secret of wealth, given to us by these
                        We were passionate about it...

Would you like to learn HOW to think like the Oligarchs do? First, they are men with a passion for something. Film producer, studio head Darryl Zanuck loved hunting, he loved and respected guns, he was interested in battles, (PATTON was that way, too,) Zanuck went to the biggest worstest war ever --- WWI  He enlisted at age 16 and was fairly successful, hardly got shot up, saw all of Europe. DZ loved tales of the Old Wild West, movies. He had quite a LIST of passions, a resume of ecclectic things, all built on his loves, interests, well I call them passions.

The real leader destined for greatness --has a string of those loves and Experiences too. The biography of author LOUIS L'AMOUR is astounding. Get a copy used at ABE BOOKS or AMAZON. "EDUCATION OF A WANDERING MAN" He put himself out on the highway of life. Traveled the world but for the right boy or girl,  a science class, a laboratory could be the same. DZ had one DESTINY. LOUIS PASTEUR another. So it helps for you to read the bios of many different great men.

They all do one thing, As they travel or school themselves, the leader will consciously network and BUILD A TEAM. HE will EXCITE THEM BY TALKING AND THINKING BIG and delineating projects. He then will DELEGATE SMALL. He will Deputize his team workers with specific chores, always encouraging them with how successful they will be.

He will propose activities without fear of being laughed out of the room. Anyway, the painful dangers of being rejected are highly over exaggerated. There is no pain, no embarrassment. You were up to bat! Be proud of that. In fact, practice getting rejected. Do this as a parlor game practice. One proposes big ideas, good ideas, he asks. The other player rejects, first politely but gradually getting more insulting. Start easy then move up the attack level until the PROPOSER  can tolerate huge rejection with a smile, without wincing, without reacting. If the target knocks the 'proposer'  down he still gets off the floor and continues arguing his concept/ point/ idea.

FIND what your team or boss or investor wants. Some team members are angelic, want to believe they'll find the cure for cancer, others just excited about money. But tying the team members TO YOU with their own expectations, hopes and emotional needs will create firm bonds. Their unconscious will keep them working toward the group goals. That's the main thing to start on the path to being rich.  Creating a team and giving each member a sacred turf, being part of FORWARDING the action... toward helping the world or making a fortune until each day of hard work becomes THEIR passion.

HOW do losers think? They are angry at those in power and it shows. SLAVES THINK LIKE SLAVES. They starve, whine and snivel, bemoan the master...They were mistreated as children, remember the mistreatment they got, they think WHIP. They have boiling anger even as they GROVEL and plead in all negotiations. They lose their cool and snarl at the drop of a hat. They cannot hide it.

Do gooders don't work with the profit motive and many of them do have some rage against the system and get excited about humanity linking to help  the disadvantaged. Humanists do get some good laws passed. They  definitely have their place, and the more rabid they are, the better.

OLIGARCHS are on the other end of the eternal battle. These are men who could afford college, buy typists for their papers, get Straigt A's it and graduate relaxed. Social. Connected. They always find it easy to CRANK UP A TEAM, get it funded. So they can start big VENTUREs. Life of Thomas Edison. Read "ROCKEFELLER" by David HOROWITZ. The man was a clerk, a company slave until he THINKS BIG. Why don't I start my own biz just like this?
HE WAS A CLERK in a warehouse but he had a big thought. Hmmmm. grain on this river (mississippi) big moola. Transit of grain. Hmmm. Maybe me and my chum could have our own grain shipping company. BRAINSTORM up YOUR OWN GRAIN concepts: IF I WERE JOHN D ROCKEFELLER and stood in my JC PENNY shoes, but with that BRAIN focusd on the GRAIN around me, what would I USE that I have near me (things, ideas, merchandise, friends, tastes, passions, knowledge of the grain trade) to rent cargo boats & make a million? And don't make excuses, Oh I have no clothes, no plastic, oh I have to take care of my Mom, or my Dad or kids or X and Y and Z I have no TIME... START on the project even with all those current responsibilities. VOW to at least to entertain the thought at regular intervals.

Talk over the CONCEPT with like minds, vowing to each friend that you personally will do the most demanding part of the work. That is a vow. That really works on other people's brains as YOU HAVE YOUR WORD. Your life is about keeping your word. Also DESCRIBE the final result, the GOAL IN "CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS" TERMS) co-create this huge, profitable project?

Elaborate on that cash scheme to those chums. They'll come in with you. LANGUAGING FOR POWER is about work vowing. You know -- speaking of castles, --- let me tell you how the first bean farmer rose from his muddy field to occupy a castle on yonder mountain? HE said to his other muddy chums 'hey these are the ugly dangers/ realities, the Goths come and impale us every so often, why not take our field stones and BUILD  up on that mountain, creating a walled fort so tall and strong that we can keep them out, throw boiling water on them...When the Goths come, we go in there."

So that bean farmer, via the SPARK OF THE IDEA, got every villager to salute him, do huge huge work, just to keep some GOTH out that maybe even would not show up but once a century. Do you get the picture yet? HOW LITTLE JOE bean FARMER became a KING thru a spark of an idea. And became thusly an aristocrat thenceforward... HIS SONS and grandsons got to visit ROME, eat linguini, stuff the other bean farmers never did or would, ONE SPARK!