Share the knowledge and make a living doing it.

There's an idea, a concept ---interesting to single women seeking a partime cash producing career:  LUCK IN LOVE groups. Call it LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Call it a WOMAN's CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING GROUP. The work  takes you an hour or two a week and it can make you a million a year.

Some easy to read info on HOW TO START a woman's study group, church basement or LIVING room group, a lotta files on how to do it. which is HOW TO START A NEW AGE ROMANCE STUDY GROUP using a local psychologist,and she does it FREE, to get clients.

CALL the group LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS you'll get the biggest consumer market segment,18-40, flooding your doors! The pastor of any church will love the idea, lend a room bimonthly. The group segues into tapes, website, radio show and a hit book. That's where the million comes in.

YOU CAN always make YOURSELF into an EXPERT. It takes time to build that persona. If you want to give the class yourself, instead of using a local shrink, get yourself a "LOVELORN COLUMN" with local small paper. A sample is here below. Use these instructions to write samples using your girlfriends' woes then go in and pitch local news publishers.




NEXT, as Gals become more power, TEACH them to do import/exports and wholesale to boutiques, both now on a small budget and later, when they have a rich man around. See, it's instant. YOU CAN
ATTRACT MONEY when you have a neat idea for PUSHING MONEY OUT to do good.
(And hey we're giving people fishing poles, not fish. is on import/export

Imagine saying to this RICH OLD CEO you date who adores you...
"HONEY let's you and I take about ten grand to some cute villages in
ETHIOPIA....let's you and I set up a few villages there to supply cotton
textile pillow covers, you know with that fab primitive african design fabric. I
can get them from natives for 4$ each and wholesale them to boutiques around
herefor 20$ each, maybe use barrio mexican ladies to stuff them here." SWEETIE PLEASE?
I want to take you with me to AFRICA. can you getaway huh huh??" SO NOT ONLY teach
gals to date billionaires, but to find fun games for the CEO to play with her that  empower
the world. WIN WIN games.

SECONDARY CAREERS FOR MONEY THAT further evolution is singles industry.
HOW TO LIVE in a group renting a nice house, not an apartment, necessary
for a community that's working together.

LAST, the spiritual night meeting, A LIVING ROOM GROUP
How to live frugally

NEXT ON OUR LIST of GROUPS is the SPIRIT NIGHT, done as a new age party . We do this in Los Angeles, lotta actors/writers, play TRUTH GAME, all instructions are here. I once played Truth with Brando. I told him he'd start a new religion. He told me I'd quit acting and have many kids. Gad, he's a better fortuneteller/psychic than I AM!
ONCE YOU HAVE a tightly knit group-attending circle of pals, do businesses together. I have a hundred articles on group ventures that make millionaires. One is this: is an article on
HOW A NEW AGE GROUP or MOTLEY CREW of pals can make a bundle of money AND meet the
wealthiest families in town! Providing each member has unique schools "NEW AGE
COOKERY" NEW AGE HOLISTIC HEALING, ya know, the typical L.A. CALIF type ways we make a living here. Some do massage, some teach yoga, others do PILATES or heal, some cook, I know
two people who cooked at NEVERLAND! AKASHA the girl has gone on to huge huge food
biz. probably online google her with new age food. DRIVES a brand new Cadillac.
Caters, has a foodline too last I heard. The Yoga teacher GURMUKH got backed by
Courtney LOVE so she took the class from living room to posh W HOLLYWOOD
storefront then a best seller book.

OTHER FILES on this theme of GUERILLA CAPITALISM (new age variety meaning you do dharmic work up the wazoo so why not make some cash under the table, and these are CASH businesses...) are at THE  LEGACY WEBSITE


L.A is generally a pretty good model for what will soon work in other cities. THE WORLD WILL go the way LA goes, soon enuf! For instance, Madonna does Kaballah there, soon everybody is looking for it. It's on Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood. TOM CRUISE gets audited there. AUDITING is easy to learn if you
watch scientologists at work. It clears you. I know a guy who left sci. and goes to a renegade auditor, pays them high like 100$ an hr and he continues getting cleared that way. ART JANOV did PRIMAL SCREAM THERE, now if you learn the method, you can make 200$ an hour in any city! I teach the method, FREE!  ONLINE

THAT brings us to the psychic sciences, people pay 50$ to 100$ an hr to get
regressed to prior lifetimes. Can be learned from a single file.