HOW MANY GALLONS OF GAS DO YOU NEED A MONTH? Three or four? My 83 Honda  cost me 300$ to BUY when it was 13 yrs old. A DEAL. It  needs 4 gallons a month. Ergo for 12$ a month, year in and year out I drive a car that basically COST me a buck a month. A deal. I don't tag it or pay fees. I drive back streets to the supermarket by daylight when I can see ten cars behind me in the rearview mirror.   So basically it's a free car. A Chump-Change-mobile.

You probably need a tad more $ for that $25,000 S.U.V. Like about 50 gallons so you spend 155$ a month on gas. 150$ on insurance so already you're working an extra month a year for the car. Add in car payments you work half the year for that car. Of course we haven't factored in all the gasoline that is needed also for the MERCHANTS and FACTORIES to bring your food, other sundry shopping, clothes and furniture to your local store. That probably doubles whatever figure you think is your REAL, basic GAS NEED. and you are paying for that gas need whether you know it or not. It's factored in to THE SHIPPING costs for everything that you buy. AND GAS is damn costly. Crude oil isn't but gas is. So that car has a huge footprint on everybody's life.And oh yes, ON THE ATMOSPHERE, the AIR.

OPEC at times gets orders from Texas Oligarchs to lower oil prices to make Venezuela and Russia collapse, broke, or they raise prices to scare Americans into allowing MORE WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST and the SEVEN SISTERS hike prices alleging it's OPEC's fault so Americans tolerate killing Iraquis, Afghanis Pakis, Syrians i.e. all the Arabs when it's obvious it's really just the greed of the BUSH /CLINTON / OBAMA FAMILIES and their INSIDER OIL TRADING back when they were around and now the GREED OF TRUMP who has gone bankrupt many times and NEEDS the DEEP STATE OLIGARCH FUNDING under the table MILLIONS which he will EARN if he INVADES SYRIA and then IRAN.  Well, not "IF" !! WHEN.
                                                            MAP OF TRUMP'S MIND, CIA'S MIND
                                                                            MAP OF DEEP STATE'S PLANS FOR LAYING PIPE

There is a reality that only 5% of oil Americans consume is from MIDDLE EAST. Mexico gives us puhlenty! Venezuela not so much now. Try NONE.  The realityis that some of the OIL that the West guzzles should START COMING from the newest arrival at the Capitalist table, RUSSIA!  (But that's hard, cuz Russia doesn't face the ATLANTIC unless you go thru IRAN and right now, that's not doable for RUSSIA unless they take over Afghanistan which they tried in the 80's.

Also the OTHER reality that as Red China gets cars to its people by the billion the WEST has to have more oil suppliers, more pipelines facing both East to China and West to the Atlantic ocean. So there are dozens of hidden strategies, wars, policies, treaties built around OIL FLOW. American foreign policy is designed to target one thing, OIL so that those who'll pay for it can always buy it. (Paddy Chayefsky predicted this day in the film NETWORK, in scene where Ned Beatty says "everything is about oil and petrodollars are ALL there is on the planet, and America will do anything to keep them flowing". SEE the CHAYEFSKY VIDEO ,) or BETTER, Rent the film. There are quite a few political films that would be fun for your family to screen. Turn you all into savvy activists, too. The only film to describe how petro dollars are all there is, and America will do anything to pay less, including resource wars. The Ned Beatty Character has this monologue, a scorcher. So get "NETWORK!" Read Michel Chossudovsky:


OIL is now found in VIETNAM, (Rocks had new ocean-sonar & knew that OIL was just offshore , before they funded that war to  Nam. And OIL is in UKRAINE, Which is why USA woos the ex Russian province and why Putin stepped in with tanks when we went over there and why Ukranian separatists  anxious for hegemony blew up that Moscow train, and continue to hate PUTIN.

In his landmark study, The Prize,Daniel Yergin writes, "Oil seepage was first discovered on the Aspheron Peninsula, a dry, rocky extension of the Caucasus mountains projecting into the landlocked Caspian Sea, centuries ago. In the 13th century, Marco Polo recorded rumors of a spring that produced oil, which, though not edible, was 'good to burn,' and useful for cleaning the mange of camels. Baku was the home of the 'eternal pillars of fire' worshipped by the Zoroastrians.

Phrased more prosaically, these pillars were the result of flammable gas escaping from cracks in limestone."  American oligarchs are currently running a race for oil, and war for oil revenues and doing the bidding of oil men.

It is time for the American people to make friends, true friends, create sister cities with oil rich areas and with the Bigger countries that semi-control them so that our gov does not have to send our boys over there to murder.

First, the ARABS in Saudi Arabia absolutely hate us. We can say one thing for the sheiks of Araby ---though SUNNI, they have been very independent of the other Muslim sects. They run a lean, mean, different brand of Muslim machine that admits AMERICANS and their dollars. They're more into the Harrods religion, so it's a Dodi Fayed kind of Muslimism. This is the more cosmopolitan next door Egyptian type. Saudis are collaborators basically and they get a lot of flack for that from their own poor and from Muslims across forty countries ---and the intelletuals of those countries being the Saudi's WAY MORE aristocratic cousins pillorize the SAUDIS who basically are sheepherders who got lucky owning the precise real estate they landed on and the British being interested in renting and drilling at top shilling.. But lately, they ran OPEC their way, got real saucy & raised oil prices just when the dollar was sinking in value, and they sent the USA  hurtling into a RECESSION. (Of course felonies by WALL STREET helped, but let's just talk OIL PRODUCERS today) Shortly after Rockefeller first discovered oil on his property and started Standard Oil it became evident that Saudi Arabia had more oil The Brits found it, exploited it, created their oil companies off it. Let us in on it and as Oil became the fuel of all industry, all American secret foreign policies since have been to woo and control the SAUDIS. Israel was even part of that design. Our cop in the Middle East.

After World War II,  the CIA determined that the richest fields were actually in Russia. A Hollywood screenwriter Edward Anhalt, being ex OSS, was hired by the CIA to do this research, hired and paid. He told me of this personally. Back then the problem was, the Ruskis hated us, cold war and all. Now, after Reagan convinced them to stop being paranoid about capitalism cuz dollars never hurt anybody, and it's all HUGS not THUGS they joined in the gang bang, having deep oil pools to sell and we've had a reapprochement, which faltered for a few months due to our own BAD MANNERS when the U.Sof A. (wonder what the A stands for?)  started incursions into traditional areas of Russian influence (at least, traditional over the centuries).Yugoslavia, Croatia, the Balkans, Afganistan, Soviet Georgia ) seeking oil treaties! RUSSIA knew we were sniffing her brat kids for signs of available OIL.  America's objective in Russia's traditional geographical area was  to BREAK DOWN RUSSIA's hegemonic stranglehold with our own, more GLOBAL hegemonic stranglehold. (You love American movies and jazz, love our shopping and trade habits!) The Balkan wars, created by America with puppet Britain's help, were part of that objective. If you want the wheat, you need a big breeze to shake it up, separate it from the chaff. Always cherchez le 'big breeze', activists.

The allies' most recent double paw on Ruski possession, Soviet Georgia, was one straw too many for Russia, and she came in guns blazing saying "No longer ours perhaps but not yours either!" The West scurried out.

So there's oil there. How do you get it out? Even with Russia's cutting off OSSETIA,  the infantile war-brains in the Pentagon and White house sent warships to the Black Sea to rattle sabers and used AMERICAN EXPOSE' JOURNALIST SEYMOUR HERSH to rattle sabers at IRAN, too.  Well what happened was, as retaliation, Russia started diplomatic trade missions to SYRIA AND IRAN, also across South American countries and the Middle East and those friendly 'missions' were sweeteners like a bachelor bringing chocolates and roses to a girl. They offered to sell ground-to-air missile armaments to those countries for their own defense, as a buffer against the evil-doers in the Pentagon and their Israeli advisors. WHAT RUSSIA WANTED was to THROW THEIR PIPELINES down across AFGHANISTAN to send their "Stans'" OIL out to Europe and to the world: WHY DID RUSSIA WANT AFGHANISTAN? Again, for THEIR OWN PIPELINE?







The USA/DEEP STATE, CIA/ Pentagon WORLD BANKERS saw a COMMIE BOY rival after the planet's MONEY supply and went AT STOPPING HIM IN A DUMB WAY. USA kicked itself in the butt once more & made it even harder for world peace to break out. The  Post Reagan 80's til Soviet Georgia oil WARS were a BURP in history, a period when a polite, logical attempt to WIN seemed to matter. Here PUTIN was thinking HOW do I  GET THE OIL flowing OUT of the STANS, (SEE WHAT THE STANS ARE)  an area rich in gurggling oil --and get it into EUROPE's HANDS so Russia could get friendly with money.

Those competition for the oil supply/ money supply could have been resolved without the two BUCKS clashing HORNS over thousands of POOR LITTLE AFGHANIS whom the RUSSIANS TRAMPLED, genocided & DID NOT TREAT WELL. (SEE the film "CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR. Tom Hanks plays the cute but corrupt Congressman who started WWIII as he pitied the holocaust of these tribes.)

With Putin kissing up to all the oil rich beauties, HUGO CHAVEZ, Afghanistan, SYRIA AND IRAN, Russia's muscle man was about to wear a new hat, be A TOP OPEC minister who controlled a gas rich coalition that would lock the UNITED NATIONS vote of USA and Saudi Arabia to the side like a New York Taxi hitting a sheik.

Putin could put oil prices where he wanted if he controlled IRAN and SYRIA, and could lay pipeline there and in AFGHANISTAN. That scares White House, the world banks and the WAR TOY/ OIL CEOS & the Pentagon. There is an old saying, "He who controls the World Island (Russia and Europe) controls the world. With the oil that Russia has and Europe and China want.....PUTIN was close to controlling the world.  Here are some maps showing routes the oil must take now.


Take a look at the easier blow up map (that I append  below) you'll see a map of the WEST SIDE OF RUSSIA (it's so big, that's like a photo of CALIFORNIA and OREGON) . And you'll see that RUSSIA can get oil out in four directions. Using PIPELINES. Carry oil to the Baltic And Barents seas, ship it to EUROPE. OH, little problem with the ice. They're frozen half the year. But enough gets through for Europe's needs.

RUSSIAN OIL FIELDSBUT AMERICA wants and needs some of that cheap oil, too. ALTERNATIVE SOURCES to the SAUDIS! You see, the second you start talking alternative providers, OPEC comes to heel a little and  lowers the price and the SAUDIS get more cooperative. So we need alternative sources, alt producers. We need RUSSIAN OIL. We're golly gee great chums now with Vladmir Putin now,---  you saw him sitting by Bush at the Chinese Olympics. They were practically holding hands. Putin left the Ruski presidency as he had this new job, this better job. He assumed ownership of the main Ruski oil company, (having thrown the former owner into prison) and he wants to give us that RUSKI OIL at bottom RUBLE. The only problem is, it's real hard to get it out of Russia. Cuz RUSSIA is HUGE!   There are pipelines going every which way from oil fields in the north and the WEST, into the BLACK SEA. GEORGIAN OIL can go into the BLACK SEA in tankers. But then what? BLACK SEA AND OIL FIELDS NEAR
                      IT 100% landlocked

One must sail thru a tiny strait right where ISTANBUL is, l7 miles wide, being very polite to TURKEY as you're endangering their biggest city with oil spill and then get out through THE AEGEAN as you see above. And go left you are in the MEDITERRANEAN so that's a possibility, again if the Ruski oil men are real nice to TURKEY! But the Turks complain about recent oil spills. SO RUSSIAN OIL depends on PUTIN making nice nice with TURKEY. NOTE: IT FINALLY HAPPENED. OCTOBER 2016, SEE: http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/10/12/erdo-o12.html

 THE GEORGIAN part of RUSSIA sends the oil out that way, by water.. starting up at the SEA OF AZOV a tiny little sea just above the black sea.
GEORGIAN OIL CITIES AND PORTSand they ship it in TANKERS through that tiny little passage way called the KERCH STRAIT which has had 12 tankers go belly up spilling gadzillions of barrels of oil. A sludgey MESS. But often they get through. And then they're in the BLACK SEA. An even bigger sea by a factor of a thousand and oddly, almost identically hermetically sealed. There's one exit, down at the bottom, the STRAITS of TURKEY, OIL
17 miles wide, a hundred miles long, many spills here, too. You have to sail that tanker through shallow waters, right past the city of ISTANBUL and the pay off is, you're in some Godforsaken place called the SEA OF MARMARA again with almost no exit except through THE DARDANELLES Another strait, very LONG, very thin. All this works as long as TURKEY cooperates. This whole map above here is TURKEY.  Makes us very beholden to Turkey but they've been good, to us. Not to the Armenians or Kurds, but then Turks know which side their bread is buttered on.

SO THAT takes care of  the OIL on the lower west side of RUSSIA. But what about the oil in the MIDDLE OF RUSSIA?

THE CASPIAN SEA is another body of water,  you'd think it's so big, it would be useful for shipping, see it to the  RIGHT of the Black Sea, but gang? It's totally sealed, useless unless you're a STURGEON.

                      ROUTES to get RUSSIAN OIL OUT

No, IF YOU WANT to get OIL out of UZBEKISTAN, TURKMENISTAN, KAZAKHSTAN, you have to build a lot of PIPES which RUSSIA finally learned how to do...and lay them OVERLAND to THE BLACK SEA and be real polite to your ex Republic SOVIET GEORGIA. The alternative if Georgians get greedy would be to go THRU IRAN! Iran isn't playing patsy with anybody. She senses how much the USA AND RUSSIA want to chew their way right through her. She's been PERSIA for three thousand years and she's smart, even with Mullahs ruling her. Iran and Turkey have to lay still and become American/Russian oil pipelines. NO OTHER WAY TO get to THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!

SO RUSSIA is having less and less ways to get oil out to where the MONEY is.

Go back to the top map you'll see at the UPPER LEFT hand side of RUSSIA above it, they have BALTIC SEA, nearly l00% closed, and ice clogged As a long-term average the Baltic Sea is ice covered for about 45% of its surface area at maximum annually. The ice-covered area during such a typical winter includes the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Riga and Všinameri in the Estonian archipelago.BALTIC SEA SHIPPING ROUTES
The remainder of the Baltic itself does not freeze during a normal winter, with the exception of sheltered bays and shallow lagoons such as the Curonian Lagoon. The ice reaches its maximum extent in February or March; typical ice thickness in the northernmost areas in the Bothnian Bay, the northern basin of the Gulf of Bothnia, is about 70 cm for landfast sea ice. The thickness decreases further south.

Freezing begins in the northern coast of Gulf of Bothnia typically in middle of November, reaching the open waters of Bothnian Bay in early January. The Bothnian Sea, the basin south of it, freezes on average in late February. The Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Riga freeze typically in late January.

The ice extent depends on whether the winter is mild, moderate or severe. Severe winters can lead to ice formation around Denmark and southern Sweden, and on rare occasions the whole sea is frozen, such as in 1942 and 1966. In 1987, some 96% of the Baltic Sea was ice-covered, leaving only a small patch of open water in the south-west around Bornholm. However, in milder winters only restricted parts of the Bay of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland are ice covered, in addition to coastal fringes in more southerly locations such as the Gulf of Riga. In recent years a typical winter produces only ice in the northern and eastern extremities of the Sea. In 2007 there was almost no ice formation except for a short period in March. [6]

In spring, the Gulf of Finland and of Bothnia (UP AT TOP) normally thaw during late April, with some ice ridges persisting until May in the eastern Gulf of Finland. In the northernmost reaches of the Bothnian Bay ice usually stays until late May; by early June it is practically always gone.

During winter, fast ice which is attached to the shoreline, develops first, rendering the ports unusable without the services of icebreakers. Level ice, ice sludge, pancake ice or rafter ice form in the more open regions. The gleaming expanse of ice is similar to the Arctic, with wind-driven pack ice and ridges up to 15 m, and was noted by the ancients. Offshore of the landfast ice the ice remains very dynamic all year, because of its thickness it is relatively easily moved around by winds and therefore makes up large ridges and pile up against the landfast ice and shores.

UNLIK AMERICA, RUSSIA has a sea in her FAR NORTH, where CANADA would be for us. Her whole NORTHERN border is ocean, but you can FORGET about the SEA OF BARENTS way up in the arctic unless Global Warming thaws it out. Which it did once back in ... I forget the year. Look it up. But you can't build a biz on waiting for ice to thaw!

See, here's the thing. RUSSIA has more oil than anybody. THE CIA knew this back in the 50's. I knew an OSS /CIA old guy who had been hired just to write papers on oil and that is what he said to me. You think oil is Saudi, 5% of oil USA uses is Middle eastern.

SO now, let's re-analyze THE MIDDLE OF RUSSIA  Not that western part that goes south through TURKEY. They've got that covered, but the MIDDLE PART. You see the fatty belly, the Ruski BACON in  TURKMEMSTAN, TAJIKISTAN, UZBEKISTAN, KYRGYZSTAN OIL RICH. and on the left of the CASPIAN, GEORGIA, AZERBAIJAN,  SOVIET ARMENIA... How do you get that oil out? The CASPIAN is completely closed, nothing there but CAVIAR. You don't need tankers for caviar but you do need them for OIL.  So for the CASPIAN "MIDDLE RUSSIA Area' you need to throw pipelines south. But MUSLIMS are in the way. Russia wants the money, USA wants the oil. Muslims want the blood of both.

                      ACCESS TO THE ATLANTIC

So we can't get our share out because MUSLIMS are in the way. Well, that's never stopped Britain who bought the SAUDIS and owned them til we horned in. and it never stopped the USA!

GEOGRAPHY IS DESTINY. Memorize that phrase. Know what's in the way of RUSSIAN OIL? Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran are.  BOTH RUSSIA and USA have tried their shoulders at AFGHANISTAN.Failed. Too many mountains hiding caves and Taliban. So that leaves IRAN! They are absolutely intractible. Pakistan is full of people like the MUMBAI HOTEL BOMBING BUNCH. and most of them are cops. NOW PAKISTAN has a southern PROVINCE, BALUCHISTAN, which would be great for a pipeline but it belongs to PAKISTAN, so it's real important to control PAKI POLITICS. DITTO Afghanistan which is obviously prime future terrain for a PIPE 6 FEET WIDE to be laid, which is why Obama is doing his NAIL TERRORIST/ TALIBAN war.

HOW NOT TO HAVE A WAR WITH IRAN? Develop an oil free car is how!

The American dogs of war are straining at the leash to get at Iran.  USA is throwing public opinion seeking trial balloons out into the air, gauging response and alternately dissing Iran. WHY does the USA WANT IRAN GONE? Because it is BLOCKING THE OIL PIPELINE from Russia. How do you drain all the oil out of RUSSIA and her ex SATELLITE COUNTRIES without a pipeline to the ocean so the tankers can load up and carry oil to Europe and USA.  Check the OIL WELL map. The oil comes from BAKU and points all around Russia and her Satellites. See the most important piece of research here, and there are a few.


Note the MAP (bigger when you go to that article,) showing the many Russian oilfields and projected PIPELINES to get it to the COAST to use OIL TANKERS to get it to USA/ EUROPE. . THE OIL is all over Russia and Georgia, Azerbaijan. BAKU fields and a lotta good it does THERE! So imagine knocking on Afghanistan's door. "Can we throw pipe thru here?" Afghanistan is l00% Muslim. Even if the president lets us, the people will drill holes in it daily! If not bomb it.

So that leaves TURKEY. They have owned our butt for a long time because of this issue. And they let us in a few air bases over there. I could find INCIRLIK BASE online but there may be others. The official Airforce List of bases in EUROPE online is blocked! Swear to GOD. GOOGLE around, you'll see! WHY? It's so close to terrorist overflights/ bombing Turkey said 'well give them to you, but never reveal where!'

TURKEY is 98% MUSLIM. but not like SUNNI fanatics...just Muslim. They have a Democratic, Parliamentery system. Which brings us to the fact that many MUSLIM countries are friendly to us. Indonesia for instance seems to be. Though after we gave them a lot of ancient cargo planes and one crashed with 100 refugees, not so much. Check the WIKI on this friendly Muslim factor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majority_Muslim_countries

PAKISTAN is 97% MUSLIM. Enough so the PRESIDENT who embraces USA becomes unpopular, his people try to kill him. The people there are not so friendly. Any pipeline would be blown to bits weekly.. Iran would be great but they're 98% Muslim and we're trying our hardest to control politics there, get Mr ARMINA-DINNER JACKET knocked out using Israeli Agents to foment rebellion post the JUNE 2009 ELECTION.

So get the picture. Imagine it's 2001. Bush is in power, his Texas chums want to put the TEXAS PIPELINE IN, Wouldn't all the BUSH OIL DEAL / gas money problems be solved if we could just do a False Flag operation of some kind? Maybe impugn MUSLIMS or set a trap for a MUSLIM country, maybe Pakistan, BURN DOWN A FEW HOTELS full of tourist like in MUMBAI...pretend it was PAKISTANI TERRORISTS or burn down THE TWIN TOWERS and accuse TALIBAN or MUSLIMS or accuse IRAN even...of something terrible. Having covert ATOMIC POWER, thumbing their nose at NUCLEAR REGULATION. FALSE flag ops really cook! PEARL HARBOR was one. America was total peacenik, did not want to help UK until that one! FDR arranged it. THEY KNEW the JAPS WERE COMING! GImme a break! GOOGLE IT!.

But the MUSLIMS and PERSIANS are always so educated, so elegant. Their president AMEEN DINNER JACKET looks like a wretched, stubborn little cuss, lying about their having no fags in the country but he reeks with an ancient sense of statehood. Too much Pluck. He told the world "why shouldn't the Jews relocate to Palm Springs if they love turning deserts into verdant farms. Why PALESTINE? LET EUROPE and you other white guys admit them in! Keep 'em out of the ARAB WORLD" . No way he and the Mullahs he rode in on are letting AMERICANS PROFIT from all that oil in Russia, Georgia and Baku (Azerbaijan.) So AMEEN ain't gonna cooperate! So Israelis have agents there screwing it up for him! JUNE 2009.

But Look at the damn map. NO WAY to get the oil out of the region. THE RUSSIAN OIL is hemmed in. A pipeline  thru the Persian heartland would be optiumum. We cannot control Afghanistan, it is 95% TALIBAN CONTROLLED. PAKISTAN is pure taliban, though its southern province next to Iran would be primo. So look at the map again. You tell me how ALL THE OIL up in RUSSIA way up on the NORTH END OF the nearly hermetically sealed BLACK SEA needs to get out to EUROPE AND THE WORLD. It's up in the black sea. The only way out of that sealed sea is thru the TURKISH STRAIT, a narrow (17 mile wide) long thin waterway that goes from Russia to the Mediterrenean sea, but right under TURKEY's ARMPIT and then a long journey down Turkey's coast, and then past ISTANBUL's NOSE.

ONE ACCIDENT and 13 million citizens of ISTANBUL are bothered or poisoned and of course TURKEY WOULD WANT A HUGE CUT of the moola just for enduring that. Well, it isn't going to endure that. No pipeline there! So what southern HARBOR IS THERE?

GO GOOGLE MAPs, "IRAN" "BLACK SEA" TURKISH STRAIT" PAKISTAN, look for a big  harbor that could hold oil tankers. You do the math.

The Turkish strait is one of the most important routes of oil transportation. It connects the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and it enables the transportation of oil produced in the north of Black Sea to Europe directly. (No wonder USA is so friendly with TURKEY!)

The oil spill problem originating from tanker accidents is one of the major topics concerning the safe ship operation in Turkish straits.

There have been large accidents occurring alongside main city, Istanbul, which has thirteen million inhabitants.

A tanker accident in Istanbul strait can be a great disaster that directly affects life in the city.

The present paper describes the numerical simulation of an oil spill in Istanbul strait enabling us to estimate the effect of an oil spill if a tanker accident occurs.

Using the Star-CD code, a simulation was performed in the transient mode.

Keywords: oil spill, CFD, simulation, Star-CD, tanker accident, safety ship

A large amount of oil has been produced in the north of the Black Sea, and most of it is in Europe.

The Turkish straits are one of the most important routes of oil transportation in the world.

They connect the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, and enable transportation of oil from the Black Sea to Europe easily.

The Turkish straits consist of two parts, and the northern half is called the Istanbul strait.

It has lain beside a mega-city, Istanbul, where thirteen million people live.

Disasters based on the tanker accidents have happened several times in this strait, and it has directly affected life in the city.

One of the essential problems in analysing the tanker accidents and oil spill problem to consider the safe ship. Search terms "Safe tanker" Google this if interested. "Oil Spill accident" also.

The Istanbul Straits: An Opportunity for Trade or a Potential for a Major Disaster?

The Istanbul Strait, connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, is a
waterway of 17 miles with a width ranging from one to four miles. It
resembles a river more than a maritime strait. It has sharp bends with a
current from north to south attaining a velocity of five knots at the
narrows. The increasing misuse of the Istanbul Strait not only is a danger
for the only trade route to the international waters of the six littoral
states (Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, the Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia), but
also presents a threat for the 10-million persons who inhabit Istanbul,
which accounts for 55% of Turkey's economy, and historically, ecologically,
and naturally is one of the most beautiful cities of our world.

Istanbul is only meters away from a possible disaster spawned by errant
navigation through the strait. If one of the ships passing through the
Strait was punctured, either by crashing into another ship or by running
aground, the resulting explosion could release the destructive power of a
small nuclear bomb, destroying an area within a 30 kilometer radius. Such
an event could cripple approximately 2-million people who daily cross the
Strait with more than 1,400 boats and ferries, despite the two modern
bridges. Such an event is likely to happen unless we all concentrate on the
safe use of the Istanbul Strait for the sake of our rapidly polluted and
disaster-prone world.

Serious warnings in much lesser critical times were given, but no lessons
have been learned. In 1998, the Romanian tanker, Independenta, collided
with a Greek freighter just at the lower end of the Istanbul Strait. The
collision caused a massive explosion with terrible consequences.
Forty-three sailors were burned alive, windows shattered, and the tanker
sank leaving behind a burning lake of crude oil for six weeks and a
formation of black smoke over Istanbul for two months. The event resulted
in destruction to the fishing industry. Finally, the slick traveled down
through the Canakkale Strait of the Aegean Sea and caused environmental
damage to countries to the south and west of Turkey.

Another incident occurred in March, 1994, when a Greek Cypriot oil tanker
carrying 19-million gallons of crude oil collided with an empty Greek
Cypriot cargo ship. This collision left similar damage in its wake, and
caused a total halt to navigation of the Strait for nine days.

Hazardous cargo such a petroleum, chemicals, and explosives passing through
the Istanbul Strait with a rapidly increasing number of ships and tonnage
makes Istanbul prone for a major disaster of our century.

Keywords: explosion; hazardous cargo; hazards; Istanbul; risks; ship
collisions; shipping; Turkey and here is a pretty map of TURKEY and its pipelines
See that little tiny strait at ISTANBUL? That's the only way to GET RUSSIAN OIL
out of the black sea. Out the straits and then to the far left, thru the DARDANELLES,
also owned and RUN by TURKEY. Ya see why TURKEY has America by the RUBY BEGONIAS?

Now, let analyze OTHER WAYS of getting the oil out of the region, to a HARBOR. ANY HARBOR! How about crossing AFGHANISTAN often called The "COUNTRY THAT SINKS EMPIRES." We've had soldiers there. RUSSIA had soldiers there. BRITAIN had soldiers there. NAPOLEON had soldiers there. EVERYONE who goes in gets their ass kicked right out into the ocean. WHY? The  Taliban controls 95% of Afghanistan. The Region is very stable if you're Taliban, very unstable if you're ANYBODY ELSE! PIPELINE? SHMIPELINE. Dream on! Unless you cut the TALIBAN in and that ain't likely. For decades, USA/ CIA grew poppy there for the CIA to deal to the ghettos, the TALIBAN stopped the poppy farming and all-but destroyed the opium crop when they were in power, but since the American/British invasion soon after 9/11, (the invasion was planned well prior to 9/11), the opium crop is now greater than before.  So the purpose of the invasion of Afghanistan was two-pronged: to produce an oil pipeline route through their country, and produce a resurgence of the opium poppies, for the covert benefit of the invaders.

OK, let's go thru PAKISTAN? 97% Muslim. Much too powerful a country to dominate, the way we dominate afghanistan. The Caspian Oil Route Is Not Seen as Viable. BAKU OIL FIELDS in AZERBAIJAN the biggest, oldest on planet. But how to get oil to the ocean? A PIPELINE SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE. Imagine all those hostiles living right near this 6 foot diameter PIPE!


American oil company executives and top United States Government officials
agreed at a special meeting today that a key pipeline from Baku in
Azerbaijan to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan in Turkey is not currently
commercially viable, though they stressed that it would be built if Caspian
oil exports grow sufficiently.

The meeting was the highest-level effort by the Clinton Administration to
secure a commitment to build the 1,080-mile Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, regarded
as a key regional policy goal aimed at insuring an oil export route from
the Caspian that avoids Iran and is not dependent on northern routes
through Russia and Georgia.

''Baku-Ceyhan makes sense, we all agreed,'' said an Administration official
familiar with the meeting, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. ''What
we need to do is find ways to make it commercially viable in the shortest
possible time.''

The meeting was attended by James Steinberg, deputy director of the
National Security Council; Richard Morningstar, Secretary of State for
Caspian Basin energy diplomacy, and representatives from the major American
oil companies doing business in the region.

The gathering came as the Azerbaijan International Oil Company, a
consortium of 12 private and state companies, was due to deliver to the
Azerbaijan Government its recommendation on what should be the main initial
export route from Baku.

Persistently low oil prices over the past year, as well as a series of
disappointing exploration wells, have led to a downgrade of near-term
estimates of export volumes from the Caspian.

SO CAN USA GET THE OIL IN IRAQ? It's available as it's right on the ocean but have we BLOWN it there? http://www.globalpolicy.org/security/issues/iraq/history/oilhistindex.htm

NEXT can one build a pipeline thru pakistan?

So that's the PLAN by OBAMA, CLINTON if she'd won and NOW DONALD, now that he's won. Here on this page is what they're thinking of doing so you can run your car, in case  hybrids just are too costly for a recessionary country with three failing Detroit megacorps, massive  unemployment.  

Three countries to go thru, to give money to, also that's a lot of pipeline you gotta lay. Imagine if you could just shoot thru the Persian heartland.
IN 2005 there was talk of a pipeline thru Iran. Where's the Shah when you need him? America goes thru puppets like Heather Locklear goes thru panty hose. Like Cher goes thru boytoys.

Plus ca change, plus le meme chose ( the more it changes the more it's the same ole thing)

Note: The minute that the CHINESE put their F3DM  new car on the market, (they need some funding still,) the battle for control of the planet is over with. Nobody will need gasoline. Texas, Alaska, Russia and Saudi Arabia just don't matter any more. China's BYD ("Build Your Dreams") Auto, the F3DM (DM stands for "dual mode") is not a Tesla: it isnít 100 percent electric, it doesnít go 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, and itís not a sexy sports car. True, but it also wonít set you back $109K. In fact, the F3DM -- which went on sale in China recently -- (it's not available yet here) -- costs less than $29K.

The F3DM -- which has set the blogosphere abuzz -- is a sleek, mid-size, 4-door sedan with highway capability, decent acceleration (0 to 60 mph in 10.5 seconds), and amazing fuel efficiency (more details here and here). Retails 29k they think.

Itís a hybrid. So it can run on both its battery-powered electric motor and its 1.0-liter gasoline engine or on the battery alone. Powering off just the battery gives the car a range of about 60 miles with a top speed of about 100 miles per hour. So, the battery is probably all you need for short trips to work and the store. But longer distances are no prob ó just switch to gas-electric power. The car reportedly uses 12 kilowatt hours per 60 miles and can travel about 200 miles per charge.

Itís a plug-in. Its lithium-ion iron phosphate battery is fully rechargeable ó Now, he who controls the DEPARTMENT OF WATER AND POWER will CONTROL THE WORLD. Unless you over charge the battery and lithium catches fire, burns down the car, the garage and the house and the neighborhood. Sigh. Nobody's perfect!

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