Dept of Justice has FINALLY suspended all state asset forfeiture with its ugly feature of profit-sharing with local police — From Russian TV NEWS USA 

bad cop steals from victims, FORFEITURE LAWSThose horrid FORFEITURE LAWS (which allow cops to take your stuff, even without charging you of a crime, first,) -- have inspired many a law men to stoop to theft, breaking in and busting families only suspected of drugs, meth labs, fencing goods or other crimes --in order to reap the harvest of their homes, cars, electronics and jewelry.

"YOU SIN WE GET YOUR STUFF, BABY! " This policy motivated the famous DONALD SCOTT MURDER done to his fabulous,unreal super valuable MALIBU RANCH by multiple groups of salivating armed sheriffs, DEA, and hosts of other greedy people, including but not limited to the city of MALIBU and VENTURA COUNTY LAWBREAKERS. The poor man had no grass at all. DOnald comes down stairs middle of night with a shotgun.wondering who broke in & BAMMIE no more Donald while his wife stares in horror.
Cut to today, Cops can BUST IN and COPS can BUST the guy---BUT COPS CAN'T BURGLE him!


burglar or cop? What is the difference? BOTH STEAL!

Hey Mr. Greedy Cop, The LAW changed on you.  Oh nooooooo. SHIT HAPPENS!  Now you have to live on your salary. Pay for your own electronics!  Maybe now there'll be less incentive for local pigs to spy, snoop, stalk, lie to judges to get warrants and pound  in at 3 am, give an entire family permanent TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME while they grab what is not theirs! 

"The entire practice should be illegal! Use confiscated assets to pay other victims of crime!
THIS POSTER, Anita Sands Hernandez sez "WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY? You think any of that will help a civilian? That's just a new way for cops to get it.

Another jerk says "Yes the robber barons have been thwarted!

"Hey sonny, The US government and local police departments splitting the loot stolen from citizens . .ended, MAYYYYBEEE BUT WAY UGLIER AS WAY BIGGER, It's quite like the US government GOING INTO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES and BOMBING EVERYBODY DEAD as they did in VIETNAM. They failed on that one. But usually they get to  split the proceeds of looting those natural resources (minerals and oil) from these vanquished nations with their fellow NATO gang members. How that war ended is recently Vietnam allowed the SEVEN SISTERS and RUSSIA AND CHINA to drill and split profits on the biggest oil field on the planet just offshore which USA knew about in the 60's. SO USA will continue to rape poor countries as it got away with it, even after 50 years. The OIL CORPS WON!

"They could have simply stopped asset forfeiture and shut ended the DOJ which doesn't prosecute any major cases - like bankers who caused 2008 crash anyway, DEA could be ended and the flow of weapons to Mexico would stop allowing innocent people to continue living. They really didn't look at ALL options. And they keep saying how great the economy is so why don't they have any money???