Have you ever known someone who was going to give a big party and started
to pull every cent they had out of the bank to do it? They scrimped, they saved,
they piled up cash 'cause they were gonna give a blow-out soiree.

I have a theory. It's this. The British Bankers were giving a little party. It's called
the 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS.   They were currently rebuilding their slums,
the only empty land they can grab, well, it's not EMPTY but nobody of
importance lives there. They're cleaning up their turf, their city -- for this very big,
POSH BRAWL July 27th to August 12th, 2012 it went down. SEE "HOW TO CLEAR A SLUM

At that time I wrote this article, posted it in LONDON saying "You English Bohemians who are in the fashion, jewelry, party industry should be really excited about this. The Oligarchs (and remember, planetary banking is actually centered on LONDON so the joint should be NAMED OLIGARCHVILLE,) --will be hosting their FELLOW SUPER RICH from other POSH SPOTS on the planet, snooty noses high and proud. Come SUMMER 2012, you'll see the signs:  tickets to the GAMES will be more costly  than those at the usual Olympic Games. Prices will stay low as these Oligarchs need contractors and builders to finish the OLYMPIC VILLAGE at low salary rates. For the next two years, they will make the big money but artists, fashion mavens and Party Planners will make a mint that summer. So Brits? Start your party planning, balloon blowing, neon light/lantern lighting biz or posh frock fashion store now. Florists will make a killing out of that single summer. Flower growers, too, so get those greenhouses up and get those TUBEROSE bulbs imported from Mexico by the ton! It's the elegantes' fave bloom! Designers, jewelers start now churning out the goods. Remember how those Chinese L.E.D Light shows set a precedent? Well, LIGHTING DESIGNERS who have mastered the L.E.D experience will clean up. British Folkdancers, start rehearsing your jigs. StarPower is training FORTUNE TELLERS free, for the big parties Read, which is a dozen classes on astrology, palmistry, tarot and astro-dice, all the techniques we use at parties to read the guests. Our classrooms are totally Free by the way.

But why I'm writing now, is, I'm foretelling your future. (There's a reason my email addie is astrology at ...) I'm foretelling the excitement you will be having out there in Summer 2012 for ARTISTS! YES! CALLING ALL ARTISTS, all Designers, Jewelers, Fashionable boys & gals,  food prep, caterers, waiters, singers, rock bands, corny waltz orchestras, anyone who ever aspired to do that summer frock shop   START right NOW as all those above things will be HOT. NEW NAME designer party dresses will be going like hotcakes. CAVEAT: August 13th, 2012, it's over & the marketplace will surge into inflation: UTILITIES, food, rents, interest rates. The second that happens, the planet will plummet into DEEPER RECESSION. As soon as the Brit Banksters have exploited ten thousand workers (or more) at bottom dollar, as they tear down Brownfield slums and as soon as they've bought glass, steel, bricks, cement, marble at RECESSION prices & built a Utopian Paradise, -- beyond ANY OLYMPIC CITY, a mega inflation tsunami will be allowed to start rolling its way over you. And to see what that looks like Rent "THINGS TO COME" a 1936 Brit flick, a Korda movie of HG WELLS novel, you won't believe your eyes. Very metaphoric of what's ahead for us here in foggy England. After the party's over. So make your money while you can.

MEANWHILE, scrimp and work hard, get the funding from relatives, write your PROSPECTUS now,  get that POSH shop up.  For cues on how to do that the BAZAAR FOLKLORICO SEMINAR is full of fast funding ideas for MERCHANTS. You will find that one in three who reads your prospectus/ deal memo will invest. Your business can make more than stocks, bonds for them. Take the full free web seminar on GUERILLA CAPITALISM and go. See ARTISANRY & FASHION BUSINESS,

You probably think, how does she know. Well YOU KNOW! Because you have certainly  known someone who was going to give a big party and started to pull every cent they had out of the bank to do it? They scrimped, they saved, they piled up cash 'cause they were gonna give a blow-out soiree.

Well, translate that passion into this theory. The British Bankers are giving a little party. It's called the 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS.   They're currently rebuilding their slums, the only empty land they can grab, well, it's not EMPTY but nobody of importance lives there. They're cleaning up their turf, their city -- for this very big,  POSH BRAWL July 27th to August 12th, 2012.

As  Hollywood Stargazer to the Stars, I know first hand how rich people think.
They're nothing if not practical. When you're a Captain of Industry and crunch
numbers for a living, smart and logical, time is money. You never have the Rolls pulled
around to go into town unless you have THREE good REASONS. When you have
three reasons, only then is it practical to have the driver gas up the buggy.

THE OLYMPICS are the single biggest 14-day business event that exists. Why else
would the global elite (read 'BRIT BANKERS') pull all the money in tarnation
out of every corner of the Empire? Why else are they now finished CLEARING
THE WORST SLUMS that exist in any big city on Planet Earth and are building


1) GET RID OF THE RIFF RAFF, Muslims, l0 languages spoken in those slums.
Who needs these people? NOT BRIT OLIGARCHS!

2.) CLEAR the BLIGHT, the eyesore Dickensian hovels, the shacks, the germs,
the disease sources. These slum dwellers are  pond scum. The fact that there is history
there, Roman graveyards, Medieval Nunneries..matters naught!

3.) REBUILD SLUMS OF LONDON from scratch. Like NERO burning the
slums of Rome, every inch of the city cleared to the bone, sanded down, polished, Then the new buildings
are built. THE HOUSING for the athletes has to be built sumptuously to be used later
as CONDOS drawing HIGH RENT, probably THOUSANDS of pounds
for each 2 room condo so nothing can look sketchy! No smell of jock straps here!

4.) CREATE ULTRA POSH shopping MALLS which are to generate huge revenues.
Harrods was getting tiresome after that fat Muslim bought it. We'll show him MALLS!
We'll suck in shoppers from Hong Kong, Beverly Hills, New York, Dubai,
Houston, Paris, oh boy will we ever.\

5) THE GAMES. Hey, there's nothing too shabby about the Olympics.
The event itself is also a  reason to do all this. Guaranteed pay back But above all...

6.) WE GET TO SHINE!  We oligarchs will use the occasion to GIVE HUGE private PARTIES for the NOVEAU oligarchs. The thing about being US, you see, is we can't shine really, unless we can shine DOWN. Give us some noveau riche outcrowd Arab, Malaysian, some hick American so that we can parade our bijoux,
invite the maharajahs drooling into our ancient, massive Tudor manors. So you see, that was our three reasons to pull out the Rolls.

My wife's jewels are better than your wife's (so I am better than you!)

Look, I'm a psychic. This one HIT ME! When I am hit by a lightning bolt cognition
I know it's the real deal. Lightning bolts are a real phenomena. I am so electric
that if I ever have a negative thought at the same time I turn on a light, I blow the
lightbulb. A BOLT hit me when this thought came to me. I was watching a
Brad Pitt-narrated documentary E squared or E2 on the rebuilding of the slums of London.
ZAP! It came to me.

Trust me. The OLIGARCHS are going to give some very amusing parties Summer of 2012.
Just subscribe to W, Vanity Fair, Vogue, The Tattler earlier that year so you can
see your tax dollars at work. I mean that most literally as all the money sucked out of
America by the Federal Reserve goes straight to the British Bankers. And oh boy,
have they been sucking lately! So cut out the photos of the Uberwealthy popping corks
and oogling beautiful women in incredible frocks and massive pounds of jewels and give
those photos to your roofless, foodless children.

Mommy? What is that? It's called CLOTHING, dear

You don't believe me? Go see. Right now, they're clearing Brownfields, the slums of East london. you VIDEO DOCUMENTARY makers, visit this amazing area NOW. This is CALCUTTA PLUS only the inhabitants can tell you in ENGLISH what's going on.  The wost slums and most violent so you should tour it with a wolf pack crew all armed with mace and do so before it's gone. It is what you call extremely unscenic but vetty folklorico. And hugely PATHETIC. Also you can buy stock footage of the area, too. Take your DIGITAL VIDEO camera and you are going to get a fantastic documentary that you can sell to CABLE TV and post all over the INTERNET and sell as DVD's. "THE REASON EARTH CRASHED" MOVIE.

Then, of course, attend the OLYMPICS for the tag of your movie. Shots of the summer dresses on Oligarch wives. Plan to work as a waiter at some posh catering outfit so you can get shots of the family jewels that are so rarely on view during the daytime. Yessir,  the British Bankers are cleaning up the town where they all live for a party. They will expell everyone from the slums, so catch that exodus too! CHINA did it in 08. All these families complained lustily . Did them no good. Someone shoulda shot THAT movie.

Now, realize that ECONOMIC life on our planet will be built around this single project for the next three years. SALARIES have to stay super low, so inflation can't be implemente just yet. The OLIGARCHS plan to hire a few thousand Londoners to scrape the land clean, get rid of the blight. These slaves will drain the marshy, filthy rivers, 1000 years of bodies, bones, lot of archeological treasures there. Londoners used to make a living divepicking. These are the tributaries of the Thames, not the Thames itself. And then, they will create a green space with parks along the canals, golden roads, exquisite, mature trees, all landscaped, flowers, bushes, everything palatial, modern, beautiful and  UTOPIAN. Trust me, they're going to teach architecture to the world.

For this reason,  they're pulling all their money out of every part of the Empire. We are their empire, sonny, look it up. They already did the drain actually, the subtle way bankers do things. They pulled the hidden strings that make things work. They gave us a real estate boom. They inflated housing prices. Then why weren't we suspicious, They suddenly had the Federal Reserve LOWER the INTEREST RATES to zilch just while the Stock market was thriving. Every head turned. The baited hook in plain sight. It was a frigging MACY's sale. NO INTEREST? All those house flippers who bought at 200k, now with a house worth 400k made us drool. Clear weather in the ECONOMY?  ALL SIGNS vital and clear? Everything looked ripe, rich and sweet so now EVERY IDIOT MORTGAGE BROKER started hauling in fish who  didn't have a clue. And every idiot citizen bought a severely over-priced property. Then they upped interest rates forcing homeowners to pour money into their bank. Then just as corporations fell and jobless flooded the street. l0,000 people a day were losing their home as house payments doubled. The bank gets the HOUSES and it gets to KEEP your down payment and everything you put into that house and they get to resell the house as soon as they can get prices back up. And then they take all that money and use it for their fancy. Which is, to EVICT every ethnic from London's slums and rebuild the slums as the most spectacular beyond-BEVERLY HILLS community ever known.

The oligarchs are really on top of this money thing when they're motivated -- only, very weird things get them wired. The biggie is: the after-Olympics fetes and balls are a DIVINE place to wear their good jewelry.

They get off making other oligarchs pea green jealous! They know that everyone important will be there -- Except YOU! Ironic, no? It's your money created by years of hard work that's giving the party and it's one that you will never attend. Just THEM..

Oh, my dear, that tiara is lovely! Is it a Biddle & Banks?

SO IMAGINE THIS FUTURE LANDSCAPE: The oligarch won't dare inflate your currency just yet. They need very cheap workers now in the SLUMS OF LONDON. Until JULY 2012. So they can't make money with inflation. But  they will force you to buy all your food, creating laws that make it prosecuteable to store rain water, grow your own vegies or fruits. (HR875 in Congress now.) They can tax you ruthlessly, sales taxes, licenses, fees but inflating currency is not convenient for them just as they need PHAROAH's LEGIONS to build the NEW CHEOPS CITY at bottom dollar salaries. That.OZYMANDIAS of a CITY will make Earth an OZYMENDIAS WORLD.

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
    Nothing beside remains: round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

                         Percy Bysshe Shelley

See, the SUPER RICH  a.) don't read SHELLEY and B.) are really excited about the London Olympics. They know they'll be hosting the oligarchs of the planet. I'm betting tickets will be wayyy more costly than those at the usual Games. Party Planners will make a mint that summer. So go to London, start your party store. Florists will make a killing that single summer. Flower growers, too. The Chinese L.E.D Light shows will clean up. British Folkdancers, start rehearsing your jigs. Ladies do that summer frock shop now as name designer party dresses will be going like hotcakes. CAVEAT: August 13th, 2012, the planet will plummet into recession. As soon as the Brit Banksters exploited ten thousand workers (or more) at bottom dollar, to tear down Brownfield slums and  as soon as  they've bought glass, steel, bricks, cement, marble at wholesale prices & built a Utopian Paradise, -- beyond ANY OLYMPIC CITY, a mega inflation  tsunami will be allowed to start rolling its way over you. And to see what that looks like Rent "THINGS TO COME" a 1936 movie of HG WELLS novel, you won't believe your eyes.

At that point,  all money, all stocks will lose their value. You can have forty thousand in stocks but that will buy you dinner out at a two star cafe. Inflation can do that. Remember that Americans could go to Germany in the 20s, with 200$ and buy a 3 story home!

What happens during inflationary periods is that all bonds and trusts vaporize in value. My grandpa lived thru the big inflation in GERMANY. The phenomenon is like having your house flood. One minute the water's around your ankles, the next around your knees. Only it's prices that are flooding you. Say you have a bank account of l00 thousand pounds. IN a few weeks, that will buy DINNER OUT. My grandpa's friends travelled to the USA to work in OPERA, after touring America for a while they came back with extra dollars. Compared to German currency this was a fortune. TWO HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARs would buy a four bedroom HOUSE in GERMANY.

So BOTTOM LINE, how does this financial change manifest for YOU, JOE SIX PACK? You can no longer buy food, rent an apartment, pay licensing fees. The only thing of use after summer 2012 will be food producing land. People who can't pay ten bucks for an orange will starve in the street. They will be coming over the fence so get a pair of rotts, unneutered, a gun and a LOT of bullets. So day after Olympics closes, close shop, buy a food producing farm in Sussex.

You can put money into cheap stocks now, hoping that GM or CHRYSLER will come back to life. But banking under the rose bushes with the plan of getting together enough cash by AUGUST 2012 to buy a farm is the best idea. LINE up a lot of senior landowners now, 20 acres, who might want to sell a year down the line. YOUR BEST BET is to buy small farms acreage with aquifers and start planting to orchard. Put an immigrant low cost work on the property with a drip emitter system. He and his wife collect all green manure in the vicinity for a 100 foot long compost pile. Read the GARDEN ARCHIVE.

Meanwhile, QUIT all insane libido-spending, explain to the children why everybody is going to scrimp a little, --no SCRIMP A LOT. To buy food producing land. The smart person will put cash aside safely and build toward the DOWN PAYMENT MONEY to buy that land, doing so now. You can flip land, too. An acre with no orchard costs you $5,000 one gas tank from the city. With orchard, $50,000 is its value. So use Pablo on each piece of land, flip and buy larger pieces of Acreage. In the city, run a business pretty much on the books, Pay those taxes, do a lot of deductions if you must but maintain that credit rating as in  you'll need it to buy a farm with a home on it, or to build a home on one of your farmland acrs.

Do not hold on to stocks, trusts or anything with DOLLAR BILLS IN IT after JULY 2012. START EARNING BIG; DOUBLE down, as a family, right now. That  means send kids out to work so that at regular intervals, now through JULY 2012  you can BUY FOOD PRODUCING pieces of land, one ACRE minimum.  Two acres if you want goats, milk cheese. Gardening is much easier than people imagine. A single woman, age 60 can handle the whole installation. Even putting in sapling trees. By the way, an Orchard should have nuts of all kinds as meat will be scarse. (NUTBURGERS totally feel the same as meat in a diet.)

This cognition I had about the mind of the oligarch and how the BRIT BANKERS feel about the OLYMPICS really makes me see things clearly.  Signed, Just your ordinary, Hollywood Cassandra
Anita Sands Hernandez astrology at earth link net