A delicate, uncertain, very spiritual girl, but I'll admit it, a fragile LIBERAL --shot me this article which
depicts liberals as a passing fancy of society, a fad. Obviously, she's nervous that her Vegan, PETA, anti-war, tree-hugging ways are part of some prevelant madness. "Read this!" she urges. "Is that us??" I turn to

I scan the piece then  answer: " I don't feel liberals are whim-libs, as set out in this writer's article. Remember any jerk can buy a keyboard. Just look at that misuse of the Bishop Sheen quote, "One who marries the battle cry of one decade is a WIDOW THE NEXT."

In the above article, check ideas like: "One year she’s an alabaster complected flower holding a parasol, then she’s burning her bra. Later still she’s dressing like a pop-tart with her midriff exposed. Then she’s frequenting a workout gym, a tanning salon and a martial arts dojo. Finally you receive divorce papers and learn she’s living with her friend “Rosie” in San Francisco. In the end, as you wonder what happened to the lady you married, you realize that she was never really a lady at all, but a chameleon."

His euphenism, "LIVING WITH ROSIE" means womankind will probably go lesbian after she goes to a gym and works out on a strong body. IN other words, this guy is a MULLAH, he has deep prejudices and deeper fears
which qualify him to be a NEO CON with an instinctive knee jerk republican prejudice against ROE-WADE, GYMS, glass ceiling puncturing women with PH.D's and worst of all, IMMIGRANT EMBRACING, the
'tree hugging' equivalent of our latest decade. The cynic who wrote the above URL laughs at folks who've tried to walk around with bottles of pure water all day, cleverly hydrating themselves. He laughs at tofu. He probably
laughs at single ladies hanging in a girl group and probably has been trounced out of bars for bothering such groups. I can see him now. His overly florid writing hungers for attention; he wants to be taken seriously as a liberator of humankind but he's not. He's an egocentric phony-philos MULLAH who obviously wants COMPANY among other males, as he asks "Are You Really a Liberal?"

YEAH, I am, but one with no gym, no martial arts guru. I just feel LIBERALISM is the monniker we give to someone who senses himself to be in a head war with fascists who invade oil rich third world countries and ply genocide. I instinctively battle with ELITE CORPORATISM, its deluge of propaganda, its paid flunkies
and politicos who ultimately PROGRAM and CONTROL the enslaved, uninformed masses by dictating economic and cultural politics, whether unjust war, taxes, licensing fees, the huge amt of jailed citizens for non-violent crimes, the gulags, the xenophobia...all of it. The stench on us came from corporate elitism. Basic lifeboat theory on high. 'we're allright, Jack, screw you."

If liberals work out at gyms before they go picket and get rubber bullets sprayed on them, so much the better. The more moxie we can work up, the more foaming liberalism, the better.