THE MATRIX films are an absolutely truthful metaphor for what's happening in the world today. We are being physically held down while hooked up to some diabolic pipeline, fed mind drug which paralyze, fed a useless, mock education, denied the truth while our brains are filled with STUN DRUG fantasyland TV and FOX CRAP NEWS and all the time, the SYSTEM IV drains us of energy, blood and money. We've been SUCKED dry by the SYSTEM for the last few decades probably since JFK was murdered, that was the COUP that put the oil men in power. In fifty years nobody noticed that the GOVERNMENT, BANKS, colleges, corporations, LEGISLATURES city/ state and federal -- were wired to do one thing, -- exploit us, stun us, lull us and empty our pockets.

Do any of these scenarios seem nefarious to you?  First grizzly scenario:  You bought a house. Yep, you saved for ten years, you and the spouse working two jobs each, going without everything. You got a deal, and just then, the market took an upturn and you found that the house gained in value. Now you could FIX IT UP So you mortgaged a little of that surplus value so you could add a bedroom, an office, turn garage into a den, landscape it, make it truly beautiful. Spring 2008, the Bush GOVERNMENT makes bankruptcy illegal. because they know what is coming. That's a distant death bell chiming with your name on it, only you don't recognize it. Contractors are all over the back room, new copper piping sounds like a good idea. Suddenly there's a recession. YOUR HOME value is halved. Your payments are doubled. The city and state are taxing you for the former, big costly home value anyway. Then you find you have no clients. Your business goes in the crapper. You virtually have no income. And this convenient new George BUSH LAW says that you can no longer keep the house in  a foreclosure.  The bankers, read GREENSPAN, knew what they were doing. Greenspan had informed everybody in advance, those  low interest rates were a thing of the past. Soon everybody would be losing the house and those fat home prices would drop, plummet right thru the basement. You kept the contractor fixing the house, finishing it, throwing the debt onto your credit cards. But guess what? The credit cards knew what was coming so they sold your account to another bank who doubled your interest rates with impunity. Now you're paying triple time, (well you can't pay it so technically it's all flailing about in the air,) but you're asked to pay twice the amt on credit cards, twice the house payment. And overnight, you have to go bankrupt but you can't! No more CHAPTER SEVEN GUYS! Banks and Gov worked together on this one with Greenspan as an intermediary to Bush and your CONGRESS who passed the NO MORE CHAPTER SEVEN LAW. You're @($&(*!##@ buddy! You and the children are homeless. Your credit is 'vernisht' kaput, gone, over with. You've been declared a nothing and a nobody, you lost decades of savings overnight. The system sucked it out of your VEINS! It knew what it was doing to you. It deliberately KILLED YOU!

Now, while we're talking Death Wish, SECOND GRIZZLY SCENARIO  BAXTER LABs recently supplied All Europe with VACCINE for the forced vaccination program. THOUGH user countries were FORBIDDEN by contract to analyze or test the vaccine, one Czech lab tech DID and found it killed lab animals. When that fact got out, "Oops" said Baxter Labs, 'somehow that batch of 158 pounds of vaccine got contaminated.' Yep. LIVE AVIAN VIRUSES were in the stuff which perhaps was intended to reduce crowding in EUROPE. GENOCIDE.  Click on that URL JUST ABOVE and see how that worked out! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE your eyes. But here's what weird. They are still at it! Summer 2009, all children vaccinated for POLIO in AFRICA caught POLIO from the vaccine itself, in an attempt to infect all of AFRICA with a mortal disease! So the WORLD HEALTH ORG is still trying to empty entire continents of live renters in order to seize the vacant apartment building!

And this  same Baxter Lab Super Alive Virus is scheduled for AMERICANS in Autumn 2009 as the American Vac Program gears up. (HOW TO AVOID GETTING VACCINATED.) But the MATRIX SUCK has been going on for years, has killed your vitality a hundred different ways, all of them are worse and more emotionally painful than a needle in the arm

CREDIT CARDS DO THEIR THING! The Credit card racket is like the Mortgage racket. Lend at one percentage, switch to another percentage at whim. Everyone I know is reporting that their rates went up, that their credit card sold to a new firm who tripled the rate. Same as the situation where home values go soaring UP, and taxes go up, Then values plummet, yet INTEREST RATES DOUBLE and HOUSE payments soar up.

BANKS are taking us on a roller coaster ride of DEBT! FIRST 38 BILLION in NEW BANKING FEES. OPTIUMUM right now would be that banks let us continue paying our same ole rates. Optiumum would be they don't change the rules of the game. Used to be, use debit card at supermarket when you hit zero, the clerk would say, sorry refused. Not now. Bank loans you the five bucks and charges you forty!

ENDLESS CITY HALLS with their hands in our pockets.  HOW MANY taxes does government PUT ON YOUR BACK?  And why don't cities lower tax rates on homes promptly when home values drop by half? BECAUSE the rich are incapable of doing the right thing! They seek to drain us of blood even though THEY not us, created this Depression! How many licensing, fee, bureaus and REGULATIONS that only pay for gov officials to live the good life, drive WELFARE CADILLACS as the money comes out of our family's welfare. Here's one that I particularly loathe: Your pets must get shots that cause cancer at injection site. Fail to shoot up your dog at huge Vet cost *(what one spends for a month on food for entire family) and fail to prove it to County with a Vet's letter, fail to pay huge licenses to own a dog, then we take your dog and Auswitz GAS him.

GAS CHAMBERS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS! IMAGINE a Gov regulation that ends in DEATH of your baby if you don't follow it!!!! But it exists now. GASSING YOUR DOG! WHY should one COOPERATE in blackmail? Either way your dog dies.  RABIES shots give tumors at the site of injection! Known FACT! But the frigging animal reg pound employee comes to your DOOR, will pound, then listen for dogs barking, knock some more and demand entry, wanting to know how many pets so they can license them and charge you for the animal 'child' who you're already feeding costly meat. FORCE you to neuter the dog! Force you to get costly shots which kill your pet. THE ANSWER to that of course is, never open the door of your home to anyone. I have a sign that says "NO DOOR BELL. It broke, you have to YELL and call my name." The Pound doesn't know my name so when someone yells with no name, I don't answer. I look out bathroom window from way off to the side & see who it is. Pound employees do not continue to make home visits when nobody answers. They leave a form demanding to know "do you have a dog, if so you must license it. " I don't have dogs but I sure would NOT  answer that one even if I did. Now, if you have a dog that woofs loudly creating his own demise, (sigh) whacha gonna do? I have cats and they don't bark.

Another acquaintance of mine has a method for Animal Control.  He has ten sheep, ten goats, l00 chickens, an egg business, a handful of dogs right in a suburban neighborhood with two acre lots but his front fence/ gate is locked full time. NOBODY can get near his front porch. Pound has learned to leave him alone as he is non-responsive to their yells and the front fence is not leapable. This animal lover has effectively taken himself off the matrix. Who knew a cyclone fence and a gate could do that? But it can! Be cheered.

Another way to get off the matrix is to figure a way around BANK FEES. 35$ for putting your debit card a penny over so that the bank must loan you that penny? Yep! Try going thirty cents over on your debit card, the bank docks you 35$ with no option to simply have your VISA DEBIT CARD refused at the point of purchase. Cashier would just say, 'this food can't be yours.' rather than the bank making you a costly loan of two bucks that you didn't ask for. But how they do it is, you have no say in the matter. It takes a week for the notice to get to you so meanwhile, a dozen other 35$ penalties went thru as the laundry got five bucks, the store got ten for food. But by now, five purchases later, you are evicted and homeless owing the bank 350$. Think not? It happens to millions of Americans daily.  Read BANK OF AMNESIA.   You must tell the bank up front, if my Debit card is empty, just refuse it at point of payment. Demand that they agree to that!

CORPORATIONS and GOVERNMENT COLLUDE~ We  haven't covered the CODEX, an anti-healthfood supplment law written by the Europeans and intended to be back doored into the U.S. via a United Nations treaty. This was wreaked by the big chemical and pharm drug companies. It is a plan to make nutritional supplements like common vitamin C available only by prescription and then only in small doses that are not large enough to help anyone. aerial

HOAX TV! Another SCREW THE CONSUMER help the big CORPS MOVE:  The nation switched all programming over to Digital TV. Your boobtube was scheduled to go blank so everyone was encouraged to buy costly digital converter boxes and aerials. The average household had to buy a few hundred dollars worth of boxes and arials only to find they cannot get reception on more than one channel at a time, without walking an ariel around the room to try for a second channel. However NO MATTER where you walk it you can't get ABC network as its beam is too weak, HOAX TV !  you might call it. Well the real reason nobody fixes the beam from stations is the entire country is now forced to dump their brand new, costly equipment and go for CABLE or DISH network. Corps and Gov colluded for that one! They got you to spend double and now years and years of spending triple! Are they rubbing their hands with glee? YOU BETCHA! THEY ARE RAKING IT IN AND GLOATING BIGTIME!

WHO ELSE? The HEALTH VENDORS. You pay 5k a year for family health insurance however it won't cover or handle any big, weird illness. You live in fear that they'll declare you 'had this illness before you signed up,' even if it's EBOLA! You have co-pay up the wazoo so you really pay a lot MORE. The first 900$ or so of any big bill. And the PRES is talking about a nationalized health system. It's probably better than being NUKED for NOVOCAINE but it'll probably make you wait in line like they do in Britain with a socialized health system. We who are poor know about that system. My pal Solomon waited for an entire day 24 hours, in S.C. County hospital E.R. waiting room with his liver seized up; he was yellow as a banana, in great pain, vomiting, could not eat. Nearly starved to death in the waiting room. THAT is what freebie health care for the poor is about! When Obama was asked by a reporter if he'd switch to this new, socialized medicine, he changed the subject. So did a dozen senators. Google it if you don't believe me. So can the USGOV give us a fair health system? With its long RECORD of seeing to our welfare? (NOT!)

Organic food can keep you well, right? But guess what? NO MORE HOME GROWN FOOD! THE DELAURO LAW is before CONGRESS now, legislation to prevent our growing our own pure unsprayed food or not using their GM seeds. There's the list called the white list, where they want to ban the growing of certain plants/crops, even on private land. The rationale behind this is to stop invasive species.. How strange that the powers that be are now concerned about invasive species in North America.  Asparagus and cabbage sure ain't KUDZU! The new laws will banish or limit how much of a person's back yard may be used for gardening! Sounds like they want to control who has seeds, which seeds and through that,  who has food so that AGRIBUSINESS benefits.

Residents can get around the regulations against vegetable gardens by using vegetable plants in the flower beds. This idea is not new. There is a French term for this style of gardening. It can be very attractive. For example, purple cabbage with white or pink petunias, or vines of green beans trained as a privacy trellis instead of ivy.
But imagine how that cuts down on production! CERTIFICATION is required to grow organic foods. A small grower, one who is more likely to actually culitvate organically, could be forced out of production.Corporate farms won't be under such pressure. In other words, every bite that goes into your mouth must FEED AGRIBUSINESS so they can drive around in Rolls Royces and your children are famished and ill.

Corporations will always figure a way to SQUEEZE DOLLARS/ squeeze BLOOD out of you. They've done it for years and you didn't notice! THEY ARE BUYING UP WATER SYSTEMS so that your water bills will double, triple, then grow by increments of ten forcing your family to bathe one by one in one tub, then bucket the water out onto the garden if not boil a pot of tea out of it!

THE THING IS, if we let them take an inch, they will take a mile. We let them get addicted to USURIOUS PROFITS, to piracy, theft, using force along with city laws and regs and bought politicians and you never did a second of FIGHTING BACK. And don't tell me that you were unaware of what was happening!  If you didn't realize then you've been something like that proverbial live lobster dropped in a pot of warm water on the stove who doesn't notice the slow boil starting to roll under his little lobster paw feet! But now and immediately ahead, sluggard, the heat acelerates. You were just getting used to it and then WHAMMY! You're the CORPORATE MEAL. They feed off you!  You think MASSAH CARES? It's the same ole slavery story from way back when Roman SLAVES were given just enough barley to stand and dig for 14 hours a day and feed the children, i.e. the workers who'd replace Ma and Pa.. Finally this guy Spartacus organizes a rebellion. Read the Howard Fast novel, Spartacus, or rent the MOVIE to find out what happened! Kirk Douglas stars. Read NAT TURNER's REBELLION by Styron on slavery. Have a family discussion of these two works of art, afterwards. Start some family activism, some sense of fight back in your children now, or else, who knows what will come to this world!

YOU ACCEPT MANDATORY CAR INSURANCE, LICENSES, FEES, PENALTIES like you accept poverty, top ramen and winter cold. They have hundreds of ways to extract your life blood like a Masai draining a cow while it stands mooing. These guys are pros and have lobbied THE BEST CONGRESS MONEY could BUY and got every branch of the government to legislate hundreds of minute CHANGES which SUCK YOU DRY OF MONEY. They overcharge you for every move that you make. You are being gang banged! Laws HOLD YOU DOWN while the CORPS stick it to you.

Want to drive a car? They have a dozen fees for registration, licenses, highway tolls, passes, huge penalties and  horrific paperwork, super costly gasoline and the cherry on top, the state  forces you to get costly insurance before you can even get on a road. Fail to have it, they tow your car away ask 300$ to get it, then charge $l,000 for the tow when it goes to collection agency. The way out of that is register car with one letter off as that flummoxes the DMV computer. I should frame that towing charge bill, make myself smile.

OTHER KINDS OF COSTLY LICENSES- If you want to make a living at anything on your own, free of the transnationals,  City Hall licenses kill all chance of it first week out. EXAMPLE: if you are a photographer in Hawaii and want to  shoot photos by the surf for an hour you must go to City Hall and pay 20$ for a license for one hour on the beach. If Henry Ford had been required to start his little home business tinkering with horseless buggies with these licensing taxes, there'd be no FORD CARS today.  If Edison and Tesla had been hindered, we'd have no light, no cable. Well, that last would be an improvement! Actually TESLA who had nearly 300 patents wanted his main invention (alternating current,)  to go to the people for free. FREE LIGHT! FREE ELECTRICITY! The moment that JP MORGAN heard that 'free juice' concept, he stopped funding the workshop and the inventor, Tesla, died griefstricken and starving.'''  BIOGRAPHY.

HOW CAN WE NICKLE AND DIME YOU? I've got it! LATE TO SCHOOL?  School systems across America have taken to issuing 'tickets' to children who wander in late. See TRUANCY PENALTIES  They are huge penalties by the way, starting at l00$ moving to second offense $250. Fail to pay and that child has a criminal strike against him, a police record. He has to start out in life a criminal just because he is poor, undernourished and can't just leap out of bed in the morning peppy enough to suit Big Brother.

THE PRISON SYSTEM. Half the people behind bars are there for personal use drugs. My state, Calif, pays 50billion a yr for jails, 25 billion  for jobless sad people who had a small stash and were using it to be happy. It costs 46k to keep a prisoner. Now, check the math. If they let the non violent criminals out, gave each 30k a year salary and told him that he had to fill potholes on streets, clean trash on freeways, or pick fruit in Fresno, or go thru a drug program then teach drug rehab to other addicts, not only would the money be well spent as the prisoner and his family could live on it, but greater good would come from the man's work.. Streets would be smooth, People would get well instead of being gangbanged behind bars, given AIDS, taught crime and becoming full of loathesome hate for the Gov.

TREATMENT OF MENTALLY ILL: Say that your child is mentally ill, totally schizoid. If he does any harmless thing that is the least bit odd, the state can put him or her in a madhouse, keep the child for fifteen years charge the state 100 thousand a year to keep this kid drugged out of his mind in this carrot cooler at taxpayer cost and thusly simultaneously destroy and exploit a human being. Aside from causing immense grief to the family. The state eyes your child and sees in his anti social behavior a MILLION DOLLAR BUNDLE if they can get SOME JUDGE to hand him over to a filthy, CRUMMY HOSPITAL with KILLER sadist PSYCH TECHS, STUN DRUGS multiple times a day,  and heart-hardened sadist psychiatrists all of whom can MAKE A rich LIVING off the taxpayers and the carrot cooler children thanks to the current LEGAL SYSTEM. Their reality does not include the fact that these young people would be better off with outpatient therapy and get well faster RATHER than being stuffed with brain killing pharm --  The courts don't want to see that it would be cheaper for the taxpayers by a factor of l00 for oddball children to live at home because they salivate after the million bucks per child! Anyway,  there is no subsidized outpatient therapy even if a child of yours is found to be mentally ill. OUTPATIENT THERAPY would be cheaper but it wouldn't make the SYSTEM enough money for the politicos' doctors' madhouse owners/ judges'  lifestyle so it does not exist! We live in the dark ages.

More than just the economy has changed in America. The entire system has tilted toward the profit factor. GREED CRAZED MINDS in charge designed a system that would profiteer from the many, it goes to hell  in a handbasket made of INSIDER DESIGN. The victims of such a system should be allowed to re-design the system, a fair one rather than let PROFESSIONALS design it, for their profit.

For the most of us, JOBS have disappeared. What's left is scaliwags who will JOIN THE ARMY and go interesting places and KILL people along with those dog pound Kill Bill types who will GET a  PRISON GUARD JOB and lock up people who use dope or are jobless or were after other people's property  who somebody suspects wants to kill them as probably they have much reason to be angry.

IDIOT ENTERTAINMENT- All the while, our youth is descending into the madness of trivia and distraction, DUMBED DOWN TV SHOWS blackberry gizmos whizzing in their fingers while they FaceBook as they crash their cars, in paroxysms as the joy of talking to someone thru tin cans and string. Online timewaster REALITY TV has become the topics that are on people's minds the most: AMERICA's best dancer. Idolmaker. Octomom --some Turk who played the system and now, at the expense of 16 babies, lives in a mansion on welfare. HOW CRAZY IS THAT SHOW?

WE ARE ALL ONE PAYCHECK FROM THE STREET! EVERYWHERE real people are losing their jobs, real families with home foreclosures and evictions are living in cars, unable to clean the family up or feed themselves, unable to get welfare unless they take Clinton's Welfare Recipient Job Training. Mandatory even though the GOV destroyed all jobs everwhere. Where do trainees put their kids? Latch key for Trainees? DAYCARE is 600$ per child per month minimum. If you have four children and want JOB TRAINING, you come up with $2400 a month. Nobody can make half that in a Minimum wage job.

And everywhere you look you see sweet-sounding  political soundbites on the tube. Obama tells us that the recession is over. This ignorant pawn of a president is setting the people up for not being prepared for starvation as well as for full-scale disillusionment. This recession is NOT going away! BUSINESS everywhere is on total stall. NOBODY is spending and the reason is, --they cannot spend as they are not earning. Mass firings continue! JOBLESS stats continue. And Obama says things are fine. He's crazier than the kids in lock-up.

At the time of America's most perilous economic predicament in 233 years, the White House and Congress are pushing universal health care and carbon taxes on big business. Could America's leaders be more out of  touch?

At a time when legislators have asked people to dig deep and borrow  trillions of dollars to keep these huge, thieving banks and WALL STREET  PIRATES from imploding and going down the drain where they belong, them and the derivatives they cunningly created,---  politicians are pushing welfare-state handout programs that are practically  guaranteed to crush every taxpayer under their ponderous weight.

If universal health care follows in the dubious footsteps of Medicare and  Medicaid, the true cost of government-care will be many times what the  salesmen in Washington claim.

Meanwhile, if you fine companies for emitting carbon dioxide, those companies will pass down the costs to their customers (you and me). If they can't do that, they will move out of the country. If they can't do that,  they will close leaving the other half of us jobless. So THESE TWO THINGS ARE NOT THE ISSUE FOR RIGHT NOW!

FOOD and JOB RIOTS are next. Imagine what happens when people no longer trust or respect those who rule the land have no breakfast lunch or dinner and start taking the law into their own hands. There is a lack of social cohesion here. Remember New Orleans? After Hurricane Katrina broke the levees, thousands remained stranded without electricity or communication, enclosed by rising waters. With police stretched to the limit, society simply fell apart. Soon the city descended into a cesspool of criminals. Mobs ransacked shops, stealing anything and everything of value that wasn't submerged. People armed themselves with knives and guns from weapons dealers and pawn shops, or with whatever they could find.

"Many of these people under normal circumstances wouldn't think to do such
things," wrote columnist Joel Hilliker. "But desperation drew them toward
depravity. They watched others do it-they felt abandoned by the
government-they became intoxicated with bitterness and a sense of
entitlement-and they convinced themselves there was nothing wrong with their
criminality. Thus, the city plunged into lawlessness. Within two short days,
thugs and gangs held siege. Arsonists arbitrarily set buildings ablaze;
snipers fired at military helicopters; crooks assaulted trucks trying to
reach survivors with provisions. The chaos was so violent that beleaguered
national guardsmen were given shoot-to-kill orders-against ungovernable
American citizens."

Here's the take-home lesson. When times are good, it is far easier for
everybody to get along. Times of crisis reveal people's hearts. And the
reality about human nature is, people are not naturally born good (Jeremiah

Unfortunately, America is heading into the worst economic times ever. What
some commentators have called a Recession is really  the early stage of a
Greatest ever Depression. Expect devalued dollars and soaring interest
rates. Sky-high oil prices and hyperinflation. Wheelbarrows of money for
a loaf of bread. This is the future of the U.S. economic implosion.

Economic catastrophes such as the one we're beginning to experience don't
just affect the economy. We are sitting on a social powder keg. The public
disillusionment and social disruption when the green shoots and imminent
economic recovery fail to materialize will be a tragic spectacle. Expect
social discontent, crime waves and race wars to flare. The town hall meetings are just
the first sparks of a greater social powder keg ready to explode.

We need a fix. We need tax relief. We need Med-I-Care for everybody. We need help with our mortgages.


Oh Jeez, I have no back up position. No chum club. No network.
No group! No activism. I am shit outtaluck!