TYCOON 101 Seminar

THE TYCOON SEMINARS that I give at the FRUGAL ARTISAN WEBSITE will describe your path to wealth in a nutshell. Step by step. Starting small, earning some cash to fund the next step. How is the whole journey done basically? Well, ask the first big Trading Corp, the EAST INDIA TRADERS of Britain. You pursue either IMPORT or EXPORT or BOTH as they did & then ultimately, toss in a little true manufacturing or MERCANTILISM. This is an easy trio of businesses for designers, businessmen in their twenties to do. I ran this biz back in the sixties when I was your age. My employee/manager, the MASTER JULES,  became a multi-millionaire and gave away over a million dollars to young entrepreneurs, taught the secrets of prosperity, (I have 200 audio tapes he did, transcribed fifty, put them ONLINE, and I do his websites, but I had to leave the traveling and retired to baby making, times four. Still, I can tell you how this business is done.

FIRST, Nature meant for the mammal to always work out of a tribe or flock setting so talk it up with your friends and relatives and create a team of simpatico chums who will join you at any meeting, drop of a hat, and then in the traveling required and also, in the initial phase in actually doing some  manufacturing there in your hometown. And later in the international import/export and manufacturing. (You start with manufacturing right there. Yes, exporting to your own CITY what was produced in YOUR own CITY by your own group! So you become a mercantilist factory and find boutiques and department stores to carry your line. Do it right there in your town, way before you start with contacts in faraway countries. A.) that raises sizeable amts of capital and b.) it shows you the power of your group, how you can show samples, hustle, sell, use Craigs List, create a digital catalogue and a printed one off a single PC.. etc.

When the team is solid on ART FORMS, DESIGNS, AIMS, GOALS and all are contributing, NAME YOURSELVES some wonderful, zippy name that suggests your future marketplace. Like "VASCO de GAMA shops means you bring things from exotic countries. "BAZAAR FOLKLORICO IMPORTS suggests Latin America. While "PRIMTIVE LTD suggests third world countries. SIMON'S CEMENT POTS suggests a local manufacturing biz which is fine in the start but when you have money for a logo artist, call it "STOLEN FROM THE VATICAN".

Then when you are having regular meetings and know who your main participants are, the people with vision, the BILL GATES types who don't mind starting in a garage as they can see into the future, only then do you CREATE your stationery, at a job printer, with your new name, BAZAAR ETC and the names of your top members. Use these printer shop guys on every corner who have been doing it for 35 yrs. NOT KINKOS!!!
BUT, caveat. Run a copy thru your printer. Write a sample letter. Some of those printers will heat up the ink and that cheap stationery will turn into tiger stripes!

The staying local phase will teach you how easy it is to manufacture, show samples, get orders and  raise your own cash. If you couldn't turn local merchandise into money it would take ten grand minimum to get designs up and running.

Let's say that you plan a Sportswear/ Ladies' dresses, frock/jacket manufacturing business. It would take cash to buy sewing machines, fabrics, buttons, zippers, get your patterns purchased, (Garage sale patterns are fine, in fact, vintage patterns are hot!) When you move your manufacturing to Philippines, Bali or Egypt, it takes an additional plane  ticket for the main designer to go to your third world country. So to get the ten grand, WRITE THE PROSPECTUS! I include an URL http://www.masterjules.net/PROSPECTUS.htm

Read the pages on how to set up a bank tie in third world country to that artisan. YOU DO NOT pay direct.  Bank in Cairo gives artisan the money after he prove that he shipped the first hundred dresses. YOU MAY BUY them materials to make the merchandise, the bank pays them when they ship it.And can prove they shipped it.

Now, pretend, we're doing ladies' dresses. BEFORE you do any of the above,  SUBSCRIBE to TEEN VOGUE as it has fulltime coverage of new trends for the big buying market, forget about vogue, bazaar, glamour, 17, etc. TEEN VOGUE is on your local BIG newstand, find TEEN VOGUE and pull out subscription card. NOW. today. They are young and fururistic.  Get your designers on that.

By now, you have started creating your line. Maybe the men are working on pouring concrete into pots....the Landscapers are filling the pots with custom house plants.  What shows up is job fatigue. The trick is to keep the vital fire going, get the energy. Read http://www.masterjules.net/cheapfood.htm and get energized with a diet upgrade. It'll give ya more "gitup and go" for your true life mission. You are getting a little long in the tooth to just lie around for another decade! last, Call yourself a TYCOON OF TOMORROW, the Bill Gates of import/export. Pursue that self image.

Next, you will need a support group who knows everything you're doing and praises you. Pals. Relatives or ..... perhaps it's time to go to outside groups that offer spiritual things.

You can make money with groups if you size up the marketplace. LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS is very marketplace oriented. The 18-50 SINGLES group will spend money on SEMINARS

As currently, AA, NA and ADULT SURVIVORS OF INCEST are about the only groups that exist in a small town, CREATE a better happier group of souls by starting your own living room group. Study yoga from a library book and create a YOGA circle. PUT UP ADS that read "FREE YOGA CLASS to LADIES who wish to trim up, create the mental space for meditation skills, develop your E.S.P."  Because that pulls the good people from the entire village to the room where you do the yoga. And into friendship and linkeage with you. craigs list is good to find people? HOW TO DO GROUPS FOR MONEY.  HOW TO DO A LOVE TEACHING GROUP TRAINING FILES are for you & PALS, now!




LAST, talk to your bank about an Account that would pay to artisans abroad, and have highest, current-day security measures. You want to be able to fill in the particulars on the graphic below imagining your ARTISANS going to THEIR bank to find out what their end entails. If you pay for a throne and get a rataan bench suitable for a hut, you want legal recourse.

Get books at the library on import/export. Early in the game, find out which countries our State Department website recommends that you NOT VISIT! Nigeria, Guatemala come to my mind. The former, all thieves, the latter, you need hired guns to go up into the mountains where the artist/weavers are. If you carry MONEY! And even with guards, they'll kill you.