Daycare* funding as a charity concept, ways to implement it

BORED? Want to make new, posh pals while you save the world? Why not raise money for George Clooney's favorite DARFUR charities by giving PARTIES. HUGE parties. All your galpals will get behind helping you cuz hey, it's the trendy new thing. Later give parties that are more local. Raise $ for Latch Key daycares in your city so that daycares give scholarships to poor Moms who have to work all day. Have checks made payable to the DAYCARE. Switch daycares, regularly.  Obviously, you have no cash ties to these biz.

You can do this kind of parties and charity without any state or federal licenses. In the case of the former, send a check from your party guest made out to CLOONEY's fave charity : IRC, P.O. Box 98152, Washington, D.C. 20090-8152. That addie was given to me by the head of the charity.

Now, if you start your very own charity, say, to do the SCHOLARSHIPS at DAYCARES for poor children, you first want to STUDY UP ON IT: Here's the VULTURE SANDWICH CHARITY TUTORIAL

THEN, you need a CPA pal to get your TAX EXEMPT  STATUS from the IRS. You simply state that you're giving the cash to EVERY local DAYCARE that will give a latchkey child a year long scholarship so his poor Mom can work. (WELFARE collapsed and Moms are now forced to work cleaning freeways for a welfare check, but at low salary so welfare mothers with gumption would be better off cleaning HOMES but where does the child go?)

You also need to write SECRETARY OF STATE to get your NON - PROFIT FOUNDATION STATUS. Lawyers will walk it thru the city hall but you can do it by mail. That's it! You're ready to walk into BIG CORPORATIONS and raise huge amounts of cash. You can salary yourself a reasonable amt, but you can also forgo a salary. Your call. But put too m any relatives on salary, the GOV will seek you out. So, ANY QUESTIONS?

Q:) "I want to do this project for the latch key kids in the Atlanta,Ga. area.
Can you give me more insight on how to start this. Is there any room
for profit? What should I say to the CEO's who give me the money? "

ANSWER: 1.) SURVEY a half dozen extant daycares. Find out which owners want to get
charitable tax exempt donation status with the state and with FED (IRS,) and which would be
willing to take in a few SCHOLARSHIP latch key kids.

2.) Tell each daycare owner, "I do this to get latch key kids into a better environment
 i.e. mind-advancing preschool care, rather than have a lot of LOCKED-IN-THE-HOUSE
kids left to their own devices by mothers who must work."

TELL THEM: "I may go to other daycares also, work for them also, trying to get
child-coverage of the entire city. But YOU will take this suburb, this city area.
We will use social workers to FIND these hard to spot
kids. (Obviously, latch key parents are doing something illegal, leaving
tots alone,) until the day comes that PARENT KNOWS ABOUT US. We will
eventually do a PR campaign as WE CANNOT EXPECT OFFICIALS to root out
their (kids,) locations. It is preferable to get single parent to COME
TO US. (NEVER tell a daycare owner, or anybody for that matter, that you
are doing this to meet CEOs. )

3.) Get Charitable Status from SECRETARY OF STATE at the capital. It's an office in
capital. Then get tax exempt charitable tax status with IRS. Any accountant can
show you the form. Describe the charity plans to him, he'll do it free
to get your account.

4.) Write yourself a small salary for doing fund raising, to cover your
time. You are entitled. 25k a year? reasonable enuf.

5.) NOW, what you tell CEOS is, there is a segment of child population
here that is under lock and key while mother works. We want to attract
those working, single parents, get those children into a more fruitful
learning enviornment, for their own good as future citizens. We don't
believe in DARWINIAN prejudice against the working poor or immigrants
(folks who don't have relatives here in town to care for babes.)

6.) LEARN BIOS on FAMED CITIZENS who were once POOR. Charles DICKENS
came from very poor family and he turned out MORE than OK. Research other famous
people who were dirt poor. Dr. JONAS SALK's  mother washed floors in office bldgs!!
(Discoverer of SALK VACCINE, cure for polio.)

7.) BUILD YOUR OWN CHARITY TO TH EPOINT that it can FUND dozens of other small, local dogooder BUSINESSES which currently HELP THE POOR. Say you get donations, you give a few hundred a week to that ladies org that feeds the homeless in the park, or that Catholic CHURCH that feeds crowds every night at its soup kitchen. Rather than the INDIVIDUAL DAYCARES getting 'charitable' status, this ORGANIZATION should and it becomes an umbrella org. WHY get a hundred tax exempt statuses for l00 daycares when you can do just one and funnel donations to a hundred daycares to be used for specific scholarships?

AS GETTING the state and fed tax exempt, charitable STATUS is relatively easy and not costly, try it for one daycare first as you may end up using that owner/operator for your charity, as a main employee. SO PICK an owner/operator with honor, wits, charm, charisma and whom you rapport with!


Q: "Exactly what status is this?

A: THE STATUS WITH STATE IS CHARITABLE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION. The status with FED is IRS TAX EXEMPT, an accountant can show you the form.

Q: So basically what I start is a "nonprofit organization? "

A: YES. EDUCATIONAL, add that in the middle.

Q: And the CEO's, I am asking for a donation correct?
A:  CORRECT. And for them it is a gift they can deduct from their taxes as
you are street legal.

Q: Any specific amount?
A: ASK them for a thousand each, nice, easy, rounded off number. FIND OUT
what a DAYCARE would charge the mother of a latch key child for
5 days of childcare. YOU must investigate that and get back to me on
this. Could be a grand is for one kid for four months or something like that.
I haven't investigated childcare since roughly 1969, so don't listen to me! When
I went by the way, I noted a 3 yr old parked at window, looking out glass saying
'mama, mama', repeatedly for entire time I was there. I DID NOT SIGN UP, I
became a STAY AT HOME mom with a COTTAGE INDUSTRY after seeing that!
Of course, I had four kids, would be waaay costly to use DAYCARES!

Q: And how do I organize the funds (per child, per daycare, etc.)

A: YOU SHOW on your books that you gave X daycare a sum for THE KID named
PHONE, SS# if there is one. But don't be a stickler on that what with INS playing dirty.

Q: When writing myself the salary I am doing this in the proposal?
STATE "I AM ONLY ONE NOW & I NEED this much to live. Or this much per hour
that I dedicate to this work. (as I am not free for my other job, etc)

 Q: Am I seeking funds from the government as well?
A: Good question. NOT NOW, but you do see that YOU CAN LEARN TO WRITE GRANTS and get huge
cash allocated you by CORPORATIONS, by city, state and federal gov!!!!! FOUR SOURCES!

REMEMBER, YOU HAVE our LUCK IN LOVE "HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE" Group as a resource, --beautiful, bright women in every city -- who date the super rich. They are available to you, start your own LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS GROUP in your town. Such women would handle the daycare funding in their city. OR if you want to do what I DID.....use CRAIGS LIST who will find you members, fellow charity fund raisers.  If you want to become DAYCARE FREE CEO we could feel my members list out to see who's gung ho to have entry into every corporation in their city! Walking in like PRINCESS DI in a white suit and PEARLS.  Having CEO fall head over heels in love with you!... Not too shabby. Princess DI just worked in a daycare. You feed hundreds of daycares! If she was a Princess, then you will be an Empress.

*DAYCARE is only one possible target of your fund raising. It can be a "FEED DARFUR" concept, with all checks written going to CURRENT DARFUR orgs, like GEORGE CLOONEY's fave groups.A lot of stars have prominent charities. Google around. Volunteer to fund raise for one.

Or as about ten countries in AFRICA have civil wars, rogue male tribes raping, murdering, plundering, famine, and babies are left alone in the sand with dead parents strewn around them, it can be AN INNOVATIVE NAME, like..for starving african babies VULTURE SANDWICH.ORG. Go see that one right now! Take the name. It's YOURS for the asking. That vulture waited until the child died to eat him! Photographer later killed himself.

OR use your imagination, if you want to raise matching cash for THE BILLIONAIRES in your town, to HELP HOME LEASERS GET SECTION 8 so poor citizens can get their rent partially paid. You scout down WARM Rooms/baths/ kitchens for the HOMELESS, need one SECTION 8 CITY EMPLOYEE to sign 'em up, and you will be famous in your town. Call it NO BODIES IN THE STREET.ORG or whatever. Websites are 5$ a month, the DOMAINE NAME is free if you use the cheapest WEBHOST.   A fairly fine LIST is at top on my FREE WEB TUTORIAL INDEX. Then use DOMAIN MONGER or 5DOLLAR HOSTING as your webhost. Very fine, very cheap. But do See lists on  CHEAP WEB HOSTING.

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