IMAGINE WORLD TRAVEL ( in a GROUP (of fun, young Artists/Importers/ Designers)
This would be a great way to TRAVEL the THIRD WORLD for FREE!

Do you and your relatives/ pals want to travel the Third World for free? Do any of your friends or family want to come along? They'd need to have artistic talent, do art or design. Any family members or pals REALLY TASTEFUL? Now, do any of you take video tape movies of your third world travels, showing how villagers live in Africa, Haiti? Latin America? China/ Asia Vietnam? Indonesia? Phillippines? Combine these things that you and your chums already do and start a Local lecture/ travalogue seminar group geared to motivate young people in your town to join you seniors in starting a Moonlighting Industry, import/export, design of 3rd world artisanry. Quickly read

You guys who are older are the brains of the outfit. The kids are the legs. You are going to create A UNESCO (United Nations,) Bazaar the way the U.N. used to do, the way the PEACE CORPS used to do, (section 20,) and the way that actor ROBERT REDFORD ENVISIONED USA citizens doing as HEROIC cottage industry interface with starving villages. Redford's NEW HEROES group inspires capitalists to travel the starving third world. Redford supplies a free video of his PBS TV Series on this theme:

The way to generate members is use CRAIGS LIST. Attract YOUNG artists as members by putting ads on CRAIGS "ARTISTS" section, "GROUPS" section, and "CREATIVE GIGS section. Invite young artists to attend your meetings, see the videos which are inspiring travelogues. Make it FREE or, charge a DOLLAR, sell snacks, or give them away, COFFEE/ COOKIES... Do this after they read an ONLINE INTRO like this file here, posted in cyberspace, depicting idea, inspiring them, SEEDING THE they get up to speed on the fact that UNICEF says 26,000 babies die every day of the year suffering  starvation.

The remedy would be import/export of simple, handmade artisanry. READ THE MANY LUCRATIVE ARTS WEBSITE PAGE. Then, you'll understand where we're coming from.

Famed import/export multi-millionaire Jules Buccieri wrote it down, before he died; he was West Hollywood's top Antiquarian, designer, friend and art/furniture/ decor supplier to Babs Streisand and every top rock star and film/ director, actor. He gave away a million dollars to high concept dharmic businesses. He gave 200 lectures on How to Achieve Prosperity like his. He was a self-made man. His concept which is online, free, no registering ever, 100 separate classrooms, for a group to do import/export w. exotic foreign lands, travel the THIRD world and eradicate hunger in desolate villages where talented artisans have no hope of meeting a USA export/import wholesaler.

Today we have more ingredients for this concept thatn ever: CRAIGS LIST, the MASTER JULES PROSPERITY TRAINING, the IMPORT/ EXPORT training seminar and YOU!

The UNITED NATIONS used to do this as UNESCO Bazaar. They stopped. THE PEACE CORPS USED to do it thru its "SECTION 20 (fine arts,) which is almost non-existant now. So the concept has been re-awakened as POSH BOUTIQUE STUFF-ING, fun, artistic WHOLESALING of merchandise to Boutiques in the cities of Europe, USA.

It's a blend of travelling DESIGNERS, ARTISTS who have ROUND TRIP TICKETS to faraway places. Using CRAIGS LIST, the travelers find artisans, expediting angels in war torn Africa, famine wrecked Latin America, Typhoon and Earthquake wrecked Philippines, Tsunmai wrecked South East Asia, Genocide wrecked Yugoslavia, Commie wrecked Russia, as well as in China, South KOREA (Best couture next to PARIS, some say better.) Famine wracked PERU, Ancient INDIA and Bali & INDONESIA. and let us not forget Haiti, all the places where little babies today starve to death!

With your group, create your own line of merchandise. You're a MERCANTILIST, the activity that built the East India company and the Dutch East INDIES COMPANY and created Britain and Holland's greatest shipping fortunes. Build your own mercantilist enterprise. You and your friends would be a hotbed of excitement, travel, a group of motivators, trainers for young artists who don't have babies yet and still want to travel. You do it pro bono, no fees ever. Training parties, Design/ strategy meetings. JOIN in and network with your own group that works with artisans, artists, hobbyists, (not pros,) naive painters like GRANDMA MOSES, folks who do textile painting, embroidering, men who work wrought iron, who build weather vanes, (worth thousands, today.)
OR start within US borders, w. plain, rural farm folk artisan. Folks who make folky crafts like wrought iron and tin weather vanes, blown glass, etc, whom you find in your town, online. Artisans, DESIGNERS like you might have in your family. You find MERCHANDISE and you put it online or wholesale it to ritzy city boutiques.

Maybe your church members or relatives have ole fashioned ARTS & CRAFTS TALENT? The plan is that you create a group that specifically does COMMUNAL CAPITALISM, SELLING TO NEW YORK, HOUSTON, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Seattle, Denver where a bead necklace is l00$, or a crochet yoke to a dress causes a gauze dress to be worth 300$. YEP! THE POWER OF HANDICRAFTS. Create your own private family/friend group by sending this text to the e-mails of talented friends, or print it out for your senior chums and fellow travelers (not in the old sense of that word, but hey, maybe EXACTLY in that sense!) who know crochet, embroidery etc. Get the grannies to do paintings like GRANDMA MOSES DID (google them up under GOOGLE IMAGES,) simple primitives or naive painting, worth a thousand each in any big city! That would fund your group for a lot more world traveling! ALSO, consider doing a documentary of your travels on VIDEO. Any university kid with an EDITING stand can edit that video and DISCOVERY or HISTORY channel pays hundreds off thousands for a travel show like that But imagine the extra spin of AMER. SENIORS doing UNESCO BAZAAR TRAININGS! VERY  COMMERCIAL, FULL OF HEART And it will FUND A LOTTA AIR TICKETS! Send this ad to your granny pals to inspire/motivate, give people STUDY links, DESIGNS, networking possibilities and then each of us starts a chumcluster biz based on gorgeous merchandise that we make, sell to the RITZY BOUTIQUES in EUROPE as well as USA. A dollar in your country in merchandise can bring 20 to 50$ in these BIG BUCK CITIES. read how:

Our FREE classroom is (no registration necessary, just a cyber seminar, from a lady who knew the MASTER JULES (the import guy) for 40 yrs, was his secretary and togeter we ran BAZAAR FOLKLORICO SHOP on SUNSET STRIP back in the 60's,) starting up on HOW 2-DO COTTAGE INDUSTRIES, and then how to
wholesale them finding BIG CITY BOUTIQUES via CRAIGS LIST, or, finding local PEOPLE who do the artisanry, in iron, silver, cotton, sewing, pottery, straw, all the crafts. THEN there's interna'l travel to villages
where folks are now starving, but your spottin' what they're good at making, African masks? Printed textile?
& your giving them the cool designs, (l8" squares for pillow making, which they never did,) teaching them how to ship it air freight or ocean freight gives them a footing. Then, your artisanry goes to PALM BEACH, MIAMI, NYC, HOUSTON, Even Denver, or Hollywood, PARIS & LONDON. Switzerland, Germany where ONE HOUR of African labor is worth (translates to,) fifty hours of cash/value/ price. Or should we say it backwards. What a man earns in BERLIN for an hour of work buys FIFTY HOURS OF WORK in AFRICA. Do you and your pals (we're talking ole grannies) know Old time Country crafts? SHOW this ad to the locals!

All U need is one or two SMART, SAVVY DESIGN/ART YUPPIE KIDs to upgrade your town's designs (or third world,) from crocheted articles to TRENDY YOKES in dresses then one pal with an SUV to drive or SHIP the finished merchandise to boutiques in Denver or Houston once a month to wholesale to DECORATORS' your big cities, every city has a wholesale decorator area! Or to dept. stores, boutiques. We're talking hand knits, crochet, weavings, pillow covers, boxes, baskets to posh boutiques

IT IS POSSIBLE EVEN TO IMPORT FOODs. Ever gone to the FARMERS MARKETS? NYC pays 8$ a jar of jam. ONE JAR. GUAVAS might grow there where you visit, Africa, Haiti, no? (I collect guava seed and this
plant grows from seed not cuttings.) Get your villagers in third world to make jam products. Food may present import regluations I never knew about, working strictly w. furniture, jewelry, clothing, antiques, artisanry as
Jules and I did at BAZAAR FOLKLORICO SHOP on Sunset Strip (before he moved to Decorator's district, in We. Hollywood) I note that large frozen pcgks of guavas go to bakers in ALL CUBAN BAKERIES across usa, THEY NEED GUAVA SUPPLY. HARD to find in USA. Frozen fruit, hard as rocks costs 4$ an lb in NYC/ CALIF. Wholesale to/ or retail AT the STREET FARMERS MARKET on weekends?

CRAIGS LIST is a  GREAT way for you to contact young artists, make links  your own community with FELLOW TRAVELLERS, SENIORS like you. Then finally with people in KENYA, HAITI, AFGHANISTAN, INDIA.  THIS WHOLE PROJECT depends on Craigs List, friendships, linkage and networking

It will be profitable above all but FUN. EASY! FUN, FRIEND-FULL and AMUSING. Hey, listen, a million dollars worth of BIZ can be created out of native crafts, baskets, textiles, hammocks, farm products, honey, jams,  (American bees went south on us this year,) maple syrup, (CANADA NORWAY?).

 Current planet-wide RECESSION and Boomers about to storm MED-I-CARE and SOCIAL SECURITY ending all pensions suggests that we'd all better get a backup career ready. Folks who are BRIGHT, who KNOW PC's, in the capital city there, who isn't afraid to go into villages, scout down artisanry, talents,
painting. Ask me for articles on native painting and pillows made of 'home decorated' textiles. We share info on all this impesonally at the multiple websites. YOU are READY to do more than just travel, TO PHOTOGRAPH what you see and to attract with these videos, VISITORS to lectures, then to ENLIST YOUNG KIDS ready to do a COTTAGE INDUSTRY, WHOLESALING THIRD WORLD CRAFTS. Your town's young people are Ready for a cash only job, where where you are the CEO. The native villagers are the recipients.You already have all the tools, PC, DESK, OFFICE, COFFEE POT and TELEPHONE. Then read

Those pals, those village grannies who do arts'n' crafts may be part of a MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS. Time to use your imagination in a SENIOR career and do something artistic, VIVID and profitable. View the teachings of multi-millionaire PROSPERITY GURU, THE MASTER JULES. His website describes dozens of GUERILLA CAPITALISM IDEAS that our L.A. Calif group has seen make millions. We wrote them up. EMAIL this text here to all the pals whose emails you know, right now, and JUST check our FRUGAL PEOPLE

YUPPIES and SENIOR FOLKS in your town would attend a 'living room group' (could be held monthly in a church basement) where you discuss DOING COTTAGE INDUSTRIES, share the video footage, narrate, lecture, create free seminars, each one of you, doing it from your home and going online to find members at CRAIGS LIST. This is not about linking with me, in LA.CALIFORNIA, it's you linking with your family and your own chumclusters. The Master Jules would have wanted to create a tidal wave of MOONLIGHTING CEO's building fresh, SPRINGTIME CAPITALISM in our own, quasi recessionary country. And then spreading the energy to starving third world. We hope one day to see members all sharing experiences of their new age import/export/ artisanry wholesaling businesses. To see what I'm talking about, just go to our website where hundreds of free, inspiring articles are posted. Learn about many, newage, different, quirky independent (not tied to us TRAINERS at all,) MONEY MAKING ideas that have worked in Paris/ London LA/ NYC. This
SEMINAR is online. TOTALLY FREE! Hundreds of articles and images. Get your Craigs list ad-readers to visit the actual physical GROUP you create for your travelogues and lectures. The concept of starting a group is, not only NETWORKING to find new pals but hey, groups IN PERSON are always more inspiring and this concept is NO TICKETS, no registering, everything l00% free. Read the GUERILLA CAPITALISM training seminars by clicking on the URL

There's nothing to buy. It's a total freebie. THE TRAINING was written by a student of California PROSPERITY GURU, the MASTER JULES, self made MULTI millionaire, free prosperity coach who LECTURED (we transcribed) dozens of files on HOW TO ACHIEVE WEALTH. (His students built him a
website, posthumously  MASTER JULES WEBSITE.  This is an amazing man whom you want to read.
HE WAS A CLOSE friend to Streisand and Bisset, (she brought almond milk to  his death bed.) Read his words on MONEY and how to get it metaphysically, MEANING That there is a HEADTRIP which creates wealth.....HIS STUDENTS made the FRUGAL LIFETSYLE WEBSITE, and THE MONEY ARCHIVE where you can bone up on how one CAN BECOME a MERCHANT PRINCE, a SUPER TYCOON.....the path has been mapped! The teachings on GETTING FIRE IN THE BELLY levels of AMBITION is and the article on being a SUPER TYCOON is

RIGHT NOW, send this article to your pals who maybe could use an INSPIRING,MOTIVATING impetus toward a lucrative cottage industry or something to add a little DASH TO AUTUMN YEARS & CASH to all your lives! Create the living room group, Put flyers up around the neighborhood. USE THE FILE ON WRITING A PROSPECTUS so that 1 in every 3 people you give the DEAL MEMO to --will buy in, fund your travel needs & business idea! WRITE A PROSPECTUS/ DEAL MEMO. One in three people you show it to will invest!

Now, here's the final fillip.  God is in the details, right?

PUT THIS AD UP AT CRAIGS LIST in CITIES near you, daily. Then seed the idea by writing it up or using YOUR own web pages, (HOW TO DO A WEBSITE) , or LINKING to our pages in our Craigs list ads, and find capitalists in cities in India, Yugoslavia, Haiti, China, Japan, etc. Learn how to use Craigs List. Then you and your family do the meetings with wealthy seniors, once a month. You'll make a fortune! THEN, you and your chums, cousins, nephews, brothers/sisters do one meeting a month or two.... serve cookies/ coffee, take donations for that. Engender a real society of seniors. THEY have puhlenty of time on their hands. They'll join if there's a PHONE TREE and a CAR DRIVING SHARING tree. And a trip to the Caribbean in the offing!