How to start being a highly paid Sigmund Freud
after one short week of online, free STUDIES!

You can earn 100$ the hour, 800$ the day, $4,000 the week without a college education. Does that interest you? You are worth this sum if you are you a born shrink, i.e. the sensitive friend who in the past has found it easy to listen to pals boo-hoo about bad luck, ruthless romance, cruel parents and also were consistently able to come up with a healing point of view, i.e. a visionary answer for why and how your friend attracted such mistreatment. And what he does to promulgate it. Those who have inner sorrow attract more. So if your patient is carrying around a lot of luggage, and hasn't examined it, the suffering continues.

My heart is heavy. I have a lot of luggage.
I need an alternative point of view as now,
I'm depressed, panicky, suicidal. HELP!

The simple ability to be the shoulder folks cry on can make you a ton of cash, after about 7 days of reading. No need for college or degrees. You make more money doing PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALING WORK without education, simply as a new age practitioner of  some therapy that you do, maybe like 'auditing' which scientologists charge twice that for. or call it ''tantrum yoga' That's a word you can legally advertise on Craigs list or at Healthfood store on bulletin board. OK? you interested? Surf to and do the reading, online.

Read not only all the files that we offer at the PSYCHINDEX but  all that we direct you to google, seek, online, using search terms of R.D. Laing, Fritz Perls Art Janov, Vivian Janov, these are important names, oh and IDA ROLF. WILHELM REICH. Then get the big old books about them used online, ABEBOOKS.COM and see HOW TO ORDER FOR MINIMUM AMT.. or by them, at library. At that point, start practicing on distraught people, usually age 18- 40, as those are the age groups that tend to get the crazies. Desires, romance tidal waves are high inside their hearts.

Your last step, a week or two from now is to get 1000 biz cards printed. saying  "YOUR NAME/ PHONE & EMAIL Plus "TANTRUM YOGA INSTRUCTOR" and below "GOT ISSUES? " There you stick a cartoon of a little guy with sweat flying off his forehead trying to drag a big ole suitcase. weighing him down! A cartoon. drawing, very simple to find online, though closest I found was this little guy, no suitcase however. Somehow create him in B&W drawing, with suitcase on front of the biz card. And he's LUGGING it behind him as if it were solid LEAD, which our issues are. And they are locked in a suitcase, the neurotic have no CLUE!

In a big city you start, first few months at 50$ an hour. Then when your
schedule is full, you have to raise everybody. Some will leave. But before they
do, teach them how to primal themselves to keep from ever getting overloaded.
They will remember this kindness and come back to you when they have money.
75$  is simply too much for them at this point in their lives but you will attract
others at 75$ after a yr, raise everyone to 100$ the hour.
In a big city, that's still cheap. Shrinks get 200$
Now here's the final fillip. If you stroll the posh stores, WHOLE FOODS
etc, here's a way to pick up more clients. THE CELERY RAP.

Oh one more thing, you have to have a bibliography of books to have your
clients read .. when you're digging in their head, they have to know what
the stuff  you're digging out IS. And you don't want to lend anyone books! Unless they
give you a huge payment like 10$ which you return only if they return the book!

Then use ABE BOOKS to find your collection.  SECRET METHOD to do that. Edmund Bergler, R.D. Laing, Art Janov, Frederick Perls Fritz they called him...These are the biggies.