How to REPLICATE the RECIPE for the most famous, yummy foods out in the marketplace, but a HEALTHIER VERSION of those lethal, famous recipes.
The Fast Food Industry's 7 Most Heinous DIABOLIC YUMMIE Concoctions And some healthy substitutes!

Although the organic movement has certainly started to influence how Americans think about their food, it is still no match for the American fast food industry, which continuously finds creative new ways of piling sugar, salt and fat on a plate and charging customers $4.99 for the privilege of needing an even costlier HMO very quickly.  In recent years, in fact, some of America's favorite chains have gone above and beyond the call of duty and concocted thoroughly repellent dishes that make the Double Quarter Pounder look like a celery stick. These companies have offered Americans these revolting meals despite the fact that roughly one-third of the country is now obese, a deplorable state of affairs that accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers estimates costs the U.S. health-care system $200 billion a year in wasted spending. In this article, we'll name and shame the very worst offenders, whether they're 1,400-calorie hamburgers or 550-calorie cups of coffee. So let's get things rolling with

No. 7 -- The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sundae
Two years ago, the brain trust at Krispy Kreme decided to answer the
age-old question of how to make ice cream sundaes even less healthy. The
solution, it turns out, is to remove bananas, strawberries or anything
that looks remotely like it might contain nutrients, and replace it with
a doughnut. When the sundae -- known affectionately as the Kool Kreme --
premiered in Tacoma, Wash., customers had the choice of adding several
toppings, including bits of Snickers, Butterfinger, Heath and Junior
Mints. They could add some fruit as well, of course, but what's the
point? If you regularly eat a doughnut sundae, no level of Vitamin C
will save you. Family of Four pays 12 bucks. Enjoys it once.As Doctor says NOT TWICE.

HEALTHY SUNDAE. Mix yogurt, honey, almond flavoring, throw granola in, toasted almonds, blanched, Top with any deeply colored fruit you like. Family of four buys 32 oz yogurt, $1.99 on sale at Arab Market, family has this dessert three days in a row for a buck each day and has great health! These foods rejuvenate and give longevity

No. 6 -- Starbucks's Mocha Coconut Frappuccino Blended Coffee With Whipped Cream

At first glance, the Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccino Blended Coffee
with whipped cream doesn't seem to belong on this list. After all, its
550 calories and mere 22 grams of fat pale in comparison to some of the
burgers and pizzas we'll encounter a little bit later. But then you
remember that the Frappuccino is supposed to be a breakfast drink. As
in, something you drink the first thing in the morning while you eat
your cereal. And then you understand that if you're willing to consume
one-fourth of your daily caloric intake before you even arrive to work,
there's nothing to stop you from wolfing down a 1,200-carlorie KFC
Double Down (see Item No. 2) for lunch and dinner.

the TRAMPS' way. Bring water to a boil, dump coffee in, cover, let steep four minutes.
Pour thru strainer into cup. Tbsp HALF AND HALF, sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg
Get Two slices of toasted, buttered Bible bread, a glob of your home made jam.

Buy coffee can with a coupon, you get 1 lb can for 3 bucks. The Family gets a month of
fantastic, fresh, strong morning cafe. Make your own BIBLE BREAD. Breakfast for four
while not Free. is PENNIES. FOR A WEEK . 

No. 5 -- Cheeseburger Fries

These treats were apparently made for people who love eating
cheeseburgers and fries but who don't want to go through the hassle of
mashing them together into a fine paste. Cheeseburger fries gained
national attention when the New York Times reported that they had become
a mini-sensation in the Midwest. The fries, said the Times, were "made
of a meat-and-cheese compound" that was "breaded, then deep fried and
served with ketchup or barbecue sauce." The caloric intake for these
beasts was 75 calories per fry, meaning that eating 10 of them would
account for more than a third of your daily intake.

Toast your bible bread, fry or broil your burger. Add a ton of romaine to sandwich
tomato, pickles, mustard, fried onions. The real tasty element in good burgers is
THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING. Make it yourself, easy as pie, 30 second prep, lasts two or
three weeks in the fridge. Is basically mayo and relish mixed, little catsup.
Cost of family of four having burgers and fries in cafe is 18$. Do it yourself,
daily for four people for an entire week at that price if you DO

No. 4 -- The KFC CORONEL'S Famous Bowl

KFC has a long and proud history of making Americans morbidly obese, but
the company reached a new high in 2007 when it unleashed its Famous Bowl
upon the world. The Bowl is really a variation on a classic American
method of cooking that involves taking a bunch of unhealthy goo from
different sources and then slopping them all into a bowl. In this
particular example, KFC threw together mashed potatoes, corn, fried
chicken, gravy and cheese to create a 720-calorie horror that contains 1
1/2 times your daily fat allowance. The thought of joylessly plowing
through the Bowl's starchy potatoes, greasy gravy and processed cheese
sounds about as soulless and monotonous as working in a
puppy-slaughtering factory.

HEALTHY VERSION- Oven bake chicken, (killer fat all falls out into pan). While
it's in oven, cut potatos, don't bother skinning, simmer 20 min in small amt
of water. Throw any liquid out and dry it. Cover with garlic-butter, chopped onions. Salt/pepper
Take chicken out when golden brown and crunchy on the outside. serve with slaw.
NOBODY can beat KFC cole slaw so go get a container of it!  OR, MAKE YOUR
OWN SLAW.  with their secret recipe which I GOT FOR YA!

No. 3 -- Hardee's Monster Thickburger

Simply put, the Monster Thickburger is a fat, sloppy middle finger aimed
at nutritionists everywhere. Clocking in at an artery-blowing 1,420
calories and 107 grams of fat, the Thickburger premiered in 2004, when
McDonald's and Burger King were starting to sell out and offer their
customers salads. In defending his decision to sell such a gaping
monstrosity, Hardee's CEO Andrew Puzder played George W. Bush to
McDonald's and Burger King's John Kerry, essentially calling them out as
wimps who didn't have the balls to dramatically shorten their customers'
life expectancy with just one meal. Specifically, he said the
Thickburger was "not a burger for tree-huggers" but rather "for guys who
want a really big, delicious, juicy decadent burger." Yes, gents,
nothing will show the ladies how manly you are quite like a belly made
entirely of butter.

burger meat, on a rack of some kind, any kind. Fat falls out juices stay in.
Keep onions out of the fat, fry onions in olive oil, elsewhere, on stove top
and always serve massive amts romaine salad in the burger, adding at
last minute and those homegrown summer tomatoes, pickle slices too.
Click on thousand island dressing recipe a few paragraphs up!

No. 2 -- The KFC Double Down Apparently determined
to take the Atkins Diet to its most insane and illogical conclusion, KFC
has released a new sandwich that succeeds in eliminating
carbohydrate-packed bread by replacing it with two slabs of fried
chicken. And oh yeah, in between the chicken they lay down heaping gobs
of bacon and Swiss and pepper pack cheese. The KFC Double Down is really
the ideological heir to the Thickburger, as it was seemingly designed
for the sole purpose of pissing off nutrition advocates. You can imagine
future commercials where a rugged Ford-truck-style announcer comes on
and says, "The next time some Nut N' fruity bureaucrat tells you to exercise,
look him in the eye and say, 'Hell no! I'm doublin' down with the KFC
Double Down!' " The Double Down is slightly wimpier than the Thickburger
as it only contains an estimated 1,200 calories. However, it more than
makes up for this because it also contains something called "The
Colonel's Sauce," which probably contains at the very least 2 percent
all-natural radioactive waste.

HEALTHY VERSION - Same as chicken recipe a few paragraphs above.

No. 1 -- Domino's Oreo Cookie Pizza Sure, everybody loves pizza.
But what do you do when traditional pizza has
lost its magic? How do you retain your love for it when all the fatty
toppings -- pepperoni, buffalo chicken, Alfredo sauce and so forth --
just aren't satisfying you the way they used to? If you're Domino's, you
take one of the world's least-healthy cookies and couple it with large
doses of frosting to cover an entire pizza crust. Were Dr. Jack
Kevorkian still practicing his trade, he'd surely use consumption of the
Oreo pizza as his preferred method of assisted suicide.

Something is very wrong with the word pizza being used near the word chocolate.
and YOU WILL NEVER NEED a chocolate pizza if you really love tomato
cheese pizza, so the thing is, how NOT to fall in love with PIZZA?

THE ALWAYS PERFECT PIZZA requires new ITALIAN ingredients, so get that olive
oil hot,  fry sliced (salted/drained/ rinsed/ patted dry) eggplant, onion, garlic into that olive oil, add mushrooms
at the last, as they take just a minute, then add tomato pieces with no liquid, Squeeze
the seedy juicy stuff OUT of the middle, don't waste; drink it for vitamins or plant it. (First, Soak overnite. Strain, put
wet seeds and strainer in SUN. ) RECIPE GOES ON: ADD a lotta fresh oregano,
Basil too.
fry some more til tomato is incorporated, add a dash of anchovies, absolutely amazingly
delicious combined with tomato....add a lot of pitted olives, spread on organic
BIBLE BREAD that you have  already toasted. GRATE CHEESE ON TOP,
bake four more min. Two pieces bread for each person is enough. Or if you can't
do without flour, make your pizza dough, it's so super easy...RECIPE HERE.