Get his books, read them. THEN YOU CAN charge 100$ an hr to primal your clients. Call it TANTRUM YOGA so that the AMA doesn't note your ad in Craigs list. JANOV gets 500$

http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/healing_a_wounded_friend.htm is a fine article that will tell you, show you what a HOLISTIC HEALING EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK SESSION looks like, sounds like. IS. READ the many books of ART JANOV. His latest is "THE JANOV SOLUTION: LIFTING DEPRESSION"  I clipped this text on it:

The author of The Primal Scream offers an end to the agony of depression.
Dr. Arthur Janov's book The Primal Scream is one of the most popular
nonfiction mental health books ever written. Now Dr. Janov has penned a
book that promises to cause a breakthrough in mental health. The Janov
Solution presents brilliant new techniques for rooting out depression, thus
reducing or eliminating the need for anti-depressant medications,
electroshock, and even brain surgery. In clear, easy-to-understand
language, The Janov Solution explains how Primal Therapy can help us safely
access the deepest levels of the brain and relive the primal experiences
that drive feelings of despair. In doing so, we can learn to conquer
depression for good. The Janov Solution is nothing less than a
groundbreaking book for the millions whose lives may be at risk because of
depression, anxiety and paralyzing "blues."

About the Author
Dr. Arthur Janov, a psychiatrist and well-known author, has completed over
thirty years of scientific research in neurology and psychotherapy that
form the basis for The Janov Solution. In addition to The Primal Scream,
Dr. Janov has authored nine other books, many of which are also

HIS BEST BOOKS are earlier ones, PRIMAL SCREAM is really good.
He got unduly technical, later. That seminal first scribble is offered for a dollar or so  at
ABEBOOKS.COM  Read this article on ORDERING inexpensive
used books using this online method.

An ancient Hindu Poet caught the aliveness that it is to be able to weep or laugh

I never knew how tears could feel so good
until I opened my heart
and found they come from the same source
as boundless laughter

instead of blurring my vision
they bring beauty into focus

instead of burning my cheeks
they wash away dusty dryness I used to hide

let sorrow have me now
for surrender has freed me to savor
the bittersweet nectar
that flows in measureless abundance
from within

- Nirmala, from Gifts with No Giver - a love affair with truth

I wouldn't wait. I'd read it and start now having primal, intense moments with your friends and relatives. Adjust the way you approach other people and their problems. BE inquisitive, take them over the Gestalt rapids in their mental canoe, by making a light dinner, plying them with wine, triggering memories while you linger at the table or move to the sofas. No TV on. A light Q&A. Participate in their PRIMAL feelings and then be a tour guide pointing out the expression on their face as they go over the falls... and help them to see what is the probable problem. As 'old' feelings are pouring out, this may be ancient muck, pulled from the bottom of an OLD RIVER. And often that baby feeling is HOPE.Hope that the suppressive tyrant is going to become loving.  "Hope is the big hook. I learned in primal therapy, "once you drop hope,  you can see the truth and get on with your life." Art Janov

I did primal therapy for a little bit, not with Art, but with the group that started in Culver City, The Feeling Center. Just reading that sentence it all comes back to me. I recognize the philosophy in that quote, not from hearing it back then, as I didn't but it 'strikes me' as the undertext of what my close pal Olga Abitia, (a trainer for Art.) told me --always in reference to the major hang up of all neurotic people: Trying to get mommy and daddy to be in loving symbiosis with you, those whole heart moments where they'll hug, kiss and really love you. Thru Primal Therapy once you GET that they are too sick to  love you, then you can grow up and move on. Not long for unavailable fruit with them, but heal your wounds and put that fruit into your 'now' relationships.IF only GIVING IT.

My friend G.W. ex New Age magazine publisher said "The same Hope we all have in our hearts on the microcosm manifests on the macrocosm in politics. The electorate's HOPES for decent treatment from the gov is  based on the same sickness. Hope for rescue by a bunch of reptiles that know you are their cattle, chattel, and bleed you  to death every chance they get." Now I do not gauge the POLS will go in for therapy ever. NOT ONE of those egomaniacs living in the certitude of being RIGHT when they're just greedy, competitive boys. But you do know that JFK's mistress Mary Bronson Pinchot Meyer --sister in law to Ben Bradlee, gave JFK acid to make the PRESIDENT try to pass all those good laws that got him killed. (SEE THE JFK HIT.) So gentle, kind, wise people do lead the bad boys to an upgrade.