by anita sands hernandez

Your online ad, webpage or blog attracts you business. IF POTENTIAL CLIENTS can find it when they GOOGLE YOUR THEME. They will not find it listed if you have DEAD LINKS as ROBOTS SHUN it. So the reader-clients come to the blogger or webmaster or writer who will sit doing* URL CHECKING* on webpages to find DEAD LINKS (which if you have them assure your pages will be ignored by webspider robots.

The thing to learn is to spot old links that died, and while you're removing their URLS,  edit/ rewrite files for 10 hours  * I consider URL CHECKING is super important if you have multiple URLS online at your many files or pages at your site. SPIDER ROBOTS won't GOOGLE you if they catch a DEAD LINK. They must ignore you meaning U have no online profile or STATUS if you have URL ERRORS so  CLEANING the dead links out of every article or page is important. 

To do so use* <>  WOW! *IWEB TOOL*  Another is  *WEBTOOL HUB*

These aren't so easy to find, btw. Out of 50 URL CHECKERs I GOOGLED 50% wanted money to subscribe! 49% want you to download some software you'll pay for later.
Only 2  will do it *without your downloading costly software first. *So I just saved you fifty googles and maybe fifty dollars. Share this article with blogger pals as our pages get outdated then robot spiders ignore them.

Visit one of the above LINK CHECKERS; Just get your fingers wade in for the first time on this url checking project now

I do have a COTTAGE INDUSTRY ---it doesn't earn me a lot, just enough to eat and pay rent. My GUERILLA CAPITALISM training I learned by doing stars off kitchen table.  Spending nothing but a little time. Some movie star clients but once my child's teacher who reported to class a bad review on my work. I earned 15$ in that hour and couldn't find enough fun for the 180 pound older lady who told all to her class. I KNOW as my child was IN THAT CLASS and recognized the M.O of kitchen table astrology.

But I spent time doing articles, posted them at 5$ a month domain names like LUCK IN LOVE the MASTER JULES doing low cost web pages and I advise young people to  build their own website, BLOG, POST, be an activist, SHARE FILES and/or WRITE original articles.  In them I'm always harping about activism, healthfoods, holistic pet care, reforming the political system, the slavery for the poor that is the American economy, REFORMING it. The CASH REGISTER LEGAL SYSTEM. See PORTAL to 7,000 WEBPAGES 

 I warn YOUNGSTERS who have jobs that all good things  may end. I feel they don't KNOW how perilously close to joblessness they are --- as bosses are downsizing and Walmart dropped nearly 300 stores, so things aren't doing well for the lower middle class.  Wall Street is for the very rich and it's not going to hold together a country now that the Washington pols sent all the factories to Guatemala. (NAFTA, GATT, TTIP) And TRUMP, who thinks like a rich man and scorns us all as at the helm.

Our own leaders downsized the American economy Nay the PLANET WIDE ECONOMY. So I nag any readers I can find about becoming an oligarch, STARTING A COTTAGE INDUSTRY, manning up, being an entrepreneur and husbanding this business until it grows whiskers. Anyone can do it.

A jobless starlet I know started teaching YOGA and now gets 200$ a class with the rich and famous, has 2,000 plus GOOGLES on her name, meaning do a search, you come up with that many references, sandwiched between her pinup-photos, websites, Twitter, Facebook.....

You could do better as you are way more intelligent than she is.  My Cat Sparkey is smarter than she is. So take the challenge and start working on starting up an independent career, creating a unique product, a biz reputation. You will reach a TIPPING POINT (as Malcolm Gladwell calls it,) with your BRAND. Your name and fame will grow. But first you have to face the LACK of financial well-being that you have now in your job.

If you aren't working on a webpage, writing website pages daily, FTP-ing them to the NET what will your career be when The ECONOMY of this crowded planet REALLY goes down the tubes? Your boss has closed the shop. Where will you go? Who will you call? 

So all the articles at HOW TO MAKE A WEB PAGE, TIPS FOR DUMMIES takes care of your initial steps. There is one more. Once that page is up, if you have say....twenty to thirty articles, or 10,000 as I do, at 5 websites,  you must DO URL checking from time to time, using an online, free URL checker. The program does the search FOR YOU, you don't have to download any software.) You just put the name of the url in the little space offered by (Not certain if list is up to date, so not as livelinks.) (looks at more than just the file U assign it to work on, so very useful!)  NOT ONLY IS SLOW it gives mendacious reads. IT TOLD me that 90% of my websites were dead. And they weren't! Maybe avoid that one.

CHECK YOUR LINK POPULARITY com does interesting things

URL QUERY NET --see if you can use any of these.

USE these URL CHECKERS or DEAD LINK FINDERS to expand your business' outreach by keeping your webpages full of LIVE LINKS, ROBOT READY.

As I said, the DUMBEST most illiterate female  I know has  a Google-count of  2,160 mentions of her online... split between IMDB, (her zombie movie), You-TUBE, her pin up rock-and  roll video, TWITTER & FACEBOOK for the most inane Santa Monica Bubblegum Metaphysics, misspelled mysterioso New Age kale eating KRAP you've ever read, more pinups and her daily LIKES and this babe COUNTS her likes and takes it seriously! And she has a few audio MP3 files. She's not bad at composing songs but she uses about 9 boys who do the real composing, and their studios.....she just takes credit for it. If BETTY BOOP can do it ---your deaf and dumb grandma could do it from the grave.

The first thing you need is a name that nobody else has. So if you are GEORGE JONES, add that middle name, GEORGE MASON JONES even if you have to make the middle one up. And check if there's another guy with that name in which case switch it to MASSON JONES.

I thankfully had a pretty unique name, I don't have to make up any extras. It is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ a real designer name, my agent had a match book on his desk from the Sands Hotel. I had the sense to see a good name when I saw it. Truek there IS another Anita Sands, an Irish economist, but nobody else married the frigging Mexican so nobody on the planet has that third name which is very important if you are going to get a clear, trackable google count on yourself.

Test this theory out. Right now, Google your name in quotes to see your own GOOGLE-COUNT.

When  I google my name (alone) in quotes "anita sands hernandez"  I get 1500 'finds' on myself. But weirdly if I do it with the word politics I get 38,000 hits! But as I paw thru the incidences, I don't see some of my best articles so I knew that LINKS were dead, BOTS were stymied or the NSA was hacking me Which was true was and still is a MYSTERY as I do left wing activism but that's a good thing as I have fellow travelers. 99% of my articles online were picked up by other net denizens of activist mood or humor and posted by them, which I welcome. Only l% were posted by me, but that ORIGINAL POSTING is very important or nobody finds you! SO GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE. ( RUN WEB)

Extra Fillips: Do a VIDEO for UTUBE....HERE ARE SOME THEMES.  These are best seller ideas which will launch you into the  million views territory. I give the example on the MERCHANDISING YOURSELF INDEX of a girl who got a million hits from her 'how to apply make up' video. Became the net rage of the day and got herself a contract with LOREAL!

Anyone can shoot and edit a video these days and you then ask a pro tekkie pal to show you how to load your video on that UTUBE site. If all those Barbie and Ken types figured it out I think you can.

Maybe your yoga class or your cooking lesson or make up session (the path to your 'brand')  has been (as yet) unplanned. Maybe you have no idea what your cottage industry is......then it's time to do your BRAINSTORMING

I cannot imagine that your path does not involve slow BRAND growth via the net. But maybe you require a quick launch by being FUNDED by others. I think raise money sites are ridiculous for 99% of our dreams and aims seem venal when you look for a freebie nickle. Maybe 1% of us has project noble enough to be funded. The rest of us shlubs need to attraact a rich investor because of another reason: our idea has legs. Can make them money. If that is so, CONSIDER the lack of ten copies of your prospectus in your briefcase as a clear oversight on your part. It will take a sharp prospectus, a serious one --to attract the cash you NEED to do the biz the way you want to do it. SO NOW, focus on the reality of THOSE LACKS. Prospectus is a description of the biz and profits memo, a bio/ resume/ cume and a deal split memo with legal contract terms and blank spaces to sign

Back to our startiing point. Our website's lack of dead links. When you use  experiment with the different levels of checking they have. I like basic plan with the "one try" only. You may like advvanced with two tries. Your call.

BUT CHECK YOUR LINKS for SIGNS Of LIFE regularly.YOU HAVE TO  show up for THE BOTS. Please the Bots. Obey the Bots. The bots are the PORTALS to HIGH BOTSMANSHIP, HIGH BOT COUNTS COUNT.

I was checking all of my many index pages. That's how I do it, the way books taught me to. You have an index page and you have dozens of chapters described.

An index on babies might have ADD, CRIB DEATH, PERFET DIET, a few dozen subheadings. Spoil the child, Allergies, etc.

My index on holism has hundreds of articles.

Ditto gardening but when I got to the political websites I've done, the dissidence, the activism pages, and used the word politics, that really got me a high count, 39,000.

You wouldn't know it from the astrology clients who don't pour in and each page in cyberspace mentions, natal horoscope 15$.....But I'm only starting out.

I have a lot of dead links thanks to Gates microsoft version 2000 and beyond htm software. CODE THICK like a WHALE with things SPIDER ROBOTS balk at, so you don't get coverage.

BY THE WAY, DEADLINK CHECKER COM had a second choice, an advanced search on URLS and it searches all other pages that my URLS POINT TO or people in similar business, your competitors, the names that THEY mention, all of which is a big WHO CARES but I tried it for a while anyway. It freaked me out.

Doing that, I saw that some group called  had MARKED or tagged these OTHER webpages for all the NAMES of important people. Only my political articles created this BLOW BACK OF NAMES, lists of political names that were never in any page  of mine   -- 20 lines at  a time fastened on something called NAME.ORG. names of spies and activists, dead men, murdered men.....stacked like skulls.... and some TIE IN to my political pages that seemed to allege or record that my pages HAD those names or were linked to these names or to URLS where these names appeared.  Hey, I didn't create the rain either. Why show me every single drop?

I certainly didn't recognize that I EVER had one of these guy's names in my pages and I surely didn't know that my URLS pointed all over world, to cloak and dagger sites in Germany,  stuff I had never even referenced  THE ability of this software to see other URLS and see spurious names of people that made it to the NAME.ORG puzzles me, but basically I don't care. I didn't start out to be an activist fearing for my life or name.   Not gonna start now.

THE MAIN problem in my own pages was BILL GATES DAMN SCREWED UP WORD 2000. The worst software that ever came down the pike. Using DEADLINK CHECKER's normal 'BASIC"  robot search, I saw hundreds of bad coding choices of MR GATES, glitches that FALL INTO THE LAP of anyone who's spent the last TWENTY  years of using MS WORD 2000, SO MISERABLY OVER CODED, SO spacegrabbing but also throwing FILE LINKS into the coding which JAMS BOTS. Anyway, old versions of OFFICE don't work on WIN 10 so they're useless. I now stick to SEAMONKEY (htm composer, free download) for all website design. IT IS RELIABLE, super low coding. FTP is with CUTE FTP. TEXT EDITOR is one my DELL/ WINDOWS came with  (For menu choices ON such software when you need to know, call me 818 774-1939.) I'll run you thru those. LIke life itself It's about selecting right menu to click on.

My ARMENIAN tekkie a real hacker, professional ID THIEF, stole my WINDOWS OFFICE disc right off the desk and charged me 60$. AND took my thumb drive with my life's works of FILES, scripts, NOVELS. So I cannot use that GATES OFFICE WORD PROCESSOR. But when you buy a new computer you get OFFICE. Free for a year.

Still --- SEAMONKEY is good enough to COMPOSE HTML FILES for the internet. Unstable, but I'm used to its quirks. It can still HTM CODE and that's all that counts. 

And all those spy ties? Hey I'm putting aluminum foil on the windows. Grapes in my ears. Maybe foil lining inside my beanie.