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                tips ---


The factors that contribute to the success of any business are the same, whether you are in the business of selling a line of dresses, knits, dťcor, photo copiers, counseling sessions, or chimney sweeping services.

1.) KNOW WHAT BUTTONS TO PUSH and PUSH THEM FAST, EARLY and REPEATEDLY. Everyone has something to offer with his or her product. Know what the features that attract and entice YOUR KINDS OF CLIENTS exist, in your case. Know what to say in speech or print to make them go Ďhuh?í In most cases in any non retail-purchasing situation, once the interest and curiosity of a potential client has been aroused, you will need to implement some Fast Fabulous Follow-up techniques in order to bring in the business. Follow-up is more than simply sending out a pack of information on your business. It can be a.) a phone call. b.) a mail out,c.) an email. But do it right away, the second they call you.  I canít tell you how many clients Iíve lost because it took me two weeks to two months to call them back. When I compare that to my calling back the same day I see the difference? Invariably, they come right over. PEOPLE like clean, fast communication cycles. They like when you remember stuff they told you on the phone. They like INTEREST. SO if a lady says, my child is not doing well, and I as an astrologer call back, I CERTAINLY mention that issue, with feeling more than curiosity. With sensitivity to the fact that she called me and mentioned it!

2.   BE AN AUTHOR! Get a website from a good WEB HOST for 5$ a month, these ones I give you in the article ROCK! And post your articles, using the WEB HINTS FOR NEWBIES SEMINAR. They attract more than just readers; THEY attract ADVERTISING REVENUE. Gal who made DOOCE.COM mommy blog had 40k a month ad revenue. When you attract new people online, from your list attending, from your CRAIGS LIST ads, from folks who GOOGLE up your product or services, once that phone or email contact is made, they usually come right in. But if they do not, the important thing is to say in contact over a period of time where you send her perhaps EMAILED ARTICLESÖif I find something new on autism, or INDIGO children, and youíre sitting in at an AUTISM BLOG or list, SEND IT TO THE ENTIRE LIST, BLOG IT over there, put your WEBSITE and email address in the BLOG. Also, get anybody who answers you thanking you on an email list. Create an AUTISM LIST, an INDIGO MOTHER list or the ADD list.

Girls who call about romantic problems get on my LUCK IN LOVE list. As all addies are bcc, they just see a letter from me. They donít realize the list went to a dozen ADD mothers or A FEW HUNDRED girls on my LOVE LIST.  Send them things regularly, in order to begin to establish a relationship with your potential client, allowing them to get to know you, like you, and trust you.  PLAN B: BE A READER. READ THE BOOKS OF MALCOLM GLADWELL on SUCCESS!


3.   WHEN YOU DETERMINE the SPECIFIC NEEDS OF A CLIENT, JOT IT DOWN IN AN INDEX FILE> First, Find out what specific needs your potential client has and if you can indeed serve them to help them meet their objectives. If your new client is looking for a home job/ income, put her on your COTTAGE INDUSTRIES list and send specific articles. Hopefully the people you attract MATCH what your own websites/ writings and seminars are about. If you CROCHET CARCOATS/ SCARVES MITTENS, you want to get BOUTIQUE owners, DEPARTMENT STORE BUYERS on your list


4.  LITTLE BY LITTLE, Educate your potential client on what products or services you have to offer. As I offer about twenty services,  like Salome, I slowly drop one veil, then the next. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry and an invaluable partner to your potential clientís success. GET A DIGITAL CAMERA and send GRAPHICS of your products occasionally. A gorgeous sweater and next to it, TWO DOZEN will cost you x amount. One Dozen, x. amt. WHOLESALE PRICE.


5.  GIVE TRADE BEADS! The gifts you give for free linger on their desk or in their mind. They refresh their memory of you. I give them away weekly, read how! This kind of thing will guarantee that your potential client will remember you and your business when they need to by sending frequent emails, gifts, calendars, useful stationery like PRE PRINTED MEMO PADS IN my case, I send them their horoscope prettily drawn out. I email them their chart readings weekly, colorized EMAILS, formatted, in htm.


6.      DEVELOP YOUR WEB PRESENCE. This is authoring articles or finding relevant info on GOOGLE., posting them at your website. I teach how to do your own website, so donít worry. Itís THE EZ, DUMMIES method that I use. Study META TEXT SECRETS to enhance your SEO factor:

                                                                LEARN TO USE THE INTERNET to grow your business


7.   PRICE RIGHT! Make sure your potential client can easily say yes to you when you ask for the order. I do that by keeping my prices super low, and by making PAYPAL dot com available for instant paying. I prefer a check as PAYPAL takes a huge % but if someone is buying on a whim, I do tend to WANT to say Iíll start doing the math on the horoscopes and Iíll do your typing work right away but do send a check to this addie. Rarely do they forget. And if they do, I remind them. Dead beats exist, however.


8.      YOU ARE DEPUTIZED to GO FIND ME CLIENTS! Turn your potential client into a referral source for you whether or not they do in fact become a client. I used to give a Bev Hills hairdresser a free reading for himself after he got me a few clients. He used his chair to rave about me and got me all kinds of lucrative jobs. And parties as I read palms at parties

9.      TROLL DEEP WATERS WITH HEAVY TACKLE. Approach the biggies. Send the big people in your industry a DVD with a six minute VIDEO, letter, PLUG IN AND PLAY. But what are you approaching them about? BEST BET is always FINANCING A BUSINESS EXPANSION. Learn how to do an easy PROSPECTUS as out of every 3 people you give it to, one will invest.

10.  LEARN TO TOUCH TYPE, WRITE EXCITING ARTICLES and PUBLISH them yourself. Articles of course are in your area of expertise. Write for your own website, trade journals, internet sites. Then someone googles your name, WOW, A WEB PRESENCE! (If your articles have the right META TEXT!)

11.  KNOW YOUR COMPETITION. Seek them out, see their ads, websites, crib wording, take the whole website, swallow it whole and stick in your graphics, your words. I know an entrepreneur who didn't know w4ebsite design, she went to web monkeys for kids, learned and did her own website. She took the cells and tables from  a big website with a lot of pictures arranged the way she wanted hers arranged. THE ORIGINAL OWNERS of that design would not realize that their boxes, formatting is what she now has.

12.  THINK LIKE YOU HAD NO COMPETITION! DO NOT WORRY who is behind you in the race. Unless you want to write reviews on their work for your website, (friendly of course,) --to focus on your primary competitors is useless. Those are calories better spent on KNOWING WHO your primary customer IS! Know how to reach them by email, postal mail and by designing words that Ďreach them.í Know their mind You have to be able to get your hands on those dials. You want your business to double every month. TO DO THAT, you have to know how to target an audience. You have to know what OTHER SERVICES would appeal to that PRIMARY CUSTOMER. Entertaining at their parties? Doing BLACKBERRY consulting while they sit at the OSCARS with their movie star chums? Iíve had both happen. My client put Meg Ryan and Holly Hunter on the blackberry to get a chart done at the OSCARS.

13.  TARGET AUDIENCES. Know which chat groups are up your alley. Hit the CRAIGS LIST free ads, seeking your kind of people Same with blogs. Same with YAHOO clubs. One day I got so many hits earthlink net almost shut me down. It was posting some hints and an URL at a YAHOO SPECIAL INTEREST CLUB.

14.  FIRE IN THE BELLY is important. You can't just sit there, handling today's clients. WHERE is the fire to attract tomorrow's? Good CEOs give their clients full attention, but also are working during part of every day for tomorrow's clients! The Master Jules teaches how to have  THIS MYSTERIOUS FIRE!

15.  THINK HUNGRIER. Donít be such a damn BUDDHIST! What does it take to get fire in the belly?   Read a few articles at the AMBITION INDEX. Different things heat up your motor. For one person it works to have a little jealousy for the STARS in your field. You  look at their superiority and hanker to have a similar edge. Read the success stories of others in your field so that you salt and pepper your creative fire, so it flares up. Read of the goodies, the big pay, the huge revenues.  IMAGINE the goodies you want, THAT ISLAND vacation, That farm with a flock of goats, that swimming pool and Jacuzzi. LOOK AT THE FIRE IN THE BELLY SITUATION. What else creates it? Love of our children? Parents? An urge to convert the world to your view?  HANG graphics from magazines in meaningful collages, interspersed with your childrenís photos! Gardens, with palm trees, and your kids.

16.  OUTWARD SIGNS of SUCCESS. Dress like a success. OUTWARD DRESSING. GROOMING. NOUVELLE, hot, TRENDY. Take photos of you all cute like that and put on your webpages so folks know that you're charming.

17.  THE INNER beauty. ORGANIC situations like food, diet. Spinach salad. Watercress, steak? between meals, a genuine raw fruit, ripe. POWER foods. You really do have to OUTSOURCE energy for this leap into being a MERCANTILIST CAPITALIST. And share the recipes and the results. Say "this will make you mentally nimble." Use the word 'will.'

18.  STUDIES, talking the talk is easier if you can quote statistics.  DO YOUR GOOGLE RESEARCH. Save it to cache as text files. Learn to save info that you find as text. Learn to turn text into html. THE WEB TRICKS INDEX FOR DUMMIES.

19.  Send out Interactive Items Instead of sending out a refrigerator magnet or paperweight with your phone number on it, (NEITHER OF WHICH IS BAD, really, if you can find any, do it!) but also get creative, think outside the box! Give people something they will use.  A fluorescent whistle keychain with your name and # or email on it.  Or shoot a quick pic of them at your house, in the garden with the squirrel and the chicken and the cats and  their shocked face and you laughing and email it to them! Theyíll never forget the day they came to see you! DIGITAL IS SOOOOOOO GROOVY! You couldnít/ wouldnít do that with old time PHOTOS!

20.  Give your clients value ! Ask yourself how you could educate your potential clients about your business while giving them information they can use instantly. Ways I do this are sending out both articles I have found online or those Iíve written on topics that are of interest to my potential clients. I have had many clients in eviction situations. I write meaningfully on this subject. EVICTION!

21.  Invite People to Go Where You Are Going When your potential clients spend time with you in a non selling situation like a cocktail party, gallery opening, a picnic, this meeting  allows you to get to know them and their needs in a non threatening situation. They get to see your sparkling PEOPLE skills. Socializing together also sends a message to your potential client that you care about them as well as their business. If you take a potential client to an event where other people know you, they will often let your prospect know how wonderful you are. They will sell you!  Iíll never forget going to a perfume store opening with my new best client, the matchmaker gal. There across the room we both see the Big Movie Star wife who spots me, says ANITA and runs to shake my hand. MAN did my stock go up. Another time I was taken to a $1,000 a plate dinner with a top columnist from the Hollywood Reporter who was very snotty to me, as if I should be grateful to know him. We sit at our table of say l0 people, and there across from me is the MOVIE STAR WIFE with her husband, billionaire actor/producer. She says ďAnita, good to see you.Ē The columnist was floored. Never said a word. Earlier at that party Iíd read Michael Jordanís hand and his wife, big famous  basketball player. The columnist hadnít liked my taking out my trade, even when Iíd been asked to. Later at that same party, I saw my motherís best friend-couple from two decades earlier, with his wife, and we touched bases. I was in tow that night, with the glum reporter (a geriatric by the way,) but if Iíd towed others to that party, could we have afforded same, it would have been a stunningly useful night. But Iíd never pay over l0$ a plate for dinner!

22.  Success Emails  go out to your best clients once a week. They would take the form of an  informal email maybe with one of your new articles or maybe someone elseís piece that you stumble on. An email is perceived as more personal than a newsletter, i.e. an Email ďLISTĒ piece the recipient knows was sent to many people. Iím not saying donít do that TOO. Send out a weekly or monthly Success Email with updates on your business -- industry information that they will find valuable. And information that comes across your desk related to their industry.  

23.  Be Innovative Always be looking for an innovative ways to stay in touch.  Watch the TELEVISION PAGE, and when thereís a great show on your FAVE SUBJECT, write your entire LIST. BY EMAIL. Include your ad as an attachment. USE THE POSTAL SERVICE for EXCITING LOCAL PARTIES, even other peopleís GALLERY OPENINGS. In that case, donít INVITE, just mention, I hope to see you at the GALLERY OPENING from THE JAMES GALLERY, drinks and some great art. Use postcards with COVER ART customized for your industry or PRODUCT. For me, it would be emails as I hate postage fees. Iíd get pictures of MOONS, SATURN,  and galaxies and work them into an HTM FILE, hereís an example of one, & drop them a note saying Ďhey, thereís a picnic Saturday for the DEMOCRATS in VALLEY PARK. Iíll be there near the fountain with my kids. Hope to see you. If you tell me youíre coming Iíll bring extra sandwiches!Ē Then append your AD as an attachment. Or it can be as simple as an EMAIL saying, ďI know you love panning for Gold watch this on TV. Or ďDonít miss this TV show on UFOS next THURSDAY, etc..  Send out cards for Valentines Day, New Years, and Halloween, birthdays, having POEMS in your C:\POETRY directory or do it by POST if you like to spend money. I can make funny cards out of USED CHRISTMAS CARDS and I state as much on them Kind of like wearing clothing with big patches.  Which I think is charming.

24.  Have a Plan Before you do anything Sit down and write out a plan for every stage of your business, P.R. Ads, ONLINE PRESENCE, CUSTOMER OUTREACH, your MAGAZINE ONLINE, your SOCIAL NETWORK OFFERINGS, your email LISTS, COMMUNICATIONS,  and tracking EMAILS from fans for assiduous follow-up. Decide in advance what action you are going to take and write out a list of what you need to do to accomplish each of those tasks. Give yourself a deadline by when each action must be complete.

25.  Schedule It If it is not on your calendar it will not happen. Block out time for Follow-up everyday. If you donít you will always be late with your follow-up and you will always be trying to catch up. The period of time from initial follow-up to a closed sales can be anywhere from five minutes to five years. If you want to bring in a potential client it is important to be consistent and persistent with your follow-up. It will take more than a phone call and a postcard. If you consistently use these strategies for success on an ongoing basis you will find that soon everybody wants you to be following up with them. They will be saying to you, ďThank you, I am so glad you followed upĒ. This list was suggested by the work of  Katerina Rando an entrepreneurial coach. I rewrote her excellent text.

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