YOU TOO can have a radio show, make huge money, sell commercials to local businesses, and be wealthy and bring the truth to your listening public. DO an online RADIO SHOW if you're young and have radical contacts at the university with profs and smart students so you can have guests a few hours a day. THEN do a blog and do TWITTER to announce your presence. And do your own COMMERCIALS to HUSTLE YOUR PRODUCT. (There you learn "HOW TO HUSTLE YOUR MERCHANDISE, SECRETS OF A COTTAGE INDUSTRY, GUERILLA CAPITALISM MERCHANDISER)

For radio hustle I'd imagine an ad that read 'GET PROGRESSIVE RADICAL, LEFTIST RADIO out of your PC" YOU SURE CANNOT GET ANY TRUTH AT ALL ON REGULAR RADIO"  Boost the DEMOCRACY NOW show hosted by AMY GOODMAN! She works out of BOSTON, on 800 stations now. Best radio show ever, listen online AMY GOODMAN beats all. SOMALI KOHAT KAUR has a fantastic show UPRISING RADIO!. Listen on your PC


I love the CALIFORNIA produced ROY TUCHMAN show -- YOU CAN USE A COMPUTER TO LISTEN TO IT!... GET CALIFORNIA CONSPIRACY THEORY PROGRESSIVE radio anywhere in the world, the station in L.A. CALIFORNIA is at KPFK.ORG  in Los Angeles. Six wonderful hours long. Write him, at That is where I subscribed to get the show description (SAMPLE below). He sends one week at a time. Subscribe as it tells you more. You can see who are the suppliers of the material, NEW AGE celebs across the country AND RIGHT NOW, listen to it online, any hour of day,  taped, found on their ARCHIVE. at KPFK.ORG

These people or orgs will give you shows if you make ads for them to sell tapes! This man Roy Tuchman has Monday nite live at MIDNIGHT CALIF TIME, PACIFIC TIME...on subjects ecclectic, Tuesday nite Holism, Wednesday is political conspiracy theory and horrible realities, unsuspected, and Thursday is spiritual night. That's it. Four nights of show, and the station offers other things Fri, Sat, Sun. But we fans live and die for his all night midnight to six a.m. show and listen with great loyalty or tape it to listen to next day!. Or, he puts up the show in the ARCHIVE so you can listen that way.

The Late ALAN WATTS is a major supplier of shows.
"Insight and Ecstasy" from Pacifica Radio Archives, 1 (800) 735-0230,
program #BB0527.02 is one I last heard. Google them and see if they have an archive. Watts was not only a metaphysician but a WONDERFUL speaker. You won' even believe how great. English man. Friend of Aldous Huxley. Order one tape for yourself. And go to used books at and search on his titles
and get a few for a buck each.

The "SOMETHING'S HAPPENING" show that ROY TUCHMAN DOES has MORE SUPPLIERS This is a partial list:
12-1 "Not In My Name" Vivienne Verdon-Roe Face-to-Face with Faustin
Bray. Academy Award winning producer/director Vivienne Verdon-Roe urges
listeners to join in a grassroots campaign against the U.S. Navy's
deployment of Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System Low Frequency
Active sonar (or "SURTASS LFA"). This new sonar system to detect quiet
enemy submarines would blast one of the loudest man-made sounds
throughout 80% of the world's oceans. In violation of federal
environmental law, this technology has the potential to deafen and even
kill whales, dolphins and other marine mammals. (A recent court
injunction has temporarily stopped the deployment which was planned for
November 1, but the battle lies ahead) She also discusses the
military's broader war-making capacity outlined in the Department of
Defense's 'Joint Vision 2020.' The report calls for 'full-spectrum
dominance' as the key to fighting and winning wars in the future through
access and freedom to operate in all domains - space, sea, land, air,
and information. Do you know what the U.S. Department of Defense is
doing in your area? From Sound Photosynthesis, PO Box 2111, Mill
Valley, CA 94942-2111, (415) 409-3220, You can order these and more thru

1-2 Eldon Byrd "Something Weird is Happening" Eldon Byrd, the
electronic and medical engineer who wrote the original human
experimentation protocols for the Navy in 1981, discusses ELF weapons,
mind control, domes of light, dolphins, experiments, and ethics with
Faustin Bray (Director of Sound Photosynthesis and the Association for
Cultural Evolution) Sound Photosynthesis, PO Box 2111, Mill Valley, CA
94942-2111, (415) 409-3220,

2-3:30 "Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything" Part 5: 'The
Acceleration of Knowledge.' The 'Jumping Jesus Phenomenon,' an outline
of the doubling of knowledge from the days of Jesus, the effect of
scientific advancement since the early days of the exploration, life
extension in history, implications for the future, space travel, living
in space, predictions for the future, more. From Sounds True 1 (800)

3:30-5 "Pilgrim of the Heart" part 2 Bhakti Yoga is the Hindu path of
love and devotion - the total surrender of all our acts, thoughts, and
emotions to the heart of the divine. Through his albums and
performances, world music legend Krishna Das has used Indian devotional
chant to bring this path to thousands of listeners. He tells the story
of his life, offering it as both a memoir and a metaphor for all of us
seeking to follow this esoteric way of the heart. From Sounds True, 1
(800) 333-9185,

5-6 Pema Chodron "Noble Heart" Session 11: 'Shunyata Meditation.'
Groundlessness, opening our minds, the true nature of mind, kind-hearted
attentiveness, the contemplation of equanimity, living with an attitude
of nongrasping, Threefold Purity meditation, more. From Sounds True 1
(800) 333-9185,

GARY NULL PROGRAMS. INFO; 1 (877) 692-7999,
great holisim!

12-1 Program #3014: Norman Finkelstein PhD "Image and Reality of the
Israel-Palestine Conflict" // Tanya Reinhart on the Israeli propaganda
war "Israel/Palestine: How to End the 1948 War"

1-2 Program #3086: Kevin Danaher on globalization problems in the World
Bank, WTO, IMF, GATT, NAFTA // Marika Cherfas MD on the benefits of soy
(continued on program #3089)

2-3 Program #3088: Paul Stamets on mushrooms: medicinal uses, how to

3- ? Gary Null live, possibly commentary, possibly open phone(s) 1
(818) 985-5735 is station here in L.A.

5-6 Bob Flaws "Secrets of Chinese Medicine" Lifestyle modification #2,
from Sounds True 1 (800) 333-9185,

'Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice" with authors Lisa Firestone and
Joyce Catlett. Getting conscious about our critical inner voice and
dealing with the underlying feelings. Info:


12-1 Dave Emory "For The Record #381: 'Al Taqwa, Chechnya and the Muslim
Brotherhood'" Examining the operations of the Muslim Brotherhood in
Chechnya and the United States, this broadcast highlights the
relationship between that Islamofascist organization, the Al Taqwa
milieu and elements of the Saudi elite. For detailed program
descriptions and programs online: More programs
online: and this guy is fab!

1-6 L. Fletcher Prouty "Understanding Special Operations And Their
Impact on the Vietnam War Era" Part II: "The Secret Team' The second of
3 parts of this amazing and comprehensive interview with Col. Prouty who
was Air Force/CIA liaison when he retired. Col. Prouty coined the term
'Secret Team,' the title of one his books. (and they're back) Interview
by David Radcliffe. To order tapes, or the book: Rat Haus Reality Press,
567 35th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. (617) 484-8508. Transcript of
entire interview: which is the best website in
all cyberspace and click on 'Understanding Special Operations" (just
under the picture of the rat)

(Radio Alchymy and TUC Radio will be back in 2 weeks after the
conclusion of this program which we broadcast every November.)


Guest: Alan Clements, author "Instinct for Freedom...Finding Liberation
Through Living"


12-1 Alan Watts "Reality, Art, & Illusion" #4 from MEA, 1 (800)

1-2 Shinzen Young "The Science of Enlightenment" Session 17:
'Impermanence: Expansion and Contraction' Meditating on expansion and
contraction affirmation and negation, time, dualist and nondualist
spiritual traditions, Heraclitus-enlightened philosopher, Mystical
Judaism, more. From Vipassana Support Institute 1 (866) 666-0874,

2-3 Jack Gariss "Science of Meditation and States of Consciousness #1"
from Bio-Meditation Society, PO Box 370157, Reseda, CA 91335 (818)

3-4:30 J. Krishnamurti at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 1985, talk
#2. From Krishnamurti Foundation of America, PO Box 1560 Ojai, CA
93024. (805) 646-2726, ,

4:30-6 Another Caroline Casey special, "Dreaming the World into Being" -
(not previously broadcast) Her autumnal Equinox celebration in Bethesda
Great Show in L.A. you can create one there, using these suppliers.
They are political leftism, great gurus.

1.) ALAN WATTS "Future of Christian Philosophy #2" from Pacifica, 1 (800) 735-0230, Program #BB0528.02
"Sex in the Church" #2 from Electronic University, 1 (800) 96-watts, is who supplies the L.A. host Roy Tuchman


12-2 Eckhart Tolle "The Flowering of Human Consciousness: Everyone's
Life Purpose" Part 2. This is the evening session continuation of the
talk we heard two weeks ago, a Q & A. Subjects include our central
nature: no content, no form; relinquishing the desire to understand;
evil as the lack of self-knowledge; what is emptiness?; the intelligence
of non-thinking; surrendering to the now; powerful action; making time
for spaciousness; presence and what you 'need' to do; relating to the
pain-body; suffering, emotional pain and freedom; being somebody vs.
being nobody. Occasionally profound session, occasionally hilarious.
Double video available from Sounds True 1 (800) 333-9185,

2-5 John O'Donohue "The Divine Imagination" When God is hardened into a
visible image and worship reduced to a program, we remain exiled from
what is truly sacred - the world around us and the 'divine imagination'
that created it. John O'Donohue's 'The Divine Imagination' immerses us
in what has been called the greatest miracle of Celtic spirituality -
non-dualism- and its tradition of experiencing the divine as a lyrical,
tender, creative force not visible, but always present. Topics include
thresholds of the senses, God's wildness, seven elements of divine
imagination, psychology vs. religion, poetry practices, more. Tapes
from Sounds True 1 (800) 333-9185,

5-6 "The Story Teller Too" Charles Laughton reads from Shaw's 'Major
Barbara,' Plato, the 'Bible,' and tells some stories. Recorded at UCLA
by KPFK some years ago. From Pacifica radio Archives, 1 (800) 735-0230, Program #KZ0751


12-1:15 "J.T." by Jane Wagner, read by Charles Turner. J.T. Gamble, ten
years old, is a lonely child of the ghetto. His hardworking mother
doesn't understand him, neighbors and his teacher appear to think little
of him. Escaping from a couple of neighborhood bullies, he stumbles on
an old, injured alley cat whose body is a 'battlefield of cuts,
scratches, nicks and bruises' - and for the moment, J.T.'s life
changes... Charles Turner made his professional debut as a
Shakespearian actor, performing in 1967 with the New York and American
Shakespeare Festivals, He studied at Wayne State University, with the
British Drama League and received his Master's Degree from the Yale
School of Drama in 1970 and has appeared with some of the most
outstanding theatre groups in Europe and the US. Jane Wagner is the
name, and possibly is the same person who writes for Lily Tomlin.
The story has been a favorite TV film, 'exquisite film,' 'a rare work,'
'an excellent show, a really truly dramatic masterpiece,' 'one of the
most moving significant, absorbing dramas seen in a long time,'

1:15-6 Henri J.M. Nouwen "Return of the Prodigal Son" Who was Henry
Nouwen? And why do we urgently need to hear his voice today? On 'The
Return of the Prodigal Son,' you will learn how a chance encounter with
a painting by Rembrandt led this beloved Dutch priest and writer on the
last great spiritual adventure of his life. Celebrated as the author of
many books on contemporary spiritual life, and a former professor of
theology, Nouwen spent his final years ministering to handicapped adults
before he died unexpectedly in 1996. In this rare archival session, you
will experience Nouwen's unsurpassed teachings on the parable of the
prodigal son, and themes at the very heart of our spiritual lives today;
grief, compassion and forgiveness. Nouwen shows how, like the prodigal
son, we find ourselves today in a 'distant country' where we spend our
lives searching for love where it can never be found. At Nouwen's side,
you will gain strength as he explores the 'mystery of homecoming' into
the embrace of an all=loving, all-forgiving God - a God, Nouwen says,
who is both mother and father and who 'never compares one child with
another.' Enriched with insights from Nouwen's own life as a
theologian, a pastor, and a seeker, 'The Return of the Prodigal Son' is
above all a map to that inner place inside us all where God has chosen
to dwell.

Henri J.M. Nouwen was born in 1932, and ordained to the priesthood in
1957. He pursued an academic career, specializing in psychology from
1964-1982, with positions oat the Menninger Clinic, Notre Dame, the
University of Nijmegen, Harvard and Yale. Nouwen next spent time as a
missionary to the poor in war and poverty-torn areas of Latin America,
including Bolivia, Peru Mexico, Nicaragua, and Honduras. In his last
years of life, he was a pastor at L'Arche Daybreak, a community for
handicapped adults in Canada Henri Nouwen was the author of over 30
books, including 'The Wounded Healer,' 'Our Greatest Gift,' 'Life of the
Beloved,' and others. Tapes from Sounds True 1 (800) 333-9185,

 "The Count of Monte Cristo" A marvelous production from WBAI,
Pacifica Radio in New York, from the 1960's. Production by Charles
Potter and Timothy Jerome. Technical Production and Recording Effects
by David Rapkin. Musical Director, James Ursey. From Pacifica Radio
Archives, 1 (800) 735-0230, Program

Alan Watts "Zen and the Art of Controlled Accidents" Part 3.
'Although Zen Buddhism is to some extent the art of 'letting things
happen,' this is by no means to be confused with merely capricious
behavior. The difference is illustrated with examples from Far Eastern
painting, calligraphy, and ceramics"

1-2 Shinzen Young "The Science of Enlightenment" Session 21: "The Big
Picture: The Rise of Buddhism" The origins of mindfulness training,
three 'vehicles' and three regions of Buddhism, Vipassana practice, Zen
and the bodhisattva path, effort vs. no-effort, Taoist influences,
Tantric Buddhism, more. All info: Vipassana Support Institute, 1 (866)

2-3 Jack Gariss "Spectrum of Relaxation" part 2. From Bio-Meditation
Society, PO Box 370157, Reseda, CA 91335. (818) 885-9677.

3-4 J. Krishnamurti "Mind in Meditation" What is our daily living?
Recorded in Bangalore, India, 1/31/71. From Krishnamurti Foundation of
America, PO Box 1560, Ojai, CA 93024. (805) 646-2726,

CAROLINE MYSS, Caroline Casey "Visionary Activist" Two programs, one older, one
hot of the press.

4-5: Guest Alex Steffen, from November 21.

5-6 Program from December 12.

Program info: 1 (888) 741-gods,

For a listing of What Happened! go to the archive at

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