Daily, remind yourself of the basic laws of life, that I ATTRACT what I AM. And practice that law.  To do that, it helps to memorize these 12 rules or Dynamic Principles so that they spring to mind at just the moment you need them. That practice that will give you the power to achieve luck, love, joy, wealth and power. You must REPEAT these 12 laws to yourself frequently, whenever you think of NEEDING THE POWER they give. You must identify moments of LOSING THE POWER and catch yourself when you're doing the IDIOT ACTIONS. Because doing the idiot stuff drains the power, gives you no movement forward.

GETTING POWER and ATTRACTING LUCK is like practicing PIANO, daily scales, finger exercises until you've got the hang of it, and then you will note that you also have the power, at which time you'll be able to move forward speedily and make life into a symphony.


1.) Never react.
2.) Never assume.
3.) Don't self-program negatively with inner conversation or yammer. No mental 'collecting injustices.'
4.) Be watchful for thoughts originating in ego, they can arouse emotions negatively. These are UNTRUTHS. You don't want to make UNTRUTHS into TRUTHS by subscribing to them in your mind or speech. Why? Because they are sticky like fly paper and guck up your head, your luck, your relationships, turn you into Wendy Whiner.
Blow such thoughts the second they arise by getting into nirvana gear, have instant tech to get into this gear and to stay in it. (People have used bead rosaries, mantra, prayer, humming, whistling, food, cigarettes, some are useful, some aren't. All of them come from turbulent mind seeking peace.)

5.) Never let mouth flap, either as letting brain come up with non sequiteurs without truly listening, or as maligning, defaming or gossiping. Be prepared to share any malignant judgements on others by confronting them personally and 'positively' in order to advance the action, further evolution. How do you do that?

6.) Never speak ill of a person or his behavior in the present or future tense, only past tense. i.e. 'You were a nasty drunk' but you're trying to be sober now and we all love you now. You are always affirming the good more than you were knocking the bad.


1. BE HAPPY WITH HOW THINGS ARE, grateful and silent and in the loving part of your heart. Seek a reason to be grateful for whatever's good in your life and do it with such a passion that you knock aside the fact you notice some of it's not so hot. The happy gear gives you the power to fix those little details. DO NOT indulge in being a RAGEAHOLIC or WOUNDAHOLIC. Forget those who evil did you, let God take them. Every second of the day be grateful for how things are. REMEMBER, THINGS ARE perfect. WHEREVER YOU'RE GOING IN LIFE YOU'RE GOING FROM RIGHT HERE so HERE must be OK. If you feel things are negative, take responsibility for how things are. YOU CREATED it. The universe gave you 'NOW' in response to what you were unconsciously creating. Be grateful, happy the universe is that perfect. If you want better, you can create it, especially with a smile on your face. When we are centered, happy we can then be heart centered which BRINGS creativity, LUCK and effectiveness.

2. SILENTLY OBSERVE what's going on. NO YAKITY YAK WITH YOUR MOUTH OR MIND. Be the tourist with a camera who "takes mental pictures" but then stashes them in his pocket. Don't get too "married" to what you photograph. It's just the passing show. DON'T IDENTIFY WITH IT. ABOVE ALL, don't think about it. WORST of all, don't take out OLD photos and talk about it. All of these things are irrelevant. To think about PAST OR even FUTURE STUFF stimulates feelings which 50% of the time, will stimulate negativity. Don't assume, or rush to judgement. Ignoring what you see is just as important as seeing what you see. There's a fine line between hastily putting ugliness out of mind and total denial. Walk that line. To see our own compulsions, our own acting out on others, or the danger that can come from others, if only for a flash, automatically puts us on the road to ridding ourselves of those dangerous people or our own compulsions, obsessions, addictions, fascinations and ensuing difficulties.

RULE 3. GET OFF IT. No matter what you see that's disturbing, or what you observe that's negative, no matter what you think of that repulses or frightens you, don't let your mind linger on it. GET OFF IT. The mark of a man's consciousness is how fast he can get out of all prior models, thoughts, whether past 'stuff' or future fears and SLIP INTO THE HERE AND NOW. Now is one second long and then it's gone. STAY IN THE NOW. Stay in the movie. Stay on camera or you end up on the cutting room floor and life happened and you weren't there. There's no trace of you anywhere. A good exercise when blue is just to FOCUS on the beauty around you, in nature, the sky. The trick is to FOCUS long enough to blow all thinking. And try being grateful for how beautiful it is around you when you focus because Joyous Gratitude blows Anxious Attitude. The attitude of gratitude for the beauty of the here and now is a magic tool, one we don't know we have.

4. DON'T IDENTIFY. That bag lady or homeless guy is not you. That evicted person. That family with their home burnt down. Those horrors are not waiting in your future. You can be compassionate to those who have suffered and help suffering people without identifying or getting personally involved or even attracting that disaster to yourself. Help others to realize they're OK and everything is fine. Help them to know the 12 rules and enjoy the 12 gifts.

5. LANGUAGE for LUCK. DON'T LET YOUR MOUTH RUN AWAY WITHOUT YOU. Use a Spartan amount of words, selectively. Speak in a creative way, dreaming pleasantly of desires, inspiring others, promising what you will do to forward the ACTION. Then, keep your word. NO MORE OPINIONS. NO PONTIFICATING. No expression of knowledgeable bullshit calculated to look you look brilliant. No showing off. All of this BLAB KEEPS you from being real. And (magic fact) if you aren't real, you aren't powerful. Also, when you're bullshitting, needing people to admire you, you attract bums, bullshitters who play up to you for motives. Next, when languaging, don't live in future or past. No more conversation where you regurgitate past sorrows or scandals, judge others, gossip, repeat negatives. Praise yourself and others, Never speak negatives without placing it firmly in the past behavior of someone. Use words for their magic, to praise & show GRATITUDE. Also, gently mirror. Tell the Truth about them to them. Tell the truth about THEM to yourself. Tell the truth about yourself to THEM. Tell the truth about yourself TO YOURSELF.

6.  MAKE CHOICES THAT PROMOTE PEACE AND HARMONY. Choices take 1 second, but they are EVERYTHING and you'll make them correctly if you do the above regularly. PRACTICE. With anything, one must practice 24 hours a day. Practice made Mozart.

THE TWELVE JOYS of Inner Peace which will then be your Godly Gains are:
1.) a tendency to think or act deliberately rather than out of fear based on past experiences.
2.) An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.
3.) A loss of interest in judging others and maintaining bad will toward them.
4). A loss of interest in judging yourself!
5.) A loss of interest in conflict.
6.) A loss of interest in interpreting the activities of others.
7.) a loss of the ability to worry!
8.) Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
9.) Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.
10.) Frequent attacks of smiling through the heart.
11). Increased susceptibility to kindness offered and the uncontrollable urge to reciprocate.
12.) An increasing tendency to allow things to unfold rather than resisting or manipulating and with it, the art of surfing the wave of life the way it's going and trusting God.

 At that point, you will be in perfect balance and the ground for the future will have been laid. As they say, "Build the field, he will come." All if it will come. Luck will come. Associates and Deals will come. The angels will protect you. Friends will support you. Wealth will come. More important, you will then have the magic wand to create luck and solvency for others.