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The site probably needs a password to read the info. I was told to go into the site under the username of tenavision and the password of swenmr and you may use this information to read there. The article my political gal pal Tena posted regarding the NORM and Carl H. Wilken economic information is in several places, one of which is alluded to in this argument that she had with one of the posters, Terra, found here:

As far as the information, DO A SEARCH on that website and see if you can find somethign posted (by a real thinker) named Charles Walters, Jr., who wrote the book, "Unforgiven," not the Clint Eastwood movie, no it's all about Carl H. Wilken economic discoveries which could have provided prosperity for the whole planet's peoples, except for the banksters and internationalist globalists kicking Poor Carl into a dungeon for telling the truth!)

Brief history of one world government movement (Reprinted from the "Newsletter Column," June 1998 issue of Acres U.S.A., the monthly journal of eco-agriculture, P.O. Box 8800, Metairie, LA 70119, (504) 889-2100, fax (504) 889-2777, 1-800-355-5313. e-mail " . . . The existence of entire states comes to depend on a few private destinies vastly magnified." So wrote Oswald Spengler in his classic and awesome work, The Decline of the West. Athens, Rome, Carthage, the American North and the American South, all bear marks of this Spenglerian comment, as do the nations of our time. The people, "a beast of muddy brain," Campanello wrote, "knows not its own force, and therefore stands loaded with wood and stone . . . a mere child guides it with bit and rein . . ."

Except for a few brokers and simple-minded politicians, almost everyone has some comprehension of the gathering storm. A world awash in debt and economic slavery stands ready to cut the floor out from under the American perpetual motion machine.

Thus the time has come for this Newsletter column to tunnel in under the mundane, not as a miner, but as honest reporting a bit ahead of the fad, a bit behind the events that have led to the upcoming perdition.

First Principles

It has been written in words like these that acquisition and merger bring an aristocratic culture to the top of its form, whereas correspondingly philosophers despise these goals. As a culture rises to its height, the two primary urges defined above travel apart, and hostility develops between them. Spengler thinks this trend really defines world history.

Modern thinkers Toynbee and Pierrene checked out and they agree. From a feeling of power comes conquest and politics and law. From spoils, piracy, and trade come economy and money. (Oh and mistresses)

What these thinkers noted and concluded was that law is the personal property of the powerful. What they conclude should be the law is the law for all. Money in turn is the unbeatable weapon of acquiring. With money the powerful subdue the planet. It is forever the goal of the powerful and monied classes to court and establish economies and governments that are weak and subservient.

Free politics demands that economic life adapt itself to and within the state. The war and trade nobility demands free flow of capital, even though the outcome of this exercise always leads to decline and fall. Needless to say, the trade nobility has seized control not only of the state, but also the military as warned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his farewell remarks.

Those who follow cultural and historical cycles assure us that the simple-minded have guided the nation to perdition, but not many can identify or even recall the steps the body politic was hoodwinked into taking along the way.

In our time the captains of industry have identified as their goal one vast NEW WORLD ORDER that would give them control of the entire market place, forgetting that it was the differences of nations that created trade in the first place. Sir Francis Drake could anchor off the coast of Africa and barter for, say, 200 war captives. There was a differential advantage between Africa and the West Indies; thus the slave trade was born.

The modern trade nobility can discern a differential advantage between China and the United States, but it is no longer necessary to transport Chinese slaves - indeed that would be counter-productive. The cheap cost Chinaman making teacups or shirts can stay at home, (rather a horrid 60 hr a week sweatshop with kids in it), and the product can be transported. You can see that such a system must pull itself down in the fullness of time. Because those children grow up into rebels, hating the people who chained them to a loom and imprisoned them for their childhood. Angry at their parents for letting it happen. The boys become pure TINDER, ready to explode. Like happens here in America. So we have to build more jails. And we do. The government makes drugs available so it can grab hold of people who don't work and lock 'em up for life.

The trade nobility created it that way. Their lawyers figured out it would be best. The Dukes and Merchants, OLIGARCHS we call them, now commands the government, remakes the constitution with wired judges, solves its worst miscalculations via a International Monetary Fund which they own. They own all the money in the world. We must pay them a huge tax for USING it. INCOME TAX. Look on back of your cancelled tax check. It goes to the FEDERAL RESERVE, not federal, European bankers. These rich guys sit around eating ten pastries at dessert, dating babes and praying the sacred Dow will not desert them now. Only APRIL 2000 the American middle class did desert the Stock Market. They figured out it was rigged and would suck all the money out of their pockets. THEY LEFT. Causing it to crash to a mere 20% of what it had been.

The Indicators Over the past several months and years, this Newsletter has decoded the indicators that pretend to tell us just where we are on the curve of history. We do not know what or who will take the blame for the unwinding of the U.S. Constitution and the decision to scrap our most sacred tradition to placate the greed of the merchant. Perhaps Clinton will become a Hoover (Stupidest president ever). Perhaps artful spin doctors will invent some exotic cause totally divorced from the historical facts. For now it is enough to suggest signs and symptoms, deferring an historical wrap-up for later in this letter.

It is, of course, a wild proposition that all internal economies should be made subservient to the wishes of money and trade lords hard on the hunt for a differential advantage. The wild men are making the storied man from Borneo look like a Boy Scout.

No one is in charge of this one world operation, even though Greenspan and a few of Washington's flim-flam men pretend as much. One world is too big for one man or even one group of men to keep a handle on.

In The End of Certainty, the writer - Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ilya Prigogine - explains that advanced forms can evolve only by deviating ever further from equilibrium. We can translate this to mean that the curve of history, the grand cycle, if you will, must return when everyone becomes convinced that a new millennium has been reached. At 63 times dividends on industrial stocks, a vast majority has become convinced that arithmetic no longer matters. The big question today is whether economic winter will destroy the absconders, or whether disgust and revolt will spend itself, leaving the same old forces in command of the field!

Cast of Characters

It was recorded in an earlier book, Unforgiven, that when Woodrow Wilson, the earliest of the one-worlders, first captured the U.S. presidency, it was not possible at first to convince a clear majority of industrialists that they should give up a stabilized economy in order to hunt the world over for markets. Thus, it became necessary to break down the buying power of the consumer's dollar, a feat easily handled by selling down futures in silver on the London Exchange. For every penny an ounce that silver was lowered, wheat in Kansas fell a penny a bushel. The banking and trade elite concluded they had discovered the key to eliminating that pesky provision in the U.S. Constitution that Congress regulate the value of money. Then as now, the real value of the dollar depended on the value of commodities produced in the economy. For this reason, manipulation of commodity prices has led the way, with other organized probes - Council on Foreign Relations, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Committee for Economic Development and World Trade Organization to follow.

A communication from Jose MacDonald of Wales last month illustrated the subtlety of the trade nobility and how it stands ready to deprive nations of their rights and heritage. "From 1973 to 1993, EEU communities were implicated, destroying the power of the House of Commons, the United Kingdom and jurisdiction of courts. Done with intent, secrecy and collaboration of leading politicians and by businesses, the United States cooperated with historical German and French plans for a Eurostate and formulated it. It was set up by "undemocratic means."

This sudden awareness shocked Brits because they had believed the United Kingdom to be a democracy, that the will of the people to forgo genetically engineered foods would be respected, and that their customs and laws exempted them from being given the in/out basket treatment by a bunch of high-level carpetbaggers.

The Bilderbergers might be a household word for some, but the fact is that only a small percent of the people worldwide know how their rights and freedom are being compromised by an elite group with alien ideas and a blueprint for international chaos.

Although the idea of conquering the world is of ancient vintage - Alexander, for instance - it remained for Stalin, then Hitler, to mumble about a new world order. The idea had been incubating in the United States ever since someone caused a bullet to crash into the chest of William McKinley. By the time Hitler and Stalin laid an egg as far as international consolidation was concerned, American and European counterparts were well into their planning sessions.

The objective was to control the planet, every acre, every spit of land, every waterway, every resource, and all the people under the umbrella of international bankers and business. All the clubs of Rome, all the Bilderbergers, the Tri-lateralists, the U.N. itself, all have proceeded without more than a perceptible nod to the peoples involved. The Bilderbergers are a secret group functioning as a think tank and spearhead for the one-world trade concept. Its main objective has been to bring on a single federalized state for Europe regardless of cultures, diversities and labor disparities involved. Such a world would allow traders to write their own rules and suborn all attempts at equity that a decent respect for mankind requires.

The Bilderberger group was founded in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a Nazi who somehow managed to marry into the Dutch royal family. Bernhard was an SS officer attached to I.G. Farben, the same I.G. Farben that fed Jewish prisoners totally synthetic meals to determine whether such fare could sustain an army. All of the prisoners died. Bernhard, however, had moved on to distinguish himself by a $1 million bribe from the Lockheed Corporation. This murky tie to international gangsterism was confirmed by the London Times when a zoologist named Tom Ravendale was killed. A former PR man with the World Wildlife Trust, he was run over by a car and his briefcase was stolen.

He was carrying tapes and documents for a Dutch commission. The Bilderberger cast of characters is of maximum interest. It includes socialists, politicos, journalists, even a few misguided royalists. Former U.S. Ambassador George McGee, stated that "The Treaty of Rome that brought the European Community into being was nurtured at a Bilderberger meeting." Clearly, available documents reveal that it has always been the goal of the group to evolve an international order - a new world order, in short.

Paul Warburg, a director of I.G. Farben America, was a fanatical proponent of world government. Accordingly, he founded the U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations.Roosevelt didn't trust the group, but when he died Truman not only allowed them into government, he literally handed the government to CFR members on a silver platter. They have been in charge ever since. In 1948, Truman set up the pilot organization that ultimately would see to the fast track passage of GATT, NAFTA, and now lead to the uninhibited transfer of money with nations involved having little or no say-so over trade, environment, even relief measures.

Almost all Bilderbergers are members of CFR. William Manchester, in his matchless books on the Krupps and other absconders, related how Standard Oil and I.G. Farben settled accounts for patent royalties on the basis of soldiers killed during WWII.

This business of playing off one part of the world against another -with war or trade - with taxpayers paying for the advantages thus manufactured, has been a driving force behind so-called world government. Indeed, Paul Warburg's son James told a U.S. Senate Committee, "We shall have world government whether we like it or not." In August 1944 there was a meeting between the German SS and representatives of seven German companies, including Krupps, Roehling, Messerschmeidt and Volkswagen. At this meeting plans were made to build up wealth, power and industrial capacity abroad so that a strong German empire could be created after the war. Some $500 billion were transferred out of the country before war's end. A prime objective was to set up liason's with foreign companies, and the SS made reference to the patent agreements, now collectable.

Some 134 of Von Ribbentrop staffers quietly transferred to the civil service under Adenhauer. Heinz Twetschler von Falkenstein, secretary of Hitler's Europe Committee, was named by Adenauer in 1949 as Europe Division of West Germany's Foreign Office, a federated Europe being the objective and a chess piece in the drive to divest people everywhere of their right to govern, this choice to be taken off their hands by professionals.

At this late date we are required to recall that Ford and Rockefeller had directors on the board of U.S.-Farben, which used funding to promote Nazi propaganda, and had three of its directors found guilty at Nuremburg.

We are also required to recall that the corporate institution set up the Council on Foreign Relations in the London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs. The intent to impose limitations on sovereignty was furbished and refurbished by Arnold Toynbee, the historian. After Word War II, a Pole named Joseph Retinger, a proponent of the world state, set up the European arm of the movement with CIA funding and with the cooperation of Prince Bernhard. A model for the grand scheme was Unilever, the oleo-margarine (fats and oils) giant that ducked out of World War II by moving to South Africa (see Unforgiven, by Charles Walters).


Overlooked by all the think tanks were the foundation economic principles involved. One and all, they forgot that the act of production has to create the credits for consumption of the production in the aggregate. That is why trade can never be the balancewheel and the

flywheel for a world economy. Disparities make one world and free world trade a wild card that mows down first one nation, then another, finally the entire apparatus tied to this unsavory principle. The head of Unilever in the 1930s was a friend of Hermann Goering and the SS chief, Himmler. After the war he became a director of Dresdner Bank of the Daimler-Benz operation; the Deutsches Bundesbank, and the International Monetary Fund in Washington.

Dr. Geringer of Austrian Branch Unilever was legal adviser with Lord Runceman's negotiations with the Nazis in 1939. We can trail these international criminals and chart their cynical moves, and marvel at the mendacities and duplicity such tracking exposes. Their contempt for constitutional government and their willingness to demolish human freedoms makes pale into insignificance cruder pogroms of yesteryear in which ethnic groups were extinguished for what was perceived as the greater good.

Edward Heath signed away the rights of Englishmen in 1972; Truman and his successors did the same for the 200 year old U.S. Constitution. What happens next? We can only turn to history and to the 500-year cycles described by Oswald Spengler. It is not possible for a world to profit by trade in the aggregate. Only component parts can profit, always at another's expense. Data reported in The Wall Street Journal and in financial newsletters confirm this, even though not one pretends to see the long term fallacy of the scenario now afloat.


The World Trade Organization is now adopting dictatorial measures that could make Hitler wretched with envy. As an opener, world farm prices are scheduled to decline. The EEU is scheduled to import meat and grain from the United States with no regard to transgenic contamination of grains or organophosphate-generated prions in meat. Dairy products loaded with hormones are scheduled to enjoy free entry even though Brits do not aspire to raise a nation of giants. Democratic principles have no place under WTO. Nor does food safety or any protection from the ravages of import invasion. Codex Alementarius is enough to frighten the most fiendish and infernal.

The forces described here take credit for a Dow that must surely reach 9,290 or higher, plus or minus about 100 points. There will be a break, and that break will be a consequence of the megalomania exhibited since the Wilson administration. No one can fix the moment in time the way a speculator would like, but we can be certain that those who have failed to position themselves correctly will suffer greviously. Bluntly stated, we can expect a Dow decline to the support line some 45 percent downtrack. This likely will be followed by an explosive upsurge retracing most of the loss.

All this will be history's cycles telling us that what is mathematically impossible is mathematically impossible, regardless of what the spin doctors say, regardless of the bleatings of the international merchant. - Charles Walters


A site called National Organization for Raw Materials,  Tells you all about who really is running the country!