i.e. LIVE LINKS to actual photos !!!!

 MADAGASCAR JASMINE VINES. Also called bridal bouquet and Stephanoitis. This is a fast growing perennial vine which will cover a fence in a few years, climb a tree without hurting it, all net resources say 'non invasive vine.' Very important. Having passionflower which IS invasive, let me tell you, don't let that happen to you. Ditto HONEYSUCKLE! Great flowers but JEEPERS CREEPERS! This Jasmine Vine blooms with multiple, fragrant white flowers that glow in the dark. I also have a few baby/ mid sized GROWING PLANTS of this Jasmine, and lot of free SEED for you. Great for potted up gifts, for vases in late spring most of SUMMER, make the whole house sweet. Though not as superb as night blooming jasmine bushes! (Though many are made ill by NBJ's intense aroma). These you will grow it on a trellis or send it up a tree. It is a perennial vine that is not invasive, covers with flowers every summer, perfuming the night air. And vines don't grow thick enough to shade the tree it climbs. Called Madagascar Jasmine as it's from an island off the coast of India. Does very well in L.A. Google it to see at what point freeze kills. Use Shadecloth in August heat to prevent scorching, but if it's residing in a tree,  tree's leaves will fill that function until it climbs to the top. Just keep it watered when it's 118 degrees and maybe throw some net over it those noons.

THE BLAZING HOT PINK HOLLYHOCK,  a BIENNIAL, Hottest pink ever seen.l0 feet tall. Up to 14 feet of height in the right soil. Some grow in shorter sizes, but in packs, fifteen stems to a 'bush.'. Great along fence to salute the world -- a real show piece! Or against house. Each stem has dozens of flowers the size of teacups. BIENNIAL means in temperate zones, plant in SEPTEMBER, it stays low til spring then shoots up. Then it does a second year! VISIT: ENCYLOPAEDIA OF HOLLYHOCKS WEBSITE! OTHER HOLLYHOCKS --the BURGUNDY WINE single. Also THE soft PINK SINGLE. Originally from China, these guard the front fence, sentinels that easily reach 14 feet can be seen from a mile away. (well, almost) Grow them with foxglove, canturbury bells for that English garden look.

PERSIAN MULBERRY TREE - Not the inspid EUROPEAN black mulberry. No, this is the most intoxicating powerful, high flavor fruit that exists. Tangy, citric note is pronounced, and sweeter than sugar when RIPE. Must stay on tree til black. No good picking when raspberry red or magenta rose. Not the best germination rate on these Seeds unless given optiumum 'flat' conditions. Then, they must never dry out when temps get above 90. I keep in dappled sun/shade til a few yrs old. Mother tree came from EXOTICA PLANTS in VISTA CALIF (Steve Spengler) 45$ and that was 12 years ago! Seeds available now. Usually 1$ pck but free right now as I HAVE SO MANY! Like thousands! ergo FREE.

ULTRAMARINE blue MORNINGLORY, ANNUAL vine, some are PURPLE, some pink.Some are a pale blue. Most are ultramarine BLUE. Climbs anything, trees, bushes, fences. Freeze kills it, you peel it off easily. Compost it after you remove seeds to give to pals. THIS one makes areas of garden a sheet of shocking blue. Not invasive as freeze knocks it out, California does have a mini freeze, 34 deg for a few dawns in a row.. If the glories are hanging there all dried up, you just pull downwards, it showers you with seeds & Reseeds itself. You may call that invasive! I say it's the lazyman's way to a gorgeous garden. I scissor any vines off lemon trees while it's climbing as it could shade the fruit process. Ditto apricot trees.

SLUT-FLOWERS, really four o'clocks, (magenta color & fragrant, a brilliant neon color,)  which look good with that particular shade of electric blue of the morning glories nearby Doesn't open til sundown, very FRAGRANT all night..bloom in alleys, no fine soils required. Ask nothing in the way of care. They will grow in the cracks of a sidewalk, or in vacant lots. They self-sow so their daughters grow up in the streets just like 'em, blatent little nightbloomers. They put down a root that turns into a tuber, so then they consider that they own the corner! This year and next. Hey, they don't call them slutflowers for nuttin!

WANDERING JEW in CERULEAN BLUE. Plants available now. Makes a great ground cover. Bring a bag of SUPER SOIL to fill in holes you leave when you take trees or bushes or ground cover.

Perennial CALLA LILLIES, (*LIVE LINK) like DIEGO RIVERA painted. Reliable from seed and I have many first year plants. Perennial tuber. Dies down to tuberous root after heat of summer, then is reborn in late autumn, flowers all winter long in CALIF. SOME ARE THE GIANT ones, others dwarf. SEEDS AVAIL now. . If you bring a lot of SUPER SOIL by SCOTT (the only good amendment,)

CANNA LILLIES - GREEN BUSHY LILLY, TORCH-LIKE spike of a flower, 7 - 10 foot high. LIFT BULB in winter, store if you have freeze there. Seeds available now. Bring your l gallon cans filled with YOUR SOIL so we can place FRESHLY DUG plant in there and not have it go into shock. We will then water it. You should have a box in your car lined with a plastic trash bag or two, so plants don't drip in car on ride home. Seeds and tubers available. But I give you big plants like this, you give me SUPER SOIL, big bag.

QUEEN PALMS - ( <= CLICK ) Grow 30 feet high, provide shade, drop seeds so you can go into the palm biz. I once got 180$ for a single  l8 foot tree. I have l00 seeds for you right now, get l00 pots going chez toi and go to town! Sell them for big money. Seeds are FREE!

PINK LADIES- An amaryllis bulb called NERINE or NAKED LADIES which seeds.(click there to see it,) And  CLIVIA LILLIES which also seed. No seed yet this year on Clivias but SOON. NERINE has given me a cluster of a hundred fragrant flowers blooming now  which came off a single bulb I put there a few yrs back.

TROPICAL GUAVA  (<----LIVE LINK) a bush or tree, only works where there's no freeze
Tart, sweet, oliferous, like gardenias you can eat! Amazing jams, pies. The most savory fruit ever. Don't takethe plant below 35 deg. for more than a few hrs. Bush about 7' tall in adulthood. One fruit perfumes an entire room. Tropical. Will not work in zones 6, 7 without green house. Only in 8, 9, 10 Easy to rig a green house: Four poles and some 5 mil plastic, winter heat source, like a southern window? Southern side of the house. UNFORT, no seed has ever turned into a seedling ever. I hear I must air layer them. . Suggest you go to HOME DEPOT buy a few trees as this jam will amaze your mouth. Cubans make Guava pie with a cheese cake layer.

SWEET PIE PUMPKIN. Tiny TOM Great for pies. Very sweet. ONE pumpkin makes a pie. Seed and the pumpkins available now. FREE

 CALABAZA DE CASTILLA, the hefty grandaddy pumpkin, highly lobed, color of shiny, cafe au lait almost pink enamel on outside, dark orange flesh within, highly edible, favored by those who know. PHOTOGRAPH of it viewed by clicking on its name.. Every yr get enuf for a dozen farmers' gardens.

UGLI FRUIT TREE, (*live link,)(mutant citrus from the Caribbean. Though some sources say it was hybridized by man, others disagree. God obviously made it. Fruit looks JUST like a grapefruit, but hasn't that bitter quality. It's less sugar than oranges. Variety I have is NOT UGLY..Looks like.a PERFECT GRAPEFRUIT, no mottling on skin at all! Open it, flesh is orange, looks like tangerine, sweet, not bitter.
JAMAICAN TANGELO some call it. In vogue for sorbets.  Skin great in marmalade, juice refreshing, not sugary like orange, so great for diabetics.  Zone 8 and above.No grapefruity bitter thing going, at all. NOTE: I've just had horrific news. CITRUS SEEDS go in the ground thE second they come out of the fruit! I now realize my sending of the rare citrus, UGLI seeds will never work. I read a Calif agriculture dept booklet, sez seeds ALL CITRUS SEED is only good a few hrs, and cannot dry out. They recommend keeping it in water when it comes out of the fruit!  I NEVER KNEW THAT.!!! This bad news means that I can only send a wet seed in wet peat....UGH.. HUGE POSTAGE OR one could send a ripe fruit out in mail. Or send a baby tree thru the mail...except i'm not sure which of my babies is an ugli as I don't mark seeds in pot. I have seed for limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and ugli and don't distinguish or label. I sell people a few 'citrus' trees and they have to grow them in pots until they get fruit to see what they have.  To get specific UGLI seeds, we pull fruit from the tree. UGLI is real rare, unusual and I DO want to share it, and I should have a fairly good crop this year, a dozen fruits maybe, but I'm not willing to send all dozen fruits out. So what I DO is when I make juice, I get a dozen seeds tops, I might wrap SIX in wet cotton and ship this immediately to you, damp! Better, you come HERE and we open a fruit, share the eating, tasting how unique it is...then pull fresh, wet seeds which you go home and plant.  While damp!

Calendula, shaggy yellow flower, 3" across, with healing juices in the flower petals .Seal any wound. FREE SEED all you want. Petals will seal any wound and grow skin immediately; Mush the petals into neosporin. Any WOUND WILL both heal and CLOSE and not be infected.

Also brunsfelsia paucinia (*LIVE LINK)--the purple gardenia bush. Smells like jasmine. Have both seeds and cuttings. AS WITH MOST PERENNIALS need great care in the first few yrs, in seed stage. Optimum soil, green house conditions. Sort of like PURPLE GARDENIAS, popularly called YESTERDAY TODAY AND TOMORROW, as each day color changes, total three colors of purple, fragrant. TROPICAL perennial bush. NO FREEZE or it's over with. KEEP in greenhouse if you want. Gets 6 feet tall. Zone 8 and higher.  Have one baby bush, still attached by subterrenean roots to mother, It's about digging. And am not sure that warm weather is when to 'break' baby from MOM.' Unless you have shade cloth.

By Autumn I will have seeds for BROCCOLI, BEETS, radishes- ALL THE SEED YOU COULD want,  for this rejuvenating blood building vegie. BORSCHT ANYONE?

Delicious ARUGULA, an Italian cress for salads. Seed avail year round You can pick two big bunches of leaves and if it's late SPRING, plant. Take all the seed you need. Free. MUSTARD seed to grow your own sandwich spread. Recipes for mustard making online. PLANTAGO MAJORA for removing keratin growths from skin.

AVAIL AUG/SEPT! CROCOSIMIA BULBS from South Africa every AUG/ SEPT. (we dig them up then).THE CROCOSIMIA BULBS are blooming DEC thru MARCH, just as they do in Joberg S.A. and they're tropicals, and won't work in icy, snowy places unless lifted in NOV. like their cousin the Gladiola. They die down  AUG &  SEPT when I let you dig them out so wear blue jeans, bring a trowel or short shovel. I at times have seeds on this one. My variety is chest high, SUPERB and lasting in VASES so makes BEST EVER cut flower, no fragrance but an art noveau look.

MELIA TREE,  Umbrella tree or CHINA BERRY From Himalayas,  Have ONE 3 foot tall baby tree, rest is seeds. Thousands of those.  'Mala' means bracelet or rosary which they're used for in INDIA. These lush fragrant lilac flowers that cover the tree, turn into beads, six sided, like a SOLOMON STAR, huge religious significance. This tree will be useful for jewelers as it provides the beads used by rosary makers in India if you have a DREML drill that is. Could gold leaf them, too, or paint. FERNY foliage, lasting in vases, flowers are fragrant. Tree is deciduous. High Autumn colors. Any zone except sub arctic. FromHimalyas,  Zones 8,9 best. Have thousands of baby trees, these are free. No potting soil trade required.  SEEDS are fat, being beadlike, ergo require bigger envelope, more stamps so 2.00$ a pcgk so you gotta side sell baby nurslings to friends to make your money back. Google melia tree, umbrella tree, chinaberry tree, same thing.

SAGO PALM - Remnant of Pleocine era, billions of years old. Found that rare mother plant that had a lot of EGG sized seeds, ready to go. Google growing conditions. . Hates FREEZE. Seeds are enormous so to mail them is costly. So best pick them up here.

CUTTINGS, LIVE PLANTS/ BUSHES AND SEEDS - For cuttings you must come to the house. Get a bunch for free, you don't even owe me a bag of potting soil. Figs, Costa Rican mystery plant that flowers in RED SPIRES From UCLA botanicum. One cutting per person. JERUSALEM SAGE, 2 per person.

NEON Magenta geraniums.

RED APPLE GROUND COVER- One piece grows wide, faster than Boston Ivy. Tolerates sun.I will gladly give you fifty cuttings! Bring scissors! Roots real easily! TAKE OUT CURB STRIP LAWN and put this in, You never need to care for it, very low water requirement, takes hot sun. (Well, once a year, cut off a waterfall of growth that may go over curb. GIVE IT AWAY to someone who wants iron ground cover.) FREE!

Fast spreading ground cover, DELOSPERMA Flowering succulent has MAGENTA FLOWERS


JUSTICIA CARNEA  (<===CLICK HERE) This is a gorgeous bush, tropical, shrimp flowers on steroids. 1 cutting per visitor. This flowers in MAY in California. Again in autumn..

JADE PLANT - Makes a great bed bush, companion to spider plants. See the one on right, in pot here at this site:

TROPICALS: There are magueys and agaves striped or verdigris. All sizes.


And rousseauesque spider plants, with hanging baby plants
hanging like xmas tree decorations from the mother plant.
and there are dozens of those!
they stay low. Are bright. Have all green, too.
You can have quite a few of 'em. Free.

So you can get some big jungly looking BEDS going. I mix variagated with plain green. Have both for you as they are much more effective 'mixed.'

CACTUS cuttings. (below) if I said plants ... well, these become plants fast enough. Need coarse sand in the soil and good humus. They grow to the height of a man need sun and heat, not too much water or they rot, so don't put them near water hungry little annuals. This cactus FLOWERS in YELLOW, is not the OPUNTIA tho it looks exactly like a NOPAL. Almost..These are vicious burglar destroyers. Great fence protection. Nobody will leap your fence! You can have 5 to 10  tall cuttings for a bag of potting soil SCOTT SUPER SOIL

*         *                     *             *               *             *           *               Unless you're a book vendor and sending me  used books, (which I always pay for,) History, mysteries, great novels,  philosophy, political whistleblower stuff, thrillers, (in which case you get a gift of seeds free, sec I get your books) ... you pay for my MAILING YOU SEEDS  by sending a stamp. A few stamps is a few kinds of seeds. If you want trees, you just give me a bag of SUPER SOIL and come over, you dig the tree. FILL in the hole with your common soil. So bring containers.

If you want AVOCADO, BLACK "English" WALNUT, FIG or peach trees,  mulberry trees or mulberry or fig branches to graft, come in Dec, January early FEB. They have a better chance of living thru shock of a move, when dormant. In winter you can also get: Loquat  fruit trees can be lifted when heat dies down. Bring enough potting or even garden soil to fill hole which YOU WILL DIG, don't leave me big empty holes. Then give me a bag for myself, as a trade for all these plants and seeds. I have a few QUEEN PALMs which can only be dug out in colder eather.  The soil you bring to fill holes can be ordinary garden soil but to get free plants, trees you bring a bag of POTTING SOIL .. I prefer  SCOTT SUPER SOIL or anything marked POTTING SOIL. All the others are really rot prone MULCH that gets hard like a brick.. Most plain soils from Home Depot bags aren't finished composting and kill plants! If you want citrus trees, lemon, lime, ugli, grapefruit, come any time. BRING A BAG of potting soil for me. I spend years watering, there's fine soil in the pot, you get a pot so what's the trade? SUPER SOIL, the only brand that works. The rest are manure and mulch.

Bring your l-gallon cans half-filled with YOUR SOIL so we can place your new, FRESHLY DUG plant in there and not have it go into shock. We will then water it. You should have a box in your car lined with a plastic trash bag or two, so plants don't drip in car on ride home. Bring your garden soil to fill holes you leave. But SUPER SOIL bag, 2 sq feet is for me, for the 'trade.'

If you want seeds, send me stamps I'll provide envelope. 7900 zelzah, reseda ca 91335 and I'll send you the seeds that fit in my envelope up to five or six packets of diff stuff.