Why Ralph Nader should NOT be president

Yeah, I'm yin. Doesn't mean I can't hallucinate good

Nader's new book suggests that "the l7 wealthiest men on the planet should unite to figure out how to fix our government and return power to the people! Meaning give it up, themselves. And they should "unionize Walmart, create free energy and ditch corrupt elections (which of course, they now control and utilize to keep their agendas written up as Law.).

OH MY GAWD! THEY KILLED KENNY! (South Park Reference.) Nader's brainless. They scooped out his skull! And he wrote a book about Rich Men saving the Universe from the Galactic Overlords, in that condition? COMIC BOOK REALITY. But that's what he says: See Nader's thesis:

Nader's name means the abysmal bottom. The Lowest. He lived DOWN to his name. Say, Wasn't he THE ELECTION SPOILER that got us BUSH who gave us this RECESSION? He's sure not trying to mend any fences.

But here Nader says that a quorum of 17 oligarchs can save the Universe. Ralph?. PIGS WILL FLY first. Ain't gonna happen (Except Warren Buffett, at the end of his life wants other billionaires to join him in the Giving Pledge, half their fortune to the poor.) Gates joined him, with no clause in there about WHEN. But of course, Gates has two kids he actually LIKES as opposed to Buffett's disinherited chillens.

What are the actual chances that 15 MORE galactic overlords appear on the scene to make nice-nice with their billions? Cloud software czar  Marc Benioff is giving 1% of his profits to the poor and trying to get Giving Pledges from other corporations. They'll probably all stick the money in the CLOUD and it'll never rain down on earth. Unless the Y-COMBINATOR FOUNDATION Benioff mentioned on the Charlie Rose shows actually gives the cash grants it has pledged to give: http://ycombinator.com/apply.html  and  http://ycombinator.com/atyc.html

So is Nader onto something? Or wrong, again? Nader's name means the abysmal bottom. The Lowest. He lived DOWN to his name as he was the THE ELECTION SPOILER that got us BUSH who gave us this RECESSION? Is this book trying to mend fences." I sent those paragraphs out to my list, l00 people who don't complain if I pelt them with missives.

One minute later, my brother's daughter the vegan yoga teacher from Northern California wrote: "Anita, Wow, what a scathing tear down of Ralph Nader! Did you read the book? It's hard for me to imagine calling him a sell-out without even an understanding of the premise of his book. I actually have not read the book either but I did go to the book talk and signing by the author at a Socialist bookstore in San Francisco. Bought the book. I don't want to argue your points too much, since I also have not read it, but the impression I get from hearing him speak about the book and reading the description on the website is completely different from yours.

I see his book more in the realm of creative visualization. What he
described in his talk was a step by step legal takeover of the government
(in a relatively short time) by a group working strategically together for
the good of the citizens of the country. It sounded like a brilliant
blueprint for legal regime change. I hardly think the current oligarchs need
a plan for takeover of the country...they already have things pretty well
nailed down, lock stock and barrel. They control the electoral process, the
money system, our media, an educational system to produce drones and have a
legal system and brainwashed armed goons (that our taxes pay for) to protect
them. I actually think it's imperative for an experienced political mind to
break down steps for change, for us to use as a resource to navigate to a
whole new paradigm. Very few of us take the time and attention to dream
solutions. criticizing is much simpler than coming up with real solutions.

When i saw him, besides talking about his book, Nader laid out
responsibilities of the electorate, as well, in creating change. He
particularly railed at the American electorate's tendency to vote for the
"least of the evils" instead of standing firmly behind the candidate they
believe in regardless of their perceived ability to win. In the same way our
politicians continually compromise, never really taking a stand for
substantive change, the same is reflected in the behavior of the voters.

When you read the book, I'd love to hear what you have to say...and by the
way, the reason I have never gotten to it, is that it is REALLY REALLY
THICK!" And she signed off.

My goodness! THICK! Hmmmm. Maybe there are MORE IDEAS in it than just find l7 rich
guys who'll make change. I wrote her: "you're right. But of course pigs flying in my mind,
is same as rich men giving up their hold on the planet's wealth, i.e. lucrative
war toys/ planes/ bombs/ arms, and oil. I'm wrong to say pigs flying. Any gene
scientist worth his salt could make a pig fly. The simile  is more like a camel going
thru the EYE of a needle than pigs flying. I always liked Nader. And I'd love a case of
whatever he's smoking. Getting even a dozen of the richest men to do any of that? Dream on
They are 'captured' by their money making. You know how addictive FUDGE is.
Well imagine billions of bucks churning through their hands daily, intoxicating, tasty and
addictive. Think how tempted and yearning you are with a slab of pie or chocolate or
brownies. Apply that to their interest in GOLD. Moola Buckolas. Waking up and making
another half billion that day before head hits pillow.

Nader only wishes his book would make him some of that stuff.