If you ask yourself to come up with a plot for a book or script, you'll stall. Guaranteed, and the flat horror of the writer's block rising around you like an iron fence will make you quit writing altogether. So don't ask YOURSELF. Ask your HIGHER SELF. To get the PLOT to just come to you, relax, don't think, get an alpha wave, turn on your INNER TV, the third eye, the daydream center and take a moment to envision a garden, a bird, two birds. They kiss beaks. Awwww, how cute you think. You are in a reverie 'with feeling' and that's the starting place.

Now, talk to your higher self. Tell your soul and your guardian angels too, I seek a plot that is really relevant to what I know best. Why did my lifetime happen? This incarnation. What is my story? What do I know? What dramas did I observe. What have I learned is 'out there' as the enemy, sad and terrible. What do I know first hand?  And if my young relative were to write up my life, with all its tragedy, or comedy, what would they take note of?  Ponder that. Now, it may be that there is one unusual feature to your drama. So concentrate on that, forgetting your own experience with it. Say "THIS IS A THEME. And If I were to pursue this theme, where would I SET IT?"

Tell your soul or higher self or guardian angels, 'WE do not have to set this story in our CITY or in our TIME." Now, ask your uncon to find a 'first scene.' OR Say ferinstance, 'ok, I agree my story is how mothers pick nasty stepfathers who ruin the child's life. Then ask your unconscious  to 'show you' the first scene. It's like turning o  a TV and seeing it. Take note of the mood. You won't see the whole plot or story, you will see one scene. MAKE A NOTE of what it is. See your principle character, your star. It may not be yourself. It may be the horrible stepfather. Then pick your hero from what you see ... As a writer, novel, short story, screenplay, even the PLOT of a song lyric, don't supply side car scenes from your mind. They will just be derivative. Trust the soul which is the big screen above the THIRD EYE. Do the channeling -- meaning you trance out, and ask higher self to show you the first scene of your film.STAY IN THE DAYDREAM.

You may feel there's a film that has not been done. The TAKING OF LIBYA MOVIE, great idea, high concept, make OMAR KHADAFI the hero and CIA the enemy.... Hollywood might love the idea, but MANY SAY KHADAFI was a good guy and he ran a great country with innovations we don't even have in AMERICA. and really, what do you know about it? Enough to convince Hollywood producers you are the guy to write it? Then there's the sad ending factor. The fact that the sheer ugliness of this leader being squashed in a crowd of his own citizens is tooo way over the top ugly!

So maybe your AUNT was on BROADWAY and you have a fresh idea for a BUDDY PICTURE script a little 13 yr old girl and her great aunt, the ex chorus girl/ beauty, mistress aging relative who was a drinker movie. Your brain can come up with a plot but it'll be half assed. It'll be JACKIE SUSANN if you think it up, because brain tells you your cast will be stupid blondes, smart ones. sentimental ones, wounded ones, greedy ones, angry ones. Kind of like the ex wives club movie.a mixed bag of classic women. ALL OF THEM DANCED, right?

But YOUR UNCONSCIOUS not only knows this territory, it has unconscious ideas, suspicions, knowledge. So maybe you give it a  WORKING TITLE (ONLY) The Glue Farm. (As in America, in our vernacular, that's where they send old horses.) Now ask your unconscious to show you the first scene. Then insert the 13 year old niece, her sister's grandchild. The sister stayed in small town and got married. And with a lot of cutting back and forth between the roaring fifties and current time, you have a movie some ex movie star will get an Oscar for. Kind of a NEIL SIMON flavor. Might make a great stage play, too. BUT LET YOUR INNER DAYDREAM frame the plot, that way it's not ordinary or derivative.

SCREENPLAYS really are easiest form.
VISUALIZE it shot by shot.
ASK YOUR SOUL to show you what the first shot is.

GET BACK TO me on what your soul shows you. Then write it down, scribble in print, 'gals x doing x,here is x gal her, her this one, that one has daughter coming to visit, this other one has buried her married boyfriend today and is all alone.

THEN shut eyes, see second shot. See third. see fourth. Keep saying to yourself 'AND THEN?"
that triggers the supply line. Or say 'Yeah but what he don't know IS..." or what "SHE don't know is." Those are Billy Wilder's tricks. Found them in his BIO. That's how he proceeds along the 'envisioning' avenue.

Elaine Dundy (Ken Tynan's first wife,) dreamt up the DUD AVOCADO a classic fifty years ago among the yuppie girls.. 

Write your notes with a marker, scribble big  so that you don't come out of trance.
while you still remember what these scribbled notes mean,
record it in a file on PC. IN DIRECTORY entitled MY NOVEL IDEAS.
Or my script, or  C:\SCRIPTS.