A million dollars bounty on my head (dead or alive) or a trial at the Hague? Gee, France, Europe, America, Thanks ALOT! You are showing up as SO UNGRATEFUL. By stealing my oil & my country you are bailing yours asses out of poverty.  I turn a sandbox of a country, an Arab backwater, into a super-rich EXAMPLE of capitalist productivity WHILE YOU IDIOTS BLOW the BIGGEST ECONOMIES OF EUROPE AND the WEST into BANKRUPT SMITHEREENS colluding with banksters for campaign dollars and now, suddenly all you Western Wolves want to feast on my meat!?

Sarkozy and Obama funded NATO --- to get OIL.

Sarkozy and Obama knew full well that they will NOT ONLY get all the oil but the west can CONFISCATE Libya's BANKING system which has dodged playing with/ kneeling to the IMF for forty years!

A KNOWING, ONLINE OPINER reported: "It's about oil, and about preventing Africa from having its own Continental Bank, which Gaddafi was pitching as a way of saving Africans trillions of dollars.

Imagine telling Western banks (like Obama's friends at Goldman Sachs and the Fed) that they will soon lose all those interest payments from those poor countries in Africa - the ones that Gaddafi helped liberate politically from Europeans.

Of course NATO wants him out of there. This is because the Western Elite wants to enslave Africa again. And steal all its oil, rather than paying outrageous royalties to the locals."

Right on, bro. Hey, do you think there's a Colonialist Manual that teaches IMF and US/ BRITAIN how to plump up each bird in their poultry farm, each turkey, even if it takes forty years, then when the bird is fat, (Libya had education & housing for everyone, genuine wealth, had used oil dollars wisely,) and just when the LEAN years afflict the west, knock the head turkey off his perch with a NATO invasion force, confiscate his forty billion dollars, squeeze all the blood out of this turkey, put in a new, younger bird and start all over again. That is first world POULTRY GROWING IN THE THIRD WORLD 101.

Found online: "Libya has done well over the years. I know a couple of
Libyan students and they are full of praise to Gaddafi and see him as a
hero, saying he has looked after Libyans, developed the country very
well, built a fantastic infrastructure and most people  live good lives.

I also agree that 100% of the colonial/imperialist mindset of divide and
conquer. They have managed to turn the Libyans against one another and
now they are killing their fellow countrymen. Nato should be ashamed of
themselves for once again meddling in the internal affairs of a country
for their own selfish ends.

For a start the rebels are not a wholesome bunch of people. They have
known extremist radicals in their midst, alone with known
battle-hardened Al-Qaeda fighters who have trained and fought in
Afghanistan and Iraq. There have been numerous reports (not from the BBC
& Sky Surprise) about the disgraceful actions of these rebels include
mass rape of women from pro-gaddafi families, along with killing of
civilians en masse.

Add to this the farcical claims of the rebels that they had captured
Kadafi's son, Saif-Al_islam, with the ICC even confirming this, only for
Saif to turn up at a hotel waving to cheering crowds along with their
dubious claims of controlling 95% of a capital swarming with large
numbers of Libyan special forces just goes to show the rebels are a
bunch of unprofessional violent rag tag extremists/merceneries who
cannot be trusted."

khadafi really was a fairly good leader 
I want James Olmos to play me
 when they do the movie.

*     *      *       *      *      *

NATO was present when they killed him