NOVEMBER 22nd, 2016, high noon. JFK died today, at this hour, 53 years ago to the minute, murdered by his own soldiers. Most researchers compare it to a palace coup in the third world where the fascist military deposes a peaceful president with bullets. I'd written everyone, at noon today, pray that the killers all get caught. But life goes on and I went to the market seeking bullets of turkey burger on SALE via a raincheck coupon as cats don't eat bones so why pay for them? Coming back, in the fruit alley, good for mulberries, peaches, figs, I saw a loaded nopal cactus, taller than a house. I brake for free fruit. (FRUGAL LIFESTYLE site, by ANITA)

Reddish Orange huge eggs of sweetness. I'd promised to send seed to my gardening list. Opuntia is its Latin name, meaning full of sharp points. OH BOY. This is a cactus that can kill anything. Each leaf has spines an inch long; no animal dare be stupid enough to wander into it. Mexicans gather its leaves when they're soft, in Spring, turn them into a delicious salad. NOPALITOS. But by summer each fruit has thousands of torturous spines. My mother always used to describe to me how my grandma Elena used to collect them in the hills around san luis obispo using a newspaper as there were no heavy rubber gloves back then. She'd get them home and spin them over an open flame, using a fork. Now, I got alot of my grandma in me. That woman was handy. Made her own tamales from scratch, turned the big house into a boarding house for the GREAT Depression. I can make killer tamales and didn't I let every cat in SO CAL live here free turning my home into a rat free boarding house? And like my granny, I always carry a rake in the car for fruit trees in alleys. So, quickly, I raked down five big guys, bagged them up, went home, lit the stove, spun the fruits on a fork thinking, "it's the hour, the hour he died." And I have to pray now, pray that the clique that killed him --the killer opuntia clan --- get nailed on a spike just like I'm turning this fruit that looks like a male body part. Searing their tenders over the flame of the inquisition til they talk, confess their heresy, get prosecuted, reveal who told them to do it. Reveal the head of the snake, the Octupus head.

Oh sure, E. Howard Hunt confessed to LBJ's murder plot on his deathbed, COAST TO COAST AM ran the show for months ROLLING STONE's APRIL 2007 issue had text of his tape. But damnit, HOWARD HUNT not only was a CIA guy, and Nixon burglar, he had been a novelist, like l00 mysteries and spy thrillers. Maybe dying was making him spin more stories. But he was a "made man." He wasn't just a worker in the anti Cuba squad out of Miami U back in the 60's. Not just best boypal to Frank Sturgis the spy sent to penetrate Fidel's Havana who got elected MINISTER OF CASINOS for gawdsakes when he worked for the CIA! What cojones that took! Can you imagine the difficulty getting messages back to Washington when you were MINISTER OF CASINOS? Another participant, the assassination ORGANIZER, CIA dirty op/ wet work soldier, Cord Meyer, was PERSONALLY HIRED BY LBJ to do the hit. He was a high in the tree of CIA-operative experienced in assassinations. His blueblood wife, MARY was JFK's MISTRESS at the time. Mary's sister was married to Ben Bradley of the Washington POST. Ben married up.  Other participants were the EVIL Cabell bros. One CHARLES CABELL, the ex head of CIA, a spook and a General, the other the incumbent  mayor of Dallas . Who rearranged parade routes. Then, Frank Sturgis, who else? Nixon himself? But who told LYNDON to off JFK? The Oilmen of Texas? Who told them? The bankers?

JFK was a sinful man, not the girls. That was an anodyne for men with really bad pain in lumbar or pelvic vertebrae. His sins were befriending Kruschechev, making a NO-NUKE treaty with the Russian premier, sending a secret mission French Reporter to meet with Castro to end the difficulties there. En Fin, being a diplomat at every turn and not making war like the EISENHOWER era military wanted.

I go in the house,turn on RT.COM and get a complaint I hadn't heard on MSM. EUROPE is having Parliament meetings to discuss how AWFUL RT news is, how it's as bad as ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and how the real war is against RUSSIA and anybody who goes on RT PROPAGANDA SHOWS should be blackballed. As last two months MSM propganda keeps saying RUSSIAN JETS have bombed every school, hospital and yet they all have their ROOF intact and were attacked by mortars on the ground, it hits me that MSM is the liar.

I am so riveted by the discrepancy that I almost miss and wound my hand. I'm using a knife to split the skin, unwrapping each thorny fruit, sliding out of its THORNY SKIN, slipping the round fruit safely out onto a dish. I dropped the five little fellows in the blender, added juice of four limes, all it takes is a few sour, bitter LIME activists to make any story flow freely. I vow to write this wretched DAY up, factually, like WHY THEY KILLED JFK and WHO DID IT, AMERICAN CIA. And a Corsican hitman supplied by Mafia and a lot of CUBAN EXILES and their CIA handlers. I wanted to footnote the researches of the thousand books on the subject, as to inspire a hue and cry, to fuel a really good enquiry.  Who is the journactivist to do that?  YOU?  http://www.masterjules.net/journactivist.htm

Instead, I whizzed the five fruits so as not to break up the opuntia seeds, (they go thru you 24 hrs later, they will sprout in the garden.) Ask a Chinese farmer.

I poured the foamy cactus fruit slurpee into a glass. Thought of sugaring it, but I want this drink bitter. Well, It wasn't bitter. It was sweet. I lifted my cup & toasted the dead president. "You were a thorn in their side, God love you, Jack; you were a rascal. (I’d read Dark Side of Camelot where Seymour Hersh shows your monstrous side, the addiction to Dr. Feelgood’s speed which made you need one or two women a day. And I had read The KENNEDYS by DAVID HOROWITZ which spares no detail, even has his randy confidences written to a male friend as a 20 yr old..--scatological…candid about his own sexuality… what people do not understand that priapic condition happens to people with a great deal of bone pain in the PELVIS area of SPINE.  I guess having to alleviate pain a few times a day isn't necessarily a path to having no compassion for the common man. Your  Dad ruled you. Ran you by remote control, secret direct line to the Oval office, Line 5 it was called. You dropped everything to go into the private room and take orders from Joe Kennedy. His choices got him locked out in the 40’s and they got you and Teddy, they got Joe Jr, Bobby and John John too. Got you all murdered. And my theory is Bobby had Mary shot a year later. She was Cord Meyer's wife. Cord killed JFK. And Then the grand finale Bobby got shot. No, JOHN JOHN that came last. The man who could beat Hillary for the NY SENATE SEAT.

We need that set of killers written up. Need one young, fire-in the belly researcher. Let him show up.  Pray that WE catch those oligarch common-man killers, reveal once and for all, beyond the reaches and lying clutches of history-revisionists and Warren commissions --- who killed a lineage of audacious Princes in a palace coup spanning three decades and then stole our country and left it shrunken and dead, stole our economy, stole the world economy with a few bullets in Dallas, 52 years ago, today.

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THE JFK HIT is covered at this page. And at THE SPARTACUS SCHOOL'S PAGE.  The known killers' names are there with all the famous people who colluded.