Best site I've seen to train you to sell articles is FREE LANCE WRITING DOT  COM.

There you'll resolve whether magazine Editors want email queries or posted. The rule is, no email until you have established a relationship & then magazines do want queries. Oddly, newspapers want the completed work.
ditto e-zines I think but I don't know much about them

Only the 'slick' mags pay anything worthwhile. Multiple sales in non-competing geographies is the only way to really earn bucks & then you will have created a network of ed's who like your work & buy regularly - it's called 'self-syndication'

Your first job is to hunt down publications that are suitable for the material you write. Hit the newstands & read. When there's a mag you itch to own, that's your guy! Then seek their address on masthead or on the net

Meanwhile I have a small list of the top newspapers for you THEY ARE CALLED SYNDICATES