In an era in which more and more people are crossing over into bigger desires and likewise, larger unfulfilled needs ---  panic, anxiety and outright depression strike. MANY of our friends are depressed, suicidal or even in schizophrenic states. We need to start to be our brother's keeper.

You, lay person though you may be, can certainly do a little amateur psychiatric tinkering and may actually achieve an efficient CURE for a friend or family member. In a country where less of the walking wounded have the big money that hospitals and shrinks require, consider doing 'lay listening' just to make sure that no friend of yours ever takes a drastic turn for the worse, succumbing to drugs or suicide.

dr. fritz perlsThere are many ways to ease people's emotional load. Dr. Fritz Perls invented GESTALT where a combination of PSYCHODRAMA and 'talking with the imagined' offender in your memory. Another method is primaling, a kind of auditing (or listening while they relive events, and often doing ROLFING level massage at the same time. Reliving events  punches the truth HOME for the patient. They are more likely to accept life changing truths if they go back to the place where the hairy spider first climbed into their hair. Then, we are more likely to get our hands on the PATTERNS that make patient  do dumb things repeatedly and not learn. They spot the arrival of the primary CODING, and then can change the programming and get NEW FILES in current time.

The trick is to catch people so relaxed that they are sharing their most painful memories (or recounting recent events) and speaking straight from the feelings, with no editing or head trip or blocking. Kind of stream of consciousness 'getting it off their shoulder.'

Friends used to do that for one another in the good old days when time wasn't money.  We'd share a meal. There'd be soft music playing in the background, sad music. I recommend Barber's ADAGIO for STRINGS and Barbra Streisand's The Way we Were. as the saddest music that I ever heard.  So start that way with your friend. I've know therapists who even used a glass of wine or a few toques off a joint, but not both. Alcohol and cannabis do not combine. These might aid in creating a fuller experience the first few times until they become used to 'spilling all'  to you, and you could propose to them that you two escalate to doing EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK as Janov described in his books (THE PRIMAL SCREAM is first one, all are available at ABEBOOKS for a dollar.) I invented the combining of PRIMAL SCREAM with the rolfing of all the neural nexus (staying off lymph glands,) as the Reichians and Rolfers do. Seek out the books of Art Janov, Wilhelm Reich, Ida Rolf (although they wrote about her, I don't think she wrote.) And lend the books to your client before you start so they'll see what can be done when you sneak up on the unconscious. Or email  them this file. No PC? Print it out size 12 cpi, taking the purple color out.

Another way to primal or run a gestalt process on a family member or friend is to suggest that you give them a back adjustment. Indicate that you see they're carying a load you want to strengthen their spine. They lay face down, you slowly and softly get the tension out before you crack vertebraes or 'adjust' them. Then when they're super relaxed from the back rub, say: 'so, what's going on in your life lately?' Freud knew that people were more into their feelings when they were NOT facing you. He had his clients on a couch facing away from him.

Spine WORK relaxes people so much that they instantly start to talk about what's bothering them. People are just dying to share their tensions with someone sympathetic. It helps to play some sad, slow classical music in the bacground, to help them drift into reverie. I find the saddest song of all is Barbra Streisand's "The Way We Were, " but new age CD's by Michael Hoppe are amazing.

So they're face down, flat on a beach towel, you're doing a back rub calculated to remove those muscular tensions in and around the spine. Suddenly they will tend to be very candid and trusting. Ask them about their earliest memories of their difficulties with that person -- or their mate, siblings, parents, friends or that boss. They are much more likely to speak of the past pain that has them trapped in a repeating pattern, the roots of what's bothering them now.

If one person is the problem now, when you go back to childhood you may find that pattern pre-existed. That this depressed friend has always 'created' wrathful authority figures.

You want your troubled friend to re-experience the original painful event and painful relationship so that they 'connect' a.) with the pain they have learned to accept and live with, b.) with the reocurring pattern. And c.) they must feel the extent of the damage they are allowing to happen to themselves.

Many people do not allow themselves to feel how badly they are being treated (or once were treated,) or the full extent of the perpetrator's malice. The full technicolor, cinerama view is important for the first few 'visions' of this person, whether past or present, to enable them to 'get into feeling.' So many of us mask the pain, deaden ourselves. The idea is to probe especially on the points around the heart, under shoulder blades, above them where neural nexus, little points of permanent pain and acid deposits exist --- focusing on these points until the stored engrams or mental pictures becomes VIVID, alive. Then, you HOLD that point, do NOT STOP as memory of that pain floods them. Let them 'go into it.'

Let them stay in that hurt, wounded, weeping, protesting even ANGRY state as long as they are there. DO NOT MINIMIZE it with 'oh they'll learn,' or any other 'appropriate smothering. Just let the conflagration burn to ash on its own. Hold the neural nexus with thumb or finger, pressing into it.

Afterwards, when they have seen exactly what's under their 'composure,' what's really going on, you will help them to deal with what they felt. Computing what's going on or went on. And do not involve yourself in blame, guilt or other opinions. We are not index filing this stuff. That's not what's going on. We're not categorizing. We're just peeking under the rug. There's stuff under there, we're getting a peek. Eventually these sessions will vacuum under there.

Your friend may want to blame someone else so if that's the case, you might mention that there are enablers when there are felons. They want to learn to take responsibility for what happened. They somehow pulled this person, this malfactor, this 'petty tyrant' in. They pulled this event in. They 'created' it.

If they didn't, if they really were a victim, you still want to lead them away from rage and blame.  The perps or victimizers were probably doing the best they could. Blame and rage paralyzes the victim for life and exacerbates the original events. So eventually you are going to help your friend discard blame and rage.

Letting go is a way to heal depression in neurotics, almost overnight. You can do it at home, no license, no schooling; (Just reading up on basic neurotic patterns with a few psychology books. I recommend the work of Karen Horney, Sigmund Freud, but my true favorites are Art Janov and Frederick, (Fritz) Perls. You can get them at http://www.abebooks.com/ where used book stores reverse auction off old books. Put the author's name into the box.

Of course, you could go semi-pro and be a lay listener, not a professional clinical psychologist or even a family therapist or psychologist, but just a lay listener. And doing it, earn huge money which you'd richly deserve. Or you could combine it with massage as that seems to aid in the cathartic process, and earn what masseurs earn, 100$ an hour. If you don't want to go to massage school, call it 'Tantrum Yoga' and nobody bothers you, even if you place ads.

For an experiment, consider getting 'lay listening'  DONE to YOU by a friend after both of you read Janov, or done by your massage tech to whom you maybe give this article. You two can work magic with The Buddy System. You can do each other for free! Cleaning out old emotional issues/grief/wound/rage. etc. Until you've experienced this method, you can't imagine how much bitter, psychic residue is left inside you from ancient events and how fast it comes out with sad music, rolfing pressure back rubs and the right questions that evoke memories of what and when.

Being a lay listener is really about being an Emotional Level Body Worker (or an E.L.BoWorker, as I call it). This involves becoming a touching, talking, LISTENING, interacting human being. A feeling friend. You are not a trained psychotherapist but here's what's radical. You don't need a college degree. If you're compassionate, listening, probing, curious, wanting to see people transformed, you can start tomorrow, or as soon as you finish reading this article, whichever comes sooner!

Emotional Level work is being done by a few lay technicians these days. There are mentors, there are rebirthing groups in L.A. Frisco and New York. There are 'primal scream' workshops, there are emotional release massage tekkies. These are all people with no college degrees, no state issued doctorates, no city issued massage licenses.

Emotional release work is being done in a few, New Age schools and workshops as Gestalt therapy. Nobody in the Gestalt movement (which mainly does psychodrama, or runs memory processes on people) has thought to combine the work with massage and music but that triple combination works like magic to get even the most closed up people into reveries. The music and massage stills the mind and activates the emotional system. The channels open up.

Emotional release workers play very sad music. Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings", or Barbra Streisand's "The Way We Were." Classical music, slow, unassuming, quiet, subliminal. I hear that the score to "SOMEWHERE IN TIME" is sad and evocative. Michael Hoppe's work is surreally affecting.. New Age bookstores have his CD's. And CRIMSON by SINGH KAUR.Amazingly heart penetrating.

They should wear underwear and a bandeau bra (for a woman,) You can use a towel. They can be on the floor, bed or massage table. The healer  will work on the muscles and nerves in the back and lower scull and at the same time ask leading questions. 'What do you remember from your childhood?' They allow the client to come up with painful pictures from their childhood or infancy. Usually, these old, long-repressed, painful memories show up as baby feelings: being unloved, being hated even. The ones that occasion weeping are the track the therapist follows. They do not attempt to 'shush' the troubled person. They let him or her weep and just try to massage them unobtrusively while the person is processing this long-buried memory and 'letting it out.'

It is possible that you will not have any concept of how to tie up loose ends, of the head trip necessary to achieve closure. That instinct, that sensibility is a delicate one. The idea is not to blame the original victimizer but to encourage the wounded friend to 'make it all right,' to understand that the victimizer was only doing the best he or she could under the circumstances, and to leave him to heaven. We are not his or her judge. Oddly enough, just getting to the full, original pain of the wound and forgiving is enough to cause the current time psychic disarray to heal.

Dr. Art Janov (wrote Primal Scream, the Feeling Child,) did emotional release work without massage. They went backwards into early mental pictures, memories without any music. Clients VENTED emotions, ( primaling he called it,)  without any body work and his followers likewise have not bothered. Massage therapist type body workers who have ventured into accidental emotional release work by having clients suddenly start talking about past pain, past history, infancy, childhood usually don't work with the demons surfacing.  And they usually stop rubbing at your body tension and start talking about your emotional pain with you, which is useless. Or they give you an opinion, and they can even send you on your way with stuff surfacing but not being dealt with. That's not the Janov way. The Reichian rolfer who does hard body work pays attention to body tensions, actual physical, painful knots, massages them industriously with the idea of rolfing them out of existence as they believe that past events are stored there but they never talk about the events as they emerge. (The famed Ida Rolf created this kind of body work, and it got called ROLFING in her honor. She did it without the psychological or mental purging of the client speaking or remembering.) Last, your Classic psychoanalysts follow Freud who did the probing, remembering and speaking part without the client emoting, yelling, crying or the doctor massaging. So we have four separate schools where there should be one.

The Emotional Level BOdy Worker LAY LISTENER, AUDITOR does it ALL. He unites mind and body, memories and emotions. He plays sad music, he questions unobtrusively, in a low voice while your body knots are rolfed. He initiates things being recalled, spoken of, and thusly engineers a catharsis.

The other four healing schools do part of this, but none is as potent as doing all four at once. ELBOW WORK with music works and it works fast. And it works in the hands of anyone compassionate. ELBOWING does not require a medical degree.

Remember, it isn't the doctor that makes the crazy sane. Freud found that simply purging old memories made crazies sane. And he purged them without massage or primaling or sad music. He purged them without even the intimacy of looking at one another, or being a trusted friend, so how much better can the E.L.BO.Worker tread the misery out of the grapes when he links mind, body and emotions, trust and the client and therapist frequently have a human eye contact and pursue a question answer session. It is a very human interaction, so 'cut off,' zombie people who have trouble being compassionate and looking another in the eye and saying OUCH, when the other person is hurting, had better stay away from it.

The person who does this work must care for his friend and also be interested in  transformation, healing, mysteries of the mind, secret drama. Who was it that said 'all dysfunctional families are different ergo interesting. and all healthy families are the same and make for lousy drama." Some Hollywood Screenwriter.

This work is like digging for hidden treasure, buried emotions. You are seeking out hidden rivers of feeling so deep that most people HAVE to block them.. Water is certainly a metaphor for emotions, so by creating the space for old feelings being plumbed and released, you are literally priming the pump. The work is dry at first, but one creates the space for  feelings to come, (sad music, a relaxing back rub) and finally the pressure of the tapped artisian well which lies underneath will spout up and all that insanity is right in your face: the rage, the wound, the unmet expectations, the scar tissue.

And what happens is, that by these passions exposing themselves in all their primitive INFANTILE insanity, and having the compassionate therapist there understanding the pain and being the witness is actually helping the witness part of the client's mind to come into existence. Neurotics are frequently infantile victims, stuck in their offended, primary narcissism, holding an old, 'why did this happen to me?' attitude. You want to develop the adult side of the victim. The one who can come out into the light and SEE the victimizer as a poor nutcake. Just releasing them from vengeance and punitive feelings pushes the unhealth out of the victim's mind. Like an artisan well spouts out any rocks that got stuck in the pipe. Hey, it's as good an image as ANY! The hidden treasure that  you're searching for is flowing clarity of clear water. Those old rocks were blocking the flow.

A human has three bodies, emotional, mental, physical. When you link the three, you get the platform on which the SOUL stands and you can reach the soul and when you do, you will pass all the old, psychiatric methods in the fast lane.

You will do the job of 'clearing' OLD twisted IDEAS, FEELINGS and negative EMOTIONS and tensed muscles (repressed screams, repressed biting) out of the client the way a washing machine scrubs stains out of rags.

Huge amounts of negativity are stored in the body's neural nexuses and in muscles. They have been called things from 'pictures' to ENGRAMS or SOMATICS. They are latent memories, semi repressed, stuck down in the twilight of the mind, but many sensitive therapists insist they are also located in the BODY itself. There are actual "OLD PAIN PICTURES" that are stored in the nerves which develop chronic knots of tension. These tension patterns trap us. Their REPRESSION costs us much energy. We have to cut ourselves off. Toughen ourselves. Zombie ourselves. Become dead, unfeeling when there's too much old pain inside us.  We have to silence internal, screaming voices, strap them in, hide them all the time, go out of our way to blame others for this 'undealt with' knot and 'act out' AT others as if we were a robot in the hold of some dark and morbid demon.

Ida Rolf and her teacher, Wilhelm Reich, called the knot of repression 'the body armor,' and taught that neurotics are so strapped into their armor that they can’t take the fluid postures of a mammal. They can’t trust, love, forgive, give birth with ease. They can't evacuate or sleep with ease. They don’t have the pelvic looseness necessary for fun not to mention sexual release. They can’t laugh, dance or move and they are irritated with others who do and become suppressives.

Primal theory maintains that the tension stored in the body will program us to expect MORE of the same misery that caused it. The same betraying loves as the mother who turned away to give love to a younger sibling. We have a self fulfilling prophecy going on. The word 'paranoiac' ring bells?

When a person who was bitten by a dog sees a dog running at him, specific electrical tensions flare that would make galvanic skin response instruments jiggle if you had the right one to read it. Electric shocks. It's similar to that. There's psychic scar tissue and electrical tensions to erase in a client's body. IF a sick person sees or hears a dog, memories of that vulnerability, the pain of that earlier, (although forgotten) dog bite will surface as a queasiness, a shaking, a nightmare. All humans are full of living, vivid stored pictures --- TAPES, if you will.

What you will do as an E.L.BoW therapist is erase all of it from their  memory. You may leave this one suggestion 'if you see a big vicious dog loose, quickly get into your car.' That's all any human need carry around. The psychic luggage of all those nightmarish Stephen King CUJO memories are unneeded. But that's what people carry, and some of them carry these memories from other lifetimes. Past life sights, visions, horrid experiences can surface in ELBOW work and remembering them is as easy to get into as 'strictly this lifetime' stuff.  You will see that you can go in that direction later, make a massage session a real sightseeing tour and do some past life regressions, too. In 1949, the classic book on that subject was written, "The Search for Bridey Murphy" by Morey Bernstein. You can get it and all the books mentioned here used, and very cheaply, at http://www.abebooks.com/ or AMAZON used.

If you already are a massage therapist and your practice is dull, or if you are a psychologist and the work is shallow, repetitive, boring, you might try emotional release work --- if only to bring old clients back for a new treat.

I can just see the postcard you send your client list, a little guy dragging a heavy suitcase, "Got Issues? I'm now doing Emotional Level Body Work and Past Life regressions."

I guarantee you'll be the only person in town offering this. Your client load will mushroom immediately, however don't think of emotional release work as a gimmick, it's much more than that. It's the 21st century arriving at your door!

So now let's get to the technical details you'll need to understand what's going on. You are reading this as you're going to get your close pal or roomate well, or get them to primal you, once or twice so you can see how powerful the memory processes are, the ones awakened by this. Or you're reading it as you are planning to enable your own massage clients to handle present sorrows, and see patterns involved with childhood. Learn the most frequent patterns.

In their lives, as in your own, it's guaranteed, there are petty tyrants. People who drive us wild. We have toxic relationships with these weirdos. They don't give to us. Why do we tolerate it? Why do we need them? Well the point is, sometimes we can't let go. We have accidentally been dealt or have chosen flawed people. We have cast the movie of our life with unreliable actors!

AFTER a few sessions, we will encourage the victim to stop expecting and move away from the tyrant. To get as far clear of them as is possible. But we don't do that in the beginning. The first thing we do in our sessions is to encourage the recipient to feel the true dimensions of pain being given them. See, they're not truly feeling it. They are blocked. They are habitually deadened. So we have to get them so healed that they feel what a mistake this was.

So get them to not think, just hear the music, feel the backrub, feel the pain as you rolf the muscles and nerves. Work on their backs until current time 'stuff' starts to 'come up' as a subject of thought or conversation. Encourage them to talk about what comes up as the session starts. When they get to a specific old memory, the ideas is not to continue 'chatty' or 'talky' but to get to the PRIMAL FEELING. What they feel about what was 'done to them. So at that point start asking 'and how did that feel? What did you feel?' This will encourage them to go down below talk and thought and to perhaps stumble into the world of EEKK, UGH, OH GAWDDDDD! And to have those 'primal connections,' make those gutteral groans, as you carry them back to the event as a clear 'vision.' A daydream of what actually happened. So that they cognite that those damn actors they cast in their play may have had stage switchblades but they were drawing REAL blood, so we've got to FIRE them from our lives or learn not to blame them, but to blame ourselves for having hired them! If a blocked person comes unblocked and suddenly feels the primal pain his petty tyrants give him, he will finally make the needed changes.

art janovThe term 'PRIMAL' came from the three books written by Dr. Art Janov, and refers to the vision and the simultaneous release of repressed negative emotions, vivid pictures in the mind, memory of the painful event and a cognition of the exact thing that happened. The client combines the vision with vocalizing on the event, the harm that one felt was done. The therapist encourages the 'upset' person to RE-LIVE and then understand, digest and at session's end, find some closure.

There are certain sentences that work for this. "She was ignorant but she was just doing the best she could. That's how she learned to survive. Forgive her." That will go a long way to ending the stress. And getting people to move away from toxic ties and from the toxic 'shut offness' that they had to create for their bodies, that made them dead people. Depressed people. REPRESSION creates depression. That is the rule.

Janov found that after a skilled therapist circled around the current time aggravation it would reveal an ancient BOIL. After lancing the infant memory of an 'early similar', people could use their present state of adult intelligence to deal with the healing, or any reoccurences of stress along that 'old pattern'. That they could now deal better with the COMING UP of repressed memories or events they hadn't 'handled' in some earlier time, because she or he was a child and couldn't, didn't have the sophistication. And when a suffering, remembing person can forgive the malfactor, he will instantly achieve distance from the event, be cleansed of the previously repressed feeling of rage and helplessness, and through mature understanding, he can go through a catharsis and achieve closure. One session can take pounds of pressure of that well. Often people go home healed the first session!

Primal Massage takes no license if you call it TANTRUM YOGA, no long studies. It requires you simply are the feeling human that you are. Learning how to primal massage clients might involve reading "The Primal Scream", "The Feeling Child, and "The Primal Revolution," but it won't hurt your chances if you haven’t.

I first learned about Art Janov and the work, the concept, from actress Dyan Cannon. After reading for her party guests at her Malibu home, she spoke of Janov at length, and in detail. Yoko and John Lennon were in therapy with Janov. Dyan explained the work, showed me her padded room. Padded not so you won't kick the wall in but so you can't be HEARD weeping and screaming. (Primal devotees really scream). While it isn't always, it can be noisy and volatile to open people to 'old pain.'

Emotional release involves pre-instruction for client on what to expect, so that as feelings 'come up' he is prepared to conquer his natural shyness and 'voice' emotions.

Listening requires skill by the therapist who must focus on intense sounds, aggression, weeping & be moved to tears, but who must not interrupt the fountain of feeling and must not 'defend' against feelings by getting talky or mental (a form of closing up) but who should stay responsive, silent, but with sounds of assent, like 'ummmmm, ' or a thoughtful 'I got it,' and not go 'up in the head', a frequent unconscious, evasive maneuver, thusly shutting the ‘voicer’ up.

By being sympathetic, but soft or mute, the therapist allows his client to 'stay in feeling,' acknowledges his empathy to what the client is going through or feeling, perhaps with an intoned 'Hummmmm' or "I see," or "What else do you remember?" as this encourages the client to keep going but don't snap him out of his memories or his feeling along this old strand of hidden beads, in the dark... with distracting words or lofty ideas.

At the end of an hour of scrubbing away at the "stain," the therapist must spend some moments connecting the client to a 'coming to terms' or forgiving the malfactor. Then we can talk and share ideas. But not during the feeling session.

 This latter chat is the 'head trip part that 'cleans up the mess' and gives closure. The therapist must resist making snap value judgements on the various personae in client's life. He is not a judge or psychiatrist so no judgements on people are required. Usually as feelings emerge, the client can work through them and locate his own villains. It’s forgiving where the client might need assistance.

If you sense client can't work through something, and is stuck, or is in so much anger he's going to drive fast out on the street, recommend he have a cup of chamomile tea with you and calm down. You can't send agitated people out onto the street, so you can't take clients back to back in two hours. If someone seems violent after a session, (which is really at the far end of the spectrum and suggests they may not COME back to reality,) you might recommend they consider a psychotherapist and that primaling is not their path.

Primal Massage is soft massage at first, but to get into those deeply buried feelings, deeper work on the client's body, almost rolfing levels, at times, is done on nerves and meridians as well as on muscle bundles.

Sad background music played during the treatment is conducive to getting into feelings whether classics (Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings) or New age Music, "CRIMSON" series, with ARDAS being the best album, or ballads like 'THE WAY WE WERE." Make your own tape collections. All of these ingredients blended together will trigger an outpouring of current-time emotional stresses if there are any.

As you are dealing with people who are depressed, (blocked feelings, REPRESSION,) and panicky, agitated, there can be many current time stimuli to old thinking patterns. If not, move right to the childhood memories.

Your client is instructed to 'go with the mental pictures,' describe what he is seeing, and to connect any old feelings surfacing, old emotions, long repressed with current wisdom. We return to visit the tantrum of a two year old but with our supposedly, now wise 30 year old brain.

During the emotive part of the session, the client will stay in the unconscious mind, get off of verbalizing or left brain activity. The music carries him here. He will be in his right brain, emoting without self-censoring, ideation or rational evaluation.

As the therapist's hands dig into tense areas, the client remembers old scenes. His mother throwing him the baby bottle, not even coming near his crib. He is encouraged to make sounds, grunts or groans, and to become non-mental, and simply vocalize or to call for her. The sad music, the physical pain, the loosening up of the instinctual 'guard' invariably causes primal, long suppressed feelings of primal need, wound or anger to arise and the skilled therapist learns to 'take these feelings back' (guiding the client toward 'old, and older baby feelings').

The theory given us by a lineage of therapists in this field, from Wilhelm Reich to Ida Rolf, says we all have body armor', which is dug into, filled with 'somatics' or stored neural impressions. Residues of old psychological trauma lie in the body tissue. As hands work on these spots, the client enters into a hazy world of primal pain, and cries out as he descends into these old habit patterns that are somewhat disguised but are making his current life miserable. BLOCKAGE, REPRESSION EQUAL DEPRESSION. SUPPRESSED RAGE means symptoms of numbness. Being a "Dead Dora" isn't easy. Sigmund Freud said that cathecting emotions took work. I explain it this way, if you're busy suppressing a lot of 'stuff', you are not able to explode in delight feelings that attract love and success. You're are all bound up, dark, moody and you attract big bad events time and time again. All your strategies are skewed. You are acting out strange dramas of sacrifice and betrayal and doing it again and again.You are out there collecting injustices and trying to get a payoff out of failure. So it's required that you get feeling, lose the armor, realize who out there is a stinker, is hurtful, and lose them!

By going full into the old armor, the client goes through that armor, falls into the abyss of the feared FEELING of his pain, and from there, into cognition and out the other side, finally purging himself of fear, anger, blame or NEED, achieving a neutral headset which attracts a balanced life, a pain-free condition and creates that recognition that maybe she or he was scarred or wounded by life or people he loved but that it was OK as it was part of a learning experience. The important thing is to stop being a silly goose and putting your neck out.

The truth cannot hurt as much as the years of repression of truth. At the other end of the tunnel there is emergence and clarity, along with regret, recognition that somewhere in one's childhoods, there were sinners, those who were not 'feeling' to the child, who 'hurt', frightened, abandoned, betrayed him along with an intense desire never to be unfeeling with one's own children or to choose unfeeling people as friends, mates or lovers. We begin to get very good at locating suppressive people and getting away from them.

At the end of the session one realizes that one's inner infant couldn't FALL AWAY, like stage 1 of a rocket. It's STUCK, weighing us down but after a few sessions, a mature, adult part of you (called the witness or adult) ---wise enough to reason through the dumb unconscious' perceptions with its skewed programming --- starts to SPOT the load he carries and chooses NOT to be at effect of such a load any longer. People who repress their load are like the fellow in the old joke who carries an elephant on his head. What elephant? Where? But people getting this kind of therapy start to spot the paw hanging before their eye and say look, this is connected to THAT. And they learn to YANK!

Many people find modern life restimulates baby insecurities. The spectre of failure, poverty, homelessness is everywhere. Clients will come in 'overloaded, weeping from feeling expected to handle things alone, no help from anyone, and damn angry at other people over this. Their finances are lousy not just because of the oppressive planetary overlords and the IMF but because people are TOO overloaded to feel energy, smile authentically, be charming and feeling so their careers are in the toilet. But the client who weeps out that baby feeling of being overloaded, discovers it's only miasmic psychic junk and it's not real! He will express the pain, make noises, weep, rage and after a few sessions, no longer make the mistake of identifying with it, or being moved to feel suicidally hopeless, or phone someone up and blame/attack them. More important, no longer will he allege himself to be the victim of a conspiracy, a loser, destined to fail. He has two legs and two hands; he can repair his life. After all, it's just HIS psychic guck not any real obstacle to success. And as he purges the blues, he'll start to SMILE and laugh and be of light heart. It is amazing how primal scream and emotional release work can LOSE US THE BLUES. Your clients will go on to attract business, and once more be moneymakers. And if they hate their career, they'll change it and do something they love. As people become vital and lively, they reject dead jobs, mates and chums and dead politicians as voted in leaders. LIVE people can spot dead ones!

Old NEGATIVE feelings block our way to personal happiness in relationships and success, so it's necessary to LOSE them. You don't lose these by saying 'what elephant?' Getting INTO NEGATIVE FEELING, SEEING our PATTERNS of infantile FEELING, then MEDITATING on choosing to let them go ---is a negativity-dumping technology that combines body work, Freudian work and Janovian work.

In the aftermath of a primal session, the therapist leads the client into forgiving and understanding the culprits, offenders in his life. "They weren't perfect; they were doing the best they could" may be a form of that compassion. Or, if the stored memory was laid in at a later age, when the person had chosen to link with an unfeeling person, "after all, you picked him. Don't pick a zombie the next time." The client is encouraged to be more careful in selecting his close ties, to 'take responsibility,' remembering that all the doors in life open in but not necessarily back. Remembering that a one second choice can end up lasting for years. And that either harmony or INHARMONY is in that decision.

Sometimes fate is the tyrant, and people feel themselves to be the victim of cruel Gods. These perceptions can never wholly be induced to depart just by getting into 'baby feeling' and remembering needs, anger, wounds, scars, and weeping like a child at that pain BUT a good cry over things one NEVER cried over before IS cathartic, primitive, passionate, and helps put us in a post-cathartic, eased state of mind.(Not during the cry --- but afterwards.)

Humans are not always to blame for what happens to them. There are accidents. But mature people learn to spot danger beforehand and prevent it. They earn themselves a better 'statistic.' Realizing how decimating it is to be with unloving people, instead of blocking the pain over their affronts to our loving hearts,-- serves to warn us to be more cautious letting zombies into our beds in the future.

The average emotional release session goes like this: the client and therapist sit on carpet, do deep breathing, stretches. They wear sweats or leotards. Then the hands of the therapist work on the body, soothing it, LOOSENING the hard rubber band muscles, digging into gritty, uric acid deposits, the tensions collected around the heart, on both sides of spine, under shoulder blades, finding the painful nerve meridians. Client must have READ this article too, so they know what we're looking for: CURRENT TIME AGGRAVATION that has been semi-ignored. Expression of the feeling that will open old, sealed doors. Combine expression of pain with sad music wafting through the air, & some questions like 'what's on your mind these days?' or 'what's going on in your life? And mysteriously, current emotional pain surfaces.

The client has the 1st 'negative feeling.' Something that bothers him comes to mind. If client is a man, work, career responsibility issues, relationship fears may come up. Or if client is a woman, love issues. "My husband seems cold to me lately." "Mmmmmm" acknowledges the therapist. "That must be painful." "It is," "What happened?" She tells this story and the emotions emerge. "Just let the tears come," says the therapist, giving her 'the space' to do something which is rarely socially done. (KLEENEX is always handy.) The client's conditioned responses to smother pain--- installed since infancy by parents who do not want to hear sniveling, --- suddenly break down. The sobs roll out. The therapist's hands never stop working on emotive areas, disaphragm, heart, under shoulder blades. Therapist encourages the client to 'take the feeling back.' "Do you ever remember having that feeling when you were a child? A similar incident?" The hands keep working, the music plies its sorrowful mood. The client searches her inner mental files. Suddenly PICTURES are liberated, induced by the stimuli. "A tea party on the lawn. My father tried to break it up. He was never there for me. He was very disapproving, distant." "Did that pain you?" Now, specific memories arise; new tears start. The patient blubbers something about her father's refusal to come to a girls' tea party, her being harshly criticized in front of friends, the feeling Daddy didn't love her. After this new torrent of tears is over, the therapist, asks--were there earlier similars? Often the mind cannot recall any, but the hand and music work their magic and the body and psyche DO REMEMBER.

Now, it is possible to give the cue to the memory to step back into the past lifetime and very often we will get what appears to be past lifetime pictures but I don't want to go into this work here. Many hypnotists have found that they can take people back to past lives. Read THE MANY LIVES OF BRIDEY MURPHY" by Morey Bernstein. Pub. Back in the 50's. I myself have been regressed in a group. Ten people in a circle, regressed one by one by Gabriel Green, an 80 year old man, who put a hand into my crown chakra area, a few inches over my head, and he told me to LOOK, to SEE that past life. I started being able to have scenes of another life. VISIONS. But that is so off the wall that if I tell it to any scientific people, I wouldn't blame them for running me out of the room. Read my impressions as you can later do that too, regress people

Let's stay with your clients taking current pain back to early similars in childhood. The client is remembering, the crying starts up again and in it, the client can actually go back to amazingly early memories, stored as visual pictures or physical hungers...the desire to be fed a bottle of formula, or picked up out of the crib. This desire has not been fulfilled, has been smothered -- but is still vigorously alive, playing a sour tune on the patient's psychological apparatus since childhood. Imagine an intense baby, longing for mom to pick him up. She doesn't. A maid comes. They throw the bottle into his crib. Imagine that child repressing his disappointment, SHOVING it down.

Perhaps a wife has picked an unloving husband, a cold, workaholic man, identical to what her mother and father were. See, all of us are doomed by repressed pain to search for the very thing that had hurt us as an infant. Neurotics masochistically do this. They seek to re-live or repeat the elements of the inner infant's 'sad life script' as if that would free them. The pain becomes a vicious, 'mobius loop' of flawed choices, self-fulfilling prophecies. They continue to bark up the wrong tree, and even to perversely select unfeeling zombies and to sexualize that. Aren't cold faced cruel looking, icy models the erotic image chosen by advertising to sell products? The wounded non-recipient picks a non-giver. Neurotic selects neurotic. As the great writer-psychiatrist Edmund Bergler observed, neurotics show magical intuition at recognizing and selecting each other.

The therapist allows the patient to reminisce along the string of events and hopefully, the patient instantly sees the similarity seeing what he, himself, has chosen. This and other cognitions arise during or at the end of the session. The client gets up from yoking with the tantrum, (Tantrum Yoga) aware of the forgiving of ancient villains giving him increased aliveness. There is a clear, blue sky after a good rain. The client may be full of either happy or thoughtful chatter, euphoria produced by uncorking blocks over these old, repressed feelings. Sometimes he may be thoughtful and quiet. Most often he is ebullient as he shares cognitions that suddenly make sense. Puzzle pieces fit and there is a great deal of excitement. On a recent session I connected with the fact that I was in denial about eating junk food. I realized I was angry at 'fate' which triggered an unconscious deathwish that manifested as reckless eating, too much coffee, insomnia, depression, panic, anxiety and chronic fatigue. I instantly quit caffeine and junk foods, started a vegetarian Super Food diet and found new levels of high energy that made it easier to deal with 'fate' or even use my higher energy to change it.

If there are high levels of rage and wound, it's o.k to wonder if you are helping by letting client vent, catch sight of the pattern. Check up on them. See if they are GETTING OFF IT. If not, encourage the client to go to a professional psycho-therapist to further discuss cognitions and any lifeshaking implications.

The body therapist's job is to reduce stored pain and get normal people in touch with themselves. We're not here to work on maniacs who have NO grip on reality, who are delusional or violent.

The client who is brave enough to unstop the genii from the bottle has the job of incorporating new information into his lifestyle which may involve getting marriage therapy, eliminating a relationship with a harmful relative, friend or boss.

When touching old pain --if the rational side isn't strong enough to incorporate these discoveries, not level headed enough to understand them, opening the patient to his pain can stir up the "Poor Me's." If you see that happening, yoga, mantra, healthfoods and meditation are going to be additionally necessary. As a matter of fact, yoga, chanting and meditation frequently produces the same effusion of cognitions and outbursts of primals and visions of repressed events as does the Janov/Rolf work.

FASTING COMBINED WITH PRIMALING: I went on raw juices for a week and spent first 5 days sobbing as 'old, baby feelings came up.' Haven't gone through anything like this since my wife walked out two decades ago. Seems like the healing crisis they describe when one fasts or whatever and loses a cold or old illnesses,
you go back thru it in reverse. Last 2 days of the fast, ANGER came up,  pretty rare for me. I didn't even know it was there. And I felt impatient. Wanting to get on w/it, wanting to get old emotional baggage released. The damn stuff works! FEEL the emotion, make it stronger if you can, also do EFT techniques and tap the pain away (release the memories from the body, replace the memory with a happy one (even made up!). Then you enter into sort of a neutral peacefulness and from there it ain't hard to feel happy. You kind of feel stunned at first like, what happened? I wonder if the body gets confused while the subconscious sorts things out.

What needs to be practiced is the FEELING I already have what I want. Hicks the writer on EFT says we want things for the feelings they produce, so have the feelings now and don't waste time earning the millions for those things. 1. You wont need to possess what you want, and 2. The thing you want will come to you anyway.

Kind of screwy cause if I feel/believe/act like I have it  I don't actually need to receive it.

COMBINING YOGA WITH PRIMALING gets the body in shape but it also aligns the MIND with the SOUL. It creates a precise setting between soul and mind like hitting the notch on the dial that gets best reception.  What happens is that your LUCK clicks in. You are where you're meant to be. You radiate and attract people. You get the job you're meant to have, the sweetheart you're meant to have.  KUNDALINI yoga is the most precise at alignment more so than hatha yoga. I know that there is a class near you.  First class is free --was the rule of YOGI BHAJAN. Remind your teacher when you locate him/her. His/her fone/addie is here on this list:
 kundalini yoga dot com

That is where the list of teachers in every city/state/country exists. So you can send this URL to pals in other cities.

If you are interested in this new field of work you should a.) go on healthfoods, b.) study yoga, then C.) get primaled. Get a friend to do it. You both will appreciate the power of digging for stored, old pain, get a few sessions yourself, even if you THINK you have no hidden grief. Only the experiencing of a primal emotional release session can give the therapist the certainty that simply to re-live old pain can arm one with cognitions about one's neurotic thought or emotional patterns. AWARENESS is everything. SEEING is everything. Being aware of inner dynamics can prevent one making impaired life choices. For that reason, at the end of a session, I always wink and tell the client 'go and sin no more.' By that I mean, go and don't be BLUE anymore!

Your talent for sympathy is why you'd be good at this. I never give this article to anyone in whom I do not see this honest sympathy. Self-absorption means a failure to qualify. Only a person who is open to his own full spectrum of feelings, affection, compassion, love, joy and pain can be fully alive whether therapist or client. Only an alive, sympathetic, and feeling therapist can approach a repressed person full of pain. Profiteering machines don't work here. They'd be repulsed by this work.

The first impulse of a repressed therapist is to smother another's tears and pain as it re-stimulates our own repressed feelings, much as a crying baby or whining dog makes our skin crawl.

Sigmund Freud said that the psychiatrist who works with the insane must be the most sane. Likewise in getting others into feelings, the therapist must be a feeling person. No brisk, efficient, "let's all be stiff upper lips" need apply.

So, you think you're up to it? You've done the required reading? (Janov, Rolf). Then, get a business card that announces you're in this new field. I love a card that has someone bent under a huge suitcase marked 'issues, triggers.' Text says: "old emotional issues? Get primal massage." Call it "Emotional Release work" or you might call it "Tantrum Yoga."

When a client signs up for his first session, mail this article to him beforehand to show them what to expect so he'll recognize the events, perceptions and growth that will occur.

At first appointment, you don't take more than a few minutes to explain what you will be doing, liberating memories, even ones felt painful and repressed. The human brain cognites l00% times faster than any teacher can talk so very little explaining is required to give someone the accurate picture. You can save yourself even that by giving them this file by email the day before.

THE FIRST SESSION. It's good when the client has some degree of confidence with the therapist, already trusts the process and the therapist. That way, there are no unresolved social tensions. Hopefully, some previous meeting and talk has occurred in which the client sees the therapist as trustworthy, sincere. This is necessary because, in the thick of feeling therapy, it's no good if that foundation of trust and even some degree of affection or transference isn't there. This isn't Freudian non-facing work. This is face to face work. People will suddenly see you there, a total stranger, and clam up. That wall can shoot up. The reason they are there is because they have walls.

So, after the initial meeting and chat, start by both kneeling on the floor, a little candle and altar there, with a few religious pictures might be useful. You might use the work described and taught for free at http://www.emofree.com/ or you as the therapist might just say," we are going to open ourselves to the healing powers of the universe". Suggest that they will, in another minute, lie backwards on the floor and open themselves to heaven. Suggest that you, the therapist, are only a gross substitute for a real angel above them, but the healing forces are genuine heavenly ones and ask for the blessings of the higher spirits of the brotherhoods of angels that watch over us and ask them to give you the strength to face the angels which you are going to DO in another second by facing the ceiling. This would be the appropriate time to tune in to such higher dimensions or guides verbally in a brief meditation..

Then you ask the client to lie down, face up, spread eagled, palms up. This is a very vulnerable, foolish position and you must admit as much to the client and say that you understand that it is! And that's why you did the little prayer beforehand. LYING FACE UP in the presence of a stranger with his or her eyes SHUT goes against the instinct of all mammals. That's why the invocation prologue inviting trust and suggesting angelic protection.

NEXT, the therapist asks client to inhale through the mouth and exhale with the sound 'AH.' As client exhales, press on chest, pectorals and diaphragm (on different exhales) to show them that some pain is involved in this 'getting to feeling' and 2). to get a more complete, rounder, deeper exhale behind that AHHHHHH. Work on that a while until you get a deep 'ahhh.'

2. Ask: HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? Feelings may come up. Use free association about current issues. Thoughtless, careless back and forth questions/answers, randomly poking into muscles and conversational wanderings as you discuss things until you hit a deep feeling. OUCH. ANGER, PAIN, WOUND. When that happens, focus on it while they discuss whatever that mental issue or memory is. You massage the entire emotive area over face, chest, neck and maybe even do the back area around the heart.

3. FIND OUT WHO FEELING IS CONNECTED TO. FIND OUT WHAT THE 'OLD FEELING IS'. The rage is at the authority figure, today, the boss or fate itself, but it's really at an 'old' figure: father, mother. Wound may be directed toward some current beloved who doesn't love back but it's really old wound, directed toward parents (although some therapists believe in past lifetime material.) You aren't going to find out any of it unless you get them to VENT about the current time irritation. Now here's a trick. TALKING ABOUT something isn't as ALIVE as talking TO THAT PERSON.

4. Get client to TALK TO THAT PERSON- the client uses the Frederick Perls Gestalt Psychodrama method of talking to someone who isn't there. Now your client tells him off! Tells that imaginary nasty person his feeling of hurt, pain, rage, wound, need. He will use batacas to pound the floor or scream or weep if that's what is felt. That's how we "OWN" THE HURT. We express the hurt.

5. THE COGNITIVE PART OF THE SESSION- As we get to the 45 minute mark, we cease massaging, digging, connecting with and expressing old feelings. Sit up, discuss and resolve by coming to terms. Forgiving is the best way to come to terms and the next, all important step. 'They were only doing the best they could' is a good sentence to say to client. If it is forgiven, it may be forgotten. To check, next session, go back to the part of the body where that wound-feeling seemed to be stored and see what's still in there. I am currently adding to this 'end session', a brief trip back into past lifetimes with one hand held above the crown chakras as a kind of lens, so that the akashic record is fed into pineal gland. Sometimes left hand is under chin, creating an energy field but I was a kid who at age 13 was hypnotizing friends having read "The Search for Bridey Murphy" by Morey Bernstein, a major best seller in USA in early 50's. You can get that one at abebooks dot com also, I was trying to hypnotize all my friends so I could regress them as Bernstein did his client, taking them back to past lives. At age 30, I was regressed by Gabe Green succesfully to my own past lives, where I saw events that explain my desire to have many children, as I died leaving a half dozen infants orphaned, 500 years ago, and as I died and left these children, I was hit with supersonic levels of grief, which thanks to Gabe, I relived. So I know why I'm a Pumpkin eater, or babyholic.

So forgive me my own, peculiar California quirky fascinations. I don't expect anyone else to share them. Although, I frequently tell unhappy people, 'look, this is just one lifetime. If you don't get what you want here, no big deal You will get other lives and be born with the same talents. I've seen that. There are as many lifetimes as there are leaves on a tree. So it's no big deal. Forgive yourself, you learned the lesson, catch the gold ring on the carousel next time maybe. It's not like we have to do the whole nine yards HERE in this one lifetime!"

THE BASIC PREMISE OF PRIMALING: The body is a vast, rich ARCHAEOLOGICAL site. Every square inch of your body has stored memories. Some are great memories. Some are tender, but for many suffering people, memories can be a TOXIC DUMP SITE like Love Field which yields clues about your emotional history and current aberrated behavior. As the therapist hits an actual nerve nexus, memories of emotional pain 'COME UP' revealing parental damage. When one sees the thorn, one can tell which habitual life scripts are continually playing out and what manipulative, passive-aggressive, I'm a victim-'LOSER' you're a supressive mistreating winner GAMES one is stuck in. BABBLE IS THE GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF INNER FEELINGS. During this session we will be attentive to 'verbal foam.' No words or thoughts that spill out are accidental. Idle chatter during massage (in response to the music perhaps), leads to the HEAD TRIP which is connected to the HEART TRIP. Whatever you are saying is the top of an iceberg showing itself. Babble is a pathway that allows us to trace back along the ARCHITECTURE of mind, thru 'current pain to 'old stuff.' We encourage & are attentive to thoughts, stories client remembers during the massage. These quickly lead to 'CONNECTING.' i.e. instant weeping. Babble is like a peeling away of rock layers before the lightning bolt of the golden veing revealing itself. That vein is psychic pain that shows where ancient lighting buried itself in your soul. You can follow that vein backwards, too. Identify major 'stuff' that is 'COMING UP," current-time frustrations and ANGST and they will always lead back to old, BABY FEELINGS. Those are never conscious. never. They were blocked. NO BABY can tolerate the spectre of its own death. To be unloved is death. This thought must be banished. Hence blocked. Cathected feelings cause deadness. Once one KNOWS the precise brand of BABY FEELINGS that are running him one can REPROGRAM the unconscious. DURING the massage appointment when 'BABY' FEELINGS COME UP ask client to: 1) BECOME THE INNER INFANT 99%. 1% is the inner witness or adult, & surrender or 'give in' to memories of baby feelings. Vocalize, either as groans, primal sounds, or talk 2.) With that 1% 'feet on the ground.' SEPARATE this LITTLE piece of your adult-WITNESS, let him remain TO MONITOR and confront the MORE IMPORTANT appearance of 99% INNER CHILD.

MAP OF THE DIG, TOP LEVEL: MAIN SYMPTOM IS RAGE. Why is the 'head' trip that we have selected to live with, often involving anger? It is because rage is much more comfortable and less painful than wound. There can be 'DENIAL' of wound but NOBODY will block anger. It is socially acceptable. Perhaps as irritation or nagging but it's acceptable. Most clients admit anger. Especially MEN. Anger is how pain represents itself in testosterone based beings, i.e. men, Wound is how it represents itself in estrogen based people, women.

Expect to see signs of this in both. Voice symptoms: chronic barking at others. Body symptoms: wrinkled brow, specific localized tensions, knotted muscles, clenched jaw. SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: always criticizing somebody, not necessarily to their face. Always feeling the other person didn't give enough, which they may have said to their face in which case, the symptom is that people always LEAVE them. Or want to. There's habitual complaining about others' bad behavior. Irritation with everybody. And the main one: no close, true, real pals. If people need them, they endure the 'ugly personality' but when they can get out, they will.

You'll often find nervous habits, smoking, food addictions, orality, sugar, wine, alcoholism, sexual tension, empty affairs, conquests, drinking, smoking, eating, and the socially acceptable one, constant, idle chatter. Release here sees understanding of the cruel event, the petty tyrant, banishes or removes anger, gives one a desire to associate with people again, liberates forgiving speech and creates A SMILE!

SECOND LEVEL: WOUND. Weeping, pain. Many people habitually defend from this kind of pain. Anger is easy, pain is not. Heart defended BEHAVIOR creates or entails 'cut- offness,' being an insensitive, uncaring, SELF-istic, un-FEELING zombie who has FRACTIONAL relationships, 'Low nutrition'- RELATIONSHIPS, based on money or sex. Wounded people make aberrated CHOICES OF friends, based on FASCINATION. Intrigue, choosing oddities. Like the girl who picks married guys, or prisoners, or drunks or out and out reckless 'hot fudge sundae' men, I call them. "Junk food relationships." As we crash through this WOUND barrier, long-denied pains and hungers manifest as a feeling of intense loneliness result. You realize you picked people who left you high and dry, as wounded as the parent figures in infancy. You have followed the same path, DENYING FEELING PEOPLE. Banishing them, whether lovers or children, and picking UNFEELING people.

There is GUILT for not having been loving, feelings of not being loveable, sorrow for being unloved, tears, weeping. 4TH CHAKRA - (HEART). Release on this level creates peace and joy.

THIRD LEVEL: UNMET NEED. The primal hunger cannot be fulfilled by life. A sense of limited control, having a terrible life. RESIGNATION, HOPELESSNESS. SENSE OF LACK OF POWER. Suppressed pain, need, and needs unmet by life. 3RD CHAKRA. OUR POWER IS BROKEN = POWERLESSNESS. Release here gives POWER! AMBITION. What we call a power break through!

FOURTH LEVEL: THE FULL NEED. Now we can taste our true desires. Our CRAVINGS are strong. We feel how much we want or need certain things. ARE THEY ESSENTIAL NEEDS OR are NEUROTIC NEEDS running us? OBSESSIVE needs cripple us, make us lop-sided. We pick substitute fulfillment or recreations: aberrated, sexual 'acting out' playboy/nympho sex, sexualized love for surrogate-parent GURU figures, alcoholism, food binging, poverty and dependence on others. Driving others away by dependence. Choosing people to support us who fail us. RELEASE = physical relaxation, serenity, true romance, fun, sexual ecstasy, real mating, better people-picking skills, career independence through taking career responsibility.

FIFTH LEVEL- NO NEEDS AT ALL. Bliss consciousness. Flow. "Life, as is." I surf the wave of life. I can be 'in the "here and now" which makes me effective with people. No inner chatter. Meditative mind. I give up trying to control life. Absolute release on 1ST CHAKRA which usually sees to self survival. Healing on this deepest level creates vibrancy, flow, trust, faith, living on 'AUTOMATIC PILOT.' TRUST IN HIGHER POWERS, (GOD) --OUR OWN INNER GOD OR HIGHER MIND. THIS IS TRUE EMPOWERMENT. Every time, on every issue the client descends down through these four levels of denial into the fifth level of no need. From Anger to wound to unmet need, to the full naked need, to no need at all. That is the archaeological elevator shaft.

THE CLIENT'S HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: At the end of a session, ask client to go back over what he has learned in session --not about the body's TENSE spots but about sore spots in the mind. Then, assign the HOMEWORK: WORK ON painful MUSCLES, NERVE NEXUSES YOU CAN REACH. Some of the nerve nexuses are on front of body in heart area, throat area so one can do 'Auto massage' or use the buddy system, room-mate, pal or family. Work VERY lightly on lymph glands which also can be cleansed with herbs, (echinecea, golden seal), and Vitamin C . Trampoline to get lymph fluid moving.

WORK ON DIET- Energy is a resolution to problems in itself. Get more vital with raw foods, and lighter by AVOIDING stupor producing milk, heavy animal flesh foods, impossible to digest, sleep -producing fried starches. I believe there are hormones of suffering in animals that are infants, lamb, veal, separated from their moms. Do not eat those. Drink healing, raw juices, eat sprouts, seeds and salads, avocados, raw nuts, seeds; take vitamins. Enjoy sun-ripened fruit. If lymph swellings are a problem, (lymph rosary on iris of eye,) avoid dairy, white flour, (use low-gluten whole wheat flour or wheat alternatives like kamut, spelt, rye or other whole grain-products from healthfood store. When dairy is used, food-combine correctly for optimum digestion. Sour fruit is all that goes with dairy. Avoid canned/frozen foods. Use fresh. Instead of meat, 3 meals a day,  use high protein grains, millet, quinoa, tofu, TOFUBURGER, . fermented soy products. Use digestive enzymes to assimilate cooked foods better. Have frequent mono-meals. LEARN TO FOOD COMBINE, that is to never mix  incompatible foods, i.e. meat/starch. Solar foods like vegies, fruits, organically grown (16 times the minerals) is a power diet. And JUICE them, too, lightning in a glass.

HANDLE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS- Don't be a 'sourpuss' and discuss others' lacks with habitually cut-off, unfeeling people. This is asking for trouble, failure. It is neurotic, rejection-seeking and will provoke 'acting out' on your part which is supposed to indicate you are a superior person on a high-hat intellectual trip. You tell them how feeling you are and how feeling they are not? WRONG. This invites them to laugh at this 'trip' you're on. Instead, be affectionate, loving and serving with them. Observe their 'stuff,' without comment. If it isn't too unexpected, PRAISE, FLATTER, even touch them a little, express admiration, praise and gratitude liberally, even if they're as dead as a dry philodendrum. See where that goes. A sprig of life might just be left in the old houseplant and it might reward you with a season of renewed bloom. If just one sick person can deaden a whole family, then maybe just one WELL person can HEAL a whole family. If they don't want to get well, you will make your travel plans accordingly.

SUGGEST THAT YOUR CLIENTS CONTINUE their PRIMAL MEDITATION SESSIONS ALONE - Introspective, regular meditation sessions done by client at home, either at an altar with a candle or on the floor, on an exercise mat or on the bed, in fetal position, allow the client to constantly monitor psychic pressures AS THEY ARISE. Primal meditation isn't going to be silent. One of the good American meditation teachers---Brother George, who was a devotee of Muktananda, --says that tranquil meditations are for old, perfected souls who have been meditating for years. When most of us hold our minds still, we do not get a mirror-clear, still lake. NO!, JUNK floats on our lake's surface. He says WELCOME this and HANDLE IT. Don't just try to shove it under the surface. You only postpone it. When junk appears to a primal scream devotee, he won't repress it, judge himself. He will explore it, see what feeling is there and go with the passion. He knows to let the inner infant out because that's how that jerky kid within will depart, forever.

Speak, weep or scream the precise feeling. By expressing we finish RE-pressing. Go full into it, you go all the way THROUGH it. Feeling pain can't kill us but NOT feeling pain CAN. We're safe even in our SOLO therapy session which is expected to be turbulent. We don't run around in real life primaling. In real life we do just the opposite. When negative thoughts come up, GET OFF IT. Consider pain and joy the natural ripples of a still lake, the wind that stirs waves being the mind. In life, we turn off the mind. But in therapy, we want to see what ripples the windy mind can make, get to the bottom of these compulsions or attachments, uproot them.

RESULT: Enough of these cathartic meditations in a row you will one day have a tranquil unconscious, sensitive to the important hunches or messages that come from WITHIN, more aware of the lessons coming from OUTSIDE, from life's events and 'processes.' The message that LIFE offers will strike the reflective inner wise person.

Life and You, these two forces are mutually catalystic; they ping-pong off one another, endlessly upward. This is the spiral of evolution, the dialogue of the forces, the synergy, the force that mutates all and evolves all. Your face will change. Your career will change. You and your clients will begin to have deeply felt relationships, not dysfunctional ones; audacious, ambitious plans for a career, not enduring a 'safe job,' not moping in past failure to 'make it,' or in guilt for time wasted and self hatred. George Bernard Shaw didn't produce his first play until he was forty. Grandma moses didn't paint until she was over 80. Get healthy and get creative.

You and your clients will be restored to vibrant health as they start recognizing victimization or denial and evasion patterns. Emptying clients of negativity is NOT going into negativity. It is catharsis. Your students will become aware, sensitive. They will chose harmony, not chaos, become successful, 'clear', efficient and happy. They will become the 'hundredth monkey' that will transform the planet we live on.


And here are some ANSWERS. SOME SOLUTIONS.




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