which  inspire, motivate & give you the power to CREATE BUSINESS

Check out this abundance of 'FREEBIE SCHOOLROOMS, ACTUAL, ONLINE CLASSROOMS, full of powerful, descriptive lessons based on and slanted toward YOUR FAMILY's safety whether it's through GUERILLA CAPITALISM,  being Ideas for  your coming BUSINESS! You need a new age, recession- proof CAREER, for cash under the table. You need URBAN AND RURAL SURVIVAL in the FUTURE, when there's no housing, jobs, food or money. You'll need FRUGAL LIFE STYLE TIPS... Easy Breezy Foodscaping even a senior can do. Files on how to parlay your hidden talents, abilities, interests connections and gifts into a lot of money. Using the INTERNET, MERCHANDISING YOURSELF.

These are "How to get Lucky and Make Money merchandising or with services" type articles but the kind of ideas that you can PUT UP REAL QUICKLY, with no licenses, fees, diplomas or schooling required! If your fave thing isn't there, tell me what it is, I'll send you out my files on doing it as guerilla capitalism. We post new websites daily and if you want to be on any of the email lists, in any one category, write, astrology at earth link dot net, and let me know  Let me know which type of article 'send outs' you want to receive.  These are the categories of LISTS and the PORTALS TO THEM.

1.) THE BAZAAR FOLKLORICO SCHOOL of Import/Export &Mercantilism - Even if you don't have a dollar today, the NO PURCHASE method of wholesaling Artisanry, handicrafts and  THE CHATZKE PALACE  FULL of DESIGNS, MERCHANDISE LINES that sell for top money. HOW TO MERCHANDISEAND MONETIZE any type of business

2.) GARDENING, FOODSCAPING,with free seed giveaways. Hollyhocks, pumpkins, vegies, fruits, trees, flowers. See actual freebie gardens, learn cheap, easy breezy methods. VISIT 'ANITA's FARM & FREE SEED GIVEAWAY

3.) HOLISM 101 NATURE HEALING TRICKS, SECRETS OF REJUVENATION. This seminar enables you to enter the NATURE HEALING FIELD NOW, TODAY, and earn 100$ the hour immediately. Protocols,  Rejuvenation 101, Truth about needed Supplements, Diets/ recipes, new ways to stave off entropy as SCIENCE discovers them, I report them to you. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL INDEX PAGE, ways you can make 100$ an hour 'clearing' people, TANTRUM YOGA, etc.

4.) Success in LOVE or HOW TO MARRY WELL, HAVE A HAPPY FAMILY, A lucrative GROUP that you can run in your city. Franchise is FREE TO YOU, Plus you get to use 150 articles on family/ romance, courtship, how to marry well....not date and get dumped. Classes on how to Create your Own Luck in Love Success in Love FORUM which makes you into a producer of trainings. You can make a mil a yr. read "HOW TO START A CHURCH BASEMENT GROUP CALLED LUCK IN LOVE No fees ever for the franchise. It's free to you now plus WEBSITE support.

5.) MIND TECH 101 the EST FORUM kind of files . TRANSFORMATION BRAIN POWER. Especially interesting is the "HOW TO KICK START YOUR AMBITION" an archive and webpage.

6.) UFOS (haven't seen one in a decade, but have a UFO list anyway.) I have seen them three times btw.! TWICE more they visited me in dreams, took me to a HIGH FLYING saucer! UFO STUDIES are covered at my website in I SAW THEM! at

7.) Screenwriting, how to make a mil with a script in any city in world AND how to produce films by optioning the script for a buck with a writer pal! Can make you 300k with one option! NOVEL WRITING, how to do thrillers, mysteries, the two most popular genres of all. Guaranteed sale on these unless you're awful!

8) Prosperity, MONEY SECRETS of GUERILLA CAPITALISTS, HOW to buy Real estate cheap, find old farms, do it as a ten way investment with pals,  files that teach you how to create a BUSINESS CONCEPT, get it FUNDED and the Stock Market Training Page. THE "GROW BACK YOUR FIERY AMBITION " WEBPAGE and the REAL ESTATE SECRETS INDEX PAGE and the ESCAPE TAXES PAGE (shhhh!)

9)  CONVERSATION 101 INDEX PAGE, Learn to talk with. billionaires knowledgeably about political issues! And TRUTH ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENT.

10)  FUTURE INDEX, What's coming and HOW TO SURVIVE IT, Two schoolrooms.

11.) THE BABIES INDEX, New Age tips on how to raise an infant, a child, a teen, educate and prime it for reality.

12. ) THE HOLISTIC PET INDEX PAGE, never pay for a VET again.

13.) METAPHYSICS AND MAGIC 101!! Meet the Master JULES at The man was a superlative teacher, a self-made multi millionaire, yet he continued to teach for free &  I transcribed 100 of his 200 tapes with a machine that has headset and foot pedal. HIS WEBSITE

14.) UNDERSTANDING  THE MIND OF THE SUPER RICH, What the OLIGARCHSare up to behind our backs. THEN, HOW THEY MISCALCULATED, and now we've got THE MELTDOWN WEBPAGE and THE FIX that is REQUIRED for solving OUR COUNTRY'S ECONOMIC and SOCIAL PROBLEMS. How to accomplish that? It's easy .....

15.) The Answer is being a POLITICAL ACTIVIST and making it fun, THE PARTY INDEX. Be like GANDHI and fix SOCIETY, doing it thru community meetings & potluck parties and a dozen other forms of recreation. That's how you become like the big guys, see:  THE HEROES WEBPAGE, --- tales of others who've undertaken the easy, breezy, FUN METHOD for ACTIVISTS to take CONTROL . Fund raising parties!

16.) HOW to start a national charity and salary yourself. And give parties to fundraise for it. For instance, DAY CARE for latchkey kids. Scholarships.    5 dozen ideas that R-equally as good at the VULTURE SANDWICH 'famished orphaned kids get eaten' (in AFRICA at least ) website

17.) How to make a living OFF GIVING FUN GROUPS, OFF BOOKS.
OFF TWO MILLION OTHER WILD IDEAS, perfect for a RECESSION using the methods of

17) THE "ISSUE INDEX " A crib card for activists. As new issues come up, we add 'em!

18) SORT THRU the INFAMOUS COPENHAGEN CONFERENCE for as mud follows rain, greed and CRIME will enter the picture. VISIT: your 'make sense of the GLOBAL WARMING ARCHIVE.

So read those files. VERY EMPOWERING study for you instead of time-wasters like celebs, PEOPLE MAG, US mag, TV interviews with celebs, etc --. LISTENING to endless mash on tv about them has to go. TIME WASTERS! The realm of the devil. As it helps you MISS your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. Time's a running out.

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