Writing  $cripts vs. writing BLOGS or Articles
by Anita Sands Hernandez


Which is a better hobby? Writing blogs, political articles? Opinion page stuff or MOVIES? Which is more effective in changing the future, forwarding evolution? More PLANET changing?  FLICKS? BLOG? FACEBOOK? TWITTER? BOOKS? NEWSPAPER JOURNALISM? OK. Let's do the math. Add up the +'s these are the Formulas.


SELL ONE ARTICLE. l00 bucks if lucky. Frankly nobody's paying for journalism these days. But a movie Script l00 thousand if unlucky! Cuz some guys make 3mil!

Every article you send out ten times you get one acceptance. Print, ink, envelopes, stamps, visits to post office, hard copy mail out. Only If you're very lucky can you just e-mail it out for free. Only if it's some EMAG. The UPSIDE of submitting articles is, it's only l0 pages to xerox.

With a Script ---every script you send out l00 times you get one option. OPTION 20k. If it goes to stages, l00k. DOWNSIDE 100 pages to xerox. OUCHEY! NOTE: XEROXING SCRIPTS costs l0 times higher but

ARTICLE WRITING. You Do the Research for weeks. Hang out at libraries, send away for big, dusty books. Cough dust. Compose PILES of illegible notes. Citing chapter, verse. You Sweat bullets. Write. Sweat more
bullets. Try to figure out how to get WORD to do Footnotes. Accuracy stress. TAKES A WEEK of horrible stress to write it.


SCRIPT- Lie in pool, lie in park or forest. Do a reverie to get your cards. Takes a few days. CARDS are an outline of what you think is a film parabola, CHARACTERs that fascinate with problems who need redemption and rebirth. Joyously conceiving of your villains, Identifying real time scoundrels and roman a cleffing them into your Dr. No. Figuring out the heart pace juice of a serious time deadline confronting characters, who's in danger, who is the sacrifice person for shmaltz, what stuff is at stake. Sub plots, subcharacters. SOunds complex but it all surfaces like foam on water. Easy, no stress. And you have a blast as you're inside a dreamworld. ACTUAL WRITING of script takes 4 1/2 days once 'cards' are done and is a blast as you're living inside of a movie!


In wake of ARTICLE being PUBLISHED. A lot of right wing experts and fancy ass republicans write you hate notes lambasting you for your commie nerve. A FEW CONSTIPATED old farts who wrote prior articles on
the theme threaten to sue you for cribbing.


SOCIAL value of ARTICLE publication: You gotta force a chick to read it and maybe she respects you for being a high brow, but maybe she is irritated and bored and could care less about PEAK OIL or DEFINING FEATURES OF FASCISM. Doesn't seem sexy to the pretty ones. Meanwhile, YOUR PARENTS are embaressed by their commie son.  (Screen "TRUMBO".

BUT WHEN a film is shot, you get to be on the set, lunch with the actors, the produces, the directors, do rewrites, feel needed. And IN WAKE OF the FILM being PRODUCED - EVEN HIGH BROW Girls want to sleep with you. Especially if your film had any pretense of a subtext. Ferrari dealers want to meet you. Your parents are proud,are planning to be in LA for the OSCAR CAST. They tell pals all about their great kid.

SOCIAL VALUE OF FILM- You entertain, make us laugh, thrill, weep. Therapeutic maybe. There are a dozen socially redeeming films out there. Maybe a hundred or two, which will live in history. A few of those change our ethos. We can no longer be shits because that film got to us. But equal number of movies encourage bad behavior. Then there's a third school. A lot of miscreants who'd be very hurtful if they had nothing to do are NOT BORED late at night. They are watching a flick. They wouldn't chose YOUR flick but thusly busied, they aren't harming people.

WHAT ARE YOU, DUMB? IF YOU ARE SO DUMB that YOU STILL WANT TO WRITE ARTICLES, do a COMMIE BLOG FACE BOOK PAGE? Well, you are probably too dumb to write a movie! SO do your social network daily. I mean if you have 100 readers, great. Maybe you shape the future. A hundred new bozos to line up against a wall for some future dictator. BUT IF YOU WANT TO INFLUENCE a million citizens to riot. WRITE MOVIES!


 See how to CHANNEL a plot, It's a metaphysical, new age, secret method.