THE Conservative Persuasion.

Let us examine the CONSERVATIVE who sides with property owners, employers and always goes along with the leader, not because he's cooperative but because the leader makes laws that suit the rich. He views the AUTHORITY  King or president as if that leader WERE THE POPE himself. He likes admires and socializes with people who have adopted a certain elegant way of dressing, and speaking so that the KING GUY doesn't think he's tacky or a loser or worse, a DEMOCRAT.

Over the centuries their group develops that POSE OF ELEGANCE to a fine art: peculiarities, mannerisms in speech and dress that announce who exactly they are. It's an insider club. We can spot it in the BRITS as they speak a language we understand. The way Charles, Diana, Queen Elizabeth speak is the non plus ultra .The French have the same hoity toity inner circle but we can't understand them so we don't know about them. In America, it's the way Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn & Bill Buckley spoke.  There's a whole nest of them in New England that have that refined patois. I don't watch enough Italian crime series on TV with my MHZ cable channel to know if there's an inner circle accent there but knowing Italians I'd estimate that they don't bother.

Now, for the Conservative profile: The Males of the family generally  score some serious cash. They get a head start in inheritances, go for stocks and bonds. They all  went to college & profited by inner circle nepotism, as soon as they graduated some friend of Daddy's took them into the firm with one of those plush Wall Street salaries, perks bonuses, golden parachutes. So he got his. He has a pied a terre in the city and a country house, all paid for, even in old age, the house taxes  easily get paid off from his immense pension and they all have estate planners for that head start for the kids in college.

The CONSERVATIVE trusts THE BUSHES, Harrimans, Rockflrs and BLAIRS and CAMERONS over in UK. GO FIGURE THAT! He automatically shuts off his suspicion as if the fat level in his blood just blanked out the mind! He knows that the Kings will see to him and he will see to the king. Yet they all say they love law not nepotism.
thatcher ace conservative
Population is enslaved, not free,
low wages, high fines, no justice,
all of us starving, no education.

Rich kids read RUSSELL KIRK AND ARNOLD TOYNBEE. That stuff really solidifies the  mind, life path into 24k ELITISM. "WE rate and we are worth it, they don't." thinking. That kid grows up to vote the straight G.O.P ticket. He will always scorn the grungey hippies who picket wars. He pretends to admire the young poor boys who bravely go to war as no other job waits for them. And he mutters over hippies who recriminate soldiers returning from Nam or Iraq. The conservative scorns free sex,(though no social set is more promiscuous than THEY!) He says he hates long hair and  drugs but always has a mistress with both.

He wants ethnics kept in their place. Sin also. He wants the status quo, drinks hard liquor every night after work and makes an elegant drunk. As they all drink, nobody comments on it.  So what's that all about?

Having just very nearly CONVERTED to an understanding of conservatism after reading onetime progressive DAVID HOROWITZ's many books, I know a little about this subject. David was shocked out of his socialist ways and became totally conservative after a black panther leader murdered Dave's bookkeeper gal whom he sent to do the panthers' crooked books.

Dave fled from Berkeley, his leftist newspaper and grungey chums & went into hiding. When he recovered, he had a big conservative stripe down his back. He even went so far as to publish the writing of that blonde, the DEVIL's BRIDE COLUMNIST... what's her name? The devil in red. ANN COULTER and calls himself liberal in recovery!

David HOROWITZ was a huge writer on liberal issues, the best books out on Nam. Then he did the bios of the super rich, Rocks, Kennedys, Fords and turned on his parents' 60 years of liberal, compassionate communistic activism, and on forty years of HIS OWN hippie liberal activism along side Tom Hayden, Todd Gitlin and he went totally GOP on us! And he justifies it so well, that I GOT IT. I was turning in my commie card second I put down his book. .

Conservatives are DARWINIANs and recognize that some people are just Jukes and the Killikaks, thugs and morons and you do not want to feed MORONS cuz "You can't fix Stupid." Don't give welfare to MORONS. IN fact NEWT GINGRICH, TRUMP'S almost SECRETARY OF STATE wanted all babies born to welfare-sucking single Moms repo'd and put in orphanages. Moms will stop getting knocked up for money, he maintained.  LET THEIR BREED DIE out. That's the liturgy! Breed 'em out of the race. So it's compassionate LIFEBOAT theory.( "I'm alright Jack, screw you!" being the uncompassionate theory) OF course poor boys don't die, they just don't get married, don't sire children and burgle your house regularly.

Liberal progressives say the opposite: that environment is everything, you can take a gorilla out of the nest and teach it to 'sign' Shakespeare. A guttersnipe can be taught manners, elegance, cleanliness and to talk like Prince Charles so let's send every ghetto 'ethnic' to college and help them get PELL GRANTS if the things still existed, which they don't and send them off into life ready to be taxpayers! That's how societies are built. But College is an impossible dream, even for middle class white boys these days and ethnics have to make ten times the effort that a white boy does to get in. To give them a leg up we had AFFIRMATIVE ACTION  for a while but it died out, being considered exclusionistic, biased and too many whites complained. After the sixties, early 70's,  the practice stopped entirely and was replaced with Newt Gingrich leading the Conservatives into even higher altitudes when he said that if ghetto families can't afford to feed their kids and need welfare, we should put the kids in orphanages. (Funny that the word 'grinch' is contained in his name.)