& meet the really cool, smart people there (whom you don't know NOW)--- Give a living ROOM GROUP!

Give a study group for the young. Charge 5$ at the door. HOW YOU CAN ATTRACT THE BEST people out of the 18-40 youth group?? OFFER what SPIRITUAL "SEEKER" type FOLKS WANT! What do spiritual people want? To be beautiful, healthy and then, to be loved --To find someone special who adores them. To pair up and then WORK TOGETHER TO BRING BLISS AND WISDOM TO THE ENTIRE WORLD!

So creating the group that will create THAT is easy. WIth pals, talk up a living room HOLISTIC HEALING FOODS, CALIFORNIA CUISINE and Cookery skills GROUP. In your living room. One night a month. Get the power hour and date from the FREE POWER STAR HOURS (you can click on that URL!) hours which I give free, online, if you ask... a Jupiter or Venus night works best! Everyone will come because they get to eat a fine, holistic meal (for a donation!) Everyone who 'first-time-meets' another will fall in love, too! Cuz stars are sooooo right!

For instance, --Create the CALIFORNIA HEALING, REJUVENATING, HOLISTIC cookery group. At each meeting, Discuss/ teach but also Serve UP oddball, new age foods like HUMMUS (both cooked and raw,) Tofu burgers that taste better than meat. (almonds, celery, celery seeds, cornbread mix, onion, garlic, cilantro assure that!)

LIVING ROOM GROUP CREATION is a skill and the ARTICLE on it IS HERE! CLick on ^ it and you will read the whole 'what to do.'



START a living room SPIRIT NITE GROUP! There are a dozen different ways to do it. Read the free chapters of the COURSE IN MIRACLES, as they send you the free book, the full curriculem. Use the teachings of the MASTER JULES, free online.

CONSCIOUSNESS spreads like the flu, we can trigger the hundredth monkey syndrome. (Evolution.) We can further it.  Save this article to cache, email it to yourself as I suggest you will want to read all the chapters by THE MASTER JULES -- His fab articles on the power/focus/prosperity MIND SETTINGS  that we could adopt so the machine functions better. So that AMBITION KICKS in, read FIRE IN THE BELLY.


LAST, SUCCESS IN LOVE GROUPS which you can do for a LIVING

Want to make a fortune, working one day a week? Start a SUCCESS IN LOVE GROUP in your town. It could make you a million dollars and do great good for women. What if every beautiful woman in your city suddenly, overnight, stopped dating young disco hunk guys, and concentrated on the biggest fortunes in the city?


THEN, ONE MORE THOUGHT -- When you run singles groups and meet a thousand people a month, do the world a favor. Organize the real beauties that you find there, meaning one girl in a hundred, and send these gorgeous babes to take the free training at luck in love dot com!

This is a website that teaches the real beauties age 18-24 to STOP DATING impoverished, cute YOUNG MEN, and concentrate on billionaires. We train them to only go places where billionaires hang out. ABERCROMIE FITCH, BROOK BROTHRS, DUNHILL, SAKS, BARNEYS,  to work jobs in Law offices, Political offices, CITY HALL, fishing on the pier right next to the PRIME yacht clubs, eating salads alone at 4-star restaurants.

The ideas is,wouldn't it be good for the starving if all the money on the planet immediately fall into the hands of a lot of young wives or widows? All that dusty money, locked up in bank vaults, buying arms to kill peasants, wouldn't it suddenly be freed up so the impoverished in rural villages could have looms, kilns, and make artisanry and feed their famlies while the young first world wives who'd inherited the money, created Third World Bazaars in London, Paris, NYC to sell those goods for top dollar, so that the entire planet could have a full belly and sigh with relief?

Couldn't the super rich women stop the warring Republicans who lie about WEAPONS and wage genocidal baby killing wars and end allthis insanity abruptly by just ceasing to give money to fascist candidates?

My thoughts on this are inspired by my L.A. life. Not dissimilar from yours except    that HERE collect generations of the most beautiful women, and they're MUD WRESTLING! They are desperate. By age 24 they are so old a HOLLYWOOD guy won't date them.

Most of us live in an area near a big college where thousands of young, beautiful, stupid women are studying with one hand but ruining their love lives with the other hand, dating football players, disco hunks, spoiled boys.

These gals were programmed by movies and t.v. ergo are dating PRETTY MEN, going for outward junk like muscles, sports cars and you know what? They're getting round heels and depression fast.

Like you, these girls have talent, brains, business abilities. Why do we persist in wasting ourselves on scoundrels? Why can't we create SUCCESS IN LOVE groups that teach us how to pick good men who want to be fathers, and failing that, how to marry billionaires and just save the world by freeing up all that money!

I have seen a man, George his name. He rounded up a good female psychologist and created a love group that wasn't about marrying money. His group (who paid to hear this female PHD talk about getting lucky in love...... (I can't tell you her name, but her books are best sellers now, her radio show too, and he created her.) George was just the shy, smiling background guy, sitting at a table giving out nametags, the man taking the l0$ from the l00 people that showed up each Wednesday night.)

Some of us could, like George, make millions setting up a cottage industry in LOVE targeting and processing and HELPING that 18-40 age group that most wants to pay to learn to be great, to be happy. One of my close gal pals is a big Hollywood matchmaker, singles industry etc, she's been on all the talk shows in USA. She got me a job for a night, teaching a seminar. Well, ten smart gals shared the dais, we taught a class at Learning ANNEX on how to Marry a Millionaire. I qualified as I'd been working as a palmreader stargazer for forty years. SO often at these BIG HOLLYWOOD parties, telling fortunes to the most beautiful girls in town, all starlets and playgirls, ALL wasting their hours with a lot of hot guys, on the Hollywood merry go round. And getting NO RESPECT. Any ONE of those ladies could have married a John F. Kennedy Jr, as Caroline Bisset did, just being a shop girl in trendy section of NYC.

If these girls could find the job that set them off beautifully in Houston or SF or Idaho or Kansas City, instead of coming to HOLLYWEIRD, they'd have married KINGS but no...they are wasting themselves in Hell-A (L.A.) where they can't even find modelling or acting jobs and they're all porno actresses or doing mud wrestling.

I felt  that someone should take these girls off the street and teach them how to socialize and mate effectively, wealthy men so they could liberate all that money locked in vaults and create new age, do good businesses that feeds thousands of single women, as workers. I knew a babe who created a PIER ONE type import with artisans in villages all over the third world. A Mother Teresa type, got rich people to fund it as it was a dynamite idea. She did it solo but one could do it with a rich hubby behind one.

I'm into groups. I created and ran the L.A. Free Screenwriter's Co-op which I started and did in my living room for five years. Then opened a bogus literary agency to rep their scripts as it was sooo hard to get an agent in L.A. Taught writing socially relevant (leftist) screenplays. Well, I love groups, being an Aquarian. I want to create another group when I get back to living in LA. The valley just doesn't count. A $UCCE$$ IN LOVE SEMINAR. How does that differ from LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS? the other Success in Love group? The difference is dollar signs. It's a course on how to fill your heart with love for all humanity instead of 1 man, and how to move your career into hanging with, working for the super-rich so you can attract a man who wants to be and CAN be a philanthropist so you can work to alleviate suffering by managing his charity money, doing  'spirtual works.'

Basically it teaches beautiful women to RAISE their rifle sights a tad and hone in on the biggest, oldest fortunes of America and liberate it from the vaults so it can flow back into society and do good. We need $UCCE$$ IN LOVE SEMINARS and they would earn its teachers/ leaders SOME money for their time, (IT'S NOT TOTALLY A DO-GOOD CHARITY ) You'd charge 5$ a head to audiences. Where do you find AUDIENCES? Where does one find these gorgeous women? Well, some of the women who attend the Love seminars might be both young, smart and GORGEOUS, so you'd hand pick a few ladies out of there, create another, separate and very secret, private group to teach "How To Marry a Millionaire" skills again 5$ a meeting, so these women could attract one of the 200 biggest fortunes on the planet, which takes real social navigation skills, sisterhood, apartment sharing all over USA.  So far, we the trainers have300 girls online, who get the HOW TO MARRY MONEY EMAIL lesson once a week. Sign her up to this LIST as it's free, very instructive, very pure,we even have mothers who sign up their daughters, and in thanks, one day she'll take you to PARIS every AUTUMN and HONG KONG AND BALI for vacations, when she's married her billionaire. ANd when she's doing the IMPORT EXPORT artisanry biz with the third world that we train her for, to feed the starving villages, she'll take you with her. LOTTA TRAVEL AND FUN!

The training can be done anywhere there are healthy gals but the pursuing a gadzillionaire can only be done in L.A. NYC, Houston, Palm Beach,! Aspen, and maybe Detroit, Chicago.. Pittsburgh. In USA. Abroad, different story. Caveat Numero Uno for such a group is that if a LADY wants to marry a gadzillionaire just to have Armani suits, jewels, Mercedes, or just to get money, she WON'T be able to pull the full scope of this idea off because God won't help you. The idea is, to be able to put a billion dollars into circulation for the aid of the neediest segment of society. This idea will only work for a woman who IS very beautiful inside and out, totally on  healthfoods, very pure, very stylish and STANDOUT and very determined. We would use each other for teachers, to teach the skills WE know, and when we have the videos of our classes filmed, and cards printed, maybe we could start local chapters all over USA with the franchise being FREE! The thing we teach ladies is to stay away from 2nd rate Lotharios, poor, cute men, freeloaders, users, idiots, uneducated lower classes and disco dreck. Loads of discrimination is required because just imagine, when you start being super beautiful, every hot guy is going to come after you. That is a very tempting state of affairs. To lay the groundwork for a technology of speed and direction, some meetings we'd just discuss love FAILURES, like an AA meeting where everyone contributes their addiction stories, i.e. how this boyfriend or the other took up l0 years of my life and walked out on me for a encourage women not to go on making those mistakes. Giving to takers. A good woman IS a taker. But not for herself. For the planet.

MOTHER TERESA had this idea, You can do it too.
                    HOW TO START A CHARITYTo inspire members to 'keep up, ' we should all get a framed painting of Mother Teresa, I'll xerox color painting of her from cover of Time magazine, which I have on my wall. They put it on their altar at home, and pray "Dear God, I want to do something for the planet, may the Spirit that guides Mother Teresa come guide my unconscious." We all learn to do Yoga and meditation at meetings. At other meetings we'd have a health & fitness guru, because girls today are very ignorant of the possibility of just eating to live and not living to eat. I know dozens of the most highly paid holistic healers in L.A. on a client/astrologer basis, and for this idea the females would come. Because they would love to also guide such women. The woman who wants to serve the needy in such an ambitious, pure way cannot be chowing down on burgers and steaks and full of uric acid that make her toxic so she has to drink coffee and then can only sleep 4 hrs a day, so she's stressed, aging, going downhill before she ever got to the peak of the hill.

The girl who starts the group then a charity cannot be a rockn'roll freak, cannot date pretty hicks, can't be a 2nd chakra sex junkie or a 3rd chakra POWER mad career girl absorbed in getting, competing, becoming a man. No, she has to eat like a butterfly, and work from the 4th chakra, the heart.

I think a palm reader, stargazer would be a great woman to run this business. She could meet shrinks at parties. She could read fortunes at several parties a month and meet 200 new women each month. She could hand out THE FREE "SUCCESS IN LOVE" SEMINAR cards, and create a 1st meeting date on a JUPITER night, audio tape the talk and sell it from her website. Build this shrink into a star. Create franchises in other cities. Other chapters. Free. Encourage other women or men even to start a SUCCESS IN LOVE group so it's really not a franchise. But when you get to the class for the chic beauties, called HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE, it's only smart to Just keep it quiet.

That idea can only be suited to very beautiful, chic girls, and run by older women-organizers. Flyers & phone pole posters for the  GROUP are easy to do at xerox, FREE publicity editorials in paper, small ads on bulletin boards at colleges bring girls, Word of mouth takes over for 2nd, 3rd meeting. Imagine a poster on phone poles, "SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS" 5$ or l0$ a meeting, + fone #. A message machine. At nite you return phone calls. You'd have a few meetings of the first group, occasionally using a psychologist to talk to the girls. Then once there are regular meetings, the head lady would start hand picking a second, secret training group.

Has to be secret cuz the publicity of women being trained to hunt gadzillionaires would absolutely go wild. It's such a weird idea that any reporter got wind of it, fergetaboutit! Twould KILL the scheme. Guys would be wary And the ‘tricks' would become recognizeable. It' would all end up in PEOPLE Mag embarassing us all. But done correctly, the training would aim beauties at Aspen, London, shoot them into space like guided missiles targeting the palaces of New York and Europe.. Then the girls would open planet-wide CHARITIES based on TRADE with his billions. No more 29,000 babies dying daily. Whaddya think?? Anita Sands Hernandez astrology at earthlink net.