIC RULES!


RULE # 1: DON'T HIDE THE FRUGAL! COME OUT OF THE CLOSET! Do not be afraid to be FLAGRANTLY CHEAP in PUBLIC. Patch holes in sheets, shirts, trousers, bedspreads and do it with big stitches! LET IT ALL HANG OUT & BE PROUD! Cuz hey, in the right circles, they call that 'resourceful.' You are a FRUGAL guru, teacher, model & an example to others who will soon be caught up in the American, post-IRAQ/SYRIA/ YEMEN/ KURDISTAN, AFGHANISTAN debacle and  DEPRE$$ION! Wear that PATCHED badge, that hobo uniform with PRIDE! You are forwarding the planetary action, as well as evolution. You score points for stuff like that especially if you use your free time for creating  ART that sizzles! The second value of coming out of the closet is once you do, pals call you, 'honey I got this SOFA at the FREECYCLE GROUP (in every city of the USA) or I got this this BOOK SHELF, this COFFEE table in an alley, it was nearly new, I wouldn't have believed it possible. etc."

Know how I drive my friends wild? BARGAIN BRAGGING!  I went to Universal thrift store in the San Fernando Valley, December,I needed warmth of blankets, Found 100 acrylic blankets and two matching QUEEN SIZED REAL WOOL pale apricot colored BLANKETS. Half sale price last weekend of EVERY MONTH 7$ became $3 bucks each. Woven herringbone designs weave. GUCCI BLANKETS, SATIN EDGING. PERFECT SHAPE. 1/2 price sales once a month.

I raised four fatherless babies brought back to America from a Spanish hubby (left him and his guns behind in another country) a man who didn't have the word 'alimony' in his dictionary -- and I raised them in a rented, 3 bedroom house  in West L.A., every room filled with furniture I found in alleys.  So now I teach the science of TRICKLEDOWN. Did that for the 35 solid years til they all left a very cozy home. Then I rented a four bdrm and began RENTING ONE OF THEM to a tenant for around 600$ a month. Started at $500 but went up with second tenant. First tenant still sends cat kibble once a month for over 2 years!

2. NEVER BUY CLOTHING RETAIL. Don't even go into a shop or department store. Don't rationalize with DISCOUNT shops, either. Hit the thrift store that one day a month it's all half price. Ask all your clients or pals to give you their wardrobe discards. If you're embarrassed to come out of the frugal 'closet' with pals, tell them that you give the clothing to a LATINO HOSPICE of WETBACKS who came over the border with just muddy trousers. b.) IF YOU MUST BUY something, use thrift stores for clothes and only buy things you really need. Pals' gifts don't fit? Keep 'em in trunk to give to grandkids after WWIII closes all factories. Or for poor Latinos. STUDY the DRESS FOR NOTHING PAGE. 10 SECRETS!  LAST, Make your own dresses.

3. Second hand books. [I got a coffee table book (History of the Jews,)  for a buck and (four Lee Child, Robert Crais and a couple of that fun CARL HIAASSEN mystery/thrillers, these are MY FAVE thriller -writers-- to collect, (now that I collected the complete works of Frederic Forsyth, Daniel Silva...) and I got a ton of paperbacks today, all for a quarter each at my Fave Thrift on its monthly half price day. I could have spent a buck each from ABEBOOKS.com, which means one of the 13,500 vendors. YOU search their stacks in minutes, just try any title. Here's one you'd adore. My most thrilling thriller ever ODESSA FILE by FORSYTH or HOSTAGE by ROBERT CRAIS. PELICAN BRIEF by GRISHAM. Just go looking. Here's article: TIPS ON HOW TO FIND THESE TITLES, the TECHNOLOGY of it. I paid $3.60 postage, 4$ for the 4 books so it ain't free, just cheap ---cheaper than my LOCAL GOODWILL store, A PAPERBACK is 4$ THERE, no negotiating either.

WITH DEALERS I have exactitude of CHOICE. the main factor. TRY COLIN WILSON ," PSYCHIC DETECTIVES". Wow. Whatta book! ABEs allows you to select writers you peruse and choose. I GOT all my ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGERs from vendors. Buy HARDCOVER & you can even make money being a BOOK SCOUT for your local book stores. A signed lst edition Isaac Bashevis Singer is $300-3,000 bucks! Thrifts sell books for pennies. A pal sez she got two nearly new books by Sylvia Browne for fifty-cents each at a thrift. I'd pay the store to take them off me, myself.] FIND A FAMILY owned thrift, then you can Haggle which YOU CANNOT DO AT SALVATION or GOOD WILL. Garage sales are also very cheap for books. Three for a buck, please? I FOUND BARTLETT's QUOTATIONS, 5 lbs for fifty cents. A BOOK that will start anyone on being a reader and student. It is truly magic. When you make a lowball offer, Smile hopefully. They may do it! For a list of titles you want to collect: BIBLIO ONE and BIBLIO TWO

Re-sell the books you DO NOT want to leave to grandkids at your garage sale when you have l00 or so stacked up. NEVER sell great books. These you save or give to your children. Good or great books are very rare. A used Colin Wilson paperback is 9-15$ so learn to DEAL BOOKS. Special writers are valuable even in paper! Again, hit those BIBLIO URLS! Above.  You can also donate the used books to rich pals who give you clothes or pals who came out of the 'frugal  Closet,' or or to a charity ~~ good karma.I keep only the great books, give others away or sell or give to fave thrift. GOOD ones you can read again a decade later and not remember a word, scene, plot, NOTHING. They become NEW again.

4.)  SLIM LARDER SLIM MOMMA! Why be out shopping and spending money on food or clothing? If you get restless and need a shopping fix? Grab a shovel and  work on the vegetable garden. I'm nearly 80 and need 2 new heart valves (have needed one of them from childhood, second I lost thru a 54 day fever Mex Gardener gave me thru a coke can..) but I eat MALLOW HERBS simmered for last minute of simmering in any soup. A few bowls and anyone can find their way out of aging and not being able to walk easily.  EATING WEEDS builds strength. Dandelion another free rejuvenator. Do that and you can use the lazy/easy way to garden and dig at every house that you rent. I have a big property now but added on a SIDEWALK GARDEN 300 linear feet of curb strips (I live on a corner, ) six feet wide, full sun, There it is below and behind, the JUNGLE I CREATED in the last 20 yrs, in the back yard. I always try to make a great fruit orchard as I anticipate food scarcity when I watch political and economic trends. JUNGLES create shade however. You can't grow vegies in deep shade. 

anita sands hernandez, gardener, mother,
                      catladyAnd  Digging, composting, growing flowers and exotic climbing VINES too, each house I rent becomes a total jungle in one year flat. Use the GROVE effect carefully to triple down on food growing. And learn to make your own SOAP?. Get a SOAP GURU by saving tallow/ fat, skimming all of the cats' chicken soup (cat gets skinned meat, possums get skins bones, broth goes to neighbor's dogs with drooled on kibble which is scooped off feeding area. FAT NOBODY WANTS except soap makers.) So then a Craigs list ad for FAT goes to "BARTER" Section. "I save fat from my pets' dinners, cooked from best meat. I skim it off, freeze it when I get to 20 quarts, I put this ad up. It's pure sweet, fresh tallow. Will Trade you multiple quarts, for a bar of your soap." When that bar runs out, I have another 20 quarts of fat for you and would you teach me to make soap please?! What fun, soap-making. You'll love it.

5.) SHOP the Super Market SALES, STOCK UP & USE COUPONS. They send circulars with the newspaper. When I couldn't afford papers, I'd find the Sunday paper in neighbors trash, or ask them to save ads for me.  Keep them near and review before you get in car. No eating out ever. Take the big bucks you save and buy the staples on sale with coupons. I get Colombian coffee only every single coupon that comes out and strike when the can is on sale. Oatmeal has to be on sale, and a coupon. Milk has coupons, eggs too. SUNDAY paper has the coupons so get on good side of all neighbors who have news paper service and get the circulars out Monday morning. I never get 4-cup yogurt unless coupon and sale when it's 20c each cup! MAKE your OWN YOGURT.  Never get flaked/shredded cereal unless coupon and sale both. Then I stock up. GET THE DAY OLD BREAD, it's half price! When there are no coupons, I go to the market that has a sale on yogurt. I get the 32 oz Middle Eastern brand, full fat, the one with the most bifidus and theosophilus  bacteria. The healthfood store always has a brand at low price, but the lowest price is the Arab market.

THE WISDOM OF STOCKING UP. You shop once a week so you don't spend money on gasoline and then you shop methodically total focus, no haste,  no waste. Next two or three days, stay home and garden. WRITE/ collect research, post, get ad revenues for your website. ( List of 7,000 articles you can post, republish for free. Then you attract mega AD REVENUE.)

SHOPPING VS PRECIOUS MONEY AND TIME. It's wise not to waste 5$ a gallon gasoline on running around as a habit. Stock up on the stuff you always need. For me it's the 32 oz plain full fat YOGURT for instant desserts, serve it with GRANOLA, fruit, my homemade jam. Always have those in stock. Always have corn tortillas, buy dark yellow corn, no preservatives or cellulose, natural from MEXICAN MARKET, freeze two thirds, use one third, then there are the other thirds to thaw and use before I have to return to the store. I always have broccoli in the house, and top ramen and tofu which you cook with it along with home toasted sesame seeds, chile sesame oil, seaweed flakes. I always have eggs (the yolks at times were  for kitty formula but now I neutered everybody, using city's free coupons) I enjoy scrambled eggs. I bought a ham (Easter, st Paddies day, Thanksgiving, Xmas... New Year's you can get them 57c lb, cut into 15 chunks, simmer til chemicals and salt depart,then freeze 14.

HAM RECIPES make spring an ecstatic time. Split Pea soup. Bean soup. My market has bacon ends half price, I buy a lb, freeze them in little plastic wrap pckgs, one strip each, don't allow myself more. I always have milk on hand, Bible bread, which I FREEZE so I don't have to go out for it more than once a week. I thaw two pcs in toaster every AM. I always have big size coffee, bought with a coupon which market doubled. Have Butter. Have Frozen fish but not sticks, too much carb on 'em. I find the leanest & cheapest fish is at any ORIENTAL MARKET where I get tilapia fillets or whole fish from China. As low as a dollar a pound. If they have whole fish, I ask for nothing thawed, wanting it solid frozen as I'm going to re freeze it. I don't like having fish around for more than a few hours. Soy sauce, mayo, relish are obvious but SOUR CREAM isn't so obvious. You can put a dollop on enchiladas, a dollop on granola, on a yogurt or stir it into buttered hot vegies or mashed potatoes. If I could afford to eat beef, I probably couldn't indulge in these fatty foods. I like to freeze a few dozen chicken thighs or legs, use as needed. So that's my stock up list.

6. Shop the 99c ! Big Box detergent, 99c, All shampoos, all dishwashing soaps too. After you come out of the store and put your booty in the car, GO around back TO THEIR DUMPSTER. (Which is why I park behind the store!) Freshly set outside, the fruit is still wrapped in plastic and is quite fine. Watermelons, berries by the hundred, (often, I just plant them & grow berry bushes) Hundreds of pounds of onions. I plant those too for the flowers, later you'll get more onions. Brooms, bowls, pots, tons of stale bread which I throw to the birds in the parking lot or bring home for my street's crow population, I try  NEVER TO EAT FLOUR based foods, ever! Poor people can't afford to waddle or have so much mucus stored everywhere that they get flus every few months!! When vinegar is 99c for a half gallon, buy it,  make a multi-purpose cleaner that you can use for everything - floors, toilets, counters, stove, sinks... even used it as a laundry pre-stain treater!  Take a quart size spray bottle and put in 1/4 to 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar.  Add about a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap (I only use Dawn so I can't tell you how other brands would work).  Then, fill it up with water.  That's it.  Spray and use as normal.  No nasty chemicals in your house and you have a huge bottle of cleaner - that works!!! - for pennies. Then, instead of costly softeners, try three tbspons of vinegar in the rince cycle. No Dawn. The only thing you won't use vinegar/Dawn on is glass or mirrors.  For those,  just use straight vinegar and wipe with a coffee filter (no lint that way). Rinse your filter and safe it on the windowsill.

7. No cable - GET DIGITAL CONVERTER, ROKU BOX. OR BASIC CABLE but too much cable premium channels is like OXYCOTIN, you're just lying there mainlining mindless entertainment in huge passive doses. It has to cost you in muscles, put you off 'creativity, reality and life,' somewhat. At least prime time TV has shows of spotty interest. THE GOOD WIFE. BULL. English MYSTERIES. MHZ came on my DIRECT TV, foreign crime series. It's 31BUCKS A MONTH for DIRECT TV, 360 $ a year. BUT Why drop 360 bills for something that's free. ROKU, HULU, almost free DIGITAL is free. VCR is still around and I'm betting you see dozens of great VIDEO flicks at garage sales. When you've gone ten yrs with no cable, you have the down payment on a few acres of farmland outside the city. Ten pals without cable, you have a set of VACATION VILLAS.

8. Walk or bike in suburban areas, say to get to the park but never bike out on city streets. I met a handsome tall healthy smart hippie guy last week with a shocker of a story. He's had 40 separate accidents on bikes in L.A. traffic, many surgeries and one knocked out four teeth.  (Just bike as much as possible in suburban streets, not main drags. ) Save 50$ a month on gyms! But don't do this in an ultra smoggy city cuz medical bills will kill you if the emphysema doesn't.

9. Barter for services. That massage therapist will work for a horoscope! I once read palms at a party for BEVERLY HILLS TOP plastic surgeon. I told him, "Sir, I'd work for all of your parties if you take out this fat under my chin." He said let's do it. This works with dentists, doctors. Another exchange, that you can offer, house cleaning which doctors always need. I dieted, did neck stretches and didn't need Doc, ultimately. I traded horoscopes with my acupressure needles guy, Yogi Shmogi. That stuff really works!

10. EVERYTHING's FREE AT THE LIBRARY! They have BOOKS that are not on the SHELVES available. At the other one across city &They get them for you. FETCH/ GET?  Use the two BIBLIO LISTS given in Rule #3 as a sampling of the great writers.  Garage sales also great for books.

11. RENT BIG, TRAVEL LITTLE! No more traveling out of town to visit relatives. Spend the money on renting a superb ancient, creaky villa. In your own town. Scare the landlord with "I TESTED AND IT'S LEAD PAINT, You gotta paint the entire interior for us to rent here. I'll do the work, you pay for paint." To make the lead allegation stick, always Rent ancient houses, big ole homes, 8k sq. feet garden minimum, multiple bedrooms. I see mattresses and bedsteads on the junk heap in front of houses daily! Keep a rope in car, and a quilt. Throw heavy stuff on top. Sofas, chairs, whatever, tie it down. Then, let relatives come to you. Put a mint on their pillow slip, guest soaps in their bath, CD Player and Cd's. You run a class Bed & Breakfast, so why travel all over the landscape to visit others. Rent to roomies. Everyone gets dead bolt on their bdrm and carry your phones/ CD's back after you play 'em for the gang. Zero Theft Tolerance.

12. SHUN THE GRAVEYARD! Don't eat meat at every meal. Uric acids give gout, arthritis. Rotting meat in the bowel gives cancer. Animal fat gives heart disease. Save a fortune and huge medical costs and save your youth & health as well. Great vegan substitute entrees are found in a fifty cent paperback by FRANCES MOORE LAPPE, DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET and RECIPES for a small planet. Follow HOLISTIC methods to sidestep specific genetic diseases in your family tree.

13. Juice fast once a week.Celery/parsley/ dumpster vegies/ fruits. Do a tsp of chlorine in sink of water, soak vegies ten min. first. Rinse, and get a 29$ juicer at WALMART.  If dumpster celery is a tad droopy, cut off bottom half inch, soak in sink for a few hrs. Ditto carrots, salad. They hydrate well. CARROTS are slow tho. OVERNIGHT. And hey, if your face needs hydrating, I saw a lady use my juicer daily for a month, a mix of carrot, spinach, quarter lemon whole, celery and she went from pocked, saggy wrinkled skin to l8 yr old skin perfection in thirty days. I said Syl, you're getting younger but my juicer is getting older! She quit and went back to fifty, slowly. DORIAN GRAY! Read the HOLISTIC WEBSITE!

14. HIT THE DUMPSTERS! Recycle bottles, cans. I keep a few hundred cans/ bottles behind backseat of car hatchback-visible! Cops who stop me for sushi driving, (California rolls or right turns on a red light,) see it and won't give me tickets for no tags on my back plates as they imagine I'm dirt poor. If you really want the good stuff, merchandise, Hit the DUMPSTERS in INDUSTRIAL PARKS, Those Zoned-for-Factory areas. You get PC's, keyboards, paper, recycle-able INK cartridges, pens by the thousand. Organizers of every kind. Office supplies, networking cables and plugs. You meet the nicest people at two a.m. One was a double Pisces senior gal feeding 2 dozen cat sites a night. She carried cans of Friskies meat in her trunk. A saint in the night. Ahhh. Dumpster diving is made of that. SIMILAR is FREECYCLE ORG.  There's a group for every city in USA. You get emails basically offering free stuff, just 'pick it up!' like  Macs, pcs, furniture, books, videos, boomboxes, everything. You answer fast as it goes fast. You meet neat people, too.

15. THERE'S ALWAYS A CHEAPER WAY TO DO STUFF: Save on long distance phone calls by using SKYPE. Or get those 99cent Store calling cards...a penny a minute! My calling cards could have been sent me free by mail, as I'm a stargazer. So, they could be provided by astrological clients, phone friends wanting advice but I don't do that. I've become an internet stargazer, saving my voice....however if you're in a consultancy biz, just ask pals in your state to send you one. They're often good in one state or two. Dump all phone services related to long. distance.

Don't buy garden fertilizer: Use cat litter after cat wets it down thorougly. Sand in soil is good. We have NON FRIABLE clay soil in So. Calif. and we're supposed to add sand. However I find the loose clay litter works fine. Use the urea soaked for making leaves green up from nitrogen. The granular bits make soil loose & friable (One could buy coarse garden sand but it's costly) and why waste urine which NITROGEN FERTILIZER IS. You know that UREA fertilizer is cow urine dried into crystals, a costly 7$ a bag. I can't afford to buy it. The organic cat brand contributes actual raw tilth to the soil. Always remove waste matter first, while sand is still in litter boxes, I use a plastic bag around my hand to grab pieces; the stuff gets thrown into another larger bag to hold them separate in trashcan. Litter is useful so should not be wasted. It goes onto my flower/ tree/ bush beds.  I NEVER put cat urea on food bearing beds. 90% of back garden is so shady that no vegies can be grown there. So this is a backyard tactic. Now I hear that if you expect a pregnant woman to garden in this space, it is not a good idea to do any of this.

If you smoke, GO NATIVE! Roll your own. Tobacco shops will show you the line, let you try a puff of diff blends.That alone is fun. That's a free ciggie every time you go in. Smoke shop men are a hot date but that's too much to pay for low cost ciggies. Unless you got those cravings.

RENT MOVIES and get the gang to kick in on the cost! Now, I have no DVD thingie, but can you tape movies from DVDS? Write me on this one. Cuz then you share your tape. Build a library. If everyone builds a library, generations will have movie viewing provided for.

16. Cut OUT refined carbs! WHITE FLOUR FOODS, SUGARY ITEMS & SODAS FEED TUMOR CELLS, burn fast, burn hard, give you mega munchies an hour later. Protein and greens and a little butter fat keep your pipes clean as you actually eat way less! They 'stick to the ribs.' Proteins are usually toxic so equal weight greens should be eaten with flesh, at every meal. We've all seen poor people, pudgy, faces like meat pies? That's white bread, oatmeal, beans at work! STUDY CHEAP EATS!

17. Drive your old car into the ground.My 83 HONDA was still going like new in 2010 when I wrote this. Cost me 300$ in l995. No tags, no license. No insurance. Just drive by day when you can see a Unit don't let it closer than 10 cars. Get in control while it's still 10 cars behind in traffic. You turn right and park with back bumper tight to car parked behind you, Cop passes by. Final cost? 15$ a year, amortagized! For gas only.

18. Mend old clothes,those gashes and patches with stitches are folklorico! Patches in bright colors are even better of course. Stuff faded? So dye them! True, DYE is costly but it sometimes comes up on the "BENT SHELF" for 25c each. That's when I grab it. RIT DYE is truly yukky color crap. Go online and buy  analine dyes, much better. I save old, enamel fridge produce drawers for the stove, for really power-dying at a boil.

19. Cook from scratch full time unless coupons appear in paper (which can get doubled at super market,) as this will bring you some junky, tasty experimental food, like I got box of frozen Calzone empanadas for only 50c with a double coupon, and it was on sale at that market, also. I just got two Ben & Jerry ice creams for 2$ each with coupons, as they were also on sale. Took me 48 hrs to demolish each, in four days they were goneski. (I hadn't had ice cream in several years before those coupons appeared). BTW, PISTACHIO is a really good flavor! Butternut Pecan is ok. B&J put all these nuts in there, and I'm nuts for nuts Juicy Juice is junk but I USE its many flavors to sweeten fresh fallen ripe grapefruit juice and after a coupon is quite inexpensive. I never drink it straight so it really lasts.

20. STAY INFORMED. All Daily newspapers by subscription have two prices. First price is when YOU CALL THEM to subscribe, like 30$ a year, but when it's over, let it grind to a total stop. Then, they will call you and beg you to take it at the l9$ for a whole year price. You must have newspapers, as many as possible to gleen from neighbors, the main reason is because.....Problem is the newspapers all have learned a scum trick. When the l9$ is up, it was on your credit card, so they automatically renew you for the coming year at THREE TIMES the price, 59$. Only a phone call can dissuade them.

21.  You must LOOK AT FLYERS TO KNOW WHAT'S ON SALE, THEN ON TOP OF THAT, COLLECT COUPONS! A frugal person will dumpster dive & get more than enough food for a family of ten, totally free, but occasionally a fancy piece of SUPER MARKET TV DINNER on sale with a coupon and a market that doubles coupons.. is useful. Those can be 3$ each, half price on sale, with a coupon nearly free. Cheapie brands are a buck each at  99c store, or Super Market. The cheap one is by BANQUET. FOR PRODUCE,  go to barrio markets. The koreans, Pesians, Chinese have the best ones in my area. I live in a fruitful city, Los Angeles where we can pick fruit up off floors of alleys or off front lawns in this suburban area, at least l00 grapefruits, lemons, oranges, limes a week. I have an orange and UGLI tree, (ask me for SEEDS,) I juice citrus, throw it into a JUICY JUICE 64 oz. BERRY or GRAPE, super sweet, blending half and half with the commercial, pasteurized over sugary stuff. I save and re-use their 64 oz, convenient plastic bottle! I also save all old big jugs / bottles filling them with pipe water saving in huge steel shelves on south side of the house. Why? Because in L.A., I  am in quake country. Water could disappear at any time. And I occas. use them to water nursery plants (tables full of babies on ping pong tables cut in half (legs added,) on south side of house in dappled sun/shade) Refill and stash. (I plant all seeds from citrus and pomegranates, berries (thrown in dumpster by the pound,) and trade baby trees and vines for a single bag of potting soil. Prune your pal's grapes in autumn, fridge the pieces, root them in spring.)

22. Grow your own everything. Those bags of potatoes in the dumpster give you sprouts. Cut them out, leaving a hefty little piece of the potato, plant them. Spinach and cilantro have little roots, you leave a central sprig, plant the root and only eat the outer leaves.  TOP of carrot will make a cutting. Cut it off, inch of carrot too, plant these little shoulders. THEY GROW. You get a major SEED HEAD end of summer. USE that for sowing next yr's plants. Then, later, you get spinach or cilantro seed. TOMATILLOS give you seed, ditto tomatoes, apples, oranges, all citrus.  Many fruit trees give seed that  you stratify in fridge a few months.(tiny Bag of peat is moistened, seeds are in it, put in special section in lower door shelf so kids don't see it.)  Stratify cherries, pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots, roses. Many grow up to be very like the mother plant so I plant every seed, then I put baby trees on CRAIGS LIST BARTER  page. "FREE BABY TREES, bring bag of potting soil." That's the trade. I need endless fine soil for my nursery and reg dirt doesn't cut it. Garden for free this way. MORE GARDEN TIPS.

23.) DRUG STORES WANT TO COMPETE WITH WAL-MART. Drug store chains usually aren't cheap, but I hear that national chain CVS drugs http://www.cvs.com, wants you to join the 'club' online, then they have the special club prices, they also give you two for the price of one, they double coupons. I hear my nephew walks out of there with ten bags and pays nothing!I tried and failed. No head for math.

24.) HOBNOB WITH WINNERS, HELP THEM ON THE WAY UP. You may be poor and middle-aged, but you know the most cherished and exciting person in society, the beautiful girl who is 18-25. Send her to the LUCK IN LOVE MARRY WELL WEBSITE.  When she takes the 120 free Seminars there, she will quit dating disco hotties and marry a billionaire as there, she will be instructed how to penetrate high society. That girl will take you to Paris annually for life! BALI! JAPAN.

25.) UTILITIES COMPANIES GIVE DISCOUNTS TO POOR PEOPLE,  NO ENQUIRY. Tell phone/ gas/ electricity you're way way too poor and are going without food. They send you a postcard, sign it, it says yes, under 12,000 a year earnings. They cut the bills to the bone.(NOTE: in 2008, they started asking for proof. I sent them my W-2. They didn't return it. Always fax or xerox, keep original.) Once a year or so you can have LIHEAP pay the entire bill.

a,) MAKE JAM! Whatever's out there growing on the tree, in alleys make jam, mix it with that single mango I got on sale, those two yellow peaches, those mulberries
thickly falling from tree painting my sidewalk, hard to pick, harder to de-stem, but hey, freebie is good.KIWIS, Lemon peel, lemonjuice, orange peel, jam it up. Old glass pickle jar. Make TEN JARS. Freeze 9. Leave headroom so glass won't bust. Now when I want toast or yogurt, I have jam!Today four nectarines did a PEANUT BUTTER JAR worth of jam. Two weeks ago, sale lime, pears and strawberries became limeberry jam. Two jars that time. SAVE JARS!

b.) CHEAP MEAT. Every week there are meat sales. Either day OLD MEAT or fresh chicken can be 49c lb for quarters. Load up, freeze in indiv. baggies and simmer it for cats, (feeding a dozen)  peel, simmer with greens that cats can eat, beet, kale, chard, dandelion, debone and mash greens into the meat. Baggie that or serve immed. Skin/Bones, give that to the possums. They eat my snails so I like em. WWIII comes I EATTEM! Other meats? Beef is rare or never. Pork shoulder sometimes 99c on sale, have butcher do some cutting there...it's got to be sawn. Same deal. frozen. HAM on EASTER always cut rate. Saw it into l0 pckgs. Turkeys Stuff, bake, make 15 dinners with taters, dressing, cranberries as TV DINNERS.  (Rewash baggies, needless to say) KROGER markets, more than 750, different names, but
part of world's biggest chain.. remainders day old meat! Tonight's turkey cost 47c an lb as I bought 25$ worth of stuff at Kroger store. Made 10 foil pckgs for me and the cats for next few weeks. Made me thirsty so drank pomegranate ade I made on ELEC CITRUS JUICER. Added sugar/ water.

C.) YOU BE THE BRIGHT ONE! Sixty watt bulbs, nothin' higher. Turn off all power strips except the one that has a programmed tv on it.Garage sales and estate Sales always have tons of the new ECO-bulbs. Twirly ones? They halve your electricity bill.

d.) FOLKLORICO! Patches look neat on clothing. the more the merrier, so folklorico! Contrasting colors, big frankenstein stitches.

e.) Keep the VCR. EVVVVVERRRRRYBODY's givin' away their old VHS tapes! Insane entertainment bonus only sly hippies figure out! HULU WHO? NETFLIX NIX!

f.) MOTHBALL the wool coats mittens, scarves in SPRING, Bag must be sealed, plastic so fumes don't get loose into the house! TOXIC. Or keep an armoire/rack or wardrobe in garage, seal doors, load with mothballs. What cost big money must not get spoiled.

g. Same with food. Somebody has to keep track of what there's a LOT of and make it appetizing in the next meal.Someone who knows foraging can walk the dog and add the most healing, health producing foods. Most greens make great soup, add in the last minute of the simmer. It's not hard to learn which mushrooms are good. MALLOW grows everywhere. One bowl of mallow soup you turn 18 again. People who can barely walk can suddenly run around the block.  And MOST FUN OF ALL is DUMPSTER DIVING. Get in on this!

h.) Avoid pasta and flour in any form in diet as getting sick/cold medicine
and all that is very costly. You're out of comish while you have FLU. Can't
work or earn. Instead, eat bible bread. Sprouted grains.And keep the intake LOW.
PROTEINS and highly colored vegies  best choice for meals. Fruits for snacks.

i.) Avoid costly cable, ---network TV is fine, Amazon has a digital converter ariel
that'll work at 50 miles distance from station!  One time buy is Cheaper than dinner out for
two persons. And lotsa FINE BBC on PBS out there. Google TV
listings in your area, TITANTV.com has a complete station read out. I use a
digital converter box. BUY TWO at Amazon so you hit the 35$ limit and can
 get shipping free. TV for 2 rooms. FREE! FOREVER, just that first purchase.
 OR pay a one time fee for a box and go FREE with ROKU: SEE ROKU AND see FREE TV FILES
AT&T gave me a DIRECT TV BUNDLE --- 90 a month for PHONE/ cable and INTERNET. I hondle
them a lot for discounts. Every time they try to overcharge or cheat I catch them. Last time
they lowered bill 5$ a month for life. And took off the phony charges. So be a grinch.

Understand, I am not suggesting a path of frantic WEIRDNESS to have the totally cheapest food, light, roof clothing and car. BUT a little age old, time tested coyote wiliness and busy bee industry which you can do if confronted with the REALITY that THIS SYSTEM wants you ENSLAVED, NEEDY AND DESPERATE should do the trick!  For me, raising four fatherless children with no stipend or job or cash except 200$ welfare, 122$ a month food stamps, earning a few 15$ horoscopes for LA's holistic new age community, the AFDC or welfare they gave me was super NADA ---IT BECAME NECESSARY TO BONE UP ON SURVIVAL METHODS and HOW TO LIVE ON A DIME. CONFESSIONS of a BOTTOMFEEDER.

 (BELOW you will find some URLs to other pages that have tips. I researched and found dozens of WAYS TO SURVIVE THE KILLER SYSTEM. The first is to recognize that they are HERE to exploit you, keep you in slavery, make you so poor that your sons have to become soldiers and go kill innocent people and believe racist, paranoid malarky to stay sane doing it...be their war slaves.. take any job, no UNION protection anymore... Work for pigeon feed....all those indignities, just to have top ramen in their mouths. AND IT WILL GET WORSE. Even if you get HOLD of some food, Nowadays FOOD has no taste as it is AGRO-CORP- GROWN, HMO and no compost, chemical soils. NO NUTRITION and kids go nuts and shoot up schools on this diet. THEY do not care. Their kids are in private schools eating organic diets. SEE HOW THE GOV AND CORPS MAKE THE LITTLE GUY PAY, HOW WE ARE EXPLOITED. So, ONE way to survive is rent old delapidated houses in groups of 2 families or 3. Another is to grow your own food there. A third is to have a cottage industry...Tips on this and more in these articles below....

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