COTTAGE BIZ FAMOUSHOW CAN THE WORLD HEAR MY SONG? The one about joining OCCUPY MOVEMENT at The Picket/ Protest/ Demonstration, or the one on How to sue cops for that broken shoulder, make a million; I also write on the HIPPIE LIFESTYLE, How to live on a dime, LEARN HOW, REPUBLISH THE ARTICLE FOR FREE at YOUR SITE and GET THAT BIG AD REVENUE. ADVERTISERS FLOCK to me with cash for a year of THEIR AD. Except for the article on HOW TO AVOID BANKING taking our CASH when 1929 hits, and Why we should get our surplus cash out of CHAIN BANKS. BUT ADVERTS pour in for the ONES ABOUT ALCOHOL ADDICTION. Not so  much for the one on getting a  GUERILLA CAPITALISM BUSINESS up and running ---but that's where I slip the smart tip on how to bank money UNSEEN under the rose bushes for the day when all bank accounts are over with and they're fiching our income via our plastic. India just made a law to FIGURE OUT how much $ is under your rose bushes. You have to anticipate  that SUCH a day will come here. ALL HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS will be TURN IN, GET THE NEW PURPLE COLOR BILL with MAGNETO STRIPE as a week from now OLD HUNDRED BUCK BILLS ARE WORTHLESS. PRESIDENT MODI DID THAT TO INDIA. ROSEBUD BANKERS lost their ENTIRE FORTUNE! Anyway, ADVERTISERS don't like my articles on BANKING UNDER THE ROSES when they try to pull the typical DEPRESSION tactic of closing their doors when ANOTHER 1929 HITS. ALL the same, such interesting, helpful articles should be ON YOUR SITE. ATTRACT FRIENDS with your SMARTICLES. SMART ARTICLES?? And point readers via your TWEETS. Potential readers (and your new clients for your cottage biz) have to be inspired or motivated to come stand near YOUR branch of the TWITTER TREE. They do that with a search engine so I guess I should tweet about things that FOLKS are really interested in. The best CURE DIABETES DIET, for us folks who can't afford protein. Or "How to Nail a Bachelor" if you're single. Or how to BUILD a FIELD STONE BARBECUE or a house in the woods ---if you're evicted.

I wandered into this PUBLICITY MAZE inadvertently. The week Jocko died, I had his natal chart analysis and the autopsy results and my personal astrology reading on his LIFE being a DEATH WISH LIFE, doing so in two tweets on my page, (ANITAASTROLOGER), & got a lot of "Followers" off it. 'Course they're Ditzes. Rock fans. But I saw with that 'accidental test' how Twitter worked! LOT OF CLICKS and NEW FANS, so that my POLITICAL ACTIVISM articles were seen more. It was my second week of using Twitter so I was feeling the thing out. Since then, I've moved on to more serious themes. "HOW TO GET OUR GOVERNMENT BACK." Depicting what the Colonists did to George III and how we have to do exactly those very same things to DONALD TRUMP.

When you create your very own perch, branch and twig in TWITTER VILLE, other TWEETERS don't know you or know your PAGE they are searching on theme, via hashmarks.. You have to put the # signal on your entry. Most twitter users will not be your personal friends, either. Maybe one in a hundred is an actual chum. How folks find you is by searching on their fave subjects, their fave STUFF. I want the #whistleblower set, the #impeachtrump set. Or I drape tweets with #JOBLESS themes that folks relate to.  How to escape from homelessness, joblessness and Famine vs. existential life styles or Food-scaping. I point the way to articles online that deal with  the JOBLESS SITUATION, Teach making a RESUME that works, teach escaping MORTGAGE PROBLEMS, achieving refinancing, whatever you know. Flour-free Baking, Gluten free no doctors needed diet. If you aren't a teacher, and just want to draw people to your business, or chat, try conversations that intrigue. Obama's true Birth Certificate being in KENYA, or What will the CIA do next to insure a West-Controlled oil PIPELINE thru Afghanistan?

Maybe they NEED TO KNOW you and don't know that they do! So twitter to attract them. Tell you what I mean. WRITE AN ARTICLE ONLINE, post it, or get it placed at an EZINE. Me? I posted a thousand articles at the websites that I created almost for FREE and a few hundred were picked up by Ezines. I only pay for one website, 8$ a month, it's my guru's website (  but he's passed on and what he doesn't know won't hurt him, so I posted a thousand of my own opinings off that PORTAL without using his MAIN PAGE. Just hung them in the back closet.

I had my own FREEBIE WEBSITES, Earthlink gave us ten free webpages and promised you FREEBIE FOREVER, but they only delivered on 4 and so small that if I get fifteen visitors, they close me down til first of the next month.) 22 years later they said THE FREEBIE SITES ARE OVER WITH APRIL 1st 2020 so 40 million bytes must be edited then moved. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST EARTHLINK NET is in the works.

BUT I BOUGHT TWO NEW WEBSITES 5$ ones and post the last decade's works there. THE article that I TWEET ABOUT might be on . PSYCH PHARM and what it is doing to our INSTITUTIONALIZED KIDS.

Find any subject that has appeal to a percentage of the population and put ITS URL In your TWEET! Use a website called to shorten your url so it fits in your mini-tweet.OR DON'T SHORTEN IT. I like to string out a whole URL.

That's one on being a LAY PSYCHIATRIST to a wack job pal. So on TWITTER, say "THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT." Suddenly you have ten followers in one day. How do you think that happened, babe? Your beautiful eyes? NO! They knew to search on SUBJECTS that interested them. And found YOU!

TWITTER has a nice "SEARCH FEATURE" at page bottom on Twitter. So say someone's kid is on RITALIN or locked up on MELLOW YELLOW and they want to go searching, find first hand stories, people who THAT happened to, they put in the most used current terms, including RITALIN, PSYCH PHARM and they find you!  But my point is, your interests are diverse to make your POSTINGS diverse. HINDU CUISINE. CATCHING FISH OFF THE ROCKS, CLAMMING, CREATING A FARM.  FOODSCAPING a CITY LOT or Getting Public Aid.

Or say I as an activist am interested in preventing the tidal wave of FEMA CAMPS intended for locking up the jobless, (yep, they're pulling them OUT of the cities now.) I need to meet all the filmmakers in America or the English speaking world, Including Aussies and UK  artists who want to cover the planet wide MELTDOWN and the REVOLUTION that must come during the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, well I need to find thinkers with similar concerns.

I looked up "tent cities" on twitter, and "recession" and "joblessness", and "the fix for USA" and I found a dozen sensitive beings interested in tent cities, in the poor, how they're being TAKEN out of them into FEMA camps, but I want to either inspire them to doing videos or find actual filmmakers and discuss how documentaries need to be made post haste! Before it's you and your family who are homeless and evicted to IDAHO! So,  I MAKE A TWEET that tells about all this and add and some other articles on the theme of making films that are like MICHAEL MOORE DOCUMENTARIES which wake people up, all at the HOLLYWOOD BOUND page,

So I send a  message to that person. "Glad you're interested in that subject. and write me at ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK DOT NET! (You know that you can "REPLY" to someone who has shown interest in something) . I said  'go and do a documentary, round up the filmmakers in your university, you can make huge money selling it to cable, nobody's gone in to those tent cities yet to interview people, to see how many of them are taken away to FEMA camps out in the boonies, now that the cities are closing the TENT CITIES." WELL, damnit! the private note that I wrote to those people SUDDENLY SHOWS UP ON MY OWN WEBSITE for everybody to see! It didn't go to them at all! Unless it did and I don't know it.

WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? It clutters my site which is LIVE LINKS to many salient articles on homelessness, joblessness, economy, frugal lifestyle, writing tips, ACTIVISM ARTICLES to create feuillistes.  (PAMPHLETEERS) Is there some other way to send a note to them that isn't painted on my own forehead? I don't mind such private letters being read by everyone, if they had content, but it's a tweet, 140 bytes, just sez hello, write me, I like your thinking!

That's the one thing that is WRONG with Twitter. You cannot write someone directly. You have to post the note to THEM on your own damn website for all your visitors to see.  TWITTER posts it there. I HATE that!

Now a pal read my saying that and said "You CAN MESSAGE THEM PRIVATELY when you follow them back. But it would seem that only I couldn't figure that out and do that. Everyone else can do that with 2 simple mouse clicks... First  "Follow" them... and then the DM [Direct Message] button will appear for private messages. "Do you have a Direct Messages" tab on your home page?  Maybe I do, I probably should Click it... a pal told me it should give a msg area with a drop down list of who one can direct message. Then, my pal said: technically if they follow you u should be able to DM them, but following back is the polite thing 2 do because if you don't,
then, if they want to DM you back THEY CANT cause you are not following them - so any comments they try 3 send you would have to be public. So it's a mobius loop of NO COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS unless you keep doing a tweet once every ten tweets, "REMEMBER TO TALK YOU HAVE TO USE MY EMAIL..." ...

HOWEVER, that said, TWITTER is still so much better than MY SPACE OR FACEBOOK in that it doesn't have that ROCKNROLL GEN X  CLUTTER that why complain? Just figure out how to adapt! It's a load-the-message-on-easy kinda site. Also before you go in, yo uwanna make your urls shorter. I go to and stick the big ole url in and they give me back a short version. Cut paste it into your 140 clicks and you have a reference for folks to click on.

 T W I T T E R 101 Tip: When posting you can designate any word as a keyword by placing #hashmarks in front of it as in #Horoscope #Astrologer etc - it assures you you are in the search results... chronologically listed... the hash marks keep them in the results longer for some mysterious reason!

SO WHEN I POST, now, I DO THIS. IN THE 140 characters, add #RIGHT IN FRONT of a word, with no space between... on Twitter it makes it a hot active link People in the know use this to search..... like... "#MORTGAGE MELTDOWN" ... in the search form...

DECIDE if you like the anonymity of an URL shortener, specifically: sign up, book mark it and convert all your links to be forwarded thru them. [You can even post Twitter posts right from there if you want] a twenty letter URL can end up looking like THIS:

You really should shorten URLS of files you want people to read as TWITTER gives you only 140 bytes. I am told that when you actually do the SIGN UP at BIT.LY, there's a  free, built-in counter created for each link and it keeps track of how many hits/visitors each link has received, cummulatively... and Search engines determine page rank by content and # of links TO a website. These URL Shorteners appear as in-links to your site, and
since they (the URL Shorteners) have Millions of these links, they appear to have major clout to the spiders thus upping their ranking (and yours) even more  When you search a term on a search engine you may get 1,261,042 results -- page rank is where you are, #10 or # 1,000,000 .. (Quality and Quantity of links EACH add to your ranking in separate categories) But I just report what i'm told, I don't understand all that or even do it, YET! But I'm told that a 3-page website is deemed much much lower quality than a site with thousands of links going in and going out (to and from it) I will one day create one on my end (Astrologer) and post to my 67 followers and let you know how many hits it gets...but that day isn't here yet.

YOUR pass key to becoming a MAJOR BIRD IN THE TREE is TEACHING, not twittering --- is putting out info that people can search on, as in a recipe for delicious, chewy, sweet SUGAR and FLOUR-FREE COOKIES, made of rice flour, almonds ground up into powder, millet flour, dried fruits, mashed prunes, coconut flour and shreds, delicious and won't bother a diabetic or gluten-allergic person. No eggs, sugar, flour. That's something we'd all want. Now, "domestic abuse" is a good subject, the 'husband beats us all' and they search that term and see a lot of articles. If you write on that. I somehow doubt a brainy gal WOULD even fall into that situation to research it! But, it happens. So search on stuff people might look for. The people yo uwan tto help!

ALSO, hopefully, you created meta text inside your article ( META TEXT TRAINING seminar ONE, and META TEXT 2 SEMINAR TWO ) and people pick you over all the others, from what your meta text is. That's on the REGULAR INTERNET, not TWITTER. The NET ROBOT SPIDERS reward any search with top files and they pick files with META TEXT EMBEDDED depicting your article's SUBJECT. So I make a big, long subject line, as big as a TWEET sometimes.

My point is...the internet is infoVILLE. Not twitterville. Folks want the in depth skivvy, and what they need is the
information that inspires them to make the educated choice.

Folks search for the info they want
how to smoke oysters
how to catch a man
how to spot a bad man and dump him without his knowing what happened. Q&A, TESTS, etc.
how to spot a bad oyster! And the value of bad oysters as compost or fertilizer!


YOU ARE AN EXPERT in your OWN WAY. Face it, you KNOW so much on one or all of these subjects!
That's your long suit! Wherever you have the street smarts and want to share them.
Your forte is your clear mind, writing talent.
You have the spirit that wants to forward the action.So then,  #Forward the #ACTION!
You serve humanity. NOW BE SEEN WHEN YOU DO IT. Be like JESUS ON THE MOUNT!
WHAT honey DO YOU PUT OUT to attract the most flies?
GET GOOGLED. Twitter. Stand up in that tree and TWEET LOUDLY --That's the pass key.

The mathematic chances -- your statistical chances of attracting students or readers on the internet becomes greater if you twitter, though you can do that later, when you have a coterie of readers from just your website. By just doing websites, the free ones Earthlink gave me, I got a thousand readers. It took me about 14 years online to do it. Now, in my first weeks on TWITTER I already have 100 readers. Well, I did have, 103, but then I did a really downbeat article on HOMELESSNESS and 30 left me!

But I suggest that you inform your friends that you're twittering and your clients. When your email "lists" are l000
names strong and you are doing mailouts to l000 people every few days of each new article and they're waiting
for your next article and reading it cuz they love your style -- THEY DO NOT KNOW that you send it to l000 OTHER people. They think it's you and them! They feel friendship. I was of course motivated to do this as everyone knows from my email address that I do astrology. So occasionally one of the l000 friends says, 'got this problem, do my horoscope,' but if you mentor, do wedding photography, make sandals, grow foodscaping seeds, print pamphlets of some kind, whatever your business is, one day they'll come to you first when they need that item. Meanwhile, they are your students and they have bright, open ears and minds. So if you make sandals, start to inspire them on how easy it is to get LEATHER WORKING TOOLS.

Now, other tips. If you post your own articles to a website that you run, when you post that URL on TWITTER, always SHORTEN YOUR URLS  For instance, these are two of my shortened URLS. They are half the size that the real one was. and

YEP! Those are urls believe it or not. There is an URL SHORTENING WEBSITE. One goes
to and one can shorten the url -- an url where something that you wrote is posted.  I write so I have websites & I post my own stuff, but you might find articles online and want to include them in YOUR TWITTER "Go read this article." X address So, right now, GO TO MY PAGE at twitter.

In JULY 09, two months after starting it, my TWITTER page has 79 loyal followers. How did they find me? Well Twitter has its own search engine and TWEETERS can SEARCH ON their interests, on THEMES, on Search words. Say you're a fan of MICHAEL JACKSON, You search and find my twitter listed, THE NATAL HOROSCOPE of #MICHAEL JACKSON INTERPRETED. That's how I went in to Twitter and it got me a lot of  readers. But they were lower grade, twits at first. This I know as I had over 100 followers until I did an article on the recession, how poor we are, how the government left the door wide open for this to happen, the  dangers of being homeless and thirty people .. thirty followers or readers, my rock star crew, left me immediately!

Doesn't matter, you go on collecting readers by switching themes. Recently I recommended to a friend who earned four times national wage minimum, and bought a home and lost it in foreclosure and was homeless that he do HOMELESS GUY as a name and do his own twitter page. And I suggested that he have a PAYPAL acct where he could get money. I'll update this if he does it.

An INDIANA gal pal recently had a brain spasm and wrote me, of an invention she had, making personalized T SHIRTS so that you're walking thru the streets of your city in a Twitter T shirt with your own EASILY IDENTIFIABLE account name on it, so folks who  SEE YOU can run home, dial up and read your TWEETS! HUH? Isn't that like putting "JOE's PIZZA PARLOR" on the side of your CAR! CRASS, huh? That's what I thought and I told her as much. She got mad.

I think she wanted a business idea, and that certainly is one. If you want to sell t shirts. She intended to personally silk screen people's TWITTER PAGE NAME on the thing. I was short sighted, Told her that "Selling T shirts works IF YOU ARE BRITNEY SPEARS but would you want YOUR DAUGHTER walking around town with her TWEET ACCOUNT OVER HER CHEST??

She said 'goodbye I don't want to be your friend you negative #9@(&. " I've since rethunk this. If you personalize T SHIRTS and have silk screen equipment, then it's a great idea. Also one can tell your natural MARKETPLACE, the TWITTER SUBSCRIBERS about it right on your TWITTER PAGE, and when you do it, use #hashmarks on the word "PERSONALIZED T SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER" hanging at your TWITTER ACCOUNT.

Better yet, the specific thing that's written on your t shirt. Michael Jackson, JOCKO LIVES or maybe FARRAH IS FOREVER or maybe ... #R(EVOLUTION) #TIME IS HERE! (Feel free to click on THAT ONE!)

And  if you're lonely and single & walk around town a lot and want strangers to see you and then crave to read your tweets you might indeed want your own T SHIRT to have the semi-private TWITTER MONNIKER ON IT.  RUBYLIPS BEAUTY COLUMN is TWEETED at X ADDRESS. Maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to pooh-pooh her idea of a t shirt with 'how to find you' on  its FRONT. 

Would I walk around with "GO READ THE TWEETS AT ANITA the ASTROLOGER's WEBSITE" printed in big letters on my CHEST?. I don't live anywhere I'd want to know people. I live in the ghetto where my rent was  1000 for four bedrooms. That's low RENT TO ME and tenant pays a third so this could be why MY TRADE BEADS are natal charts at 35$ and why I  wrote 7,000 TIME CONSUMING INFOMATIONAL WEBINAR CLASSROOM ARTICLES which are FREE to you as BLOGSTUFFERS, meaning post any or all free. My NET SEMINAR 7,000 FILES LONG. Fill  up your site and get the AD REVENUE. There are many people with BIGGER RENTS,  more wares to sell at higher prices, better BUSINESSES and FINER TSHIRTS  --so if you want  to be in the T-SHIRT biz to do some P.R. for yourself? Get your red textile paint out. Don't go into the shirt biz. CHINA is about to be a big problem. FIND ANOTHER COTTAGE INDUSTRY.

   *     *    *    *     *    *     *    *    *     *    *   *    *     *    *     *    *    *

Our POSTER is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, Los Angeles Writer, Mother of 4 and career Astrologer. Catch up with her websites  TRUTHS GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU, also The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! & HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, and Secrets of Nature, HOLISTIC, AFFORDABLE HEALING. Also HOW TO LIVE on A NICKLE, The FRUGAL PAGE.  Anita is at ). Get a 35$ natal horoscope "my money/future life" reading now + copy horoscope as a Gif file graphic!














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