ugly old tired sick people can become
                healthy and young

The man who knew more about the paths of atoms than anyone since EINSTEIN stumbled on a health and beauty secret. To Stephen Hawkings' immense sorrow, after long research, he realized that endless SPREADING is all there is. As this is so, it is incumbent upon man to learn all the other, secondary laws of the universe and use them ruthlessly to battle that pesky 'looseness' and suck the gut back in and bring our own little six square feet of matter back into some semblance of control.

Have you noticed any of the SYMPTOMS OF OLD AGE creeping in? That would be the spreading of your atoms, i.e. girth, width, fat, cellulite. Looser skin. That would be sore gums, thinning of hair, hair frizzing, bad fingernail calcium. It's faintness and stupor after eating. BODY STIFFNESS or sore muscles after any minor exertion (meaning digestive waste products are so pronounced the least effort and wham! They are in muscles!. How about hard lumpy uric acid deposits on your body, which you never knew were there, nor will you unless you get a hard massage.They are very painful when massaged. How about Eye Puff, the top line of lid disappearing, just BLOAT there.....or outright bags under the eyes, especially in a.m. I'm not going to mention Crowfeet because the dying of the skin is not the first symptom. CROWSFEET really come around age 70. If they have come earlier, you're probably smoking or live in a very smoggy area.  But in mid thirties you can get SKIN WITHER from SUN.Wear a cartwheel hat. You can get failed kidneys from ASPIRIN, first symptom something is wrong is  stomach gas and/or burping after eating, a sign of not digesting and undigested protein will age you and destroy your kidney health! How about  pouchy loose sagging skin. CELLULITE or saggy thighs, arms? Graying hair, thinning of hair on head, loss of lower body hair. CHANGES IN BONE structure, rheumatoid arthritis in hands or gout in feet. Sore joints mean hip replacement may be necessary. Osteoporosis is occurring if any of the above is noted in bones. If bone changes continue, spurs on inside of spine (part of these bone changes) will eventually interfere with nerves coming out of the spine, giving organ failure, deafness, blindness, paralysis. Fast heart eat, breathlessness from incipient Heart changes. A lack of ability to walk without fatigue afterwards. Inability to do minor exercise. Delicate digestion. IBS or diaharrea. Constipation. And the last one? I forget. What's that last one??? It escapes me now.

IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS, RUN DO NOT WALK to USING SUPPLEMENTS AND HEALTHFOODS. And place these NINE SIMPLE LIFE GOALS in the front of your memory now and you can become the TEN MILLION DOLLAR MAN, TOTALLY BIONIC, never aging! I'm convinced. So I get it, I take this organic steamed broccoli in garlic butter, right? LITTLE green salad? TOFU? And what happens? (GENII COMES).


HEALING GOAL #1 BACK OFF on  EATING SO MANY DEAD BODIES! AND ANYTIME YOU DO EAT DEATH, -- ADD equal weight. LIVE RAW GREENS!  JUICE THEM, SOUP THEM but do not use them while COVID is around as they are too high in VIT K which coagulates blood. COVID needs VIT K in your body to kill you. IT CLOTS BLOOD, so shun greens til it is gone,use yellow, red, orange

TO STOP OLD AGE IN ITS TRACKS, less animal protein should be eaten, more 'vegie nutloaf substitutes', or 3rd world bean based 'hummous' type sandwich spreads, used in the center of a salad or as 'dips'. As adrenals are the master gland that cause secretion of youth hormones, drink way less ADRENAL-killing caffeine products that blacken the pancreas. Find herbal stimulants that do a better job and take with a cup of tea. WHOLE FOODS clerks can give you teas that stimulate. A tisane is better than a capsule. Why? It disperses faster. Capsules go thru you slowly, leave stims in your bowel when it's bedtime. Ditto, sleepy time capsules leave SLEEP in your bowel when you want to wake up and what's in our bowel is what is being inhaled.

HOW: FOODS TO CUT DOWN ON THAT HAVE HIGH URIC ACID: Coffee, tea, meat soup, organ meats, all animal flesh, shellfish, dried peas, cabbage, peanuts. (Switch to raw blanched almond butter). AVOID: All Nightshade plants as they are allergens that affect, aggravate the arthritis factor: potato, tomato, eggplant, bell peppers. Use the power vegies, beets/carrots, broccoli, green salads. (NO HEAD LETTUCE, it's junk.) Instead of animal protein occasionally, SUBSTITUTE: homemade VEGIE BURGERS. You must develop the discipline to make your vegie burgers in lg. amt., freeze for later use, or install patty in sandwiches to take with you wherever you go. Green Giant vegie patties no good, ALL soy must be fermented, as in TOFU. Soy concentrate is bowel-twisting beebee gun pellets. Soy grits are for cattle who have three stomachs to handle the job.

HEALING GOAL #2- FOOD COMBINE TO DIGEST BETTER! Better digestion of protein that IS consumed is achieved with your own, natural stomach acid. So when you eat proteins, no fruit, no sodas, no sugar, no mixing meat and dairy, two different digestive enzymes there...EAT MEAT WITH GREENS. Or low starch VEGIES. EAT FRUITS w. yogurt or alone. Dairy is best alone. Starches combine with all vegies. No sour with flour so grapefruit and a bagel do not make sense together. ADD A FEW DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

HOW AND WHAT: Take digestive enzymes like RAINBOW COMPANY's ALL ZYME (Protease and Lipase) to be consumed when you eat animal proteins. (Available at Healthfood store). DO NOT COMBINE proteins (in same meal)--with sugar, fruit, starches, milk, juices as they dilute stomach acid. Eat these foods alone, later. COMBINE MEATS only with greens. Do not use aspirin, soda pop, pasteurized citrus/tomato or vinegar which burns stomach lining, hurting our ability to manufacture acid. RAW LEMON in all salad dressings. If poor, just eat bitter greens BEFORE your meal. They make stomach acid plentiful.

HEALING GOAL #3 CLEAN OUT THE TOXINS FROM MEAT. Either go vegan or make sure that less uric acid ends up stored in the body.

HOW- 1).SWEAT must flush uric acid and salts from the body so exercise in sunlight, as you'll DRIP thru the pores or take steams, or take acid soak bath. 2 cups apple cider vinegar in a very hot tub, soak 1/2 hour until you sweat profusely.

2.) SEEK to FILL UP WITH WATER then EMPTY those cleansing FLUIDS as your URINE flushes uric acid out. At night leave a jar of herbal SLEEPY HERB tea by bed, drink all night, every night.) MUCH Less salt in diet, as salt traps water in body, prevents flushing action. Use herbal teas like corn silk, una ursi herb. When using diuretic herbs like this, replace trace minerals magnesium/boron/calcium (by calcium citrate only) and potassium (liquid source only).

3.) GET STORED TOXIC DUMP SITES, URIC ACIDS TO DEPART BODY.  GET hard MASSAGE from anyone who doesn't charge, like you and a pal on buddy system. ON ALL YOUR MUSCLES, wherever your body is painful to a hard touch, and on NERVE MERIDIANS. Have a strong massage buddy oil the hands, rub for a while to get you to relax before they USE THE FORCE that it would take to MASSAGE THE MEAT OF A BIG BULL to tenderize it, the way they do in Japan. THE WAY ROLFERS do. But don't touch LYMPH GLAND AREA. A ROLFER digs deep, rubs SLICK UP AND DOWN with hard PRESSURE on tendons, meridians or nerves. If you are not almost screaming, it's not hard enough. Work on all limbs, moving toward lungs. LEARN WHERE THE LYMPH glands are as you never want to rub one of those guys! Get online, google 'lymph gland,' and memorize it! Take lemon and water afterwards to flush out poisons that are loosened from body. THEN, hot baths with plenty of rubbing skin w. bristle brush to get skin to 'work' better.

HEALING GOAL #4- GET MORE MINERALS! MINERALS help you  PREVENT BONE SPURS AND OSTEOPOROSIS, KEEP BONE AND SKELETON NORMAL INTO OLD AGE. You can be a tennis playing centenerian if your skeleton is springy as a trampoline, bouncy and the bones are not brittle.

HOW- We seek the high calcium foods like broccoli, we eat more green salads, dark greens like raw spinach, no girlie man iceberg lettuce for you unless you want its narcotic properties late at night to sleep! Then, it's fine. And to make certain all these minerals are absorbed, restore the potassium/sodium balance of the body. For a meat-eater (meat is full of salts) this entails more potassium. To RID BODY of excess sodium in veins as plaque, eat foods high in natural, organic SODIUM like celery, vegetables, which WILL REMOVE INORGANIC FORM SODIUM FROM veins. Don't eliminate sodium as it is is required in digestion, but make certain it is organic, assimilable, soluble, easy for the body to handle. Inorganic sodium (table salt) CAUSES PLAQUE AND ARTHRITIS AND OVER ACIDITY. YOU DON'T WANT IT. IT CAN BE CHELATED OR removed by taking organic sodium foods. Meat eaters have high levels of arthritis. Vegetarians do not. The vegetable kingdom has a great deal of potassium, found in 'live foods.' Potassium balances the high salts/ash of MEAT eating. In non-meat eaters like cow or deer who eat only potassium rich foods, the craving for salt is very balance them. We humans have the reverse problem. Liquid potassium is useful.

LITTLE FISH BONE-foods like sardines, anchovies STRENGTHEN your bones. Italian sauces do taste better with these two thrown in and nobody notices them. Your SALAD dressing is better with anchovies, and nobody knows what gives it that great flavor. Gnawing the knobs off organic chicken drum sticks, thighs, several tablespoons of best quality calicum with every chicken meal adds a lot of BONE TO YOU!! Provide supplementation of Calcium via cal-mag tablets. And last, AVOID the stuff that washes bones out of you; DIURETICS. TEA, COFFEE, SODA and unripe citrus will all piss your bones's minerals off into the ocean! No wonder the sea is so high mineral! EVERYBODY's bones are there from time immemorial! When doctors have to give diuretic PILLS which make someone urinate a lot, they always do bigtime mineral replacement therapy, simultaneously. But we willy nilly drink these ACIDIC PRODUCTS and end up shrivveled, boneless, spineless an wonder why.

HOW TO BECOME a CALCIUM SCOUT- HYDROXYAPATITE IS the best form of calcium, the most easy to assimilate. Google it. This kind of CALCIUM is needed BIGTIME by your body when you have symptoms like your fingernails getting flakey,  weak. When they split and bend. (Your Bones are also melting away when that happens.) BONELESSNESS and NAIL-NESSNESS are ENDEMIC in a world of high protein consumption, citric acid beverages, coffee/ tea diuretics which wash your bones out into the ocean. You do all that, expect A LACK OF CALCIUM. Look no further than your healthfood store. Shelves full of foods rich in CALCIUM like yogurt, and the water that forms in it, when you cut into it, called whey! Then how about veal bone broth, an organic butcher should give you baby cows that did not suffer, were not calf-napped. Organic healthfood stores may be able to assure you that is no cruelty factor associate with their veal. Then organic, raw green leaves in salads, and HFS greens are 14 times more mineral rich than SUPER MARKET CHAINs offer. Then, lime-rich corn tortillas (no preservatives, whole yellow corn, not white, no cellulose! found only in healthfood stores but much more cheaply in little Mex barrio markets). Then, find sesame tahini, at your local middle eastern or hindu store and make it into hummos. Occasionally, fresh, not aged, cheese. Take calcium citrate with magnesium and boron for assimilation. AVOID other sources calcium as they end up in your veins as plaque. Avoid black tea which contains the strongest diuretic of all, theophylline, more diuretic than coffee or chocolate, which melts your bones right out of your body.

HEALING GOAL 5:  FASTING OCCASIONALLY. If you've been indulging over the holidays, learn to do a week-end fast, kick back and zone in the sun, 30 min on each side, leave oils on your skin for a day be reabsorbed....drinking raw juices fresh from the machine... rather than spending energy shopping and partying.
HOW: GO onto salads so your bowel gets  a running start. YOUR LAST solid meal should be a big spinach salad. Wake up the next morning, you're on raw picked-up-of-the-ground citrus, no citrus that didn't fall off a tree, dead ripe. Or MELONS, or washed grapes. You can do about 12 lbs of fruit over a weekend, a pound at every meal, six meals a day. DO NOT MIX fruits.ALL GRAPE meal, two hrs later,ALL BANANA. two hrs later, ALL MELON. Etc. SUNDAY NIGHT, late, if you have major munchies and can't sleep as you're sugared up, break fast with bowl of brown rice, sesame gomasio. If you have weekend parties, there's always a lot of salad, radishes, dip. That's ok.

HEALING GOAL #6- SLEEP  LIKE YOU ARE IN A SLEEP MARATHON going for the OLYMPIC MEDAL in deep, thick sleep and do this for life. Do at least a half dozen things to bring bedtime in earlier. Read in bed, Watch t.v. in bed. Take a hot soak, get a massage, half several herbal capsules of melatonin, valerian, skullcap although these are more efficient made into a tisane. Tastes like bitter hay but gag the tea  down cuz it's really worth it when you zone out like you were SLEEPING BEAUTY! Going to bed earlier and sleeping longer is the main thing. SECOND is, figure out what wakes you. For me, it's the cats pawing at door so I put a lot of boxes outside my bedroom door. I leave food in the house so they won't think to bother me. I wear a scarf around my eyes to block light. I wear all-beeswax earplugs to not hear trash trucks or a catfight in the living room or on fence outside window.

HOW? DO BOTH! Do some aerobic heart beat jump arounds. Trampolines are great as they get lymph moving. But more important is stretching all muscles which age, become short and withered. SO we oxygenate our tendons with painful Yogic stretches. While you PULL that muscle to deep nose (not mouth) breathing. (VERY DEEP LONG BREATHS). HAVE SOMEONE PUSH YOU DOWN INTO (and hold you down) in HARD long STRETCHES. That is what yoga is. The trick is after a huge inhale.HOLD IT. Then slow exhale. THAT forces the oxygen into the spot you're YANKING!

HEALING GOAL #8- Rejuvenate glands so they secrete hormones.

HOW- Use hormone rich, gland precursors, or gland-feeding foods like tofu, clarified butter. Supplement with gland nutrifying items like Mexican yam, pregnenolone, DHEA, available at healthfood stores.

HEALING GOAL #9- Stop free radical formation from making all our cell walls soft and stretchy, so that our flesh dissolves into softened cellulite, including the softening walls of our veins and capillaries that bulge in aneurysms, burst in cerebral strokes.

HOW- Free Radicals are renegade atoms that place our bodies in a microscopic shooting gallery. They are formed by the simple act of eating anything. All eating. They are an anorexic's worst fantasy come true. EATING KILLS. The worst manufacturers of FR's are frying with oils ---any oil that has been given an oxygen molecule by being exposed to air, oils that are rancid or heated or which were hydrogenated. Using oils in their cold-pressed state as vinagrettes over food, instead of frying our food is a start toward lowering the FR quotient of daily life. Fasting between meals will somewhat cut down on this wear and tear of all this eating. We eat to live but in irony, that very eating kills us.

AFTER you DO THE 9 MAGICAL SECRET LIFE HABITS AND MAKE THEM SERVE YOUR LIFE GOAL of NO AGING, from now on, then, try the DAILY DIETARY REGIMEN + MENU as the power foods rejuvenate you, turn the hands of  the clock back!( HANG ON REFRIGERATOR

DURING NIGHT Mineral or purified water, never tap water, or alfalfa TEA; lots of it all nite. BEFORE BREAKFAST: LIQUID FIRST THING, EITHER AS HIGH CALCIUM TEA OR JUICE. (TEA: raspberry leaves, alfalfa leaves). Juice is fine if you pick your own fruit (orange and grapefruit but never pasteurized as it would be triple acidity). Fruit must be known to be fully ripe as citrus creates arthritis if it is picked unripe. Drink with some Twin Labs liquid potassium, Liquid K, which balances sodium, effect of life long meat-eating, and gives muscular strength. Take Cayenne pepper capsules to dilate, clean out capillaries, prevent heart attacks, angina. Niacinimide(B3) 150-250 mg. Take DHEA and germanium.

BREAKFAST- fresh raw goat milk, made into yogurt with genuine culture served w. Papaya, pears, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries. Watermelon by itself.(THESE are high sodium fruits). AVOID CAFFEINE; Take your all day brain tonic caps like BRAIN POWER or "Mental Edge" (these have magic brain vitamins, ginseng, amino acids, dong quai, and stimulating herbs like gota cola that do NOT work like caffeine on vagus nerve or pancreas. TAKE a TWIN LABS Multi-vit. Or, have a Bioflavenoid- rich stroke-preventing fruit shake, (cherries, orange, blackberries all prevent strokes) add Spirulina algae and bee pollen especially if you want to lose your allergies. In cold weather you may want a more substantial whole grain toast. Use jam of the new fruit only variety, made with no sugar. GET OFF COFEEE. At least, use water- processed COLUMBIAN De-Caf, paper filter. CAFFEINE aggravates any blood sugar or pre-diabetic pancreas problems gives Diabetes. TAKE MULTI VIT PILL that has Vit E, Choline, a MEGA-B-Complex. +Sub-lingual B- 12, OMEGA FISH OILS, and with every meal, appropriate digestive enzymes, protease, amylase, etc.

MID MORNING: SNACK ON HIGH CALCIUM raw nuts/seeds. ALmonds should be soaked overnight, peeled, do not eat skins, astringent. Dried, unsulphured fruits in small amts IF YOU SUSPECT A BLOOD SUGAR PROBLEM TO EXIST.

LUNCH: 3 high sodium VEGIES like Squash, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, okra, pumpkin or brown rice, taken with salt-free sweet butter OR OLIVE OIL. soup made by cooking Veal bones several hours to make a calcium rich broth. Then, put vegetables in it, simmer a few minutes. Have high calcium sesame, miso, tahini, garbanzo in sandwich spread, with Dr. Bragg's amino seasoning, or low-salt soy sauce or gomasio (toasted sesame w dash salt). Eat salad with high sodium, high-Calcium watercress, celery and romaine.(no white head lettuce). If protein is included in meal take protease enzyme. Avoid nightshade plants: potato, tomato, eggplant, peppers and all unripe citrus/pasteurized citrus (frozen oj.) Seek out citrus trees, get a deal with owner, you get what falls on the ground. THAT is ripe. My bumper sticker says "I brake for grapefruit!"

MID AFTERNOON SNACKS- IF NOT HUNGRY, use raw juices that chelate the blood, ridding it of inorganic salts, and inorganic calcium, and replacing these with ORGANIC CALCIUM AND MINERALS. IN A JUICER, JUICE celery/parsley/cress/carrot. Or, soak almonds in water overnight, peel, eat with a few raisins. Peel not good 4-U.

DINNER: 3 high sodium (celery, romaine, spinach in a raw salad,) or cooked low starch vegetables: leeks in veal bone broth, or chicken bones, (knobs are good to eat, prevent osteoporosis) high calcium peas, turnips, parsnips, kale, kohlrabi, romaine, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans. SALAD of cucumbers, endive, cress, romaine, chinese cabbage, cheese & dressing of olive oil, real garlic, & a dash of soy sauce; a whole grain like brown rice, bulghur wheat, quinoa or millet, (very high protein). Use unsalted clarified butter. Clarify it yourself. Use the white dairy foam for baking cookies. Take RAW GARLIC on all foods, as it's high in germanium. Raw won't make you smell. COOKED garlic WILL! Take a HEALTHFOOD STORE multivitamin.

BEDTIMEIt is a good idea when seeking healing to sleep more than 8 hours. This is especially useful for meat-eaters. So, we will use an herbal sleep mix tea starting an hour before bedtime to encourage the desire to sleep earlier. This will also lengthen sleep to 9-10 hours. You will make enough tea to drink 1 cup at bedtime, then another 2 cups during the night. Leave the brewed tea next to the bed in case you wake up. Buy bulk herbs which are cheaper than capsules. Tea is better than capsules as it is assimilated quickly and won't linger in the bowel next day, mixed with your food, making you groggy in day time.

SHOPPING LIST: BULK SLEEP HERBS TO BUY; VALERIAN, HOPS, SKULLCAP, chamomile, red poppy, vervaine, passionflower. Do not take in caps, as they linger in bowel. Make a tisane. Bring water to boil. TURN OFF. Drop in herbs and stir. Cover, let brew 15 min.

KIDNEY FORMULA (if facial puff shows edema) Uva-ursi, peach leaves, Juniper berries, Corn silk, Cayenne, Queen of Meadow (root), Buchu leaves, Cleavers.

HIGH ORGANIC SODIUM FRUITS that chelate inorganic sodium from blood: pineapple strawberry, or mangoes (whole) or fresh citrus juice from TOTALLY ripe fruit only. In Vegie kingdom, CELERY!

SOUP INGREDIENTS: 3 high sodium low starch vegetables: fennel, leeks, chard in veal bone broth, there is high calcium in fresh peas, turnips, parsnips, kale, kohlrabi, romaine, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans.

SALAD INGREDIENTS sunchokes, fennel, cucumbers, endive, cress, romaine, chinese cabbage, spinach, parmesan cheese sprinkled. Make a dressing of olive oil, real garlic, & a dash of soy sauce, although Dr. Bronner's Amino Broth is just as tasty and unique. Chopped onions, oregano add to it. Use lemon juice, not vinegar.

GRAINS: BIBLE BREAD (meaning no flour at all, completely made of a whole grain that was soaked, overnight, rinsed, PHYTIC ACID thrown away, THEN the groats are GROUND INTO DOUGH! No acidity in mouth after you eat it, which destroys teeth! HEALTHFOOD STORES sell it for 3$ a loaf. It's made of grains like wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, millet, or mixes of same. I enjoy sesame in mine. Toasts up tastier. Original recipe in Bible had lentils, peas, barley, oats and you can add that to your recipes. As these loaves cost 3$ even 4$ a loaf at healthfood store, (Wheat doubled in wholesale cost from 4$ a bushel to 9$ a bushel in 2007) but not to worry. Breadmaking is easy and can be done without a recipe on the 2nd occasion that you make your own. Also, each meal should contain either brown rice, bulghur wheat, millet, quinoa, lentils, barley, or beans. Raw butter or garlic-flavored olive oil are added AFTER the grain is cooked. And SESAME GOMASIO, a wowie taste. SALT GROUND into toasted sesame seeds.

 TO MAKE real bible bread out of whole soaked grain, THE VITA MIX machine is said to work best.Google it vita-mix and vitamix both. Once a month, make your own bread. GET WHEAT BERRIES. HORSE SHOPS HAVE THEM FEED & GRAIN stores. Also Use SPELT & BARLEY. Millet from healthfood store not pet store.  Soak grains in water overnight, toss the rinse water, drain, fluff, air dry grain in a hot room. Immediately use a vita mix to grind them.Grind 2 cups at a time in VITA MIX . Any coffee grinder would work on smaller amts. and there are other options, blenders, food processors etc, REVIEWS OF THE MACHINE TYPES exist. Google around.... but a vita mix is bigger, faster, better. Bake three loaves at a time, cool. Freeze two in tight bags. Slice the loaf that's out, as needed, return to its tight bag and refrigerate it ---as Bible bread is alive. I keep mine frozen. Take two slices every a.m. toasted. But try this, let me know how it works out for you.

GOOD FOODS:White yogurt that bleeds when cut, not the creamy kind. Find a brand with several types of culture. I find ARAB or middle eastern markets have best brands, Hindu, Iranian, Greek.. I "COPY IT" I buy whole milk. 14% butterfat. The best brands have four different types of culture, acidophilus, bifidus, a few more.. Mountain High has three. Healthfood store has these special brands. But here's the trick. Once you get the jar home, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, you can make your own HOMEMADE YOGURT every few days so you never have to spend $2.50 to $2.99 for 32 oz, again! You add a slug of 'starter' from those 'good, old world' brands, Arab brands, you will end up having a yogurt starter mix that is blended cultures of multiple friendly bacteria  from India, Europe, Middle East. (TRY THIS RECIPE: Bring goat milk almost to simmer, turn off fire. Cool to warm. Then stir in the last 3 tbsp of the package of commercial yogurt. Use a yogurt maker or you can  use dishes or even the old yogurt packaging. Set your containers on a heating pad, wrap sides, cover with towel, make sure cats are not in the kitchen as they'll go sit on the whole thing, sniff it, tear it apart, make a real mess. Leave 6 hrs to stiffen.) Refrigerate. Serve with honey, slice fruits, chopped nuts, coconut, vanilla or any flavoring. I get half price fruit at Krogers,make jams. SEE FOOD INDEX for EZ NON STERILE FRIDGE JAM

TOFU IS A REJUVENATOR. Investigate TOFU, full of plant estrogens that keep us from aging; find a source of fresh soy curd (called tofu) at an oriental market in your area. Use it to replace meat. Make vegie burgers out of it, stack in fridge, ready to eat when you've got the munchies.

RECIPE: VEGETARIAN MEATBALLS -Cup of any GRAIN you like* whole oats, millet, quinoa,(hi-prot grain from HFS) soak 2 hrs. l00 degrees, below a simmer) You can use bread crumbs from bible bread. Drain. For good flavor a Can of creamed corn, a cup of soaked almonds, peeled and chopped. (Roasting a tad adds crunch and enhances the taste) You can add a cup of mixed nuts/seeds like sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts. 12/brick tofu or a whole brick of TOFU. Add shredded carrot, celery, bell pepper, cooked lentils/ garbanzos, tahini, Salt/pepper & vegie broth, garlic, chopped onion, oil, thyme, oregano, chopped celery, celery seed, mushrooms. METHOD: Chop nuts. (Almonds must be soaked a few hours, some overnight --in water, then skinned). MIX your soaked GRAIN, nuts, w. thyme, oregano, sage, vegies until you have batter. Saute onion, garlic, red or green peppers, garlic, stir in the other ingredients, add raw egg, shape a soggy croquette, dredge in corn muffin mix or whole grain flour/sesame seeds; fry patty olive oil/butter mixed, both sides litely, bake; Cool, freeze in individual pckgs for sandwiches. You can serve fresh, hot, add cheese and tomato sauce or katsup or mayo on top or cilantro. I eat them on hot corn tortillas as if they were meat tacos. U can bake in MEATLOAF form. Freeze 3/4 of slices or make as patties because who can eat twenty or thirty which this recipe makes? And they keep well and thaw well. NOTE: Reason we pre-soak grains, sprout nuts/seeds is to inactivate PHYTIC acid which prevents mineral assimilation.

VITAMINS ADDITIVES:  LONGEVITY PRODUCTS from YOUNGEVITY corp are supposed to beat anything in the marketplace. Get an order B-complex, Sea Minerals if you don't eat enough vegies, raw juices. GERMANIUM, found in foods like barley and garlic, and chinese herbs like Ginseng, or you can get it in pill form. Take minerals like Liquid Potassium, calcium citrate with magnesium, bioflavenoids, pycogenols, spirulina algae, digestive enzymes (or chew bitter dandelion leaf before eating as 'bitters' to give hydrochloric acid flow, or appetite and better digest your proteins. Digestive enzymes are NECESSARY if you burp after meals which shows food is not digesting but is fermenting, a very dangerous condition which will DESTROY your kidneys with undigested protein. However, you might also try to never dilute stomach acid. No sweets, fruits or excess liquids when you eat proteins. Wait several hours for that sweet drink. Let the digestion take place first. Use Vit E, soy lecithin, cayenne, if lifelong meat eating has made heart disease or high cholesterol levels occur. Take Pycogneols, an anti-oxidant. You need DHEA, found in Mexican Yam and raw freeze-dried Adrenal organ extracts. For a concentrated source, get PREGNENOLONE, a DHEA precursor that helps body produce its own youth hormones, 59$, from "BEYOND A CENTURY" 1-800-7771324 or NUTRACEUTICS 800-391-0114 or JOMAR LABS 800-538-4545 or LIFE EXTENSION, 800-543-3873. Pick the cheapest.

 For info on REJUVENATION HORMONES in foods, Google DHEA researcher, Dr Ray Peat PO Box 5764 Eugene Or 97405. He is not connected to pharmaceutical companies. Nor am I. We are all just researchers dipping into the same pool of knowledge.

NO TOXINS: NO canola oil, cut way down on MERCURY fish like TUNA, CANNED OR FRESH, too many poisons as it's TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN eating OTHER FISH. No aluminum from toothpaste, get a baking powder based toothpaste! MOST toothpastes are 99 % aluminum. No deodorant with Aluminium. No aspartame diet sugars.No heated oils. Throw cold garlic oil on your food after simmering it in H20.

Get a CHI LAMP to irradiate anything that starts to ache. Chinese acupuncturist in Santa Monica. Chinese Healing Arts Center, Dr. Shaomei Zhang (310) 395-6997 Wilshire Blvd. I was gifted with a chi lamp by a friend who got a BIGGER SIZE. It came from this doctor. Amazing item. 200$ or so.                

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