MUSE AT THE ELBOW- a metaphysical technique for writers.

Roy Masters, a radio guru of the sixties and 70's had a great method for contacting your higher self in an instant. One would sit, put hand in the air, and wait until the higher forces lifted your hand and made it float.

That effort (well, not really EFFORT --More like that releasing of your self to another force that moved you,) would trigger the meditational, reaching out mind.)

You could do it the Buddhist way, link Jupiter finger and thumb in the Gyan Mudra. The other three fingers are straight-ish, you see buddha statues in that pose. Elbows byside, the mudra is up in the air. Concentrate on higher self grabbing right hand and lifting it. Invite muses to tell you when they arrive by lifting the hand.When you feel something lifting it, they are there. Ask them to help you write what you are planning on writing.

If you have script written already, Focus on the words you have already, or the ideas. Let them find your place on the page.Presumably you have a PC screen with words there. YOu can go over them now, briefly. Hemingway used to re-read the work that he'd done yesterday to know what to do today. He would work on a day while he was supplied with ideas, stop when it was going well.  If you are starting fresh with no prior work, then just start DOING THE CARDS: A stack of 3 x4 cards or scrap paper pieces that size, and an easy write marker pen where you don't have to fuss to leave scribbles.. If you have no movie in mind, no novel, no plot in mind, ask your SOUL to give you the plot. Say 'show me the first scene' Meditate and when you see something scribble a note. Next scene? What are they saying? And a Billy Wilder trick for comedy or suspense, for plottiness, is to say 'but what he doesn't know is....?" and supply what your hero doesn't know or the villain doesn't know. The jeopardy or humor factor, The bizarre turn. If you stall, say 'and then?' and then? You come out of a session with notes, type them up. That part isn't meditative. If you are relaxed you can do a few hrs of plotting which might be your whole movie. You may get to a place where you cannot imagine where things would go next. Then quit. Re-read your notes next day, the typed up ones, and shut your eyes and go from there.