Every night this week, PISCES rises 11:15 pm to about 1 am in most cities and we have a HEAVENLY SLICE OF HEAVENLY PURPLE PIZZA dropped in our lap, -- When PISCES rises, magical MANNA falls from heaven, the astral plane knocks on your door and the star PORTAL is open.

MEDITATIONS are not as CLEAR at night as in the morning. At dawn it's like A MOVIE and you have very focused-visuals. At night, there's less sparkle in our bloodstream. We're tuckered out from the day's labors. Visions are not as clear as our dreams, where we are horizontal and there's lots of oxygen in our brains. THE DAWN meditation or the SLEEP meditations are the high focus TV shows. SEEKERS want to explore these opportunities. There are many books on LUCID DREAMING. Go find them at ABE BOOKS for a dollar.

Meanwhile, try the Experiment: Wake early, ambrosia hours, usually the universe wakes you then, nobody can stay deep asleep when SUN starts to rise in the east, heading UP TO THE HORIZON. Cold shower to send prana out to the extremities. (When you sleep all the prana is in the core but Cold WET needles pounding skin WOW! Turn like a duck on the spit, get everything pounded alive. When extremities are percolating, wrap up well, beach towels...sit, chair if senior, lotus if young, but spine straight, chin in and back of spine straight from butt to crown which will let the prana rise up like champagne to PUSH THE CORK OUT...i.e. the pressure lands square in the middle of the brow opening your third eye from the inside. Do some fire breaths at first, Nose only. (bellows breath?) Heavy on the exhale, fast, like one a second...then slow the breath down to a crawl and try to see the purple bead at third eye point only from the inside... and then ask questions. Ask and ye shall receive. The Big TIME WARNER in the sky lights up your screen and answers in a resounding Anthony Hopkins basso voice. (No. I wish! ) But that's more or less how you get DIGITAL CABLE IN YOUR HEAD. Two kinds of input, auditory and visual. Not always together. Flashes of words hit you. Or daydreams with keen focus. All this easy at midnight with PISCES rising, and at dawn. NOT so EASY AT late NIGHT when we're tired.

HOW TO talk to God on the telephone full time? No matter what happens, no matter how tragic your MIND wants to call any news item, any current trend, see how it's all perfect. TURN yourself around so that what happened does seem to have integrity, vision, purpose and be perfect. In fact, go all the way with this and regard God in total REVERENCE for making it so and PRAISE GOD. WHAT you do is wise. Affirm, I appreciate this lesson you are giving us. We are up to the challenge."

At any time there's stress, KEEP YOUR MIND PEACEFUL by repeating this mantra. "Whatever happens to me here, I'm OK. I can relax my guard. I can just be here and now.  I am safe. I am loved. I probably have twenty dead relatives collected around me right now, and they will easily shout to me if a bus is about to run me down."

Show spunk. Be entertaining. Don't be a drag, moaning and groaning about how tough it is now. Affirm to your 'Father' that you're going to fix it, do something, help someone, help yourself.