Do you want to shoot down the Masters of the Universe, the Oligarch Illuminati Wall Streeters and their IMF Federal Reserve International bankster handlers who destroyed the planet's economy so horribly that all the liberal progress of the last century has to be tossed -- in this colossal bankruptcy?? You can. Help Guide the Activists. It's been said that protesters'  placards don't make clear demands, that the occupiers seem 'existential', vague. OKAY. Some sharp Poly-Sci majors, history teachers or economists might consider feeding the foot soldiers a 'perky'  LIST OF citizen DEMANDS in terse, PLACARD-sized, boiled down words that explode on the eye and brain. A pal confided: "I had a few ideas about demands they should make, placards, themes, issues. I tried email sharing with my local group and the leader actually wrote me 'are you an agent provocateur?' and my suggestions weren't even very radical! They're just THAT afraid of outsiders!" Is this RUSSIA? Is the NKVD under every balcony? Even if the NSA has that ability they sure can't build enough jails for us all, enough coffins, or dig enough holes to bury us, so what's to be afraid of?  Put your head together with ours now, to help us guide those brave protesters freezing in 900 cities across the world.

SUGGESTION BOX #1. Better Placards. The TV is covering it, so say something that teaches the audience with a MENTAL WHAMMY. (List of  Placards I've loved and a few I invented.)

SUGGESTION BOX #2: Take it as a fact of life that there's an evil, fifth column in America. (That's a group bent on sabotaging the system masquerading as something they're not.) It's the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, in power as they control the thoughts of the ignorant majority with expert propaganda techniques. And there seems to be some centrally coordinated zeitgeist to their mischief.

You've seen the mark of Cain on their forehead; it's easy to spot one. They denigrate, jeer, put down. How many radio/ TV or hard print journalists "diss" the OWS groups, calling them hippies, uneducated, jobless? Just today, on KFI-AM (it's always AM stations, airtime bought by transnationals,) the host used the words "lazy
WHINERS" to describe owsters. That's an exact quote. Like an attempted kick at our activist butts  hiding the fact that THEY are the sell outs!

Synchronicity provides us with a grand example of a 'sell-out' this week -- that trio of coaches who HID what they witnessed in the locker rooms at PENN STATE, because of the MEGA BUCKS they made, because they couldn't dare hurt COLLEGE FOOTBALL, a billion buck industry -- the only game in town for that city --couldn't upon their dishonor, give PENN STATE a problem! (That's assuming they all weren't pedophiles "in on" a lucrative chicken ranch biz which Pederasky ran through a ghetto charity.)

IDENTICAL to the journalists who work for the banksters and tiptoe around THEIR billion buck-sucking  LOCKER ROOM activities (which ACTIVISTS attempt to competently describe daily at OWS protests and maybe fail at doing it well.)  The fact that any journalist calls a protester "lazy whiner" should be enough of a tip off. Any listener short of moronic will SPOT these sell outs when and if they peel an ear for the pejorative terms they use for activists who RISK THEIR LIVES PROTESTING --as now secret agents have taken to murdering them. WATCH FOR:

"Organize the Occupation" mistakes a leaderless and inclusive movement for unorganized, "misdirected" rage that is "wasting people's time".

"those protesting are not able to define what they want."

"protesters are jobless welfare recipients, hippies,who don't WANT to work, stoners who couldn't QUALIFY for an education... "whiny" and "cacophonous" "LOSERS. Morons Terrorists."

Mainstream media's oligarch pawns, who should give journalism a bad name,  have alleged all the above to put protesters 'out of fashion.'  And indeed, their cameras are catching  kids who LOOK LIKE they might be all those things.

SUGGESTION BOX #3. Identifying the pligarch sucking journalists, marking down their names, informing on them to their bosses, publishers or news syndicates and listing them at our own websites is our homework. The bogus journalist sell outs are REAL EASY to spot as their slam words are all the same. Ditto their camera angles: wide-hipped women crouched on their haunches by camp stoves. How dare they! So keep an eye and an ear peeled...And share the data with your more noble variety journalist contacts, the real historians, info collectors. When you hear that spurious malarkey, take a name, write down the Radio/ TV station. It's holiday season so let's start "making a list, checking it twice." Report them to the empathic humans in the journalistic profession. Website running bloggers. We'll share the list. We'll keep pinging it back and forth to list makers, posters.

SUGGESTION BOX #4. BROWSE THE OWS don't LIVE THERE. No tents. Come daily; go home nightly. In safe groups! Their latest MOVE (eviction notices) can no longer touch you. Checkmate COPPER!

SUGGESTION BOX #5  ELEGANCE! We all wear suits and get hair cuts. No grungy signs, SOMEONE you know is an artist! USE THEM.

SUGGESTION BOX 6# 'Busting them' in public to the general public, to wake them, stun the semi educated into at least distrusting the polished propaganda so that sparkly SLIME is seen as infection.

SUGGESTION BOX #7. Record, take notes at OWS protests and write up what you saw. These are today's Gandhis, PEOPLE who are giving up their day, risking their safety.. their life even, bright and many have jobs. Post the  interviews at VOICES OF THE OCCUPATION ORG. In your scribblings, depict the issues at stake. Protesters have legitimate grievances. They're mad as hell and doing something about it.  Help them score the points they deserve.

SUGGESTION BOX #8 SUE THE BASTARDS FOR ANY LOSS/ DESTRUCTION. In the wake of Mayor Bloomberg promising  to return all tents, sleeping bags and then dumping them at City Dump, One family couldn't find a job, lived there with all their belongings.The People's Free Library was taken.   EMBARGO TOURISM to NEW YORK CITY. SHUN THE BIG ROTTEN APPLE. And SUE THEM FOR MILLIONS FOR ANY INJURIES!

SUGGESTION BOX #9 SOPRANOS.  The movement needs SCREAM QUEENS who can wear EAR PLUGS and let out piercing, continual, eardrum breaking vibration pelting totally deafening any COP WHO IS spraying, grabbing, choking or hitting. SCREAMS and Shrieks should be the sign that brutality is going on. Agreed upon as a trigger for all people with CELL PHONES to move toward the screamer. Amy Goodman had ex JUDGE, Lawyer Karen Smith on the hr. news show. She was at OWS as a legal observer, identified as such watching a cop abuse a woman (who was looking for her child), the cop beating her on the head. Karen stepped in, asked him to stop, he shoved Karen. We need a flock of sopranos who can scream on the level of that super scary Travolta Movie BLOW OUT where KAREN ALLEN has the world's best scream. The drug store chain CVS has pure beeswax earplugs -- 3$ for a half dozen. ALL OWSTERS should have a pair in their pocket, if the screams start up, pop 'em in and move toward the screams to do the rescue. That way nobody but the cop you're aiming at becomes permanently deaf. Lozenges for soprano throats may also be required. Now. THE BIGGIE. What to do when there is BRUTALITY BY THE COPS

SUGGESTION BOX #10 A VISIBLE AND ANGRY CROWD RESPONSE TO COP BRUTALITY! Carefully study the picture above and take note of how the people appear to be ticket payers at a pagan church rite --- maybe even "getting off" on the weird sexual sadism of the relaxed but pain-creating cop who has HighPriest body language.. The crowd seems relaxed! They just stare, hypnotized, passively as if they're at Wimbledon. News Crews get hold of that picture, send  it to millions and a twisted message comes out of it, a very weird one. You stare at this photo for a moment. See if you don't get it. Photo has one authority figure creating intense pain for many submissive figures. That is a trigger for a psycho-sexual weird state. It's as bad as boots & whips standing over naked arabs at Abu Graib. All the queer people suddenly want to join the movement and come and beat or get beaten! That zeitgeist can never happen to a movement.  EVER! INSTEAD: your Christ in the Temple with the Moneychangers Anger at this violation must be evident! For that, an alternate placard is required to be in your jacket for brutal moments. When you are in the background of a brutal act, pull out a single word, written very BIG to carry to photogs. Move it slowly back and forth so the word is visible. It should read "SADISM. or "SICK!! or "COP BRUTALITY. or "WE PROTEST THIS or SICK COPS MUST GO! or "FREE SPEECH RIGHT VIOLATION" And get the NAME OF the TOP COP, local chief and put "KELLY MUST GO!" Or at University, the Rector's name, the Dean's name, Mayor QUAN must go! And if not two placards, then a FIST UPRAISED and MOVING ANGRILY for the cameras. And of course shout in UNISON. "CONSTITUTIONAL FREE SPEECH!"

SUGGESTION BOX #11. Don't just get arrested and fridged in a cell for a few days then released on bail. Demand YOUR PUBLIC DEFENDER visit your cell immediately. Tell her that you want a JURY TRIAL which you will get only if you claim NOT GUILTY. Costs the city a half million bucks for each OWSTER they'll soon stop arresting!

SUGGESTION BOX #12 Pick up all TEAR GAS CANNISTERS at the protest. Read the label. "COMBINED TACTICAL SYSTEMS" in JAMESTOWN Pennsylvania, right? Tahrir square picked up tear gas cannisters lying next to 3 suffocated dead bodies, and read the label and reported it to Amy Goodman's
nightly PBS TV hour news show, which read it out over the air. Imagine, a quaker state, history of pacificsts, it's in Jamestown,  PENNSYLVANIA and this corp supplies this killer gas to the entire planet. They have a dozen american supply depots and have a second corporate name:

Their tear gas cartridges suffocated 3 of the Tahrir square dead activists today, the other 25 had bullets, 3 died of suffocation from this lethal tear gas. 846 known dead since late Jan, 2011, 6,000 wounded. many blinded.

What can we do for this "LESS LETHAL" company of Jamestown PENNSYlVANIA?
Hmmm ? Got any P.R. ideas? And what mesg. can we leave them on their
multiple email addies, Amberlyn, Bobby Jo, Dennis, Paul and Kristal,
(surf there, see the 5 secretaries who handle the 13 divisions of the
USA..take note of their multiple offices, which supply Law Enforcement
we're not BREAKING any in protesting the banks taking everything,
famine, no healthcare, mortgages not being refinanced...WE have a right
to protest, so do the Egyptians.

This corp should name itself LETHAL and get over the shame of making
money, hand over foot, helping governments everywhere to kill protestors
and help govs deny starving people jobs, food, constitutional rights.

Sample: Dear Lethal, get over your shame. You kill people. Pure and
simple. Well... not PURE exactly. You made that Faustian bargain. You
decided that money was better than loving life, other people, principles
of conscience and morality. Today, you provided death by suffocation for
3 Egyptians. Bullets did the other two dozen. Their deaths weren't as
easy to track and attribute as your tear gas cylinders with your name
and address on them. We, the activists of America who care about people
everywhere are going to make your quirky name famous, signed " etc etc
Design it yourself, but do send it. 13 email addies. 5 secretaries. In different sections of USA
PASS THIS ON, please, let's close them down or make them infamous.

All it takes for BAD MEN to destroy the entire planet (so that your grandkids inherit nothing but death and slavery)  is for sharp eyes and minds like yours to stand by and do nothing.  Sit like a cabbage, the best Evolution Opportunity since 1776 goes down the drain. Become part of an international proactive Paul Revere society. Think of a few more suggestions and get the ideas to the OWS websites all over the planet. So easy in this age of cyberspace. Anita Sands Hernandez   astrology@ earthlink. net