We are smack dab in the middle of the 2nd greatest DEPRESSION or Wall Street CRASH IN HISTORY!
The average commercial photographer at this point in time does not have a job. (Nobody does.) The newspaper, the ad agency, the whomever used you before, the commercial photo clients, the weddings, the portraits have all slowed down. So you ask: "WHAT CAN I DO to make a living?  There's just Me, the camera, the lab I USE, the bag that I carry my equipment around in and a PLANET WIDE RECESSION! Fergawdsakes, what do I do next to survive? 

#1 GET A MAC, the best for editing your photos and printing your art, Get a great printer. Or if you also want to work with vintage methods, TURN A CLOSET INTO A DARK ROOM. Buy used equipment and do your own developing and printing work. My father and brother both did this and they didn't do photos for a living. My daughter and my son did do it as a living, mostly digital. They use pro labs.

#2 BUY PHOTO MAGS USED ONLINE AT USED BOOK STORES. Photography a big hobby once and those mags are full of skills, inventions. INSPIRING STUFF. Techniques that someone discovered, wrote up and which are now semi forgotten.

#3. Open yourself to BEING at the TOURIST ATTRACTIONOne single photo of a family in front of the NEW YORK SKYLINE can bring you 25$. You gotta be able to handle credit cards, both VISA and MASTER CARD, although 25$ is chump change. So bucks work for the first year, then you get master card. You gotta STEEL YOURSELF for hawking your WARES like a VENDOR in a SICILIAN MARKETPLACE. You gotta desktop publish a pamphlet that shows that a.) you have website, fone, home address and B.) you can be trusted to give them a PHOTO in a week by mail. And if you can combine your TOURIST SITE VENDING idea with some SURREALISM, OFFER the tourist client a surreal photo of themselves and family, with props at this world famous site ! Clients will go nuts, both a pic of themselves in this GORGEOUS, TOURISTY PLACE and your skills with making it surreal. There are places which in themselves have a kind of surreal background to set their portrait against.  Or have them stand against the skyline.

     Much the same view is possible from Brooklyn.
   Colorful place to live, too. Or Long Island City.

#4. NEXT, DO ANDY WARHOL as those sixties ad copy serigraphs are today highly esteemed, trendy and popular. This is an artform you do at parties. Rich hosts pay you to shoot their guests. Or the guests order direct from you, so much for shot.

#5 . A fabulous idea is to do AVEDON as he's a FILM IMMORTAL! RICHARD AVEDON, great portraiturist
MODEL YOURSELF AFTER THE MAIN MAN in every way! His 'thing' was portraiture. He did fashion layouts as it made him more famous and he could get higher prices for portraits of celebs. Google image on his name.

#6. DO ALBUM COVERS. Approach every artist at every club, every single night with your pamphlet.

#7 DO the usual portraits, WEDDINGS, bar mitzvahs, baby photos as usual. Get pamphlets made, desk top publishing the results, showing your work. I know photogs who spit on this but hey, any port in a storm. We are in a recession! And do VIDEOS! Or those SLIDE SHOWS you watch on a laptop.

#8 USE CRAIGS LIST. It allows you to target people in your city. My son does weddings in Hawaii so he theoretically could advertise in Paris, London or DETROIT & tell people, 'You can have a wedding under the palms, I will arrange church, preacher, inexpensive motel accommodations for your guests as well as do photos, videos.' I keep telling the kid to do this, he won't. Think of the kickbacks he's missing out on!

#9 Connect with hotels/ rentable garden sites, parks for rent, places &  things in your city that service both your wedding clients & just tourists which their friends will be. THE FAB PUB TOUR OF OLD TOWN, THE PUBLIC MARKETS, etc.. On Craigs, mention that you can get them a CHAPEL for x amt of $, that the most beautiful inexpensive honey moon hotel at Y rate and ROOMS in  a B&B, best ever, Z rate, idea being you work as a tour guide. Make friends in B&B's chapels, find local preachers of all denominations. Take you a few hours to organize data bank,  price list. Did I mention the word kickback? No, I'm too tactful and tasteful to do THAT!

#10 Go to the wholesale fashion market place, (often in the factory area of your town,)  with your brochure and get all the dress manufacturers to use you for catalog work. If you are in a beautiful resort area, SanDiego, Hawaii or Florida, get sports wear designers to use you to shoot beach shots for their new collection.  If you are in a B&W city, Cleveland, NYC, do Avedon city fashion shots.

#11. BECOME a ONE MAN AD AGENCY! Hit the streets, Visit boutiques, designers, furniture stores, cafes, gyms, spas, plastic surgeons, anybody who's doing good business. ESCORT agencies even. Tell Owner: "I can do both your PUBLICITY and your catalog shots' and MERCHANDISE your website, combine the three and even handle your CRAIGS LIST ADS or your registering at LIST websites to get you the net surfers. My local adult high school let us adults work on computers at night, ADULT HIGH SCHOOL is MWF or T-THURS you get a choice. Learn WEBSITE design. I paid 15$ a semester. I TEACH basic WEBSITE design  for FREE. ONLINE! Take you an hour to learn it all!

#12. LEARN VIDEO and do TV COMMERCIALS. Ad Agencies really make cash hand over fist. No recession for you, Lens Person! Now, read the AMBITION INDEX and get started.  WAYS TO MAKE MONEY IF YOU ARE PHOTOGRAPHER. YOU TUBE VIDEOS GET HOT FAST. SUBJECT goes VIRAL. THEY SHOOT THE THINGS on those little IPADS. EVERYONE would like to do a U TUBE VIDEO! You can get your BRAND fast.




#13. HOT PIN UP SESSIONS to IMMORTALIZE A GIRL'S BEAUTY which won't last forever!

#14 ACTORS HEAD SHOTS 45 minutes and you made 500$ not too shabby

#15. Let photography open up some other business doors for you. WEDDINGS.BAR MITZVAHS, CHILDREN'S PLAY SPACE BUSINESSES.