the secret of high energy, long life

Want to look twenty years old, forever? Want to banish food stupor? Oh come on, admit it. D'ja ever find yourself being DIZZY, sleepy? OUT OF IT after a meal? The NOON DAY SOLAR MEAL is the one that can knock you for a loop. Yogi Bhajan says LIE DOWN with a blanket on you for 15 minutes to fix that problem

Do you note that some mysterious kind of deep fatigue hits after lunch? Or maybe it comes as sunset FATIGUE? After any meal, work does seem harder, obstacles larger, depression is able to creep in. That feeling of hopelessness, Try to move, your hand moves slowly. Your body is lethargic. The reason it hits after meals is, you're digesting a mixture of incompatible items. Always FOOD COMBINE PROPERLY and then meals don't slow you down. COMBINING means group your foods and eat them in solo or with their compatibles.

PROTEINS are known to go with greens. So with that Morning egg? Add watercress, very subtly on plate. People will eat it oddly enough and get this new habit and get a huge increase in energy without knowing what hit them!

STARCHES also go with GREENS. Morning Toast? Well, it is possible that they'd eat the cress but maybe you don't want greens with breakfast, so TOAST you should eat alone or with your hot morning beverage. But don't mix fruit, cereal, eggs, milk, sugar, jam, bacon all in one meal. NEVER! That would sink the TITANIC!

If you want a bigger breakfast, do it in stages. FRUIT FIRST then a half hour later, you can have either protein or starch foods. Choose one or the other. Try slipping in the cress without pushing it. You are balancing acid reaction foods with an alkaline one. You'll never get a cold again.

Remember, PROTEINS do not combine with sugars or starches. You digest proteins with stomach acid. SMELLING THE MEAL cooking is the way to develop acid, and with it, the ability to stay 'light' after proteins. You develop ACID when you catch that whiff of proteins cooking. In England where the kitchen's on another floor…. they use bitters before a meal to develop the acid. Bitter greens like endive or cress hidden in a romaine salad will do that. So take your bitters with your viand!

AVOID putting potatoes, noodles, starches, bread next to meat. STARCH is digested by alkaline saliva, has no place in a tummy doin' an acid thing. Neither digests well. Meat refuses to digest with all that starchy crud, and UNDIGESTED PROTEINS going thru you damages the kidneys. Also, blood is stuck in the tummy area for such a long time that your brain suffocates a bit.

SUGAR or fruits will ferment any starch, so don't combine these. FRUITY SLUSH and bread ferments in the stomach, later bowel, and you'll regret it the next day so use SUGAR FREE JAM on toast, in extreme moderation. FATS surround starch molecule so well that no saliva can digest the starch, hence go real skinny on butter when you eat starches.

Last, NEVER eat a dessert with a meal. WAIT until meal is digested. 3 hrs if possible. Since sugary desserts cause HIGH BLOOD sugar, followed 4 hrs. later by MAJOR LOW BLOODSUGAR, dessert would cause you to awake at 3 a.m. and toss and turn. A piece of ORANGE clears palate after a meal and satisfies that sweet craving. A piece of cheese with a date or prune will put you right. Better is NOT TO EAT dessert at night, but 3 hrs after LUNCH maybe! So the 4 pm tea and pie really does work. It makes you starving for dinner at 7 pm.

PROTEIN in a starch meal will not digest. UNDIGESTED protein insults your kidneys (damages them) and will cause you to have a puffy face. ALL geriatrics look the same. Shepherd's PIE face. It's kidney failure starting so this is another way that proper food combining keeps you looking 20 forever.

NOW, just those food combining tricks should solve the problem and solve that groggy head syndrome. A basic healthfood diet with food combining will give changes in energy. But here's another little change you can do. Cease drinking toxic stimulants like coffee, cokes. Coffee gives pancreatic cancer. It actually collects on pancreas as a black spot, visible in the eye. And quit DIET cokes as aspartame produces multiple sclerosis (ask me for files on Neutrasweet). Instead, HAVE A YOGI TEA BREAK. Tea is good stuff. The smart Brits conquered the whole back end of the world to get at this fragrant leaf with its gentle kick. Here's a way to smooth out the caffeine in tea so you can sleep at night. I am going to give you a magic tea recipe that will not prevent you from sleeping but which will give you energy when required. Try this terrific recipe.


Boil 1/2 gallon water with 6 cinnamon sticks, broken up a bit, but not crushed, l5 cardomon pods, whacked with hammer until broken up, 1 1/2 dozen whole cloves, a thumb (lady's) of ginger, peeled, sliced; 2 dozen black pepper corms. Simmer spices 10 minutes, then add 1 tsp blk tea, or a few Lipton's bags. Let steep for 10 minutes, covered. Add 1 cup milk, 1/4 cup honey, strain yourself a cup. See what you think. COOL IT PARTIALLY then Strain rest into a big, glass container. Store extra in huge glass jar in fridge, heat as requ'd. Put in thermos to carry to work and heat at work. Don't heat milky tea and put in thermos!

REQ'D. ONE ENAMEL POT TO BOIL IT IN, or stainless steel. NO ALUMINUM, teflon should be next to any food. ENAMEL, STAINLESS STEEL & PYREX GLASS is good. Get ONE 1/2 gallon GLASS JAR, *from an old Pasteurized Juice jar, for fridge storage, with lid. SMALL jars for carrying to work. (or thermos, but don't carry MILK in a hot condition ever! If you make tea, milk it at work.

CARRY Yogi Tea (when it has milk) COLD in your thermos. HEAT as needed. In about ten years someone will invent a thermos that chills drinks but heats the stuff inside when you're ready to drink or eat it. MAKE A FORTUNE!! Probably it will come from Japan or Taiwan. Operate like a ricecooker with solar batteries maybe. Maybe a plug in dealie, for all those SONY BATTERIES left after the SAMSUNG GALAXY Dell and Apple meltdown?

WARNING: Inordinate tea drinking (just like coffee, cokes) being very diuretic can wash away potassium, magnesium. If you're urinating too much on this buffered tea, you will note your bones are melting out into the ocean and will probably have to supplement minerals. Liquid Potassium is the only safe way to get Potassium as the tablets don't break down. ONE OTHER WAY: celery/greens juice made on a juicer, fresh and raw. Practically every mineral imaginable is in raw vegie juice. But if you're not doing raw juices, go for the MAIN MINERALS. Magnesium affects heart strength. Potassium is muscle strength. Magnesium tablets are cheap and easily available. There are other trace minerals avail in "MINERAL FORMULA'. You can even try alfalfa, seaweed tablets and do it that way. CALCIUM is a mineral, did you know that? It needs other factors with it to be absorbed, though. Try Magnesium mixed with calcium and Vit D, a sure absorption formula. Many arthritis sufferers start Cal/Mag and get quick and permanent relief just from that!

You may not have heart or bone problems now, but coffee/ soda tea drinkers will get them down the line. BEST is to use raw juices, have a juicer at work, carry bags of carrots, celery, parsley, a small slice of beet… to work and juice something right in the office. Juicers are easy to clean. Too much fuss is made about cleaning a damn juicer. You lift out the ring of crudded vegies, put it outside in your garbage area lying against the dirt to compost it. Rinse all metal parts in the sink and leave upside down to air dry. (I use my vegie green leaves (chard, dandelions in spring, spinach kale) & after juicing them for ME,I turn them into pet food, simmering crud with the costly turkey burger. It extends the meat for all the ferals in my barrio. I also use juicer crud for garden compost in the compost pile.)The worms love me.

For an interesting look at food combining, just google those words. I found this interesting chart which says eat protein for breakfast and lunch, vegan meals thereafter.

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