rabies shots = tumors in dogs and cats!!

My dog-loving holistic healer meditator, vegan pal lives in an RV with four dogs and today he just wrote me: "Today my most beloved friend and teacher, little Precious passed on .She was born on my bed 10 years ago, and had never been sick a day in her life, until 3 or 4 weeks after her rabies vaccine, a large malignant tumor appeared on her side. Within one week, her father (also vaccinated,) developed a small lump in almost the same place on the opposite side, along with the same abdominal pain, arthritis, and depression. Since both were happy, spry, and had never been sick a day in their lives, and since 3 or 4 weeks is the precise time it takes for most rabies vaccine reactions to occur, and both had had the shot, it appears obvious that the rabies vaccines killed Precious, and is now attacking Lucky. The most common symptoms from rabies shots are tumors, abdominal pain, arthritis, bleeding, depression and Precious bled too death in the end. Google "dogs, rabies vaccine, tumors" And you can see for yourself. "


Well I can think of one remedy, Holistic vets are going to make a good living signing CITY LICENSING PAPERS for cash under the table so that folks can 'say' they got Rabies Vac and get their dog licenses. A few treehugger phony rabies papers in a huge city of vaccinated dogs isn't going to cause an endemic, ya know.

So Pass this article on to dog and cat owners, please, especially to dog owners. Here is a site full of this INFO!    http://aimees-law.blogspot.com/2008/04/2008-report-on-rabies-vaccine-adverse.html

IF YOU READ THIS, there is NO EVER GIVING AN ANIMAL A RABIES SHOT AGAIN. Loving pet owners will KEEP their babies indoors, not parade them where DOG catchers, cops, animal cops are likely to NOTE LACK OF A LICENSE TAG. Or they will hide the dog for a day and say to the dogcatcher, "oh yes, I got your form in the mail, but the dog ran away." Or if it comes to that, leave the city and live in the country on a farm where ANIMAL REG cannot go, seeking proof of licensing. And they do go to doors to ring bells and see if a dog barks!

You'll find the standard line on TUMORS at this website:
http://www.fabcats.org/owners/vaccination/info.html  clearly stating the problem but not being straight about the statistics. Read it, as it's just the OFFICIAL PARTY LINE. .

Vaccinating your cat or dog.

What problems may be associated with vaccination? Side effects from
vaccines are very rare, especially in view of the thousands of doses
that are administered every year. The most common side effects are very
mild, and include lethargy,  tenderness at the injection
site. More marked side effects may include vomiting, diarrhoea,
lameness, fever, signs of respiratory tract infection, or lumps at the
site of injection. Kittens and young cats appear to be more likely to
develop problems than older cats.

Another adverse effect that may be reported is lack of efficacy. (Note
this poster vaccinated numerous cats. They all died anyway. I had a
better survival rte letting cats get childhood infections and survive them
with their own immune system, thusly gaining total immunity to that dis-
ease later when there were outbreaks.

The author goes on "Whilst this may be due to genuine vaccine
failure, it may also be due to infection before vaccination, or a
deficient immune system resulting in an inability by the cat to mount an
immune response. (Or the Darwinian reason, exposure to dangers
creates a response, an actual SURVIVAL RESPONSE, much
needed by the creature.)

The side effect that has received the most attention in recent years is
fibrosarcoma -- this is a tumor that develops at the site of
vaccination. A number of cats may develop a small nodule at the site of
injection, associated with inflammation. This will normally disappear
within three to four weeks, but if it does not, the chronic inflammation
can lead to the development of a fibrosarcoma tumour. Inflammation is
more likely to arise with vaccines that contain a substance called an
adjuvant which is included in the vaccine to improve their efficacy.
Adjuvanted vaccines are typically the cause, also rabies vaccines.

The incidence of fibrosarcoma in the USA is estimated to be one case per
10,000, whereas in the UK it is estimated to be 0.04 cases per 10,000
doses of vaccine. This difference may be explained by different vaccines
available in the two countries, and the greater frequency of rabies
vaccination in the USA .

Injection-associated fibrosarcomas are very invasive, which makes them
difficult to remove. In the USA , some guidelines
recommend rabies vaccinations are administered in the right hind leg, and
leukaemia vaccines are administered in the left hind
leg. This is partly because, should a fibrosarcoma develop at these sites,
limb amputation is possible and offers a better chance of complete
removal than trying to remove an invasive tumour from
the neck region.

While fibrosarcoma is a devastating disease, it should be remembered that
FeLV is also a fatal disease. The incidence of LEUKEMIA, i.e.
FeLV is far greater than fibrosacroma, at one to two cases per 100 cats,
with some areas having a much higher prevalence of disease.

Now,  "Now, my same HOLISTIC HEALER friend the bereaved, devoted dog owner, said that the info is not true. He is a animal rights/ holism etc researcher and he heard this:" This is a total lie and propaganda put out by the industry making billions  of dollars off of these deadly harmful vaccines. According to the comprehensive European study which carefully analyzed large numbers of dogs and cats for 45 days after their rabies vaccines, between 7% and 12% of all cats and dogs develop adverse reactions within 45 days. It gets worse...the malignant tumors they cause can take YEARS TO DEVELOP and not just in the site vaccinated, but ANYWHERE on the body!!!!    I paid 6 different vets to help my dog and all but one said it was impossible. I found by this within minutes by googleing "dogs cats rabies vaccine tumors bleeding.  I had a family of 4 little dogs UNTIL their
rabies vaccines were administered@ 10 weeks ago. Four weeks after, a giant mass the size of a baseball appeared on the 10 year old daughter (Shelty\Pom mix) on the left side just behind her  ribs. Within a week, her 16 year old father Lucky developed a very slight lump in the same location  on the other side. Neither dog having ever been sick a day, I believed it to be from the vaccine. After  6 vets and a small fortune, my beloved Precious died night before last. Now, the 'what appears to  be' malignant tumor is just starting to grow fast on Lucky, along with abdominal pain, arthritis. I will lose him soon. I am in total grief.

The figure of one in 10,000 are false and based on the incorrect analysis procedure because they are based on vets  'voluntarily' reporting only immediate  reactions and then only at the site where the vaccine was administered!! The study goes onto show that it usually takes AT LEAST 3-4 weeks for the vaccine to incubate and show up as a tumor, abdominal pain, weakened immune system, bleeding, depression,etc.  So, the ACTUAL figure is not 1 in 10,000 but about 1 in 10!!!  Since the reaction almost never occurs on the same day, no vet will ever admit any liability as they are trained to say that!! So, this indicates are could be countless millions of dogs and cats developing cancer and spending countless millions or even BILLIONS trying to treat their beloved dogs and cats, and usually IN VAIN, as a the malignant tumors the rabies vaccines cause do not respond well to surgery, usually coming right back, even more aggressively than at first!!    And so well meaning people unknowingly spread the lies disease and profits to those who have been entrusted to protect them!! I will have to find the European study later as I am rushed, or you can research and find it yourself." This was written by a vegan holistic healer, whose dog died from the rabies vaccine and another is now dying from it and who only got the shots so that his pets could walk around the city on leashes for a few hours a day without police hassle." I suggested to him that living underground, meaning a more careful, private lifestyle, not walking on the boardwalk where cops hassle, but maybe at the bark park.....I wondered if cops cited men with four dogs on a leash. I guess they do this one. He's handsome and men can be jealous, even cops. Especially cops.

CAT AIDS is supposed to be in half the cats in USA! Their systems are totally immune system
suppressed! Typical of vaccinated animals! We need a return to totally unvaccinated animals in
BREEDERS' KENNELS. Animals who survive childhood diseases get immunity, the natural way.
They earn it! Then sell the animal as IMMUNE SYSTEM ENHANCED in new, 21st Century DARWINIAN WAYs! Make it a brand name, 'factory immunized'.