What if a leprechaun appeared in the corner of your room and told you that he could get you from zero to sixty million inside of a year.
ZERO DOLLARS to SIXTY MILLION. What if the leprechaun told you he could make you into a BABY JEFF BEZOS, starting right now and with no more than l00$ start up capital. Huh? Well he has appeared. It’s LARRY THE LEPRECHAUN  ===================> THE GOLD GIVER. I MAY BE YOUR GREEN FAIRY but the real green fairy is in YOU. Let’s examine how we're going to do magic and dig the GOLD out of your brain and feed it to your DESTINY!

First, look YOURSELF over. Empty pockets, eh? Not much in the way of start up capital or investors? That can be changed quick enough. A prospectus/ deal memo, (*FORM u can copy print out, part bio, part bIZ description & part contract for PROFIT SPLIT... this you will have investors sign) is something you want to carry with you full time, building it around YOUR IDEA for a biz. ONE in THREE people who listen will invest.)  SO GET A NICE briefcase! USED at ETSY. Leather or leatherette, carry it full time. Never forgot the time HUBERT and I MET MADONNA and didn't have the SCRIPT ON US.

Then there’s your POWER OF SPEECH, BELIEF in the BIZ, HONESTY and maybe some looks, persona, your experience or cume, resume,  your abilities and talents. And you in a nice business suit and shoes. And a Brief case to hold THESE and a DEAL MEMO,unsigned,several copies.Delineating the SPLIT $$ I know you recognize what  I'm referring to as  you are MONEY SAVVY or you would not be at this page.

                    INVENTION of a BULLETIN BOARD that serves as a LAMP
                    on your desk, the LIGHT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS LAMP!Let us SHED SOME LIGHT ON THE FACT THAT YOU CAME PRETTY WELL EQUIPPED. AS beside MONEY SAVVY, NEXT, there are your internet skills. Wow. I gotta hand it to you. And you even have the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL, the ability to SELL, HUSTLE. so I look into your eyes and see that you have even dreamt of having your own business, and being  a CEO. Hey, you were on the right track. And there is even a shred of art talent in you. Taste is important, divining the commerciality of a design, say. You have pretty good taste. And that has shown up in your aura, your ‘FIGURA.” You dress nice, you arrange your home nicely.. Yeah, you are what we leprechauns call ‘fully loaded at the factory.’ Now, If you focused, I’ll bet you could become some kind of ARTISAN or find relatives with talent at handicrafts. You could then lock up certain designs, products or objects, if you thought about it. Not high tech. Remember the pet rock? Sold like wildfire! Just a box and a rock. But you will deliver something more, Say, your wildest INVENTION, the “LIGHT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS LAMP, which is a combo spinning bulletin board with a lot of postems stuck on it, but also a fine office desk lamp. Supply THAT unique utilitarian design concept to lamp stores across the country, you’d be well on your way to being a MERCANTILE PRINCE.

The concept is, go cottage industry-sized for a start, -- go unique on the design, stay UTILITARIAN, something useful not frou frou...  and you just saw up or sew up a unique design product and start distributing it. That’s what Bill Gates did out of his garage! Moonlighting cottage industries are the new, hot trend! Henry Ford started in his garage as did Sandra Kurtzig, (who wrote CEO) She build the garage biz into a 22mil biz, FIRST YEAR OUT, then a 444 million dollar publicly traded corporation. Rather,that's what she got for her share when she SOLD IT!

You can learn from a single article on MERCANTILISM.


Frugal LIVING will hold you steady while you get up and running. 

CONSIDER THE  Import Export Business.

HOW ABOUT some LIFESTYLE TRAINING from ROBERT REDFORD. You like him? He had a great TV SERIES called NEW HEROES, which he parleyed into LIVING ROOM GROUPS that start people off on mercantilism combined with import/export to the third world. They give you a free KIT and DVD set. OR USED TO. See if it is STILL sending water wells to INDIA and AFRICA. It was a great concept. Take it up and become a FUNDRAISER for the best SLUM HELPER IDEA EVER.

Now what if I told you this could be done easily, done with a chumcluster, with friends, that it would involve fun, party GROUPS, PROSPERITY parties, ALL KINDS OF PARTIES  and that would move you into linkage, networking, choosing friends, fellow artists, and as a team, dong the sales at local markets, wholesaling and then doing international importing of artisanry that YOU DESIGN and have made by villagers from third world countries.

WHO NEEDS DOW OR DUPONT OR FORD to hire you? Not you! And Fat chance DOW WOULD HIRE YOU. They go to HONDURAS and get workers for a dollar a day. With the coming recession due to USA becoming a SERVICE economy, it is incumbent on us to create our own DOW CHEMICALS. People are brimming over with great ideas. Inventions. Dreams. PRODUCTS.  The good people of EBAY and ETSY knew what to do? Here in Los Angeles we studied PROSPERITY TECHNOLOGY for over forty years with self-made, Multi-Millionaire GURU, the MASTER JULES who gave lectures on GETTING YOUR HEAD together to be a success. HE TEACHES THE METAPHYSICS of HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS AS HE DID with artisanry, paintings, galleries, import/ export and he gave those classes FREE, too! Never charged. The man was a saint. We taped two hundred of those talks, transcribed fifty, which are already online, free. MASTER JULES SITE.

Jules suggested that the thing that poor folks need is SCHOOL FORCE, an old idea of George Gurdgieff and Peter Ouspensky, two gurus l00 yrs back, in a lineage, which along with Buddhism and E.S.T., created the MASTER JULES.

This fascinating, SCHOOL FORCE TRADITION suggested that there always be a materially fulfilling or artistic task to focus on while the student was practicing the attributes of the master: like being in the ‘now,’ peace, joy, 'INTENT.'  The student is doing spiritual evolving mind tech while he works. His teacher may be teaching how to tool brass or throw pots or lay bricks. Many types of ARTISANRY or artwork lead to import/export then CHUM CLUSTER businesses, FRUGAL GROUPS and PROSPERITY GROUPS all head toward such group ventures.

In CRAIGS LIST ADS we pull in new members, a group to a burrough of a city. We get readers first to study, free, online. YOU TAKE ALL THE FILES in th LIFE 101 SEMINAR, and put them on your site. CREATIVE COMMONS no cost ever at any time! l00% free…

Prospective members/ students are lucky if they are  born leaders, write, speak befriend......well -- Know a little about some skill or business, whether website writing, art….do you have any special talents? COOKING? MUSIC? IF YOU SAY YES to all of it, start a living room group, share the MASTER JULES PROSPERITY files so you all get the head trip that goes into making a billionaire.

The PROSPERITY TRAINING suggests that you be attentive to the talents that you and your family and friends have OTHER THAN THEIR marketplace JOB skills. The training suggests that you BRAINSTORM on this subject. What you come up with will be the solution to all your poverty problems.

Next, take the training and spread it around. To be a leader during hard times, in YOUR CITY, you need do no more than have a living room PROSPERITY group to start. That's all that is req'd to do A PROSPERITY/ FRUGAL CHUM CLUSTER BUSINESS venture GROUP. First the group then the business.

Find out who among your contacts are NEWLY JOBLESS. Or do you have relatives, pals who have a back up position ready in case a job bails on you? PUT THEIR NAMES ON A LIST! Call them, ask, would you like to start a brainstorming group in my living room, we serve food and put our heads together.

First, you should read the CONFESSIONS OF A BOTTOM FEEDER page which describes how lucky it is at this point to be "JOYOUSLY JOBLESS but ECSTATICALLY HAPPY AND CREATIVELY BUSY GESTATING this $MAKING BIZ PLAN. And as you nail down ideas, you should write them up and send the IDEAS to your dearest pals.

So now you see what the TRAINING IS ABOUT & the ENTIRE SEMINAR IS FREE. No charges ever. We make our living with cottage industries, we do not sell "HOW TO BE WEALTHY TIPS" I myself an am Astrologer to the stars of Hollywood. (Courtney Love thanks me in her last CD jacket). My pals here in L.A. scout down antiques and sell them on EBAY or run holistic massage therapy out services or train movie stars or GET THIN or do HOLISTIC healing with herbals that they get from NATURE’S SUNSHINE. Herbal wholesaler. We  train you for these LUCRATIVE careers, free. We have nothing to do with NATURE’s SUNSHINE just have seen that healers tend to use its herbal mixes. JOBLESSNESS is a tidal wave engulfing America now, since and NATURE HEALERS make a bundle. I JUST WISH YOU A BUNDLE. OF CLIENTS.

OPRAH once did a few dozen "DEBT ISSUE' shows.  They weren't about the U.S. debt, the IMF, Federal Reserve, the international BANKS who POSSESS the US MONEY system and get all our tax monies. The shows weren’t about the TWENTY TRILLION A YEAR BUSH FAMILY OIL WAR….which got the AMERICAN people (well, all people really,) into the hole we are in. That would have been nice, but if OPRAH goes there, they shoot her dead. No, Her show treated our personal overspending. 

The antidote to our own, personal HELLISH debtwould be having a video of those shows. So google YOU-TUBE. Failing that, a healing could be implemented by each of us by becoming a leader of a DEBT DIET, FRUGAL GROUP and a PROSPERITY TECHNOLOGY STUDIES group, and then creating a BUSINESS with your family or community of friends. COMMUNAL MERCANTILISM is the classroom for that last one.

IMAGINE STARTING your own biz, your group's biz, or you and siblings or some chums? That may BE the AMERICAN future, if the recession deepens.... if gas goes back to 4$ a gallon, we all will be HIT HARD. We need a second gig, whether it's a webdesign group, a CAFE, a FOOD CO-OP, doesn't matter. The RECESSIONARY "TSUNAMI TIDAL WAVE" of joblessness may show up in your town, where you thought yourself SO safe so act now, READ A FEW INSPIRING WEBPAGES with alternative modalities of earning. 

VISIT the GUERILLA CAPITALISM SITE. Sift thru a few classrooms. No registering ever, just a standing classroom, totally free –a kind of CAPITALISM SCHOOL.

WHY should you get started now? Because a.) the depression has already started. B.) because maybe You're tired of making the IRS rich.  and C:you are just tired of making your boss rich and are thinking along the lines of some GARAGE BUSINESS concept for yourself.

 If so, read "CEO" avail. for a buck at abebooks used, This is a book where self-made multi-millionaire Sandra Kurtzig tells how she started a software service biz in her garage, (not a product, actually,) & took it public then sold corp for 444 million. Then she wrote the book on how to do something similar. BE INSPIRED, now. 

If you suspect you could be jobless soon, with rampant firings, STUDY THE free online multi-class SEMINAR, it's no cost, just pay it forward and share it with your pals. It's INSPIRING. Gets you into brainstorming up your path out of the JOB maze! Maybe you're lively and well educated but the workplace seems to be in attrition and that may not be enough. The unemployment Rate this month jumped to 6.4 % they tell us, but in truth, it's more like 20% and for blacks, state admits to 9% but it's closer to 50%. Unemployment levels soaring makes it harder and harder to even get an interview so join with your friends in creating jobs for all of you. HOW/? THE NEW AGE DHARMIC CAREERS, i.e. careers that do good. All stress departs the second you study the articles; they give faith, ideas, imagination, a sense of being on TOP of the wage earning thing. 

In Hollywood and NEW YORK, HOUSTON and SAN FRANCISCO and DENVER, bright folks make a hundred to 200$ an hour UNDER the table, with new age careers. HEALING, FENG SHUI, and another fifty or so which are at the webpage. True, often such businesses service the SUPER rich and that's odious but it's clean work. Like Holistic healing, Petwalking, Organic cafes, Food co-ops, Massage therapy, house cleaning, training the staff of billionaires to do holistic cooking, organic gardening. I do astrology and my two top clients pay all my rent each month, every month! Have for 4 decades! Started at 15$ an hr, went to 20 then 25$ an hour, met clients in my kitchen.  STARS BY ANITA.  WELFARE gave the 4 kids and me 70c a day to eat. 1.40 a day for rent and utilities. Learn how I found GUERILLA CAPITALISM, and next with an old USED PC, a passport to the Internet, where I began luring astrology clients by giving out TRADE BEADS .. (of a sort.) FRIENDSHIP INSPIRING TOKENS.

So check out the COTTAGE INDUSTRY, GUERILLA CAPITALISM concept. The Websites above feature about fifty other types of NEW AGE careers.I always ask folks, are you Tired of calling companies for interviews ? Tired of sending resume and cover letter? and paying for all those stamps and travelling to all those interviews? Or facing relocation for some job? OR lengthy commutes? CREATING a COTTAGE INDUSTRY is the way to say ADIOS to all that. It's a perfect time to start your own cottage industry, a new age business. We will send you an URL a website addie that will help you set it up. We give it to you. We do not charge. We send you more files, free, on how to organize, depending on which biz you choose. THE SINGLES INDUSTRY is a great one as that group spends money! WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING CAREER WISE --



HEALING with organic methods, herbs, massage, also works. BE A NATURE HEALER, EASY PEASY, just STUDY ONLINE

These following are benefits for taking the FREE "CREATE YOUR OWN COTTAGE INDUSTRY BIZ"  SEMINAR ONLINE or go to: " I AM JOBLESS WHAT DO IT DO?" WEBSITE, designed for SINGLE PARENTS who must stay home with kids and WORK OUT OF THE HOME. BUT NOT TO WORRY; THEY can make huge cash income, we teach you how, just promise to PAY IT FORWARD, and teach other parents to do the same. Share THIS SO SAD JOB WAS LOST URL with your friends. ALL OF YOU BE RICH!


QUESTION: I read these sites, and I start some little business, what do I get?
ANSWER:  More flexible lifestyle where you work from anywhere you want. AT any hour. You can spend more time with your family.  You get to bank in the Rose garden. You get to pay for everything with cash. You get to extract yourself from being FICHED until you build the biz so huge you let the IRS and city licensing bureau know you’re alive.

- WHAT comes IN UNDER THE TABLE goes out the same way as cash to landlord, DMV, DEPT OF WATER/POWER/ and BUYING USED CARS as CASH, NO doubling the price of what you buy! Be financially free and start planning your dream vacation, vacation home and/or personal home purchase, or even a dream car. TAKE YOUR C HOICE on these when you Visit the GUERILLA CAPITALISM MONEY ARCHIVE.

A CEO FEELS LIKE A WINNER. Regain your self-confidence after being rejected in multiple useless job searches, mistreated by dozens of thankless BOSSES. WALK around knowing that you provide for the GROUP. YOU RUN things. You are a KING. Join our billion dollar NEW AGE DHARMIC COTTAGE INDUSTRIES field. We have helped  folks get inspired enough to do some new kind of startup business dozens of times. We can help you and we are totally free, no charge ever. Read the articles, or SEND THIS EMAIL to yourself right now and to pals facing same jobless trend, and maybe join forcesGUERILLA CAPITALISM COMBINED WITH MERCANTILISM FREE SEMINAR

THE JOB INDEX has GO TO LIST OF SURE THING JOBS, a list of things you can pursue. 

Share THIS URL with your friends, work together on MERCANTILIST projects if yourpals are also jobless, look on the bright side.WE ALL HAVE a flexible lifestyle where we can work from anywhere we want and spend more time with our families.


PARENTS WHO WORK from THE HOME are not stressed so they can be the THOMAS EDISON of tomorrow & make huge cash income. No SERVICING BOSSES WHO ARE BULLIES, HOBNOBBING WITH DEPRESSED CO WORKERS, no meaningless paperwork to twist your head. JUST piles of green money. Delegate, Invest in the talents of your relatives…or their JOBLESSNESS. Maybe your space case NEPHEW could PUT  DRIP IRRIGATION PIPETTES in DROUGHT RAVAGED GARDENS. ANY TEEN WITH AN OLD TRUCK COULD DO IT. SEE: DRIP IRRIGATE YOUR WAY TO WEALTH. OR A TEEN COULD APPRENTICE AN A.C. SHOP & LEARN AIR REPAIR a biz that is based on knowledge of HEPA FILTERS on air conditioning units, important in big, toxic cities. BUT ONLY AFTER he apprentices to a going AC shop, do you fund him. Or he can go to trade school. Hey, your AUNT, great cook? How about starting her and her cronies in catering? Or give her and the gourmet COUSINS a mini HEALTHFOOD CAFE w. FAST FOOD. The websites we have given lead to hundreds of pages, hundreds of careers.  A LIVING ROOM UNIVERSITY. (Worked for LA’s famous LEARNING ANNEX.) EACH ARCHIVE on subject of GUERILLA CAPITALISM, JOBS, MONEY, AMBITION, ENTREPRENEURIALISM .. has a list of things you and pals can pursue.

Once your biz is up and you’re rich, then, PAY IT FORWARD. Place ADS  at Craigs List to encourage folks in cities across the WORLD to start chum clusters and do cottage industries TOGETHER. TEACH, spread the GUERILLA CAPITALISM DOCTRINE. Run church basement groups two meetings a month, two hours each; you teach other smart folks to do the same.

A POWERFUL KIND OF LIVING ROOM GROUP is Mind Tech 101, A classroom or FREE GROUP to lighten the mind ergo double your POWER! Do it in a group as you will attract new people you need in your life now to wipe out the effect of the OLD PEOPLE! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A LIVING ROOM GROUP SPIRIT NIGHT! HOW else does one learn the POWER RULES? The ones that enable HIGHER SELF to NOT FEEL FEELING OF LOSS, of being 'short' on something....or delayed...PAIN, RAGE, EGO, fear of not getting what we want, and then of course not WORKING on the PRACTICE of getting NEGATIVES OUT of daily events with A Crap MAGNET of banal & negative thinking. 

GURDGIEFF and OUSPENSKY told us we can _only_ progress with SCHOOL FORCE. So read the book, then create a living room group dedicated to linking with the HIGHER SELF. Creating study / life habits will DELIVER a NEUTRAL POWER MIND. You can CHANGE the METAPHYSICAL MATRIX OF YOUR basic DESIRE-MIND, (THE EGO that punishes us, makes us semi-ineffectual) & transform your reality that way. 

THE MASTER JULES studied with all the great masters including above two --who left 200 spoken talks. I transcribed dozens into typed LESSONS and COMPUTER htm FILES. These reveal the TRUE POWER PATH that he walked. VERY RICH, very competent, connected in Hollywood, Jackie Bisset (brought him almond milk she made as his last meal,) she had been his sweetheart as he was romantic yet he was a true GURU at the same time, talking about themes like: PROSPERITY, wealth, DEVELOPING one's talent, creating FOCUS out of attentiveness to the HERE AND NOW...and much more. 

JUST take a look at this article, now, for one second, click on THE SECRET OF MOVING OUT OF STAGNATION http://www.masterjules.net/actualaction.htm is one. INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, no? JULES truly gives you THE SECRET! Now, manymore like it, click on http://www.masterjules.net which is his NEWwebsite that students put up. The central zeitgeist of his "HOW WE CANGET THE POWER " doctrine is found by clicking onhttp://www.masterjules.net/JULFLA.htm also....

Then, there’s a file on HOW TO LIGHT THEambition "FIRE IN the BELLY" for those who want power, fame, wealth andfind their ambition flagging. HOW to duplicate the ambition found invery successful rockstars, film stars, producers, directors, often foundin lesser souls, but you can do it without sacrificing yourspirituality, nobility & BUDDHIST 'centeredness. AT: http://www.masterjules.net/CHAP5.htm  

I'm betting you will be surprised what happens in your life when you start to incorporate & practice these RULES for living, thinking. SOme people go right out of their MIND with delight. And if you practice all the time, you can stay that way. What happens is-- you replace the mind's usual MIND-yammer with positive affirmations like. "BOY this work I'm doing is really going to get me a higher salary or an agent and a gallery." etc. 

MANY practical, PRACTICE-ABLE tips like this that get you in CHARGE of your mind, and these magic tips are given in his trainings. ALL are transcribed by a student and are free, online. JULES BUCCIERI was a man who went to every guru in the world and he practiced what they taught. And synthesized it, coming up with a central recommended FIX to the insanity; He said our EGO is out to do one thing...kill us. ALL of its cravings have to be driven out like crazy, ferocious, harmful wolves.

So he devised The owner Operator's manual for the mind. SAVE these few files TO CACHE. SEND THIS page THE WHOLE ARCHIVE to YOURSELF BY EMAIL so that it's in your BROSWER! Send it to pals, too! Start a living room group; SHARE the 5,000 free LIFE 101 files with your pals and one day your children! PUT THEM ALL ONLINE at your BLOG free, take my name off if You Want, re-write if you want and GET THE AD REVENUE all for yourself! FREE.

ALL THESE IDEAS sprang from the head of the master JULES who was a phenomenal teacher and before that, a disciplined student. He studied with all the CALIFORNIA MIND TECHS going, Vedanta, hatha yoga, agni yoga, then the world's top kundalini yoga guru --YOGI BHAJAN’s fab KUNDALINI YOGA which he brought from New DELHI and which is now taught in every city of the world. Also with Asian teachers,European. Travelled the world. DId Agni Yoga, did 'the work' of Gurdgieff, Ouspensky. Did EST with Werner Erhard, Was a trainer. Did AGAPE CHURCH. 

THE MASTER JULES’ rap is a poly-glot mix of all spiritual practices. But the magic is how the synthesis of a thousand years of metaphysics gives YOU a simple mind expansion method for daily life, one which with the lightest of touches on the dials of the mind, will create bliss consciousness and then prosperity. He describes the hazards, obstacles and tells us WHAT NOT to do! LIKE inner yammer. Like desire mind. DO THE CREATIVE CHORES, THE VOWS but not desiring. That's like admitting you don't have what you want! HIS RANT is such good stuff that I put it on a website after he died, for folks to find FREE. NOBODY PROFITS but the reader. 

Even in CALIFORNIA where we've heard all the schools of thought, people see the ancient metaphysics in this new, useful, modern form. I feel anyone can create the MASTER JULES study group in their living room, maybe off a page on your website, or by sending his chapters to your personal email list... or even as a group in a church basement or in a yoga class group. We supply the files, no cost. This student and transcriber here, who is putting up the ad, was his typist/file transcriber for 40years, Anita Sands. Google name as she also writes on metaphysics. We want the world get this resource in cyberspace, filtering down to the world as it gives peace, bliss and riches! You can start the living room group THERE by the way. Make your own website. Take the 5,000 webinars, free, no asking.

You should also get the COURSE IN MIRACLES online, the free book they offer, and use that as a study tool. One does a chapter each meeting, of theirs. Or Jules lovely, amazing  words. THE FILES ARE YOURS! Don't miss this opportunity as it is life transforming! MIND TRANSFORMING! THE PATH TO RICHES, BLISS and NEVER BEING TOUCHED by suffering, EVER and it is most certainly something you can program kids with, drop by drop, so they learn to handle life from their own POWER CENTER. 

THE PROSPERITY TRAINING is free but we hope that folks will PAY IT FORWARD by giving the pages, the technology, the  INFO to kids/ students, friends and relatives as It isn't just MIND TECH! It is basic life wisdom. JULES was a wise man. He discovered the way to go from broke, evicted, empty pockets to being a multi-millionaire. 

You are studying with a PROSPERITY GURU, a self made MULTI MILLIONAIRE who put YOGI BHAJAN on the map, by giving his WEST HOLLYWOOD antique shop (well, one 30 x 50 room in it, to BHAJAN in 1969. Friend of thecelebrities of HOllywood, he was their student sometimes or mostly, their guru. JULES describes dozens of GUERILLA CAPITALISM IDEAS that our group has followed and we've seen these ideas make millions in Calif or NYC. Maybe you'd want to create a 'living room group' (could be church basement) where folks discuss DOING COTTAGE INDUSTRIES with their own CHUM CLUSTER, Sharing experiences of same. 

To see what I'm talking about, just go to our website where hundreds of free, inspiring articles are posted and learn about many, newage, different, quirky independent (not tied to us ) MONEY MAKING ideas that have worked in Paris/ London LA/ NYC. THE PROSPERITY and GUERILLA CAPITALISM SEMINAR is online. TOTALLY FREE! Hundreds of articles on this field. The concept of starting agroup is, not only NETWORKING to find new pals but groups are inspiring and free. Read the training seminars by clicking on the GUERRILLA CAPITALISM back up URL is http://www.masterjules.net/guerillacapitalism.htm --- the site of his student for 40 years. There's nothing to buy. It's a total freebie. The MASTER JULES was a self-made MULTI millionaire, friend to Bisset, Streisand, Yogi Bhajan, Johnny Rivers, a prosperity coach who wrote and lectured creating dozens of files on HOW TO ACHIEVE WEALTH. (His students built him a website, posthumously. 

Read his words on MONEY and how to attract it metaphysically, MEANING That there is a HEADTRIP which creates wealth. THE RUTHLESS RULES  are a good part of it, too.

Meanwhile, STUDY the FRUGAL LIFESTYLE WEBSITE, a concept which OPRAH used to talk about.... the LATTE FACTOR is what she calls it. (I guess because you save 500 a year making your own lattes.)  THE FRUGAL KANGAROO INDEX PAGE  and THE MONEY SECRETS ARCHIVE and USE THE FILE ON WRITING A PROSPECTUS so that 1 in every 3 people you give the bio/ DEAL MEMO and cash $PLIT contract to --- will buy in, fund your business idea!

*          *            *             *            *             *              *         *          *            *             *       

Our POSTER is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, Los Angeles Writer, Teacher, Researcher, mother of 4 and career Astrologer. Catch up with her websites  TRUTHS GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU, also The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! & HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, and Secrets of Nature, HOLISTIC, AFFORDABLE HEALING. Also HOW TO LIVE on A NICKLE, The FRUGAL PAGE.* Anita is at astrology@earthlink.net ). Get a 35$ natal horoscope "my money/future life" reading now + copy horoscope as a Gif file graphic!
















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