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CyberLib's Recommended Reading List



Fuller, R Buckminster, _Grunch of Giants_ (New York: St. Martin's Press,
Bucky departs from his usual apolitical technology endeavors, and
analyzes global corporate hegemony.

Fuller, R Buckminster, _Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth_ (New York:
Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster, 1970)
Bucky's system view of world history shines forth, as he exposes
the British Empire as bit of a hoax -- the "White Man's Burden"
being a ruse to enlist the British people in making the world safe
for the East India Company (dubbed the "Great Pirates".)
Especially interesting is his analysis of pre-radio navies, and the
problem of distributed control. He traces the invention of
academic specialization, as a way of preventing technologists from
achieving ascendancy over capital. He describes how Elizabeth I's
dabbling in international shipping led to the corporate form in
England, as a way to avoid financial responsibility. Lots
of good stuff packed into a very small volume.

Greider, William, _Who will tell the People - The Betrayal of American
Democracy_ (New York: Touchstone, 1993).
An excellent journalist, Greider interviews the actual players in
the drama, and weaves a compelling tale of how corporations have
taken total control of the American system, and are now extending
that control to the globe. He shows how Nader's opening up of
Congressional committees to public exposure has actually increased
the stranglehold of corporate lobbying. Especially interesting is
his analysis of the Savings & Loan looting, and how it was
intentionally allowed to escalate in scale, so that the public,
rather than the financial community, would be forced to pay the
bill. The scope and cogency of his presentation is beyond

Jantsch, Erich, _The Self-Organizing Universe_ (New York: Pergamon Press,
The myth of entropy-trending is debunked. Jantsch traces the
history of the universe -- a continual evolution of increasingly
complex systems. Fascinating is his description of the coevolution
of macro and micro phenomenon. While the macro goes from amorphous
plasma clouds, to pre-galactic nebulae, to stars, the micro goes
from free atomic particles, to atoms, to molecules, to life.

Lederer, William J, _A Nation of Sheep_ (New York: Crest Books, Fawcett
World Library, 1962).
A pioneering work in the modern analysis of the shocking ease with
which the American public can be led by the nose.

Manchester, William, _The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968_ ( ...
Fascinating tale of the Krupp dynasty and its unique role in the
development of German nationalism and war capability. By selling
arms to all sides, and shrewdly managing the distribution of new
technologies, Krupp forced nations to continually upgrade their
arsenals. Traces Krupp's early support of Hitler, and his role as
Fuhrer of industry in all occupied territories. Explains how many
of the concentration camps were run by private industry, as a means
of exploiting slave labor, and how Hitler had to be persuaded
personally by Krupp to pursue this policy. But save your tears for
the last chapter, where this biggest war criminal avoids the rap
at Nurenburg, and the Western powers put him back on his throne
after the war.

Parenti, Michael, _Make-Believe Media - The Politics of Entertainment_ (New
York: St. Martin's Press, 1992).
Describes how myths created in the entertainment media -- as
opposed to news management -- serve propaganda purposes. The
poison of television analyzed.

Parenti, Michael, _The Sword and the Dollar - Imperialism, Revolution, and
the Arms Race_ (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1989).
Fascinating study of modern imperialism, or didn't you know we had
any of that? The myth of "poor" third-world countries is debunked,
along with the charade of "development". Most of these countries
are extremely rich, by any rational measure of resources and human
skills; it's only the ongoing armed robbery of their resources
which leaves the people poor.

Sampson, Anthony, _The Seven Sisters_ The story of the growth of the
first multinationals -- the oil giants. A classic tale of conspiracies
on a global scale; secret agreements to divide and share markets and
production capacities, to manage profits and subvert national
governments. Time after time, US anti-trust laws were overruled in just
the instances they were most needed, by specious appeals to security
interests. These were (and still are) the leading edge of the New World
Order. Only book that has the true scoop on the oil under Vietnam's
coastal waters that all Seven Sisters were after.

Shah, Idries, _Learning How to Learn - Psychology and Spirituality in the
Sufi Way_ (New York: Harper & Row, 1978).
This is not to be read in an evening, nor summarized adequately
here. It is a deep investigation into human wisdom, and a
remarkable attempt to express ancient learning in modern, Western,
psychological terms.

Stockwell, John, _In Search of Enemies - A CIA Story_
One of the best of the many books by former CIA officers whose
consciences have forced them to go public. Anyone who thinks there
aren't major conspiracies going on should read this detailed case
study. On the very same day Stockman was importing arms into
Angola and recruiting ragtag militia forces for the CIA, Herr
Kissinger was testifying before the Church Committee that there was
no U.S. involvement in Angola (to give just one example.)

Wells, H.G., _The Outline of History_
A one-volume romp through world history, with an attitude. One of the
science-fiction pioneers, Wells' _The Machine_ extrapolates his
historical sense forward into his own version of a Brave New World.

Zinn, Howard, _A Peoples History of the United States_ (New York: Harper &
Row, 1980).
Zinn goes back to the original sources, starting with Columbus, and
reveals the history of America as being a story quite unlike the
one you were taught in school. Domination by concentrated wealth,
and continual class struggle against it, has been an integral part
of the ongoing story.

"THE LONG PEACE, John Gaddis. Dates the cold war's start to l917, when
Commies took Russia, which West was exploiting. Explains the intervention of
west, Cold War.

 Similar "The Road to Teheran" Foster Rhea Dulles.
The Great Conspiracy by Alfred Kahn and Senator Claude Pepper.
"Deep Cover"  by Michael Levine (also "Fight Back) CIA in drugs. CIA BLACK BOOK,
. LIES AND THE LIARS who tell them by Al Franken. Humorist Molly Ivens
wrote "Bushwhacked", Anything by Jim HighTower..Noam CHOMSKY
*Deterring Depression*. One of history's greatest intellects proves the Fed
govt. of the U.S. to be a terrorist organization...with its own

"TREASON IN AMERICA" by Anton Chaitkin
CHOMSKY, NOAM. *Class Warfare*. Astonishing set of interviews in
which Chomsky  asserts that the great Western powers wish to kill as many
people as possible.

WRITERS:-SAUL, JOHN RAULSTON. *Voltaire's Bastards*. Very
insightful book on iconoclasts and social herd-ism. One of this age's great
thinkers and a favorite of Camille Paglia.

SAUL, JOHN RAULSTON. *The Doubter's Companion*. Devastatingly
logical book and an entertaining inadvertant course in how to think. Arranged
like a dictonary and somewhat in the traditon of Bierce and Voltaire

BIERCE, AMBROSE. *The Devil's Dictionary*. For rapier wit, acid cynicism,
and pungent insight, Saint Ambrose is unsurpassed. THE model for all cynical
works after Voltaire and, so far, THE most entertainingly vicious assault on
hypocrisy ever published, period.

SCRUTON, ROGER. *A Dictionary of Political Thought*. Perhaps the most
incisive independent dictionary of political terms and proposals ever published,
far exceeding the work of that brickheaded idiot William Safire.

COOK, RICHARD & BRIAN MORTON. *The Penguin Guide to Jazz*. The
best book of music criticism ever published and a mammoth overview of ALL
jazz musics, including the incomparable ECM label.

HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE. *The Nightland*. A very strange and brilliant
book of far-future fantasy, which had a tremendous influence to almost all
modern fantasists (Bradbury, Lovecraft. Ashton Smith, Ellison, Vance, etc.).

GIBSON, WILLIAM. *Neuromancer*. The book that started the cyber-
fiction wave in sci-fi and still beats 'em all cold, especially the tepid nonsense of
Sterling, Jeter, et al.

VANCE, JACK. *The Eyes of the Overworld*. The best book by one of
modern fantasy's pre-eminant authors. Hilarious, stylish, and tremendously

DE GRAZIA, EDWARD. *Girls Lean Back Everywhere: The Law of
Obscenity and the Assault on Genius*. Very entertaining, extremely well-written
tome on the history of literary pornograhy. Pisses off prigs, bluenoses,
schoolmarms, censors, bluebloods, and, especially, feminists everywhere.

McWILLIAMS, PETER. *Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do: The Absurdity
of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society*. Brilliant discourse on the nature of
much of law and an inferentially embarassing illustration of why most of the
people who call themselves "Lefties" are actually feebs and weenies.

YOCKEY, FRANCIS PARKER. *Imperium*. An incredible book from an
extremely formidable mind now lost amongst accolades for much lesser works
by inferior individuals. An astonishing overview of histories and societies,
incoporating the best of formal wisdom and conspiracy materials. A VERY
hard book to locate but worth the effort. $12.50 on ABEBOOKS right now.

DUESBERG, PETER H. *Inventing the AIDS Virus*. By the #2 retrovirologist
in the world, this revelatory book cost Duesberg his career and livelihood but is
the most exhaustive study of "AIDS" ever done. The conclusion, of course, is
disturbing - that's why they ruined him. THEY WANT US DEAD!

RUSSELL, BERTRAND. *Why I Am NOT a Christian*. A withering attack
on the inexhaustibly perfervid stupidity of the Christian religion by one of the
world's leading modern thinkers, and the reason why he was banned from the
U.S. in the 50s...because Xistians are such warm, open, intelligent people, now
aren't they?

MENCKEN, H.L. *The American Language*. A huge 3-volume study of the
American tongue by a cynic second only to Ambrose Bierce...though he's not
very cynical here (mostly just witty). Recommended for lexicographers,
grammaticians, and language tutors only, but, Jesus, what a GREAT study!

COVELL, JON CARTER. *Ikkyu's Freedom*. An EXTREMELY hard book
to find but the best work ever published on Ikkyu, zen's most celebrated (in the
East anyway; in the West, we haven't a clue who the fuck he was) patriarchs.
Without doubt, the most outrageous iconoclast to walk planet Earth, his story is
too much swept under the rug and could be a textbook on how human beings
SHOULD conduct their lives, to one degree or another.

P.G.WODEHOUSE. Creator of the infamous butler Jeeves, Wodehouse is the
greatest literary stylist after the Great Age (Dickens, Marvell,
Shakespeare, Swift, Balzac, etc.) and a hilarious novelist. Every book he ever
wrote is worth the read.

HISTORY, EXPLORING OUR SECRET PAST" $1.80 at abebooks  I know
as I just ordered it, hardcover, too. See, these people don't have a clue!

PETER DALE SCOTT "Iran Contra Connection."; One of Scott's books is
worth 2000$ as ITT tried to suppress it. Push the HIGHEST COST button and
you'll see it. DREAM ON about finding a paperback of it but if you do, it's
worth hundreds.

'The Fish is Red by W.O. Hinckle "Al Kahn & M. Sayers

"THE GREAT CONSPIRACY" The Art of Deception" by Reed buckley

"How to Win any Argument " Deadly Business by Pat Brogan;
LESLIE  COCKBURN's Out of Control; Todd Gitlin The Sixties.; Cloaks and Gown:
by Robin Winks"Listen Yankee" by C.Wright Mills. The Assasinationof RFK
by William Turner The New Power Elite" by Kurtz; "The Great Heroin Coup"
Henrik Kruger ' Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian Connection" Ed Hermann. "In
God's name" David yallop "Rise of thesouthAFrican Reich" Brian Bunting; In
Search of the Manchurian Candidate" by John Marks "Covert Action by
Garwood "Hidden History of the Korean War" by I.F. Stone. (READ ALL
HIS BOOKS.; Decent Interval by ex CIA op Frank Snepp.' The Third
Option" By CIA killer Shackley "Betting Money" SC GWYNNE; Mother
Jones July 83 issue, THEIR WILL BE DONE by Martin Leo ' Pan Y Vino by
Ignacio Silone ' "Property and Politics" by Grace Holzell"The CHINA LOBBY
in American Politics" by R.Y. Koep; "The Nazis go Underground" by Karl
Reiss. "The Art of Deception" by Reed Buckley; The Belarus Secret " John
Loftus.; Hidden Terrorists by Languth; DAVE HAS MANY MORE. SURF to

SCIENCE- Man and the Microbe, The Day we Bombed Utah, (atomic
radiation, killed people I knew, too.) Lives of the Cell, The Thousand Acres by
Smiley; Rats Lice and History. AIDS EXPOSED: BIO ALERT PRESS 805-
HOLISM: "DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET by Frances Moore Lappe,
anything by her. "Nourishing Traditions," a healthy meat eater's guide, by Sally
Fallon. FRUGAL LIVING: Plants/Herbs/Environment:  The Lost Language
of plants; Environment/Alternative Living:  Humanure by Joe Jenkins
MONEY, HOW TO MAKE IT, KEEP IT: "Creating wealth" AND
"Nothing Down" BY Robert G Allen & "How I turned a Thousand into 5
MENTAL ILLNESS: Kay Redfield Jamison author of "Touched by Fire"
"The UNQUIET Mind" another title. E. FULLER TORREY another author

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