Feeling poor? A lot of your friends out of jobs? Some of you whispering those most dreaded of words, 'eviction'? Rent a house together, guys! BIG FAWNCY one with a huge garden where you can plant fruit trees, grow your own vegies!

HOW TO AFFORD IT? Easy! Everybody, quick, before the eviction notices come, while you're still feeling charming and healthy, physical, give a huge group garage sale. Advertise the expensive things you own in the posh side of town on bulletin boards at super markets where the wealthy shop. Carriage trade fooderies and such. Don't pay for newspaper ads. That's passe. USE CRAIGS LIST, a fabulous internet RECYCLER AD PLACE online, URL IS CRAIGS LIST. Put the piano or video machine, the old PC, the PRINTER in CRAIGS LIST,and in LA we have the free ad-RECYCLER newspaper! Then, do street posters saying "ESTATE SALE" and all of you point to a picture of granny and say 'she collected all this twenties and thirties and forties stuff, awful, isn't it?" Only you'll ask top dollar. CHeck MELROSE prices on nostalgia!

Sell the piano next (probably cracked inside in the box,) then sell the old cars, the second, dead car in your current garage. Then when all of your pals have divested of big, clunky worth a lot of money kinds of articles, RENT a cute cheap shack!

People who have a piano, four cars, a big police dog they love, and a lot of furniture --- can’t easily let their household be blown by the winds of chaos in a big city that is experiencing inflation, joblessness.

You’re old hands at moves. At hauling crap. At U-HAUL l9$ a day rental trucks. And after you try a MOVE THE COMMUNITY WAY, you will even master the ART and PAPERWORK of renting houses. Several pals of mine did it with entirely bogus credit. I will confess that even I HAVE done it with bogus credit (as Mr and Mrs C.S. when C really is my brother and the man I wheeled in and presented as Mr C.S. was my DAD! My Dad and brother had very similar names, and both were in agreement as nobody has legal vulnerability UNLESS THEY ACTUALLY LIVE IN THE HOUSE WITH YOU!

Now what's funny is that my landlord is a career real estate man, who should have checked better, but heck, ole Al and I looked (when we first visited him) like such nice people. And so what if the geezer had a young wife.... we handed him Bro Chuck's fab bank account paperwork and huge job history at war toy manufacturers & all those fine STOCK accounts, with numbers. That worked BIGTIME. But of course you may actually have some serious bank accounts too. Look good on a profile! DARE to show up as a YUPPIE COUPLE in A brand new HONDA. Guys, look like a couple. Take that gorgeous hooker you know, put her in a mannish pant suit, wheel her in and tell the landlord your wife is a freelance bookkeeper. That explains her lack of a 'job' but implies she's super reliable and cash smart. Just see she doesn't wink at the guy!

You and your pals could rent a much cuter house and for less money than mine. I'm in expensive L.A. (we call it HELL-A, lately) Mine is four bedrooms, 8thousand square feet of garden only 995$ a month. You could do as well, maybe better -- as Mr and Mrs. SOMEBODY OR OTHER. A couple is a stable profile. Couples are viewed as more stable than sister/brother or man/man or two women. So wheel in a hetero pair.

My lil half brother Chrissy did it with his credit profile as a SAG/aftra working stiff and with his lil sister Jenny’s profile, working at local florist shop. And my bro even got the little sausage dog in on the lease as a "yard dog" only, and then my canny bro brought the HUGE FAT GERMAN SHEPHERD in a few days later, when the landlord left. That landlord never got into the garden again, nor did he ask to.

Isn’t it best for all involved to organize now, to do the thinking, the scoping out? Sure, you’re young and it seems fine to blow like chaff in the wind, to go bunk at some pal’s house. That other pal or two who are facing joblessness and eviction they probably have pals also. You could ‘float' but it’s all so transitional. AND TWO CAN NOT LIVE as cheaply in a separate mode as they could together!

TWO apartment rents of 800 Plus utilities when you can get a big house like mine for $995 and share utilities. And keep the dog. CHEAPER THAN A BURGULAR ALARM.

Each roomate gets a bedroom with a dead bolt lock  And if either gets a sweetie, not a problem. Three. Four. MORE THE MERRIER. Does your landlord check the sheets? NO!

You and your jobless pals  have bonded a great deal during this American emergency. I think you both are capable of never returning to the HOUSE-OCCUPANT irritation of your early years. YOU learn to get along with a jerk in the other bedroom  and you help the planet get along.

Jews and Palestinians were ONE PEOPLE 5,000 years ago, brother/sister. Something about Sarah having a baby after the servant girl did, and Sarah got nervous about a stepson and had Abraham send the concubine into the desert so now we have Arabs. NEVER send a roomie out into the desert!

A huge division came from that one mistake but you help the planet be good to its disparate step brothers when you find any two people who can link and  be a pair. Plus you can have a garage band together. That works! The family that plays together stays together!

You all want to launch yourselves in interesting, artistic careers, you and your jobless pals. Well what better than a big house and working together in the garden and a garage rock band?

If you are a woman reading this, you may want to launch yourself in another longterm way, in marriage. Well a house with a lot of female roomates makes for great salons, parties. Single mingles.

It's not only a FUN thing to create a zappy rented house as a launching pad, it's a good strategy to have little dinner gatherings, spaghetti and red wine* and salad, have friends over, friends bringing other friends, so your circle very ‘bohemian artist-y’ and supported by the gang that views you as HOSTS, with a big screen TV and all your movies and DVDs and videos on the shelves....and not floating in the wind leaning on pals sleeping on the floor or couch....but to be mutually supportive, without attitude, working on your art projects, your business deals, or that rock music group and all it entails. I mean being social with other artistic, young, single music people....and you know what? That takes a ‘conventional’ setting. Where there’s a garage for a band and where the house is well run so that a man LOOKS at single girls  and says, "classy, cute plus she’s got nice cooking talents; she’d be a great wife". A WOMAN has to cook, clean and serve up great food to attract a conventional thing like marriage. So the single girls have a big kitchen, lots of china, a wine rack and can  learn to cook healthfood meals. NOT potatoes out of a box of powder in a beat up pan but some nice thrift store steel pans. * SPAGHETTI is a terrible food to eat, though 99% of folks don't know it. So for party food, it works pretty well. The Gluten in it, tho, is horrific. SPAGHETTI SQUASH is delicious, so always have alternative plate of it, wi. sauce for 'in the know' pals.

Yessir, getting evicted from the dumb apartment you probably live in now was the best thing that ever happened.I can see the wisdom to you and your pals getting a rental house at a low price. So sell a few cd's and video cameras. Sell that pair of old cars, that piano, that MIDI. Sell the antique caddies.....Get top dollar.
Don't know what you have but we have four RECYCLER papers in L.A. the BEV HILLS /LA allows free ads if you have a 310 fone,  The valley will only take ads from  an 818.

Your current apartment isn’t very inspiring or trendy or young. It’s dismal and has bad memories. Like JOBLESSNESS AND EVICTION! You could qualify for another rental and end up paying much less than you’d pay if you and all your homeless pals lived separately, in apartments. Get a cottage like mine. Cottages rent cheaper. The shacky look. I found one for less

And if you're guys, invite a gal or two that is apartment bound. When a gal's jobless, she's all needy, no place to bunk, her gal pals are not going to be forever supportive. Her lifestyle alone in an apartment could be really costly compared to one bedroom in a four bedroom house. Your female friend is at this moment in time, a high upkeep gal. APARTMENT RENT, TV DINNERS! She needs to retrain herself, meet men who'll pay for dinner. A new man every night. With doggie bags for you.

You will find that a group can live better on much less money. Learn to eat 25c an lb carrots. Never from super markets. 79c a lb bag or up to $1.39!  Always buy them for 33c a bag from barrio markets or big chain ethnic markets. Vegies are not costly, and are very rejuvenating. NO more EXPENSIVE dead snacks, potato chips, boxed up powdered mashed potatoes, canned soups. Learn to cook a carrot, lavish butter on it.  Learn to buy a great cooking pan at a thrift store or garage sale and toss all those Teflon pans that are finished into the trash.

People wonder why everybody dies of cancer now. In 1900 no one did. Little things like aluminum or teflon or other base metal pans....the information is out there. Dryers spewing tungsten. Electro Magnetic fields. Flouride in city water. Junk food. Junk fats. One holistically aware person tells another. There's no excuse for eating dead foods, bread (except bible bread made from sprouted grains,) or puff breakfast cereal, hormone infested milk, cream of wheat. Denatured foods! No vitality in them. Rats wouldn't eat them on the shelf. That's why corporations put them on shelves! They couldn't put a piece of BIBLE bread on a shelf for a day even! It's alive. MOSS grows on it in less than a day. I keep mine in the freezer, goes in sec I get home!

So plan on living well, cheaply, VIBRANTLY. Each buys his own food and for parties, you share half and half, make it from scratch, too (CLICK ON THAT URL).  Share rent, share the light bill. Turn off lights l00% in daytime! A nice house which your dog will protect! A band...writing songs for the big stars. Maybe that secretary pal of yours would be an ace lyricist, maybe that bored salesman would rather be a landscaper. Have a dream. Live a balanced reality and you can attain all your dreams, in communal living.