A NEW VOGUE in reportorial liberalism has arrived!  I heard an anti shrink.anti- psych meds show on KPFK-FM radio last nite. (They have a fab INTERNET show 24/7 as well as beaming by radio to all Los Angeles. ) The ANTI-DRUG or psych med movement totally shuns and impugns dumb DOCS who are Rxing teens with heavy psycho-stunning drugs. Hip critics are now calling their work LAZY PSYCHIATRY... Google search on this book Dr. Breggin (guest on show last nite) wrote it. "TOXIC PSYCHIATRY" Another book by him Murderers in White Coats.

Last nite he discussed wave of teen suicides. MEDICATED TEENS. Book which I ordered (used for $1.98 this morning online at used book website,) busts the psych pharm industry wide open.

Drugs produce SERIOUS MENTAL PROBLEMS including SUICIDE!  These two THINGS go hand in hand. KEEPING teens, children medicated, ritalin, prozac  AND then, SUICIDE. SO MANY OTHER WAYS to heal depression or schizophrenia. DIET, loving THERAPY. YOGA....

EVERY depresso or shizo they get, --do they try B complex? NO! Do they try the important one, B-12 which these schizies are all deficient in, found only in organ meats, which insane asylums should invest in, the real B-12. cuz much on market is NOT real ---- no! GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, great English writer, Turn of Century / pre WWI years in London, total vegan, knew at _that_ time, that a VEGAN _had_ to supplement one
vitamin, B-12, Not found in any vegan product. (Algae is not utilizeable b-12, article follows below)

DOCTORS COULD today CURE all schizophrenia wi. vitamins espec. b12, lab experiments prove it. But guess what? THERE's no money in it for the pharm industry so that cure is suppressed. Disavowed, Ignored.

THEY instead MEGA MEGA drug 'em. $$$ They do ruthle$$ drugging ! The kind that turns you into a veg. MANY of these kids are brilliant, hyper, fed since childhood on microwaved t.v dinners with all the sugar,
pastry, donuts, coffee, caffeinated drinks they want and getting addicted to these, that's PLENTY! They get weird by their teens. WHO WOULDN'T? A LAB RAT on that diet would be eating its own tail!

BRILLIANT delicate, wise children. INDIGO children, they're often called. My son Luis was always one of those, sensitive, healing sick cats, praying. Today he is in PATTON mental hospital with a lot of other HIGH FUNCTIONING adults, many COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS. But they're kept so horribly drugged, and with OLD DRUGS, haldol, bad side effect drugs -- that they have no minds left. THE HOPELESSNESS is huge. Many write letters for a few yrs, to authorities, reporting the system. Luis knows the letter writers. Then they succumb to the madness of piling HOPELESSNESS ON TOP OF MADNESS. ON TOP OF VITAMINOSIS. ON TOP OF dysfunctional family lives. ABANDONED by public defenders (they call them PUBLIC PRETENDERS, ) by their parents then by the system. A GODLESS zone.

THE DOCTORS occas. try new drugs, experimenting on the prisoners. There can be good or bad results. LUIS is on the inside and can find out who tried what. He personally went into hugely stunned periods with some of
these. TO ME it seems you have a reporter on the inside. He's a NOTE-IT-ALL VIRGO, an instinftive whistle blower and expose reporter crossed with GUINEA PIG. ALL of those patients are just kept in the cooler like turnips. drugged to the limits beyond the point of STUPIDITY, totally pliable, sleeping 24/7. IF IT WERE A VIOLENT GUY, I could understand it. BUT THEY DO NOT SEEM TO DISTINGUISH. THEY put out your lights if you talk, if you're social, if you laugh. if you're human. And, if you complain about the brutality of a psych tech, that very psych tech gets to up your medication, so they live in terror of the 'lionkeepers.'

My son is there for ten years no, with no SCHOOLING. They send you to a DRUG/ SUBSTANCE group like AA, you go real real reg. THEN a HOW to a MANAGE YOUR ILLNESS group, like teaching them to never go without meals, sleep. VERY REPETITIOUS. They teach you the terms, precise terms for understanding your 'delicacy' but I thought the curriculem overly exact. The kids became parrot like and were tested to see if they memorized these terms. NATURALLY huge amts of time spent on these parroting classes. WHAT HAPPENED to Science, History? POETRY? LITERATURE? BODY WORK? YOGA? WHy isn't any of that there where it is  needed. THERE IS THIRST there but nobody gets a drink. Only vitaminless, soulless PARROT fodder.

A RETARD would get bored there. No practical or cultural schooling whatsoever. Luis has heard of classes, he can tell you which they have, he's applied for it, but never gotten any. The schedule conflicts between parroting class and real schooling was the problem. I THINK this madhouse could stand up to Dickens BEDLAM or the one where Marquis de Sade was placed and it would win the HORRIBLE contest! It IS APALLING. He has
been refrigerated since NOV 98 for a crime (building a fire in shed at his factory,) which a judge would have given him six months for doing! Is there some cuibonum we don't know about? Maybe do these docs need all seats filled before they turn on the merry go round?

ABOUT WELLNESS, about patient needs. IN THE FIRST year he was held in county jails only. NO MEDICATION. Yet JUST THE SLEEP AND FOOD got him  out of schizophrenia. IMAGINE going to sleep l00% out of your mind, hearing voices all your inner trauma and guilts pressing you perhaps (I don't know that this was the case with him,) into going OUT of reality...and then lighting a fire to warn an airplane off target, at his conscience a realistic, kindly deed. So imagine him going to sleep schizy, having some food albeit a bologna sandwich, some sleep, waking up SANE but in JAIL FOR ONE YEAR with a lot of gangland
killers. ATTEMPTED RAPE GALORE at night. YOU SCREAM no guards come. Negligence! Then the insane are in the same room as the killers. LUIS played chess with a gang killer, won the game and got his NOSE smashed in. (CALIF gave him surgery a few yrs back to repair it as he couldn't breathe.) THAT IS HOW LITTLE they were watched by the brass at TWIN TOWERS.

But back to my subject. NO ATTEMPT made by THAT YEAR AT TWIN TOWERS and other jails to heal him with LIVER AND ONIONS or B12, either would have been fine. NONE whatsoever. NO SPECIAL diet or vitamins. AND THEN in 9 yrs at attempt. HE was part of a population of sensitive people in an institution whose prime care is being MEGA DRUGGED.

Mind you, THEY HAVE shrinks there. Talks with enobling TRANSFERENCE would be possible. There's nothing but an 8 hr day there and shrinks fulltime. YET these bozo PHD's did not bother, even with high
functioning LUIS, to have some loving/ listening/ transference, which FREUD called the backbone of psychiatry. THE BOND alone rescues people who feel unnoticed, uncared for, victimized. YOU FINALLY have a father
figure. SPORADIC infrequent talks with his shrink, Dr. Taylor Cantrell, a very very cool, distant guy with major issues. ONE OF WHICH IS PROBABLY BEING ON STAFF AT a San Bernadino MADHOUSE instead of in a refined setting that might reflect his urban, white upperclass upbringing. SOME DOCTORS got extremely violent and hostile with LUIS. He has stories of screaming from these doctors.  So I am guessing San Bernadino is very low on the pissing order of insane asylums. Or jobs that shrinks get. I know a KPFK-FM broadcaster who is specialist in this pharm/shrink/madhouse. TARIK OPALASIEN.

I heard him speak on KPFK last nite with the same Dr. Breggin who wrote the book TOXIC PSYCHIATRY who was talk show guest last nite ..they were discussing how shrinks overdrug children and what an outrage, and I abebook searched the book and ordered it already. And I have an email out to Tarik for more info on this subject. I've known him for yrs. didn't know this was one of his specialities.

TARIK is pals with Sat Siri Kaur, do you know her? Midwife, WLA doula, healer? One of my 36 yrs -since-1969-3HO-began pals. I have one of her  articles on IRIDOLOGY on my website and ONE on how to raise a baby during the first forty days. (OBVIOUSLY, holistic geniuses run in packs!)
GOOGLE up "toxic psychiatry" find the book at  I got that first copy ordered, the cheapest one, $1.98 out of BRONX NYC. Next one was 3$. Abe books has all the oldies but goodies for pennies! It isn't shops.It's guys who buy/sell old books outta their homes. Want to know my tips for using ABES inexpensively? Go straight to the dealers!  Avoid SHOPPING CARTS.

We who have kids stuck in the system should consider a class action lawsuit. ANY lawsuit against a MENTAL HOSPITAL could go a little more global if it could mention toxic drugging of non-violent patients, cruel and unusual punishment of the "GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY" pleaders, BEDS FOR RENT,
LOWER CASE DOCTORS, and schizy but gentle people being  WAREHOUSED with the criminally insane and always having patient rights committees manned by the patients themselves as otherwise, the very psych techs on hand become KAPOS, with psycho interactions especially with HIGH FUNCTIONING patients.  It's THE really MAD CARING FOR THE semi-MAD. I am betting many of those  docs are self medicating whether with vodka or valium or worse.  MANDATORY BLOOD TESTS FOR psych techs & PSYCHIATRISTS!
I'll carry that sign at the picket!

I mean, how else can you explain a million dollar education going down the drain? THESE are low functioning jerks if they cannot read literature on B-12 from 1899 and apply it!!!!!!!!VEGANS can't live  without liver fried in onions once a month. B12 deficiency gets the. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW a vegan writer in UK in l9th cent. always took liver powder.

ALL B-12 is useless and increases need for other B vitamins, destroys
the body's balance, and algae B-12 fools the CASE OF
google around on the subject. ONLY ONE B-12 product WORKS.LIVER. Calves liver, Cow's liver, w. onions, litely fried, DELICIOUS! OR

then there's Methylcobalamin which must be fridged. It is not some pill. Info also see: has a very cheap, good methylc. avail SEARCH on their
PRODUCTS. It's BIO-active B12 THEN enter your zipcode, many stores all
around your home.

If you read all the details, you may well find that the methylcobalimin
(ME-B12) that did work in those clinical studies was either injectable
or intravenous, but that sublingual ME-B12 was never tested nor shown to

Also, most or all of the sublingual ME-B12 in marketplace says must be
refrigerated, necessary to preserve its bioavailable quality, from what
I read in a medical journal some time ago. The vitamin bottlers must
have missed that point.

Injectable methylcobalamin is only available by prescription, if you can
find a doctor willing to try this perfectly-safe treatment. (As a bonus,
injectable ME-B12 is also an energizing MAOI-type antidepressant, with
zero negative side effects.) It is fairly common for a doctor to
prescribe (ordinary) injectable B12 (cyanocobalamin), which the patient
keeps in their home refrigerator for self-injection per schedule.

In May, 1998, someone wrote that her (CFS) doctor prescribed
injectable methycobalamin - which is rather difficult to locate.
It came from Wellness Health and Pharmaceuticals in Birmingham,
Alabama: Their phone number is (or was) 205- 879-6551 -- or e-mail: . But, be forwarned, they usually only
correspond with medical professionals, and their pharmacist
would not respond to my simple e-mail request for ME-B12
pricing info -- without those magic letters after a name.

So stick the letters there. CALL IT 'JOE's PHARMACY' signed
JOE and find out what pharmacists use as letters or go to and get theirs.

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