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Model & Actor Headshots & Portraits

I don't ever want anyone to walk away feeling like they were
provided with a service that wasn't at least equal to what they paid for
it.(sic) I sincerely want you to be happy with both my work and my services.
I want to be the type of business that I would want to go to.

This is why I keep my rates as affordable as I can afford, instead of
doubling or even tripling them to what others are charging. So if you're
one who equates "expensive" with "quality" or "less expensive" with
"lower quality", then you'd be mistaken in this case and missing out on
a good investment.

Sure, you can spend over $1,000 for headshots if you want, but you
really don't have to. Sometimes people spend a lot of money on something
to simply reassure themselves that they're getting something of more
value than something else. But the vast differences between what one
professional photographer charges and another isn't necessarily
reflected in the results (although I'll admit it can be). But if you
take a look at my galleries and you like my work, then the chances are
very good that you'll like the work I do for you, regardless of how
little or how much you actually pay for it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

And yes, in the event that you end up with photos you don't like or for
some reason can't use for the purpose they were intended, I provide a
satisfaction guarantee. I will always gladly provide free re-shoots to
make things right and to make sure you end up satisfied. But also, just
to be clear, I do not provide refunds. I provide re-shoots.


Having formerly provided photography full-time 7 days a week for a
number of years, I am now scaling back and diversifying my career
interests. Due to project and new career commitments, I am now mainly
available to provide photography services during holidays and weekends
only. (meaning he had to get a real job!)

If you are looking to have photos done beyond the scope of just
headshots, please see my portfolio packages for models & actors.

assist you in picking the headshots package that is right for you. And I
promise we will never try to sell you more than you need. Please call me
at X or use my contact form.


Premium Pro Package Intermediate Pro Package Basic Pro Package Starving
Artist Expect session to take: up to
~4 Hours up to ~2 Hours ~1 Hour ~45 mins On Location Natural Light:
$749                 $599             $449      $399

Looks/Styles allowed: unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited Wardrobe
changes allowed: unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited Basic editing &
enhancements: FREE!

Estimated # of headshots to choose from:
~600+           ~400+            ~200+          ~75+

Number of proofs provided on CD: A All Digital negatives *processed & included:
(10) Free    (7)   Free           (3)Free        (1) Free Retouching & image adjustments: Included Free w/processing
Included Free w/processing Included Free w/processing Included Free
w/processing Additional photos & retouching: You can always choose more
photos from your shoot. Less than 10 = $25 each. 10 or more = $20 each.
Coaching & Direction: I provide coaching & direction with every photo
shoot to help you get the best photos possible. SPECIAL: Credit earned
towards another shoot 60 minutes FREE 30 minutes FREE 15 minutes FREE
N/A Studio Shoot: N/A N/A N/A N/A

Professional & expert photo retouching is included free with all

I accept payment plans! Pay only 50% now and the rest later!

I have a mobile studio. For a nominal fee, I can shoot in the comfort of
your home, office, or favorite location. I have keys and (filters, list eqiup)

Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists: Are not included in my
packages. As much as I love and value working with make-up artists, I
prefer to work with them on a shoot-by-shoot basis so that my clients
will be able to take full advantage of their services as necessary.

(WHAT THE(@($*@#&&*% DID HE SAY?) Just say these people
waste time. Do your hair and make up before you come.

Many photographers earn extra money by recommending make-up artists or
stylists from which they receive a commission or referral bonus. I don't.

I prefer to allow my customers to work with those they are comfortable
hiring and who can meet their specific needs & budget. It also means
that I have no incentive to recommend a make-up artist to you unless I
truly feel you will be able to take full advantage of one or that it
will significantly benefit you and your photos. (WHAT DID HE SAY??)

However, I will gladly provide you with assistance in hiring someone and
can provide you with a list of make-up and/or hair stylists if you
desire it.

When hiring a make-up artist, consider this:

In order to take full advantage of a make-up artist and to get the most
out of your scheduled shoot time, I recommend that you arrange to meet
with the make-up artist (and/or hair stylist) at your home 30-60 minutes
in advance of your appointment and have your initial application of
make-up done before you arrive at your shoot. This will minimize the
amount of make-up done on location and will also allow us to begin
shooting sooner.

When shooting on location, if you wish to have your make-up done in
advance of your appointment, but also altered during your shoot, it is
important that you hire someone who is able to both meet you in advance
of your shoot (either at your place or theirs) and who is then also
available to work with you at the shoot location.

Preparing for headshots?

Be sure to see my article: "Headshots Advice: Some things every model &
actor should know about headshots" article. Meaning you must do 2nd page.

Actors, if you've ever looked at the headshots you've had done in the
past and thought you could've done better, I call that "headshots
remorse". Well, say goodbye to that feeling.

When I shoots your headshots, you have up to 4 months to try them out in
the real world to make sure you're fully satisfied. If, before 4 months
is up, you feel that your headshots are simply not working for you in a
way that may be the fault of the photo, you can schedule a re-shoot at
no cost and have your headshots redone. I want to make sure I've done
everything I can to help every actor I work with to get noticed and be a
huge success.


You can earn an easy $25 cash or get $50 credit towards your next photo
shoot for every person you send my way who purchases a photo shoot
package valued at $250 or more.

Your friend will not only appreciate the referral, they'll love you for
the fact they will instantly save $25 off the price of their photo
shoot. See my specials section.

What my clients are saying:

"We're very pleased with how the headshots came out. You made the shoot
very comfortable and enjoyable; you were open to suggestions and gave
excellent feedback. The edits came out amazing. Thanks for an awesome
job, it was a pleasure working with you." -

"Everybody's really happy with the shots. You did a great job man! The
acting thing really took off! I'm currently working on two different
productions. One is my first martial arts action movie (indie) and I got
the lead stunt role!" - joe stuntman

"Thanks so much, the photos look amazing!! You made me look wonderful!
Thanks so much again - your work is Perfection!" - Sheila starlet